This section is for feature length stories relating to Get Smart. You can think of features as ‘movies’, just like the scripts are ‘episodes’ within a ‘season’. These are usually multi-chapters stories that delve much deeper into not only Max and 99, but the Smarts as a whole and their dealings with each other and KAOS.


Double Trouble

The first feature, this gives a back story to the GS scripts. Taking place after Get Smart Again, a new crop of agents are being enlisted into the reformed Control, including newly minted agents 78 and 24 – Zachary and Maxine Smart.

However, can the twins keep their double life of college students and secret agents from two of the best former agents of Control?


Double Trouble – REDO

An updated version of the original Double Trouble, with a much better tie to that of Get Smart, Again and that of fellow GS writer, ChrisR’s universe. As Maxwell Smart takes control of the new Control, Agent 24 Maxine Smart meets her new partner of Agent 66, while trying to bring her brother back into the family business. There’s also the Siegfried Follies to be investigated.


The Return of Maxwell Smart, Private Eye

After an accident, Max wakes up in film noir atmosphere where he must play detective to his damsel in distress, Susan Hilton. Can this world, so different from Max’s own, make him the important things in his life?


He Said, She Said

With inspiration brought forth from the weird and wacky Giggles, this story is based on an X Files episode; in this, Max and 99 try to give an account of a recent case to the Chief, with varying points of view!


Fatal Weekend

In the episode, “Goodbye Ms. Chips” from the 1995 series, Zach (Andy Dick) asked his mother, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon), when she knew that his father was in love with her. 99 layed out a tale in which she and Max were stuck in a tunnel on a mission; suddenly Max turned and kissed her.

This is that story…or is it?


The Smarts’ Big Adventure

Inspired by two episodes of the show ‘Designing Women’, a day off lends itself to trouble for Max and Zach, while Maxine and 99 take a short girls day out while delivering a package for the President.

Hilarity of course ensues.


Double Jeopardy

Conrad Siegfried, Jr. has learned from his father’s mistakes while head of KAOS. In this his most devious plot yet, Junior has his designs on the Smart family and making sure they’ll never toruble KAOS again.

It’s the simple act of making people believe they’re the bad guys…


You Only Die Twice

Once, in 1966, Maxwell Smart was shot and thought dead. On this night, Max is once again visited by death and once more he must make the world believe he has finally met his maker.

However this time is different – he has a family, one that he loves more than anything. And no mission or even the fate of the world will stop him from making sure they know the truth.



While watching over his twins, Max thinks back to how his life changed before he even realized it. After that Impossible Mission, it seemed his bachelor days were over…

Even if he did get the girl.


Family Ties

In the morning hours, Max stands by his son in a hospital nursery, looking over the miracle that his son has made. In looking at the next Smart generation, the current Chief of Control thinks back to when he had been a young father himself and how he watched his children become the adults they were…


Snow Days

A Christmas story featuring the Smart twins in the childhood. A shopping excursion goes horribly wrong when Max and 99 decide to take the twins to meet Santa Claus.