The Agents of SPANTENNA

Agents were formally members of SPANTENNA, who had fought against the aardvarks to prevent them from harming the peaceful elephants.

Agents come from all walks of life and still maintain the original direct of their time in the organization and that is to prevent harm, while seeking knowledge and the truth. When the truth was finally learned, after their defeat and fall at the Battle of Osaka, the agents that lived went underground to try and regroup, to discover the full story of what happened and where everything went wrong.

It was then that one agent, whom carried the title Agent 66, decided to go through every conflict, encounter, and battle between the agents, the elephants, and the aardvarks in order to discover the full realities and horrors that had brought the group – and their government – to its knees.

Because living agents were being hunted, yet the truth was still not told, Agent 66 gathered up the facts and began to write them in the guise of fiction, story telling that would get the truth of what happened across to a large audience without drawing attention to the SPANTENNA survivors.

The first public showings of documentation occurred on the My Favorite Shows website, cited as a personal endeavor to bring about creative and fan fiction. When the site was discovered, it was quickly shut down and didn’t resurface until a few years later, when the time to come forward was in site.

This…is what the SPANTENNA site is all about. We still present the facts of what has happened in the form of fiction, but it is clear that many now see the truth behind these characters and storylines. Agents are covert; the title of Agent 66 has been carried on by many people, within many different areas across the Internet, but the message has been spread.

So how does one become an agent of SPANTENNA?

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