Knights of the Old Republic: Force of Echoes

This page is for the first of two stories inspired by the game, Knights of the Old Republic, by Agent 66. This story was based on her first playings of both games, with her first being a light-sided female Revan in the original game and being dark sided male Exile in the second game.

Both of these playings – and thus the story – came out before the official word from Lucas Arts; it was also done on a little to no understanding of the concept and point that the second game, The Sith Lords, tried to make the player believe. For a much better interpretation of both games, the reader is encouraged to read Revenge of the Sith.

This story is being discontinued for the moment due to personal reasons regarding the story. Agent 66 states it’s because she is not happy at its direction; however, new evidence has come to light that this is the story they wanted 66 to write, as to not delve the truth. It is still undecided if Agent 66 will continue the false message or if another, true version will be written.

For now, you can read this story up to its end.