Passenger 99

Passenger 99     SETTING: The Washington Congress building. In the office of the Vice-President, sitting around a table are the important heads of Washington, including Mrs. Maxwell Smart. They sit talking about the plans for the TS-88, a device that will enable the US government to sneak into their enemies’ headquarters and listen to […]

The Hammer & Nails, Part 2

The Hammer & Nails Part II   LAST TIME ON GET SMART: Ex-con Mike “The Hammer” Slammer was released from jail and the first thing he was looking for was Zachary Smart. Hammer turns and punches a wall. He removes his hand and an impression is left in the wall. Hammer: When I’m done with […]

Married to the Mob Boss

Married to the Mob Boss     SETTING: A cozy little apartment building. The camera goes inside apartment 78, home of Zachary Smart. The phone is ringing in the background and Zach is quickly coming down the stairs to answer it. He walks over to a table behind the couch, where the phone is. Zach […]