Who Are the Elephants?

There was not much known about the Elephants until the late twenty-second century. What is known is that the Elephants were a peaceful organization that dealt primarily in trade with others until one of their leaders felt the need to warn the United States of impending doom. It was then that an Ambassador for the Elephants sought out President Lincoln to warn him of an assassination attempt. Sadly, the president didn’t heed his words.

The Elephants have had a long history with the US and officially became an ally shortly after the events of September 11, 2001 in American history. Their knowledge was instrumental in several victories that the Americans had and in return, they offered their most secretive and resourceful agency to help them in their own battles – Spantenna.

The Elephants had garnered the attention and wrath of the aardvarks, though they state they had no idea why they would target the Elephants.

The Elephants themselves have seemingly also had a long history, though it’s hard to say where they originally came from or how they got there. It had been thought that they had originated in Africa, but that idea has been refuted by the population of Africa. All that’s truly known is that the first appearance is when an ambassador approached President Lincoln in 1863.

Since then, the Elephants, all though mysterious, have done many a service for the world and her people. They provided employment and homes during the Great Recession of 2008, as well as brought money into the battered economy. No one is sure what happened exactly, but as the world approached 2010, things went bad in a hurry…

Documentation: The documents that appear on this page are noted as ‘fan fiction’, however the true nature of their context was to provide a history of the conflict between the Elephants and the Aardvarks, with Spantenna acting as a force to maintain or institute any peace between them. Due to the nature of the truth, these documents had to be reworked or coded in such a way as to protect the true identities of those involved.

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