Long ago in a galaxy far far away…

This is the area for the game Knights of the Old Republic. Unstatisfied with the corporate control of how the second KOTOR game, The Sith Lords, ended in a rather confusing ambiguous way, Agent 66 put text to screen in order to write the true endings to both the highly respected original game and the enjoyable, but misunderstood sequel.

The first attempt was Force of Echoes, in which the Agent 66 controled female light sided Revan (aka Brianna Tora) returned to known galactic space, looking for her old friends and comrades in order to take down a vengeful enemy.

The second attempt, Revenge of the Sith, had more research into the Star Wars galaxy and a few more playings of both games. This actually begins shortly after the end of the first game, with the Agent 66 controlled male light sided Revan (aka Jayden Korr) reflecting on his past and future.

The following information in this area is fan based and incorporates elements from both games. This means that there will be spoilers for those who have not played or have not finished either game. If you would like more information on either the original Knights of the Old Republic game or it’s sequel The Sith Lords, Wookiepedia has a detailed summary. This summary is also based on official Lucas Arts views in which the player was both a light sided male Revan in the first game and a light sided female exile in the second. It should be noted that the player is not restricted to the official Lucas Arts timeline.

Elements written in either story are from the gameplay of Agent 66. There were many paths that could be taken, from either the light side or dark sided choices. IF IT DID NOT HAPPEN IN AGENT 66’S GAMEPLAY OR IT WASN’T A PART OF THE RESEARCH, IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Many thanks to the Game Banshee site for detailed information regarding both games, including walkthroughs, character profiles, weapon profiles, class stats and info; Fred’s KOTOR dialogue tool; the official KOTOR website; the Sith Lords Restoration Project; the KOTOR fan media forums; fellow authors and fans Darth Michael, Winter Onasi, and Star Shadow; and the Star Wars Timeline guide.

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