The Trial of the Best Man

The Trial of the Best Man     Setting: A very important dinner gathering. Everyone is hobnobbing with those in power and shoe-shining their way into power. Among these guests is Agent 35, Dr. Austin Parker of CONTROL. He’s dressed in his best tuxedo and is walking around the room, saying hi to guests. He […]

The Family Affair

The Family Affair   Setting: A dark, dank warehouse. Two men are waiting in the center of the building. One man is standing with his arms folded, while the other is pacing back and forth. Man 1: [pacing] Where are they? Where can they be? Man 2: They’ll be here. And with them, we’ll get […]

Too Many Grooms

Too Many Grooms     Setting: An office in an office building. Two men are standing outside an office, pacing. One man finally stops to talk to the other. Agent 1: Do you think he knows? Agent 2: Why wouldn’t he? Smart’s been posting fliers about the whole thing. I’m sure the boss has heard. […]

The Pianist Is In

The Pianist Is In     Setting: A concert hall. On the stage, a young man is playing a piece by Mozart on the piano. The camera moves to the balcony, where Chief Maxwell Smart, his wife Agent 99, and two of his agents sit and enjoy the music. 99: [to Max] This was certain […]