Attack of the Clones – Chapter 2

Attack of the Clones Chapter 2 – Someone To Trust     Matrix was upset. Normally when he was upset, he’d shoot something. But that second, he just didn’t want to, so he went for a walk in Floating Point Park. He and AndrAIa had been arguing again that morning, something that was becoming more […]

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare – VIII

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare Chapter 8 – The Final Showdown     “And welcome sports fans! This is Mike the Fabulous TV, standing live outside the Silicon Tor, giving you the inside stats to tonight’s monumental fight. The Matrix Machine vs. The new improved Megabyte.” No one knew how he did it, but somehow Mike […]

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare – VI

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare Chapter 6 – The Virus Rollercoaster       Megabyte stood in the shadows of an alley, right outside Al’s Wait and Eat. He needed energy and where else to find binomes who wouldn’t be easily missed. He had lost of lot his own energy, thanks to those infernal Matrix brothers. […]

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare – V

A Mainframe Summer’s Nightmare Chapter 5 – Between a Megabyte and a Hard Place       Three sprites stood outside of a rather large rundown shed, in Sector 34. “Do you feel it, Enzo?” Matrix asked, as the three approached the shed. Enzo nodded his head in response. “He’s here.” he replied, looking around […]