The organization known as SPANTENNA was started in the early parts of America’s history.

Beginning in 1863, a task force was brought about by President Abraham Lincoln after a meeting with an ambassador for the Elephants, who had told the president about an assassination attempt upon his life. Lincoln, who had also seen this in his own vision of death, listened with interest...however as the story went on, the president had his doubts.

The story he was told - that a mouse that would sneak in and murder him - was just too farfetched.

After Lincoln's assassination by John Wilkes Booth, the United States government - still battling smaller incursions of Southern sympathizers - proceeded to gather a group together to not only look into the assassination, but to hopefully prevent any others.

While not being called SPANTENNA at this time, the seeds were being planted...

The formal name came in 1910 during the Taft administration, when once again an Elephant ambassador approached a sitting US president. This time, the ambassador gave Taft a warning and asked that he make his choices with great care. Taft, of course, laughed him out of the White House.

However, the cobbled together office of SPANTENNA took notice.

They sought out the Elephant ambassador and were taken to his organization. It was only a small meeting of individuals, but it began formal talks between the two, which would have lasting effects.

In the era of the first world wars, SPANTENNA called for aid and the Elephants delivered - providing valuable intelligence to the allies, ensuring victory. In the years that followed, SPANTENNA maintained anonymity, working behind the scenes and silently helping Elephants.

During the ensuing years and through devastating attacks, the agents of SPANTENNA and representatives of The Elephants worked together to find meaning and reason. Then a bombshell was dropped, a hidden agenda was revealed, and it would change the course of everything.

That day...a day that lives in infamy to this point, was the moment SPANTENNA learned about the evil organization known as The Aardvarks.

The threat of the Aardvarks was quickly investigated, pushing SPANTENNA to the forefront of counter intelligence as they learned more and more about the group. A war was brewing between The Elephants and The Aardvarks, culminating in the horrifying start of World War 4.

The Battle of Osaka was the last the occurrence of SPANTENNA and from what anyone knew, the last barrier that held The Elephants and The Aardvarks at bay...


The SPANTENNA that operates now does so in the shadows, encompassing historians who are eager to understand the past and where our future is going.

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