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This is the area dedicated to the first CGI television show called ReBoot.

The first Agent 66 became a fan around 2001, though they had seen the show when it was first broadcast; however it wasn't until the summer of 2001 that Agent 66 began the first chronicle in what would be known as the Beginnings Saga. During this time and throughout the live site of

the MFS, 66 wrote other works apart from this beginning series, going on to pen a remarkable 3 series set, each chronicling a different aspect of the shot.

Like the other "fictions" displayed here, their true purpose is only now being fully realized and researched. The reader may think the characters here only related to what the show presented or what Agent 66 created, but through our investigations, we've discovered

there is so much more here...

The Beginnings Saga

The Beginnings Saga is a collection of stories based on the initial Reboot canon universe, with regards to seasons 1 through 3, after Agent 66 had been reintroduced to the show and discovered the various fan

fictions. This series has a total of ten stories all together, with the first seven on this site.

ReBoot Wars

This series initially started with a parody of Star Wars Episode II and was based on the 4th season of the show. The first 'story' had such a positive response that readers wondered if there would be a continuation. Agent 66 then began "Revenge of the Sis", following the Star Wars theme, while also giving the younger Enzo Matrix a familiar Jedi storyline.

Spritestalker Series

The original idea began as a group effort under the name ROM within the ReBoot fandom site, The Java Hut. The plot and design was in response to the cliffhanger ending of the season four episode, Crounching Binome, Hidden Virus. Years later, 66 was able to finish the original story and pen the sequel, Aftermath.

ReBoot Features

These are the stories of Mainframe and of its citizens that aren't a part of the other series. These were uncovered at the same times as the others give us a glimpse at a lighter side of the Mainframe Staff and

system when not fighting against the viruses of their world.

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