Revenge of the Sis

Revenge of the Sis

Chapter I – The Plan or How to Show Up One’s Brothers


It was an odd second in Mainframe. Actually, it had been an odd couple of minutes in the small system. The little city that could had its share of oddities: residence of two viruses, two guardians, a game sprite, a null bot…the list really did go on and on, but the last few minutes especially were odd.

It all started when one of those viruses returned from the Web, posing as one of those guardians. The havoc Megabyte had brought the system again was quite painful indeed, especially to the new appointed staff within the Principal Office.

Dot Matrix, the since the virus first took over, had been feel melancholy over her choices in that matter. To choose a virus over the sprite she loved…she still didn’t understand it.

And then her brothers – User loved them – had somehow gotten it into their processors that she, Bob – the system’s guardian, AndrAIa – the new system engineer, as well as girlfriend to her eldest brother, and Phong – the system admin were all clones. That somehow when Megabyte returned, he’d brought in Web aliens or something, who had stashed away their bodies and then had taken their places.

She guessed she could understand that, after all her behavior alone was cause for worry, but the very fact that her youngest brother had based all of this on a report from Mike the TV and the fact that her eldest – though only a few hours younger than she – had believed the youngest Matrix.

She had laughed, and she had, for a few seconds afterwards, but all the while she was thinking.

And planning.

And it was the strange occurrence that second – a data storm of all things – that had her especially contemplative. While she knew her brothers meant no harm, they had done some damage to their personal stuff.

Poor Bob’s car – though it never truly worked anyway – would barely start after the explosion and AndrAIa’s bike just wasn’t the same and Dot’s own organizer – though very brand new – just didn’t feel like her old one. Even though she had a very long talk with each of them, it didn’t seem like they truly understood her point of believing everything they heard.

Especially from Mike.

So as she sat in her office, listening as drops began to peter off, she began thinking of a way to get back her ‘wonderful’ brothers. And the more she thought about it, the more a plan began to form and the more that happened, the more it became solid and the more it solidified, the more evil grinning she did. But she couldn’t partake in this alone, oh no.

She would need some help.



AndrAIa was just as surprised as Bob was when she met him in the Diner the next cycle’s start. The game sprite was still getting used to not beginning able to ride her bike, per Matrix’ threats. So she was a little pregnant. That could hardly be an excuse to stop one from riding a one ton motorbike.

But she had to admit, he was quite adorable when he had gone out earlier this morning – earlier than he liked – to get her an applet sundae because she just had a craving for it. 0300 and she had a craving for a sundae.

But he had gotten dressed and how come back with one and then had stayed up to watch her eat it, all the while rubbing her somewhat protruding belly.

She had made sure when she woke this morning, nothing would disturb his sleep, not even the surprising vid from Dot.

“Meet me in the Diner in a micro.” the replied. “I have a proposition to make you.”

So that’s what had led the game sprite to her future sister in law’s establishment and how she was intrigued as to why Bob was there.

The system’s guardian was too confused as to why Dot had told him to come. It was no secret the two were…no longer together…at least for the moment. Bob hoped one second soon, Dot would get over her guilt and come back to him.

But until then he would have to wait, he supposed. Yes, he had been hurt by the events, but his love for her over-rode everything and anything that could happen between them.

She just didn’t see it that way.

So imagine the surprise the guardian got when he received a vidwindow from the sprite he couldn’t stop thinking about. “Hey.” he had whispered.

“I know this is short notice,” she said, her processor not able to stay on task. This was the first time in a very long time that they had talked to one another. “I’m wondering if you can meet me. In the Diner. In about a micro.”

“You know I’d do anything for you, Dot.”

“I hope so.”

He was certain that she had blushed and then had looked away in embarrassment. User, how he loved when she got embarrassed. Then she had turned back to him and gave him the sexiest look he thought he had ever seen her give him.

“So you’ll be there?” she asked, her face a mask of innocence, but underneath that…Bob wasn’t sure, but it was arousing and a turn on.

He could only nod, mesmerized by her.

And that’s how he found himself there that second, along with the game sprite he had known as a child. “Morning, Andri.” he said, as she took a seat across from him.

“Morning.” she smiled. “Any idea what’s going on here? I get a vid from Dot this morning…”

“You too?” he asked, somewhat saddened. He had hoped this would be a conversation between him and Dot.

Before either could say anymore, the very sprite who had called them in, appeared from the front of the business. She said good morning to the Mac server and ordered three energy shakes as she saw her future accomplices sitting and waiting for her.

Not saying anything, she easily slid in next to Bob, before realizing her mistake. They looked at each other for a time – right as AndrAIa was about to excuse herself – before Dot turned to look at the game sprite.

“How’re you feeling?”

“Uh…fine.” she said, startled by the question. “I’m doing well. Phong says everything is processing normally.”

“That’s great.” Dot said, sending a smile her way. “I was hoping you’d be okay for a little…payback.”

Bob and AndrAIa looked at each other. “Payback?” the guardian repeated.

“As you know, my brothers – User love them – has gotten into quite a…predicament.” the commander began. “While I know they didn’t mean any harm in this latest…adventure of theirs, I still can’t let what happen go unpunished. That’s where the two of you come in. I have a plan, but I need help.”

She looked at both her companions to see their reactions. The game sprite – well, Dot knew AndrAIa would want in on this and Bob – while Bob looked a little confused, she knew him well enough to know he would sit and listen and then decide if he was in or out.

“What’s your plan?” he asked.

“Well,” she started. “Seeing as those two like to base fact on a rumor, I say we give them one. I’m thinking that I find myself a ‘secret admirer’, someone to woo me. I’m hoping those will jump to obvious conclusions, then I can tell them it was a joke and that they haven’t learn anything, especially after I told them what believing in a rumor can do.”

Again, her companions looked at each other before looking back at her. “Don’t you think that’s bit extreme?” Andri asked. “I mean, yeah the boys went a bit overboard, but…”

“Did you ever fix that side Matrix put a sledge hammer to?” Dot asked, curiously. “Gotten your car to start yet, Bob?”

The unsure looks soon dropped from the booth’s other occupants.

“Point taken.” Bob growled.

“I’m in.” AndrAIa seconded.

“Good.” Dot smiled. “So here’s the deal. I need one or both of you to be my secret admirer. Send me emails and the like. And Bob, I need you to be jealous. I mean, really core stomping jealous.”

“That should be relatively easy.” he mumbled, casting her a glance.

“Are you sure this is going to work?”

Dot gave the game sprite a look. “When have my plans never worked?”

Bob opened his mouth to say something when there was a horrible pain in his leg. Looking up, he saw AndrAIa give him a quick glance, before smiling at Dot and saying, “You’re right. Your plans never fail. So when do we do this?”

Dot let a breath. “Well, there’s a staff meeting in a few and I know Matrix will there.” she said, a small smile coming to her face. “Let’s see how well my little brother can keep a secret from our baby brother.”


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