Episode Guide – S4

Episode Guide Season Four


The ongoing battle between good and evil continues in season 4, with the stakes raising for Team Smart and Control.

This section displays writings from Agent 66 in a fan based work of fiction and does not contain information regarding the original 1965 television or the 1995 television series. If you are looking for information regarding these shows and its characters, cast, and others, please visit the Would You Believe website.



The Regional Atlantic Road to Rio race is being infiltrated by KAOS. Team Smart enters into the race, planning to destroy any hope of a KAOS plot. What they didn’t plan was for Tracie Smart to be taken out of the race and substituted by Maxine! And with the news Zach has gotten from his wife makes things even more complicated!


Episode 2 – MYCHO

While driving to the two-day CONTROL banquet at the Wyatt Hotel, Max and 99 run into some car trouble and are forced to spend the night at the Cates Motel. There they meet Mycho, a VERY disturbed man who thinks his mother is contacting him from the grave. Despite the oddness of the night, the Smarts have no choice, but to stay. What they don’t know is that Mycho has just been “let out” by KAOS, in hopes that this will be a night in which the Smarts don’t survive!


Episode 3 – WITHOUT A CLUE

The Smarts are invited to the house of retired KAOS agent, Ishmael Boody. Mr. Boody has also invited five other KAOS agents: Ms. Black, Mrs. Roose Der, Major Mayo, Dr. Peach, Ms. Burgundy, and the very nervous Mr. Yellon. Mr. Boody has planned to expose a murder from among the five agents. Four of these agents have KAOS information they want to turn over to CONTROL and so does Mr. Boody. But before he can talk, he’s murdered! Now the Smarts must find the KAOS killer and the murder weapon before they become completely clueless!



The Argentina sector of KAOS has got a little something up their sleeves. KAOS has been tricking military officers into active service in order to hypnotize them into working for KAOS. But on the surface of this plot, it just seems as though these officers are defecting. So when both Max and Zach get orders to ship out, they think nothing of it, until they find themselves in the clutches of KAOS!


Episode 5 – THE 99 FACTOR

The League of Imposters has doubled up the anti. One of their imposters has killed a senator, right in the Congress building! Unfortunately, they’ve chosen Agent 99 to take the bait! Now, she’s on trial in front of a Congress committee for murder, with Zach as her acting lawyer. With the way things are going, 99 and the rest of TS will be going to jail permanently!



Austin Parker is going on vacation to France. It seems like the perfect trip until he winds up in the middle of a double agent cover-up. Everyone’s after him and he has no one to turn to, not when everyone else is in Washington. Now KAOS and the French Connection are looking forward to knocking off the doctor and hopefully bringing in the rest of TS!