Memories Are Made of This


Memories Are Made of This

Chapter 1 – The Twin City Revisited



It was the start of a beautiful second in Mainframe. The sky was a pretty light blue, the city was remarkably buzzing with activity, and a figure moved slowly underneath covers and pillows on the bed. A pair of violet eyes peered from under the stack of pillows and glanced at the clock. 08:30am. He’d have to get up sooner or later. Definitely sooner, due to the meeting he had at 0900. The young sprite pushed the pillows away and sat up tiredly in bed.

He had green skin and a tattoo on his left pec, a long stem rose with the name “ALEXANDRIA” underneath it. His hair was mussed and his small goatee had quickly turned into a beard. Enzo Matrix tried his best to rise and shine. He had that meeting to attend to at 0900. That caused him to smile. It was his first second as an official guardian.

And after begging and pleading, he had finally convinced the Prime Guardian to let him be assigned to Mainframe, despite protest that there were already two other guardians assigned to the system. It was amazing though. With all that Mainframe had gone through, it surprised Enzo that it wasn’t guarded by at least fifteen guardians. But it didn’t matter.

He had gotten his wish.

He was now reporting for the first time as the Guardian of Mainframe.

Now all he had to do was wake up and get dressed.

He was still sitting up in bed, eyes closed, and on the verge of falling back down when a vidwindow appeared before him, waking him up. Enzo gave the caller a tired smile. “Morning Phong.”

The sagely old sprite shifted his glasses on his face and looked at Enzo. “Good Morning, my son.” he said. “I hope I haven’t awaken you, Young Guardian.”

Enzo smiled at the name. Young Guardian. It was a name Phong had called his brother Bob when he first came to Mainframe. He had used it to address his older brother Matrix when he had gotten the guardian protocol. And now he used it to address him. Guardian Enzo Matrix. It was becoming a slight tradition with his family. His smile got wider and he responded to Phong’s statement.

“No, Phong.” he said. “I was about to get up anyways.”

“It is imperative you come quickly, Enzo.” Phong seemed to be agitated about something. Enzo slightly hoped it was that the meeting was being moved back to 10:00. That would give him another millisecond of sleep.

“Is this about the meeting?” he asked.

“The meeting will be moved back to 10:00.” Phong replied, clearly not caring about that. “I’ve asked for your brother and sister to join me. I have found… something of great importance to you.” Enzo looked at Phong in confusion, then decided whatever it was, must be important.

“Okay, Phong. I’ll be there.”

After a shower and a quick shave, Enzo stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom. He was dressed in his Guardian blue uniform and was combing his hair. He had gotten it cut so he’d look nice for graduation, but he still had his braided tail that was reaching slightly past his neck. He had shaved the 0500 shadow of a beard to a small mustache and trademark goatee. He heard a slight beeping coming from his dresser.

“Come on, Deco, ” he said, holding out his arm.

Deco was his keytool, one he had used repeatedly during training and was glad when it chose him as its guardian. He gave himself another once over and left the bedroom. He took another look at his apartment. Another tradition. This used to be Bob’s apartment when Enzo was smaller. After he, Matrix, and AndrAIa came back to Mainframe, Bob and Dot had finally realized what they meant to each other and Bob moved out and had given the place to Matrix and AndrAIa.

When they decided their daughter needed a sibling, they left and handed the place to him. His first apartment. Things were working out perfectly.

With one last look, Enzo grabbed his shades and his zipboard and headed to the Principal Office.

Enzo zipped along, waving to the binomes who passed him. He came to a stop outside the doors of the Principal Office when he noticed two familiar figures trying to get in. They were two droids, one red, the other blue. They were trying to decide who would use whose codes to get in.

“Look, I used mine last time.”

“No, you didn’t. I used my codes last time.”

“No you didn’t”

“Yes I did.”

“You did not.”

“Did too.”





“Need some help, boys?” Enzo replied, startling the two bots from their argument.

The two looked at him, then each other, then back at Enzo. “Wow. Enzo is that you in there?” the blue bot asked in awe.

“It’s definitely me, Hack.” Enzo replied, giving them a smile.

“You look just like Bob when he came,” Slash replied.

“Except you are not blue.”

“Yes. You definitely aren’t blue.”

“I am blue. You are green.”

“But blue and green go together.”

“Like Enzo and his uniform?”

“Like Dot and Bob!” The two chorused happily.

Enzo rolled his eyes in amusement. The two were walking, rambling idiots, but they were fiercely loyal to Dot and everyone in her circle. And best of all, the kids loved them. “Here, let me help you guys out.” The sprite replied, walking to the door of the P.O.

He punched in his code and the door replied with, “Authorization. Guardian Enzo Matrix. Confirmed. Welcome.” With that, the door opened and Enzo let Hack and Slash through the door.

“Thank you, Enzo.”

“Oh yes. Thank you very much.”

“No problem.” the youth laughed. “All in a second’s work.” He followed the two and the door closed behind them. Enzo walked behind the bots until they reached the main center of the Principal Office. The two bots stood on either side of the door, taking guard duty.

“You boys stay out of trouble now, okay?” Enzo joked, leaving the two arguing over what they would have for lunch. Enzo walked in and was met by the Command.Com and the Chief of Security.

“Looking pretty cool, Sprout.” replied Matrix, watching his little brother walk in.

“It’s the shades.” Enzo said, pointing to the sporty little shades he had bought for his birthday.

Dot Matrix smiled at her baby brother. His first day as a guardian. She had realized a while ago that Bob and Matrix had a big impact on him when he was younger. Not just because of their guardian past, but their attitudes. Enzo had the cocky attitude and the quick wisecracks of Bob.

But on the other coin, he fancied himself a “bad boy”, like his brother Matrix, though he would never willingly do something wicked. But despite everything, they had been his heroes throughout his life and most importantly, they were his family.

“Morning, Guardian Matrix.” Dot replied, looking over her brother in his uniform.

“Morning, Commander Matrix. Chief Matrix.” Enzo said, smiling back at the two of them.

“Ready for your first day, Guardian?” Matrix asked. “Absolutely.” The lad replied, grinning at his older brother. “Just as soon as I find out why Phong wanted me here so early.”

“That makes three of us, baby brother.” Dot replied. Soon, the wise old sprite emerged through the door, a small disk in his hands.

“Oh good, you are here.” He said, seeing the Matrix siblings. “Let us talk in your office, Dot.” Dot nodded and walked into her office, followed by Matrix and Enzo. Phong looked carefully at Enzo as he passed and smiled. “I see you are ready for the new second, Young Guardian.” he replied, coming in behind the lad and shutting the door.

“Ready, willing, and definitely able.” Enzo beamed, giving the sprite a large smile.

“I can only hope the second stays as youthful and excited.” The three siblings looked at each and then at Phong in confusion.

“I called each of you in to tell you that I had found something of great importance, yes?” Phong asked, looking at the trio.

Dot nodded. “Yes, Phong.” she replied, still not sure why only the three of them were there. “I’m guessing this is something that deals with the three of us, correct? I mean, that would explain why only the three of us are here. Unless someone is late.”

“You are correct, my child.” Phong said, holding the disk in his spiney fingers. “I was looking through some of the old files in my chamber and came across this disk. I’ve only called the three of you because it has importance to your lives and perhaps the lives of many in Mainframe.”

“Phong, I don’t think I understand.” Matrix said.

“That makes two of us.” Enzo muttered. They all loved Phong, but the sprite had the habit of taking the long way around to answer a simple question.

“This disk holds a key to your past, my children.” Phong continued. “That is why I asked you to be here.”

“A key to our past?” Dot asked. “Phong, what exactly is on that disk?”

“I will show you.”

Phong went over and placed the disk in a small tray on Dot’s desk. A vidwindow popped up and the screen was dark until a picture came up. It was a bird’s eye view of a large city, the size of Mainframe. It had tall buildings, a large beautiful bridge looming in the distance. Matrix and Enzo looked at the city with looks of confusion, but nestled deep was a sense of recognition. Phong knew they were too young to remember, but Dot remembered. She knew exactly what this place was.

“The Twin City.” she breathed, almost in shock. She never thought she’d see this city again.

The view went through the city, showing sprites of all ages walking around, shopping, rushing to work. The Twin City was the scientific part of Mainframe. While Mainframe was the industrial city, bringing in trade to both cities and bestowing the majority of businesses, the Twin City was where all the new developments took place. The Twin City Museum was located here, as well as the Little Theater. The main attraction though were the Science Labs. Where new inventions were made, new breakthroughs were the discovered…

Where James and Patricia Matrix worked.

The tour of the city quickly turned into a family outing. The person holding the camera kept moving it in order to get a good look at a little white bundle…

“Hold the camera still, Dottie.” replied the young sprite. He was sitting on a large blanket that was spread out on the green grass of the park. He had a light green tone to his body, with short black hair, and dark eyes that peeked through black rimmed glasses. He had a thin beard and a happy smile. He sat next to a green skinned sprite, with long black hair put into a bun. She had dark, mysterious violet eyes, and was holding a small bundle wrapped in white.

“I’m trying, Daddy.” replied a voice, coming somewhere off screen.

Dot repeated the word after she heard it, the memory of saying it brought a tear to her eye, but she managed to hold it back.

“Mom, are you going to take him out of that blanket?” the voice asked, trying to move closer to see what the bundle was.

Okay, but try not to scare him.” The woman replied, removing a section of the blanket.

Patty, he’s a baby, not a null.” the man quipped. With the section of blanket removed, the camera now moved in to catch a shot of the baby.

He had green skin, like his parents, and black hair. His eyes were closed and he was sucking his thumb. The baby started to stir, as though experiencing a bad dream and wanted to wake up. “Come on, Enzo.” Patricia cooed. “Wake up for Mommy.”

The baby seemed to respond to the sweet command and opened its eyes. It was obvious the boy got his eyes from his mother. The camera stayed on the small child as he yawned and looked around at his surroundings. The camera pulled back and caught the young family.

“Come here, Dottie. Let’s get you in the shot.” James replied, standing up and walking towards the camera.

“But Dad…” came the complaint, but soon the young girl whose voice had been the narrator stepped over to the blanket. She looked about 1.2 and looked like her mother. Her hair was shorter and she seemed a bit shy.

“Wave to the camera, Dottie.” replied James’ voice, coming out in the distance.

Dot gave a goofy wave to the camera before taking a seat next to her mother. “My little family.” James joked, making the girls giggle.

“James, come over and get another shot of Enzo.” The little baby was now becoming a bit more lively, squirming in his mother’s arms.

“Look at that energy.” James said, getting another close up of his son. “He’ll be boundless when he gets older.”

“Daddy, please!” Dot groaned. “Don’t put ideas in his head.”

The comment made Patricia laugh out loud, especially when she saw the look on her husband’s face. “Come on, Jimmy,” Patricia coaxed. “Put the camera down and have some lunch. Who knows when the last time you ate.”

“We’re close, Patty. I know it.” was the last thing recorded before the camera went off.



Two sprites in lab coats stood at a counter in one of the Science Labs. Pushing his goggles to his forehead, James gave a dissatisfied sigh. “I don’t understand it.” he muttered. “I just don’t understand it. Millies, seconds, minutes, hours…and we’re still no closer to finding out a cure.”

“James, we mustn’t give up hope.” Patricia replied, removing her goggles and giving her husband a small hug. “Think of what this could mean. All those nulls around the city could be changed back to the sprites they once were.”

“I know, Patty. I know.”

“Look, maybe we just need a break.” Patricia smiled at him, hoping the change in subject would make him feel better. “Well…” he said, hesitantly. “You go check on the kids and I’ll finish up here. Then we can have lunch.” Patricia nodded sadly and walked away.

They were working too hard, but the outcome would be so important. So many sprites had lost their lives to the games, now that their guardian was no more. This project would mean the difference to those sprites. But it had been over five and a half hours since they began and they were still no closer to finding a solution to their problem.

James would work non-stop in order to find the answer. She smiled slightly. The man was an incurable workaholic. The whole thought of working on the project put her spirits down, but she had to put on a happy face for her children. She went into their shared office and brought up a vidwindow.

“Enzo, stop!”

“But Mommy said I could have one!”

“One! Not twelve!”

Dot turned to see the vidwindow. “Oh, hi Mom.” The teenager got a slight smile for her mother.

“Mommy!” came a small cry and in an instant, 0.4 hour old Enzo Matrix was in front of his mother. “Mommy, yousaidIcouldhaveasnack,butDotwon’tletmehaveasnackcauseshe’sbeingmeanand…”

“Enzo, sweetheart, slow down!” Patricia laughed. Her son was processing a mile a nano.

“Mom, you said Enzo could have a treat, but he’s been eating like there’s no tomorrow!” Dot explained, exasperated by her little brother’s constant ramblings.

The two were sitting in the diner their parents had just bought. When their parents had told her their idea to start another business, this time a restaurant, she responded so well to the idea, they named the place after her. Dot’s Diner was now an up and coming business in Mainframe.

“How’s the diner, baby?”

“It’s running fine, Mom.” Dot said, proudly. Her parents had put her in charge of it, making it an after school job of sorts. “Cecil says the energy shakes are flying out the door! I only wish my little bratty brother wasn’t eating all the en…Stop it!” Dot had caught Enzo taking another energy bar from the counter.

“Mom, can’t you do something with Enzo!?” Dot pleaded.

“Dot, he’s your brother.” Patricia said. “He’s family. What would happen if your father and I weren’t around to care for you two?”

“Aw, Mom,” Dot replied, chuckling at the absurdity. “You and Dad wouldn’t leave us. I know you wouldn’t!”

“You know your father and I love you both and we would never willingly leave you two by yourselves, but just remember, he’s family. One day he may be the only one you have left.”

Dot looked at her mother in concern. This was certainly an odd, if not disturbing, conversation.

I just called to check up on you two.” Patricia stated, bringing Dot back from her thoughts. “Keep yourselves out of trouble, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.”

“Bye bye Mommy!” Enzo called.

“Look out for your brother, Dot. Enzo, you stop eating so many energy bars. You’re going to make yourself sick. We might be late coming home. I love you both.”

“Love you, Mom.”

“Love Mommy!”

“I’ll see you later.”



It had been another two hours before James thought he might have the answer. After viewing null after null after null, he thought he might have the answer they’d been looking for. He had been viewing a particular blue and green null and making adjustments. He saw some movement with the null and it looked like it was changing, but the movement stopped after a few micros.

James felt if he used more of the treatment, he’d be able to change it back to the sprite it once was. He immediately called his team, including Patricia. While he waited, he gave a call to the Diner, where he knew Dot and Enzo would be.

“Hi Dad!” replied an enthusiastic Enzo. The lad was now a cheerful 0.6 hour old and usually spent his time in his sister’s diner. James and Patricia had built a small apartment downstairs, where Dot, now 2.0, lived.

“Hey there, Sport.” James said, giving his son a smile. “How was school?”

“Terribly basic.” the boy groaned. “I’ve got a read me file report due on the present imports and trades of Mainframe. How boring can one thing be?” James laughed. He never enjoyed school that much either, not until he knew what he wanted to be.

“Well, make sure you do it.” he said. “It might not be fun, but you’ll need that education. Here’s what I’ll do. Later when I come home, I’ll help you with that little basic report. How about that?”

“Alphanumeric!” cried Enzo. He loved spending time with his dad. He seemed to know everything!

James again laughed, a sound Enzo encouraged. He loved his father’s laugh. That and his mother’s smile. “Okay, Sport. Tell you sister hi for me and that I love her. I love you too, Enzo.”

“Love ya, Dad. And Mom too!” the boy replied.

James closed the connection and sighed. For some reason, he had an uneasy feeling about tonight’s work. He thought about calling Dot and… James shook his head clear. The excitement and worry were starting to get to him. He’d call again later before he and Patricia went to get Enzo and take him home.



“Friends and colleagues,” James announced. “I think I’ve found the answer to our long research and existing problem. As you know, many of our sprites and binomes have been transformed into nulls, thanks to the games that are currently dropping in our city. Earlier, I think I may have found something that will save these people and bring them back to us.”

“Dr. Matrix, you’ve found a cure?” asked one scientist.

“I think I have.” James replied. “Follow me to the operation station and I’ll show what I’ve found.” The small group headed down the white corridor and stopped in front of a door. After punching in his key code, James opened the door and the group walked in.

The room was the size of a large office. Three counter tops laid in the middle, with beakers on two of them. The third held five tanks, each filled with hundreds of different colored nulls. “Let me explain what it is I have achieved.” James walked over to one of the counters, the blue and green null sat in a glass container on top.

With the use of an electrical rod, I’ve hooked up this null to our output readings. Beforehand I injected the null with a combination of CO2 and N2. The combination of these two substances, plus the output hook up, and the rod, the energy build up should start a chain reaction, causing the null to transform. Transform into what, I’m not sure yet, but hopefully it’ll be a sprite or binome.”

The group looked to each other, each making comments about the experiment.

“We should take precautions, Doctor.” said one scientist.

“We have to make sure this doesn’t cause an unseen disaster.” said another.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen…and ladies, please.” James held up his hands for silence. “I’m well aware of the risks being taken here. I want to try and go ahead with the project later on tonight, if that doesn’t inconvenience any of you. I want to make sure I’ve talked to the Command.Com first, of course. Let’s say we meet back her at 20:30, 08:30 for you that have slow clockspeeds.”

The group laughed at his joke. “So until tonight.” The group went out in the hallway, leaving Patricia alone with her husband.

“James, could this really work?” she asked, uncertainty in her voice.

“Maybe.” James replied, not turning to look at her. “That’s why we’re testing it tonight. All I know is, when I injected that formula into that little null, there was movement. Like it was changing. It was only a small drop, but think what could happen with a larger dose.”

“I am thinking of what might happen.” Patricia said, wrapping her arms around James’ waist. “I’m also thinking of our family. Remember them?”

James was silent. He knew working on this project was taking him away from his family, but this could change how life was. “I remember them, Patty.” he said, finally. “But we’re too close to stop now. If it fails or if it works, I’ll be able to spend more time with you and the kids. And maybe we can start running that diner of ours.” Patricia gave a small laugh somewhere behind him.

He turned in her embrace. “Don’t worry, Patty. Things will work out. I have a feeling this is going to change everything.”



Phong was standing in his office, looking out the window on to all of Mainframe. “It’s a beautiful second, isn’t it?” replied a voice behind him.

The small, golden sprite smiled, not bothering to turn around to address the visitor. “There is an old read me file that states, the second that holds the beauty of the morrow stays with no hint of sorrow.” Phong turned to see his visitor. “How I am graced with your presence, Dr. Matrix.”

“It is I who have all the pleasure, old friend.” James replied, shaking the sprite’s hand.

“Sit, sit.” Phong urged, pointing to a chair in front of the desk. He then took a seat behind it. “How is the diner coming along?”

“From what I hear, it’s an absolute smash.” James said, laughter in his voice. “Dot’s doing a spammed good job at running it too. Have you been yet?”

“Oh James, you know I hardly ever leave the Principal Office, with my duties and all.” Phong stated. “But one day I shall venture out and try the fastest food in all Mainframe.” The two laughed. “How is young Dot? And your son? Enzo, was it?”

“Well, Dot’s hardly a baby anymore, as you know.” James answered.

“It has been a while since I have seen her.” Phong said, sitting back in his chair. He remembered registering the girl when she had been initialized and now she was a young business directory.

“I’ll send her in one of these seconds. Along with Enzo.” James replied. “I don’t think you’ve seen him since he was much younger.”

“That is true, that is true.” Phong said. He then got down to business. “So my friend, what has brought you to me this second?”

“Phong, I think I’ve found a way to reverse nullification.”

Phong stared across his desk at his friend. “Is this so, Dr. Matrix?” he asked in surprise. “Are you sure?”

“Well, no. I’m not sure.” James said, looking down at his feet. He brought his head back up and looked at his friend. “I’m going out on an analog here, Phong.” he said, all the concerns he had was now presented to the Command.Com. “I’m not guessing at what could happen, but I don’t really know. But I want to be prepared, just in case.”

“You would like me to back up the system.” Phong said.

“Just in case.”

“Of course.” Phong replied, cheerfully. “I’ve been meaning to update the system anyway. Do not worry, Dr. Matrix. You will not need to worry about a back up.”

The two friends stood up and walked out of the office. “Phong, you do realize that this is a very dangerous project,” James stated. “And…in any event that something should happen, I…”

“Do not be silly, child.” Phong protested. “Everything will work out and you will be the one to save this great city.”

“I know, I know.” James said, taking a deep breath. “In any case, Phong, if something does go wrong…”

“I will look after them like my own sprites, James.” Phong replied, knowing the extent of the man’s burdens.

“Thank you, Phong.”



James made one last call on a vidwindow. When he saw the face of his daughter, he smiled, hoping that he’d live to see her hopes and dreams come true. “Hi Dad.” she answered. “Is something wrong?”

“Um…no, sweetie.” James lied. Why did he have the sense that something would happen? “I was just calling to see how you were and if Enzo is doing his homework.”

“Well, after a struggle with the remote control, he finally marched into the spare room to do it.” Dot replied, a smile tugging at her lips. Though he could be a pain in the ASCII sometimes, Dot loved her brother. “As for me, I’m beat. We had a pretty good run at the Diner today.”

“That’s good, hon.” James said, pride tinting in his voice. For someone her age, Dot had worked hard on that diner. Her parents knew what she was capable of. The Diner was just one example. “Well, I was just checking up on you.” he continued. “Your mom and I will be late picking up Enzo.”

“It’s okay, Dad.” the sprite sighed. “Enzo can stay here tonight.”

“You don’t mind, do you Dottie?” James asked.

“Of course not, Daddy.” she replied.

James smiled. “All right then. I love you, Dottie. So does your mother. We’ll see you later.”

The vidwindow closed, leaving Dot thinking about their conversation. Something sounded strange in her father’s voice, as though he was worried about something. She shrugged her shoulders and headed for the kitchenette in her cozy apartment.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t going to see her parents again.



The group of scientists converged once more into the operation station. All were at their own stations, while James and Patricia Matrix stood at the counter that held the experimental null.

“All right, on my word.” James replied, placing his goggles over his eyes. “Now!”

James injected the null with his formula, Patricia use the electrical rod to not only measure the energy in the null, but to conduct the reversal of its current state of being. Two more scientist were at the ready by a large console, getting measurements as well. Three more scientist stood by another console, that monitored the health of the null.

“Readings are looking good, Dr. Matrix.” replied one of the scientist at the readings console. James nodded in response and watched as the null began to move. It’s squealing had suddenly stopped and it seemed to grow larger.

“James!” exclaimed Patricia. “I think it’s working! It’s working!”

The experiment seemed to be going well. The possibilities were endless as they were grand. Sprites needn’t worry if they would be nullified in a game. If by chance a game was lost, they could be regenerated. After this step, all that was to worry was fixing up the destroyed sector. They could lose a game if need be, but it wouldn’t cost a sprite or binome a life. The experiment was a success.

Then something happened.

The null began to change shape. What looked like an arm emerged from the form, but then retreated. “Turn up the power!” James commanded. The two scientists standing by the readings were hesitant, but they figured Dr. Matrix knew what he was doing. One of them increased power. The arm began to emerge again, but it seemed deformed.

“James, I think something’s wrong.” Patricia called, watching as the arm became…

A claw?

“Patty, if we increase the power, the energy in the null will rise, making it a sprite or a binome again!” James exclaimed, fascinated by the changes taking place.


“I’ll give it another injection.”

“Dr. Matrix, the power levels seem to be increasing! It’s away from our control now!”



In the Principal Office, Phong was about ready to initiate the back up of the system. He wanted to wait until he heard from James Matrix though. He needed to be sure doing the back up would not cause any harm while the experiment was on going.



Just a little longer!” James cried. He could see the null beginning to take shape.

“Doctor, power levels are suddenly decreasing.”

“James, if the power goes, that could endanger everyone in the city!” Patricia exclaimed.

“Maybe not.” he replied, also frantic. They were so close. So close… “If we quit now, all our hard work will be for not.”



Phong decided the back up should begin. He whirled into the main office. “Lieutenant, start the back up process.” he said, watching vidscreens appear in front of him. “Backing up system initiated, sir.” replied a young one binome, with large glasses. Phong was about to head back into his office for some well deserved cocoa, when the Lieutenant called him back.

“Phong sir, sensors indicate a flux in power levels.” he said.

“Do you know where they are located?” Phong asked.

After some typing, the binome replied, “It seems to be coming from the Science Labs. In the Twin City, sir. The power increases and then…sir! Power seems to be increasing at an incredible rate!”

“Oh dear…”



“Enzo, will you please go to bed?!” Dot had been arguing with her brother for a good 25 microseconds, pleading with him to get some downtime, so she could watch a quicktime movie.

“But Dot, I wanna watch too!” the boy whined. Sometimes he got so annoyed with her. She always treated him like a little basic baby.

“Enzo, you’ve got school tomorrow!” Dot was almost at her wits end. Why oh why did she agree to watch her brother tonight? There were some perfectly good babysitters in Twin City and in Mainframe too.

“But Dot, it’s the Return of the Frankenbinome!”

The thought occurred to her that Enzo would just LOVE to spend some time with their parents.



“Dr. Matrix, power levels are rising!”

“James, we have to end this!”

“Crashes!” James exclaimed. He attempted to unhook the null from the output charges.

It grabbed his arm.

“It’s won’t let go!”

“Dr. Matrix, the power’s…”


“Mr. Phong sir, their power levels are at an amazing high level! It’s slowing down the back up!”

“Enzo, please! Will you just log off for the night?!”

“I love you, Patty.”

“But Dot…”

“I don’t think we can reverse this, Doctor.”

“When Mom and Dad come and pick you up, boy will I have some things to say!”

“Oh no! Mr. Phong…”

“I love you, too James.”

Without warning, a blinding white light illuminated through the night sky and throughout the Twin City. And in that blinding flash, only an island was left in its wake.




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