Too Many Grooms

Too Many Grooms     Setting: An office in an office building. Two men are standing outside an office, pacing. One man finally stops to talk to the other. Agent 1: Do you think he knows? Agent 2: Why wouldn’t he? Smart’s been posting fliers about the whole thing. I’m sure the boss has heard. […]

You Only Die Twice – Chap 4

You Only Die Twice Chapter Four     Setting: The same warehouse where the great Maxwell Smart had been shot and “killed”. A large group of people sat around, talking, laughing, and drinking. Loud music played in the background and the group looks fairly happy. A look at a jacket slung over a chair reveals […]

The Smart Files

The Smart Files     Setting: A bar. Inside, two men were having a very loud argument and it was causing the owners to get a bit worried. Man: If they keep going at it, it’s gonna cause a major fight. Voice: Don’t worry about it. The men turn around and face Thomas Hill, the […]

The Smart Anniversary Mix-Up

The Smart Anniversary Mix-Up     Setting: The office of the president of the United States. Some of the top generals and military men were in the office as well as the president. The meeting was of great importance and even included a couple of senators from Congress. Prez: Gentlemen, [seeing the women in the […]

Gone with the KAOS

  Gone With the KAOS     Setting: A dark warehouse by the docks. Agent 78, Zachary Smart, paces back and forth in front of the door. Soon, he’s joined by Agent 66, who starts to pace behind him. Unaware of her presence, Zach turns around and is scared half to death. Zach: Don’t do […]