Who Are The Aardvarks?

There is still much to be discovered about the aardvarks, however history has shown them to be a ruthless bunch, devoid of any emotion that may cater to anyone outside of themselves. Likewise, why they hated and pursued the Elephants is still somewhat steeped in mystery.

The first known appearance of the aardvarks was at a company picnic for the United Federation of Pachyderms, a peaceful alliance between the Elephants, the Rhinos, and the Hippos. On that day, nearly one hundred elephants, rhinos, and hippos were murdered by a small insurrection of aardvarks. This unprovoked attacked launched the investigation from Spantenna, who wanted to know why the Aardvarks had attacked an otherwise peaceful gathering.

Their leader, an Arvid O. merely stated that it “was what they deserved. And I hoped we kill every last one of them!”

From then on, the agents of SPANTENNA fought against the evil regime of the Aardvarks, forestalling and stopping numerous plots that the Aardvarks were utilizing against the Elephants. For a time, this direction seemed to work and the Aardvarks were defeated time and time again.

That is until the start of the year 2010 in Earth history…

Documentation: The documentation on this page is original fiction by Regina Woodard, a former agent who - along with Agent 66 - crafted the first instances of truth and knowledge about the happenings between SPANTENNA, the elephants, and the aardvarks.

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