Annie vs. 99

Annie VS. 99     Setting: A large, posh hotel. Inside, delegates for the United Nations Conference all started to get their rooms from the head desk and some had started filing up to their rooms. Downstairs in the lobby, a man in a hat and coat stood by a nearby plant, watching as everyone […]

Romancing the Robot

Romancing the Robot     Setting: A wild party. People were dancing and laughing inside and having a great time. The camera moves through out the place, until it gets down to the cellar. There, the Smart family were tied down to a large table and had a large swinging axe above them. Two men […]

Redemption of a Spy

Redemption of a Spy     Setting: KAOS headquarters. The building seemed quiet until you got around the fifth floor or so. Then you could hear what seemed to be muffled arguing. Upon reaching the sixth floor, the argument got louder and even louder when approaching the office of the Head of KAOS, Conrad Siegfried, […]

The Smart Files

The Smart Files     Setting: A bar. Inside, two men were having a very loud argument and it was causing the owners to get a bit worried. Man: If they keep going at it, it’s gonna cause a major fight. Voice: Don’t worry about it. The men turn around and face Thomas Hill, the […]