Memories Are Made of This – Epilogue


Memories Are Made of This





Bob and AndrAIa sat in a booth in the Diner. Both looked up at the clock and wondered where their spouses were. Sabrina and Kit sat at the bar, doing make up work, and having a byte to eat.

Bob looked at the clock again and shook his head. Where in the Net were they? Something was definitely going on. He hadn’t seen Dot nor her brothers for at least a minute. Every time he tried to corner her in her office, she’d escape saying she had to work on something.

AndrAIa had gotten the same run around with both Matrix and Enzo. Those three were up to something. She also saw Phong less and less, an odd occurance, seeing as the old sprite was permanately stationed at the Principal Office. The game sprite didn’t like it. Something was up and she and Bob couldn’t get one answer from their spouses.

A vidwindow appeared to their side, Dot’s face looking back at them. “Hey, where are you guys?” she asked, seeing Bob and Andri.

“We’re at the Diner.” Bob said. “Where’re you?”

“I’m in G Prime for the dedication ceremony.” Dot replied, shrugging her shoulders.

Bob looked at AndrAIa, AndrAIa looked at Bob. “What’re you talking about?” AndrAIa asked.

Dot sighed. Where had these two been? “The dedication ceremony for the new memorial.” Dot said, looking at both of them.

AndrAIa looked at Bob, Bob looked at AndrAIa. “No, really.” Bob said, chuckling. “What are you talking about?”

Dot rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you two bring Kit and Sabrina and come over here and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Okay? Dot out.” The vidwindow closed, still leaving the two sprites confused.

“Hey guys.” Bob said, calling over the two children. “Do you have any idea about a dedication ceremony in G Prime?”

“No, but there’s been construction there for the last minute.” Sabrina replied.

“I’ve noticed that, too.” AndrAIa said.

“Okay, I’m deeply confused, so let’s head over to that ceremony thing.” Bob replied, standing.

The four left the Diner, maximized their zipboards and headed for G Prime, the former location of the Silicon Tor. As they drew near, there was indeed some sort of activity in the area. Upon closer inspection, a small stage had been set up in front of a large tarp.

Phong stood to one side talking to Enzo, who was wearing a suit, jacket, and a tie. And shorts. Dot and Matrix stood talking to a one binome wearing a construction hat. Dot was in her white and black shirt and black business skirt, Matrix was also dressed in suit and tie.

AndrAIa shook her head, not sure if she was seeing what she saw. You literally had to pull teeth in order to get the brothers to dress up, more less get them in a suit and tie. The four landed up front, where they could get a first hand glimpse at this memorial that had somehow been constructed under their noses. After the crowd had settled down, Phong rolled to the podium and cleared his throat.

“Citizens of Mainframe,” he began. “We are here to celebrate and remember those who have given their lives to ensure that we strive today. With the idea of our Command.Com, Dot Matrix, we are able to bring you this memorial. And now, our Command.Com, Dot Matrix.”

Phong rolled over to stand next to Matrix and Enzo, as Dot made her way to the podium.

“Good morning to you all.” she said. “As Phong stated, the building behind me will be a rememberance to those that have gone before us and to those that may or may not go after us. This memorial is a reflection of the ideas of myself and that of my brothers. There’s really nothing else I can see, so why don’t you see what it is we’re here for today? I present to you, the residents of the system of Mainframe, The James and Patricia Matrix Memorial Building.”

A thunderous applause went up as the large tarp fell and a beautiful white building stood behind it. On the front, in large golden lettering, was the title of the building. The large group began to enter the building, passing Dot and her brothers. When Bob, AndrAIa, and the two children got there, Enzo spotted them and asked, “What took you guys so long?”

“We were unaware of a dedication ceremony.” AndrAIa joked.

“Where’d you get the idea for this?” Bob asked, walking over to Dot.

“Well, after having a long talk with Matrix and Enzo, we all realized we were holding our parents responsible for something that was probably out of their control.” Dot smiled, sadly. “This was kind of our apology. Nothing can bring our parents back, Bob, but at least we can give our children the chance to get to know their grandparents.”

“They’d be proud of you, Dot.” Bob replied, kissing her cheek.

The memorial was huge compared to its outward appearence. The floors sparkled and the murmuring of those inside could be heard through out. Kit found himself in another section of the place, surprised at where he had been led to. He was in the science room.

An entire room dedicated to his grandparents. They each had their very own wall with a picture of them hanging on it. Underneath was listed all their accomplishments, both together and separaetly from each other. The boy looked around in awe, unaware that Dot stood behind him.

“Do you like it?” she asked softly.

“This is incredible.” he whispered, gazing all around him.

“You know, I had forgotten everything they had done in their lives.” she replied, walking around and viewing the finished product. “I mean, I knew of some of their accomplishments, but not all. And I know Enzo and Matrix were too young to remember much except for the experiment. I guess I kept that in mind too.”

“This is great, Mom.” he said, turning to look at her. “I mean, really great. I had no idea they did all this stuff.”

“Neither did I,” she sighed.

They stood in silence, looking and reading. Kit swallowed hard. “Mom?” he asked. When she turned to look down at him, he didn’t look up. “What would you think if…well…you know, like…what would… okay, how would you feel if…um…”

“How would I feel if what?”

Kit gulped. “How would you feel if I were to…um…oh, I don’t know…go into science?” he asked. “As like a career?” He closed his eyes, waiting for an explosion. But none came.

“Are you sure?” Dot asked. It wasn’t a surprise to her to hear it.

Kit nodded and sighed. “I think so.” he said. “I mean, I won’t if you and Dad don’t think I should, but… well…I really like it.”

Dot knelt down to him and looked him in the eyes. “Christopher, it doesn’t matter to me or your father what you plan to do in life.” she said. “As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters.”

“Yeah, I know, but…” the boy looked around before turning back to his mother. “I don’t want you or Enzo or Matrix to hate me if I do.”

Dot gripped him by the shoulders. “Listen to me,” she began. “The three of us were wrong to be hating our parents for so long. The experiment was an accident, we’ve always known that, but…some things just stuck with us and they shouldn’t have. No matter what you do, whether you’re a guardian, a baker, a Command.Com, or a scientist, we’ll always love you. I’ll always love you. Do you understand that?”

Kit nodded.

“Whatever you do, Kitten, I’ll always be proud of you. Just like I’m proud of Enzo and Matrix.” She smiled at him. “You’re my little boys. Nothing you three will ever do can make me hate you. I’m proud of you, Christopher. I always am.”

The boy smiled and hugged his mother. Science may have been his calling now, but it could change at any time. Right now, he was proud that his mother had the confidence in him in case he should try. He had come so close to losing her and now she was here, hugging him and kissing him on the forehead. “Come on,” she said, standing and taking his hand. “Let’s go find out where your father and the twins got to.”

The two walked out of the room, Dot casting one last glance and smiling. Bob had to be right. Her parents were proud of her and her brothers and they would certainly be proud of Kit and Sabrina. She had no idea what the future held for the two children or even their siblings, but she knew it would be great and wonderful. This wasn’t the end of the story.

It was just the beginning.

The End


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