Double Jeopardy – Ch. 1

Double Jeopardy Chapter One: KAOS in Control     “Have you seen Dad?” Zach had been all over CONTROL headquarters, looking for his father. He had some big news to tell him and the man wasn’t around. He came back upstairs to the outer office and noticed Agent 22 was sitting at the front desk. […]

The Smart Anniversary Mix-Up

The Smart Anniversary Mix-Up     Setting: The office of the president of the United States. Some of the top generals and military men were in the office as well as the president. The meeting was of great importance and even included a couple of senators from Congress. Prez: Gentlemen, [seeing the women in the […]

The Stand Off

The Stand Off   SETTING: A lovely day on a baseball field. The crowd was enjoying every moment of the game. Of course this wasn’t your ordinary baseball game. It was a top-secret game, being played in a remote baseball field in New Jersey. The CONTROL Chiefs vs. the CIA. The Chiefs were on deck […]