The Smarts’ Big Adventure – IV

The Smarts’ Big Adventure Chapter Four : All That Ends Well or How to Keep the Best Secret     “Four hundred ninety-seven, four hundred ninety-eight, four hundred ninety-nine, five hundred dollars.” Max carefully put the money in the envelope and handed it to Zach. “That’s it, Zachary,” he said. “All the money from both […]

The Smarts’ Big Adventure – II

The Smarts’ Big Adventure Chapter Two : Smart the Menace     “I’d like to vote for Mr. PJ Templeton.” Zach said, in a hillbilly accent. “He’s a plumb right ticker. I say he’s not guilty. That’s my vote.” He hung up the phone and both he and Max broke up laughing. The poll on […]

The Smarts’ Big Adventure – I

The Smarts’ Big Adventure Chapter One : Adventures In Spysitting       “Are you sure you guys will be okay?” 99 was worried. There was a reason that when she went on business trips, Zach and Max were not left to themselves. “Yes, sweetheart.” Max said. She was always worried about him. And he […]

Fatal Weekend – Ep.

Fatal Weekend Just A Dream     Max awoke to find he had his pillow in a mad embrace. “Sorry about that.” He replied, letting his pillow go and fluffing it back up. Max sat up and looked at his alarm clock. It was a little after five in the morning and it was still […]