JR’s Control Playset

JR’s Control Playset     Setting: An early morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart. Both Smarts were upstairs getting ready for work, but downstairs, there was someone in black lurking. The man went over to the stairs and started to speak into his watch. Agent: Caufman here. I am now at […]

Gone with the KAOS

  Gone With the KAOS     Setting: A dark warehouse by the docks. Agent 78, Zachary Smart, paces back and forth in front of the door. Soon, he’s joined by Agent 66, who starts to pace behind him. Unaware of her presence, Zach turns around and is scared half to death. Zach: Don’t do […]

Max and Conrad’s Big Adventure

Max & Conrad’s Big Adventure     Setting: The Louver, the most famous art museum in the world. Standing in front of the famous Mona Lisa, two men observe the famous painting. Man #1: The Mona Lisa, Chester. One of the most famous and acclaimed painting of all time. Chester: It’s a wonderful piece, Mr. […]