The organization known as SPANTENNA was started in the early parts of America’s history. Beginning in 1863, a task force was brought about by President Abraham Lincoln after a meeting with an ambassador for the Elephants, who had told the president about an assassination attempt upon his life. Lincoln, who had also seen in a vision his own death, listened with interest, however as the story went on, the president had his doubt. The story of a mouse that would sneak in and murder the president was just too farfetched.

After the assassination by John Wilkes Booth, the United States government, still battling smaller incursions of Southern sympathizers, proceeded to gather a group together to not only look into the assassination, but to hopefully prevent others. While not being called Spantenna, the basis of the group was formed.

The formal name came in 1910 during the Taft administration, when once again an ambassador approached a US president. This time, the ambassador gave a warning to the president, asking that he make his choices with great care. Taft, of course, laughed him out of the White House. However, Spantenna took notice. While still only a small amount of men, they sought out this ambassador and his organization and began formal talks. It was only a meeting of a group of individuals, but it would have a lasting effect.

In the era of the first world wars, Spantenna asked for aid from the Elephants, who provided valuable intelligence to insure victory. Though many would assume that the organization was the FBI or CIA, it was in fact a completely different organization that had their members within these other organizations. In the years that followed, Spantenna maintained anonymity, working behind the scenes, as well as helping the silent Elephants.
And then the unthinkable – On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by terrorists. While it seemed as though the US had no allies, the Elephants came to their aid. Notified by an unnamed source, the Elephants brought forth the knowledge of weapons of mass destruction and that the terrorists were in reality an evil organization known as the Aardvarks. Spantenna, who by this time had wealth and power, went quickly into action.
The threat of the Aardvarks was quickly investigated and thus began the official alliance between the Elephants and the US. While the country dealt with their own issues, Spantenna was hard at work making sure the nefarious aardvarks weren’t trying to overthrow the Elephants, who had done nothing to deserve their treatment. As the years went on, Spantenna took part in many battles until World War 4, when the organization fell during the Battle of Osaka.

Spantenna now encompasses historians who eagerly try to get out the word of the past conflicts, as well as trying to prevent what their world has come to.

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