Trading Spaces – Epilogue

Trading Spaces Epilogue     “I knew you were the one, but I kept you waiting, kept you waiting, anticipating, now I’m waiting for you.” ~Sugar Ray     The news that Bob, beloved guardian, had left the system of Mainframe to never return was something the Mainframers found hard to believe, especially when they […]

Trading Spaces – Part III

 Trading Spaces   Part III       Matrix and AndrAIa walked down the street, heading for the Diner. They were whispering, mostly about how Dot would have both their bitmaps for not bringing Enzo home sooner. As for said smaller version of Matrix, he was sound asleep, his head resting on his brother’s shoulder, […]

Trading Spaces – Part II

Trading Spaces Part II       Later in the second, Matrix returned to the small living quarters inside the Principal Office. He burst through the door, scaring AndrAIa in the process, and smiling like a little kid. Times like these the game sprite could tell the likeness to his smaller format. “I take it […]