The Nutcracker Smart

The Nutcracker Smart Setting: A warehouse in a foggy part of town. Inside, a man paces back and forth, as though waiting for someone. Suddenly, the noise of a door opening and closing gets the man’s attention and he quickly looks around. Man: Peters? Is that you? Voice: No, it’s Santa Claus. The first man […]

Smart Quest

Smart Quest   Setting: The offices of KAOS headquarters. Seated around a large round table, were KAOS’ s top killers. At the head, stood Agent Ross Teddy, an expert at horrible, grueling torture techniques. Teddy: Gentlemen, KAOS has just discovered a book that contains all of the American government’s secrets. Agent: Where? Who has it? […]

The Scare Pair That Scare Smarts

The Scare Pair That Scare Smarts     Setting: A dark night in the streets of London. In the background, you can hear footsteps, running frantically through the night. The camera does a close up on a young man, leaning against a wall. He has this look of terror on his face and beads of […]

The Calling of the Wild Spies

The Calling of the Wild Spies     SETTING: CONTROL headquarters. Chief Maxwell Smart is explaining certain duties to his son, Zachary, Agent 78. Max: Okay, if there’s any problems on that Price case, call me. I want to make sure this guy is no longer operating. 99: Max, come on. Max: Also, watch the […]

The Stand Off

The Stand Off   SETTING: A lovely day on a baseball field. The crowd was enjoying every moment of the game. Of course this wasn’t your ordinary baseball game. It was a top-secret game, being played in a remote baseball field in New Jersey. The CONTROL Chiefs vs. the CIA. The Chiefs were on deck […]