Knights of the Old Republic III: Revenge of the Sith

This is where you can find the story, Knights of the Old Republic III: Revenge of the Sith. It has its own separate page as the story itself was much more involved than its predecessor, Force of Echoes. A lot more research went into this story, including elements that were hinted at in both games, backstories from the Tales of the Sith comics, and a lot is taken from the Star Wars timeline.

This fic, like the other, hoped to bridge the gap between the end of the original KOTOR game and the start of the sequel, The Sith Lords, as well as concluding the second game, which had an ambiguous end. Agent 66 had the hopes of making this a homage to both the prequels and original trilogy of Star Wars, by trying to make an even number of sections, in which they could be grouped together to make three seperate trilogies. Just as in the game and others by Lucas Arts, there are familiar sayings, locations, and characters from the vast universe that began with A New Hope.

This saga is broken into twelve separate parts, with varying pages within each. There are also one shot interludes, which focus on a particular event from a previous chapter. Below are summaries for each part, with the interludes intertwined should the reader wish to read all parts in order of timeline.

VISIONS – Written for one of the contests on the KOTOR fan media site and featured in the April 2009 articles, The Critic Returns from Star Wars Knights and The Critic’s Two Cents at the Lucas Forums, this fic can be considered the precursor before Revenge of the Sith, as it spans the period before the Mandalorian Wars until the end of TSL: The visions that drove all that has happened.

INTERLUDE #1 – The immediate aftermath of escaping the clutches of Darth Malak aboard the Leviathan, Carth Onasi must confront the truth they have learned about their traveling companion and all he has done, while the smuggler formerly known as Jayden Korr must confront the lies and betrayal he now feels, as well as confronting his past and his future.

PART I: AFTERMATH – Beginning immediately from the end of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the crew of the Ebon Hawk are treated to a celebration, but things are still unsettled. For former Sith Lord Revan, his past continues to haunt him as he tries to find his place within the galaxy; for Bastila Shan, her duties as a Jedi, coupled with her fall and her feelings for Revan put pressure on her as she makes her decisions; Carth Onasi is stunned by someone from his past, while the Jedi Council try to understand their actions in the Mandalorian War.

INTERLUDE #2 – Carth Onasi is stunned and surprised when he receives a call from the son he thought lost in the destruction of Telos. In meeting him again, Carth is unprepared for the life his son has lead.

PART II: FALL INTO DARKNESS – Beginning immediately from one of the alternate endings of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The Sith Lords, aspiring dark lord Ellis Yoly thinks of his former life as a Jedi Knight and friend to both Revan and Malak. In the years since the Mandalorian Wars and his exile from the Jedi Order, Yoly’s hate has festered until he has reached a point where he will have his revenge against Revan and the Republic.

PART III: TO ALL THINGS, A BEGINNING – As Revan travels through the galaxy, his visions of his past life begin to come in clearer and provide a dire warning for the future of the Republic. His path takes him to the place of his birth, to a sinister planet and his former master, to a mysterious planet and her people, until he finds his way back to the home he left. But he also finds someone he did not expect.

PART IV: DISCOVERY & RECOVERY – It has been several years since Revan left Coruscant and Republic space to search for his past and while gone, the galaxy has gone on without him. His departure sends shockwaves through the Core Worlds, while Carth and Bastila find themselves crewmates once more. When word of a mysterious and deadly exile returns however, can these two do the ultimate task of ridding the galaxy of a new Sith Lord?

PART V: REUNITED – With our heroes reunited, the true mission that Revan was on is told. With the addition of a Republic officer, will they find all those they need to fight this new threat?

PART VI: THE TRUE THREAT – The seriousness of the unknown threat appears to the crew of the Ebon Hawk, while the newly crowned Darth Trayun makes his way into known space. The Senate on Coruscant also has plans for our heroes.

INTERLUDE #3 – Of all the people who could come together, in all of the galaxy, they came together as unlikely crew members and then two on a quest to help their people. This is a quick story about a Mandalorian and a Miraluka.

PART VII: BETRAYAL – While the crew of the Ebon Hawk celebrate good times, Darth Trayun, Darth Casus, and Lady Salus begin to cement their plans, while the Republic Senate cements theirs. Plans are made and loose ends are cut.

PART VIII: REVENGE OF THE SITH – The Sith begin to move against Revan and the Republic, however as with the preaching to watch one’s emotions, Trayun’s anger lands him enemy hands.

PART IX: CONFRONTATION – Revan confronts his former friend, while Carth confronts his past hurt nad his heart; meanwhile Darth Casus worries when his two lords in arms seemingly disappear and his Sith masters do not seem to be concerned.

INTERLUDE #4 – Both Carth and Dustil Onasi greet a new day with the women that have stolen their hearts.

PART X: RETURN OF THE JEDI – Revan gathers his forces to confront the Sith, while Ellis must decide where his alligence must lie

PART XI: COMING HOME – The physical battle is over, but the mental ones still linger as our heroes and the galaxy must recover from all that has been lost.

PART XII : TO ALL THINGS, AN END – The end is never truly an ending, but a beginning of something new. In the years that have followed the war, Ellis Yoly has finally found peace.

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