Welcome to Homeworld

Homeworld. The originating planet of the gem species and Earth’s Crystal Gems. This area focuses on the War of the Worlds serial created by Agent 66 during the Steven’s Dream story arc mid-way through season 4 of the show. Starting in episode 10, Steven begins to see a distant location and object that he has […]

Welcome to Beach City!

Beach City, Delmarva. A small beach town with popular tourist sites like the Big Donut, Funland, and the mysterious large carved statue known as The Temple. This new, exciting area is also home to the side stories featuring Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl – and of course, Steven. These stories fit within the series proper, usually […]

Revenge of the Sith: Interlude I

REVENGE OF THE SITH Interlude #1       The galaxy sky was quiet, despite the short battle that had been engaged only a few hours ago. A former Republic class interdictor ship had captured an elusive freighter turned smuggling ship and the crew aboard. After a battle within the ship, the crew of the […]