I’m not sure how long they’ll keep the site up, but I can sure as hell get as much out as I can.

I’m not even sure what day or what year it is there.

Our geeks were able to do something called temporal hacking, a technique which allows us to hack into websites and the Net from our time to the past. Unfortunately, it’s experimental and we never know what time we have ended up in.

We tried this approach several years ago with a site called My Favorite Shows, but they discovered what the true purpose of the site and we were shut down. We’ve improved our technology, so we’re trying again.

We don’t use names here - to protect the identities of individuals, everything here is encoded.

You can call me Agent 66 and I am an agent of SPANTENNA.

This site is to provide you, the public, with the histories of our conflict and struggle and to hopefully prevent the fall of our country and other nations. You can call me a historian if you want, but that hasn’t always been my designation.

For now, as we battle this menace, it will have to do.

If you’ve come across this site in your digital journey, you may be confused as to what’s happening in the world as you know it. Or you may have been looking for the MFS, as I’ve heard it was called.

The answers to these questions and more can be found below...

Here you'll learn about the organization of The Elephants, as well as discover the secret documents known as "fan fiction" that accurately describes their true agenda...

Here you'll learn about the mysterious faction known as The Aardvarks.

As with The Elephants, the documentation listed above shows the true depths of this war we're in. And how The Agents of SPANTENNA have been caught in the middle...


Here is where you will find all of the information about the current and former agents of the organization known as SPANTENNA.

Their history with both The Elephants and The Aardvarks holds unknown and devastating consequences that we're only now learning. Fortunately, the fight is never over and we gladly accept those who want to see the truth be told.

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