Reflections – Part III

Finale     The amusement park had been such a great idea or at least Max thought so. He had been so surprised upon waking up and discovering they were in the parking lot that he just had to tell and show 99 how much he loved her. Now that he was AT the park, […]

Reflections – Part II

Chapter 2 Upon arriving at the museum, Max could feel his head explode and his fun afternoon going down the tubes. As they walked in, 99 began to point out certain paintings and sculptures. Max began feeling overwhelmed by all this useless information and the nagging voice in the back of his head started to […]

You Only Die Twice – Chap 7

You Only Die Twice   Chapter Seven     Through out the night, Max tried mingling, but his mind always went back to when the Crazy 88’s were at that moment. And his eyes always strayed to where his wife was, as she went through the crowd, nodding at times and smiling. God, she looks […]

You Only Die Twice – Chap 6

You Only Die Twice   Chapter Six       The scenery was green, the air was nice, and the sun was shining. The temp was a nice 79 degrees, with the sky clear and full of fluffy white clouds. But at a building in this serene setting, things were gloom. The people inside were […]

You Only Die Twice – Chap 5

You Only Die Twice Chapter Five     Zachary Smart was enraged. He’d done a poor job of controlling it in front of Austin, but he figured as soon as the doctor stopped asking questions, he’d be free to really let loose. And he was going to take it out on the sick freak who […]