This is the place where you can find the man adventures of the agents of Control, as they face off against their enemies at KAOS. As historians, we try to keep everything objective; however, I do find it “ironic” that Control also had agents and that they were battling for against the forces of evil…

This is a fan area, eoncompassing the writings of Agent 66. No part of this section will hold any information pertaining to either original 1965 television series or the 1995 television series of Get Smart.

If you’d like to learn more about the original series of Get Smart, including cast, characters, episodes, gadgets, and more, you can visit the Would You Believe website.

The characters of Maxine Smart, Austin Parker, Agent 22 (and other various agents of Control), Conrad Siegfried, Jr, and Thomas Hill are copyrighted to Regina Woodard. Characterizations of Zachary Smart and Agent 66 are also copyrighted to Regina Woodard. Usage of these characters are restricted without permission or credit.

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