This is the area known as the Get Smart scripts or episodes. Based on the premise of the 1995 revival series, these ‘episodes’ reflect on the events if the show had utilized Zachary Smart’s twin sister and put the show in more of the vein of the original 1960’s version.

In the 1995 version, Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) was Chief of a revitalized CONTROL, while his wife, Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) was a Congresswoman. Their son Zachary (Andy Dick) was now a CONTROL agent, continuing his parents’ line of work, along with partner Agent 66 (Elaine Hendricks). This revival seemed to ignore the continuity of the original series, especially in regards to Zach’s twin sister who was born during the original run of the show.

Fans and critics alike panned the show, however it was from this basis that we can bring you the fan interpretation of what the show could have been with the tweaked characters of both Zach and 66, as well as the inclusion of Zach’s twin sister, Maxine. Along with new CONTROL agents, there are new KAOS agents, notably Conrad Siegfried, Jr. and his second in command, Thomas Hill.

Previous events that set up the scripts can be found in the feature story, Double Trouble.

This section displays writings from Agent 66 in a fan based work of fiction and does not contain information regarding the original 1965 television show or that of the 1995 television series. For information on both of these shows, as well as character info, actor bios, and episodes, please visit the Would You Believe website.