Double Jeopardy – Ep

Double Jeopardy Epilogue: Impostors are Human, but Normalcy is Divine     It had been a busy day for Max and 99. They each had to verify that it wasn’t them who were stealing top secret documents and handing them over to KAOS. Luckily, CONTROL was able to retrieve most of the stolen documents that Vance […]

Double Jeopardy – Ch 3

Double Jeopardy   Chapter Three: The Secretary’s Seduction       “Good morning, Agent 22.” She had been waiting for him. 22 walked into the outer office the next morning to see 99 sitting on his desk, waiting for him. “Mrs. Smart…er…99…” he stumbled, trying to get the words to flow from his mouth. “Hi.” […]

Double Jeopardy – Ch. 1

Double Jeopardy Chapter One: KAOS in Control     “Have you seen Dad?” Zach had been all over CONTROL headquarters, looking for his father. He had some big news to tell him and the man wasn’t around. He came back upstairs to the outer office and noticed Agent 22 was sitting at the front desk. […]