Revenge of the Sith: Part I: Aftermath, page 3


Part I – Aftermath



Mission may have been young, but she knew an argument when she saw one.

The teenager had been enjoying the brief downtime on Coruscant, even though the bright lights of the big city annoyed Big Z; she loved it. She figured it was a side effect of living on Taris.

Even with its dinginess and corruption and horrible attitudes, it was her home and she didn’t know of anything different. Till she met Revan, of course. With Revan, she was able to see all the sights her brother Griff had promised her as a little girl and she realized she had a call to roam the galaxy.

Soon, she wasn’t surprised when talking to Zaalbar that he felt he needed to go back to his village to help his father rule, as long as Revan didn’t need him for assistance. She could tell the big guy didn’t want to leave, but he had a duty to his father and village and it was certainly her duty to stick by her best friend.

So when the odd pair wandered the hallway looking for Revan to tell him of their decision to leave, they were quite surprised to see a fuming Bastila storming ahead of them to her room. “Hey Bas!” Mission called out, stopping the young woman. The teen could see the Jedi was quite upset, but she schooled her face against any betrayal of that.

“Hello Mission, Zaalbar.” She replied, politely. “I haven’t seen you two around very much.”

“Yeah,” Mission said. “Me and Big Z have been exploring the city and all. It’s a really big place, you know?”

Bastila nodded, not really listening to the story the girl told about them going in to a seedy part of the section. Her mind was still on the council and Revan’s behavior. She couldn’t believe his audacity and his rudeness.

They were masters and placed on the council for a reason…yet she couldn’t deny that she hadn’t exactly been at fault for their story. Not once did she correct him on what had happened on Kashyyyk or the conversation after Dantooine. And she knew it would only get worse from here.

“Hello? Bastila? Anyone home?”


“You spaced out for a minute or two.” Mission replied, a look of concern on her face.

“You look deeply troubled.” Zaalbar added.

“You okay?”

“Uh…yes,” she mumbled. “Yes, I’m fine. I guess I’m feeling a bit tired from earlier. If you’ll excuse me.” With that, the young Jedi entered her quarters and shut the door.

“Weird.” Mission muttered, shaking her head. The two continued on, stopping only a foot from Bastila’s door however, when they saw Revan come around the turn. He too looked fit to be tied, but his features softened when the teenager called out to him.

“Hey guys.” He greeted, a tight smile on his face. “What’re you up to?”

“Technically we were looking for you.” Mission replied. “But we ran into Bastila and she didn’t look too happy to see us.”

“She looked upset.”

“And so Big Z and me were coming to find you, but here you are.” She concluded. “Did you guys have a fight or something?”

Revan sighed and ran a hand over his head. “No, not exactly.” He muttered. “It’s the damn council. We didn’t even get through the first part of the story before they annoyed me, which in turned annoyed them and Bastila…” he sighed, shaking his head.

“But enough about that,” he said, throwing an arm around the teen’s shoulders. “I haven’t seen you around much, kiddo. What’ve you been up? Taking the citizens for all their creds, right?”

Mission giggled, giving Revan a side hug. “Nah,” she said. “Just exploring. Actually Rev, Big Z and I think it’s time to blast this fodder stand. He’s gotta get back to his dad and all.”

“You guys cutting out?” he asked, sadness in his voice.

“I feel I need to be at my father’s side.” Big Z rumbled. “Unless you feel my place is here on this planet with you.”

Revan shook his head. “Nah,” he said. “We’re kinda in limbo, huh? The council’s beef is with me, not you guys. Besides, I think your right, big guy. You have to at least check and see what’s going on, you know?” Giving Mission a squeeze, he asked, “And I bet you’re tagging along, right?”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “But I meant what I said. You need us for anything and we’re right there, no questions asked!” The wookiee howled his agreement.

The young knight laughed, giving the teen another squeeze. “That’s cool then,” he said. “But I’m not about to let you guys go without a party, yeah? Just so happens, I became the swoop champ today and I’m throwing you guys a goodbye party.”

“Really?” she asked. She smiled up at him, before she frowned. “I know it’s none of my business and you can say so all, but…are you sure you and Bastila are going to be okay? I mean, you guys don’t look too happy to be around each other.”

“Don’t worry about it, kay?” he said. “Right now…I don’t know. Things will probably be better once the council is done interrogating us about this, but maybe not. But hey, this doesn’t change stuff between us, yeah? You need me, you got me. Both of you.”

Mission hugged him again and the trio began to walk to the elevators. She had always liked Revan, which was why learning he was who he was didn’t change her option of him. This was the guy who had gone with her to help Zaalbar, even when the Beks wouldn’t.

He had come to comfort her after Taris and he never treated her like a kid. She had, she didn’t know when or how, become totally attached to him and even had a slight crush on him, in the beginning of course. But she had seen how things were between him and Bastila and besides, he was totally old for her, even though he didn’t act like it.

If anything, Revan was like another brother to her. While Big Z was the strong, silent type that would protect her no matter what, Revan was the funny, silly guy who could make her laugh when she needed it. He had come to her defense, even against Carth, and she knew he’d come to her if anything happened, like he said.

That’s why she was worried. She had only seen him so sad after they had gotten caught by the Leviathan. He was so…broken, she guessed, learning that Bastila had been keeping something so big from him and then losing her to Malak.

Admittedly, she didn’t really like Bastila at first, but she had tried to come around for Revan’s sake, but she’d admit that if she had been able to get at Bastila, the Jedi would’ve regretted hurting him the way she had.

But for now, she guessed she could be there for the guy, especially when it looked like he and Bas were gonna break up or something. She was just glad she didn’t have to go through this bantha poo doo. Love was so confusing and dumb.

Though she couldn’t wait to be a full fledged adult, she could wait when it came to love. After seeing what it did to Revan and Bastila and Carth, she didn’t want it, thank you very much. Who the heck wanted to fall in love anyway?



The rest of the evening seemed to drag on for Bastila. She had thought about visiting her mother again, but thought it was much too late for visitors. She…needed to talk to someone, she reasoned.

The annoyance and irritation she had felt earlier had given way to thoughts of regret and…disappointment. She hadn’t seen Revan since they left the council and she wished she could at least speak to him on his behavior and what they would tell the council next.

She had to be honest with herself. Bastila had never really had anyone to turn to and in the recent events, she had a few people she could turn to with her problems. But how could she bring up how she felt? Bastila was a private person who liked figuring out her own problems instead of running to someone else for help.

But when she used the Force to keep Revan alive, they had formed a bond that had not only been a blessing, but a curse as well. Though she was able to gather the information that had been requested of her, she had also felt the stirrings of attraction from Revan, which only served to heighten her own feelings.

If she thought she could maintain a distance, the current events proved her wrong. She’d come to learn that Revan was not only a very passionate man, but one who rarely took no for an answer.

She paced her room, trying to find some source of entertainment. In the last few weeks, she would’ve been nervously getting ready for Revan, doing the ‘typical’ womanly ritual of preparing for a date with someone she had an interest in. And there in lie the problem, of course.

She was not a typical woman. She was a Jedi and she had sworn off all of her attachments and baser instincts when she had joined the Order. Or so she had thought. The moment she had met Jayden Korr – Revan – all of those ideas and restraints went right out the window. She couldn’t believe how much this man affected her.

Soon, she was even saying things that she shouldn’t; it seemed every time they talked, he would steer their conversation towards their feelings for each other or worse, misinterpret something she had said.

Though…she supposed that had been partly her fault. More than once she managed to let her true feelings slip within conversations.

Bastila sighed. She wondered what the others were doing, what he was doing. Stretching out with the Force, she tried to locate everyone, but sensed they weren’t in their rooms or even the hotel. Pushing down a slight sense of panic, she stretched further, until she was able to lock on to Revan’s energy.

He was in the cantina and it seemed so was everyone else. What were they all doing in the cantina? And why hadn’t she been informed that’s where they all were? Well, she had told Mission she had been tired from earlier, but she knew them. They would’ve checked on her, right?

She didn’t bother dousing the surge of anger she felt, especially at Revan. They were again set to see the council tomorrow and he was in the midst of throwing a party and further more, he hadn’t even bothered to invite her.

Was he that upset with her? Surely he wouldn’t make everyone stay away or ignore her just because the two of them weren’t getting along. Would he? It certainly seemed like it, didn’t it?

And really, would these friends of theirs truly turn their backs on Revan? Of course not, but they would turn on her. Yes, it was possible. After all, she hadn’t been the most…friendly towards everyone. She usually kept to herself aboard the Ebon Hawk and didn’t really socialize with the crew.

Oh, there were those far and few times when Revan insisted her presence be needed during a meal time or when he and Mission proclaimed certain nights as ‘No Holds Bar Pazaak’.

There had even been that time when he and Carth had challenged Canderous to an arm wrestling contest. Both lost to the Mandalorian, of course, but Revan did put on an impressive show for her benefit; flexing his biceps and boasting his win would be dedicated to her.

And when he lost, she enjoyed telling him so, but not before she had given him a smile that said she was indeed impressed by him.

Falling back on her bed, Bastila sighed. How did she manage to find herself in this kind of predicament? She shouldn’t be feeling what she was and it certainly wouldn’t matter to another Jedi that the crew was off in the cantina having fun without them or that they could be losing the man of their dreams; no, not any other Jedi.

But once again, Bastila wasn’t exactly like any other Jedi in the fact that she was hurt and slightly embittered that the crew was off in the cantina having fun without her and that she couldn’t shake the feeling that she and Revan were drifting apart and that they may not be able to fix the rift that had suddenly come between them.



There was no talk the next morning as Bastila and Revan found themselves once again in the elevator taking them up to the council chambers. She was still hurt by the rejection she felt at not knowing that Mission and Zaalbar would be departing and not having been invited to their going away party.

Revan, for his part, seemed particularly grumpier than he had ever been. It had taken an effort, but he was able to block the bond at nights, allowing Bastila some peace, while he tossed and turned. He had the most horrible nightmare the night before, though he was uncertain if it was indeed a nightmare and not something else.

To top it off, he felt frustrated, angry, and he couldn’t really pinpoint the exact cause either. He hated being in the presence of the masters and somehow, his mind couldn’t let go that Bastila had been a part of this…this sham in order to retrieve his memories; in order to save their own skins.

He could feel the hurt in her now and had felt it through out the night when she had come to realize where everyone was. A part of him just wanted to fall at her feet and beg forgiveness; for what, he didn’t know. Then the other part, the larger part of him, reminded constantly what she had done, what she had been asked to do and even now he wondered if their feelings truly were a side effect of the bond she had forged with him.

Why would she ever love a monster such as he? He could see it on the faces of the masters; every outburst he made caused them to recoil, as though in one snap he would somehow revert back to the dark lord. And he felt that way sometimes. The feelings he must have had during the Mandalorian War; feelings of anger, of hate; the deep seeded darkness that Vrook and so many could see just waiting to be unleashed.


He stiffened when he heard her call, feeling the concern from her. Realizing his own emotions were swirling, he took a calming breath. Sighing, he said, “I’m fine. I…I didn’t sleep very well last night.”

“Something troubles you.” She stated.

Revan closed his eyes, concentrating on blocking her from his emotions. Of course she could feel his trepidation, but he wanted that to be the only thing she felt. Shaking his head, he again said, “I’m fine. Meeting with the council is…nerve wracking at best.”

“Not for you.” She whispered. “Never for you.”

The door opened, thankfully stopping any more of their conversation. They both stepped out into the hallway and headed towards the chamber doors. Bastila put her hand on his arm. “What do we do?” she asked, her slight fear at revealing the truth clearly on her mind.

“We tell as much of the truth as we see fit.” He said. “However…I can’t stop you from saying anything. Nor will I.”

“Revan, something’s wrong.” She said, giving his arm a squeeze. “I know there is.”

“With me?” he whispered. Gesturing his head at the door, he asked, “With them?” before removing her hand from his arm. “Or with us?”

“You.” She said. “Us.”

Before he could speak, the doors to the council chamber opened, the masters all awaiting their entrance. “We sense there is something disquieting about you, padawans.” Dorril replied, nodding his head in a greeting.

“We have felt your emotions,” Veroba stated. “And they are troubling.”

“We can discuss that after we have heard the rest of the story.” Vandar replied, holding up a hand to stop the Falleen. Looking at the two Jedi, he said, “Please continue from yesterday.”

“You had said you helped the wookiees on Kashyyyk,” Dario began. “What was the problem there exactly?”

“Zaalbar’s brother had been making illegal deals with the Czerka Corporation for selling wookiees to slavers.” Revan said. “When Big Z found out, he attacked his brother with his claws, an action that is forbidden. He tried telling his father, but being the youngest, his words weren’t heeded, so he was exiled. While we were there, we were able to place his father back as a chieftain and drive Czerka from the planet.”

“And that was it?” Veroba asked, arching an eyebrow. “Nothing else?”


“Actually…” Bastila began timidly. “We…there was…something else.” She took a deep breath, watching as the masters nodded for her to continue. “I…we…were stopped by a friend of my parents, who informed me that…my…my father had been killed in a hunting expedition and that my mother was gravely ill.”

“And what did you do with this information?” asked Vrook.

“I insisted that as soon as we left Kashyyyk, we head to Tatooine.” Revan supplied. “We needed to go there anyway and I felt the sooner the better.”

“So you pushed aside your mission in order to go look for Padawan Shan’s mother?” Veroba spat.

“Personal attachments are forbidden for the Jedi, Bastila.” Vrook admonished.

“I know.” The young woman whispered, her head down.

“It was a side quest.” Revan inserted, through gritted teeth. “I didn’t push anything aside, but I felt Bastila seeing her mother was as equally important.”

“More important than the galaxy?” the Falleen asked.

“Just as.” He grunted.

“So you made the deserts of Tatooine your next stop?” Titus asked.

“Yes sir,” Revan replied. “Like I said, we would be headed there anyway, but I felt Bastila needed to see and talk to her mother. Despite the whole no attachments thing.” He added, cutting off anything the Falleen wanted to say. “I may have been a Jedi, but I was a ‘new and improved’ Jedi. Meaning I didn’t think the way I used to.”

“Oh, but I believe you do.” the Falleen sneered.

“And did you find your mother, padawan?” asked Pernin, trying to defuse the growing tension between the knight and the master on the council. “And is she all right?”

“Yes,” Bastila said, slightly relieved to have one master who seemed concerned on other matters. “I…I did find her and told her to…to…go find the best medical help she could and that I would…um…hope she would feel better in the future.”

“Are you attempting to placate us?” Veroba asked. “Surely you and Revan do not think you are so far above the Jedi Masters to try to lie to us? You may have been able to manipulate those you traveled with or those you met in contact, Revan, but it is in poor taste to try and use the Force to alter our thoughts!”

Bastila looked at Revan, who shrugged. She could feel his ire at the council and his guilt, not at the very notion of deceiving the council, but the fact that he had gotten caught.

“Calm yourself, Vero.” The green skinned Twi’lek replied. “I don’t think he meant any harm. And besides,” she continued. “It is more important we know the story of the Star Forge, is it not?”

“The whole story, Master Pura.” Vrook rebuked.

“Then let us allow them to finish it.” Titus replied, nodding to the two younger Jedi.

Revan took a breath, continuing on. He told them how they needed to do a job for Czerka in order to be allowed outside of Anchorhead. Veroba naturally huffed at the very idea. Bastila, sensing Revan’s growing resentment, took over, saying how they needed to speak to the Sand People of Tatooine through a very interesting language droid.

“Interesting?” asked Villard. “In what way?”

“He’s an assassin droid.” Revan commented, causing shock waves through the council.

“And where exactly did you acquire an assassin droid?” asked Ali.

“From the local droid shop.”

“A likely story.” Veroba sneered. “Droids of that type are virtually outlawed in Republic space.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” asked Revan.

“You are a former Sith.” The alien replied. “And a dark lord at that. How do we know this is the truth?”

“I was with him.” Bastila said.

“Hmmm yes.” Veroba murmured. “Must I remind you of your earlier deception, padawan?”

“Well, I don’t remember you being there, so I guess you wouldn’t really know, would you?” Revan retorted.

“Such arrogance! Such disrespect!” Vrook exclaimed.

Dorril held his hand up, commanding silence in the room. “In order for our students to learn respect, Master Vrook, it is the duty of the masters, as we are, to also show the proper respect. These two have already been through an ordeal and here we treat them to an interrogation.”

The bothan then looked at the two Jedi. “But you must admit, Revan, this new fact intrigues us. Where exactly did this shop retrieve this droid?”

“I…I don’t know, Master Dorril.” He replied, instantly feeling at ease with the bothan. “But…the significance of HK, the droid, will be revealed if we may finish this up.”

The Mon Cal nodded for him to continue. Revan looked to Bastila, a silent request that she continue and tell the council everything. The young woman sighed, but nodded. She told them how they had met her mother in the cantina and how she learned of her father’s death.

Her mother requested that they find a holocron of her father’s, which she initially refused to do. However, Revan suggested they look for it while looking for the Star Map. The trio then left Anchorhead for the Dune Sea, where the Sand People lived. Using HK, they were able to speak to the chieftain, who required them to buy water moisturizers from Czerka before he would answer any of their questions.

Revan than again took up the story, saying they delivered the goods to the chief, allowing them to not only live, but to cut down on their attacks on the Czerka miners. Making that vow, the chieftain told them they had found an enclave with the Star Map, but it was inhabited by a krayt dragon, the same dragon who had killed Bastila’s father.

“And the holocron?” Dario asked. “What did you do with it?”

Bastila sighed. “After much debate and…guidance from Revan,” she began. “I gave the holocron to my mother, as she asked. I…I then suggested she come here, to Coruscant, in order to receive the treatments she needed. I…later discovered that I had not given her enough, but a…mysterious stranger apparently gave the medical facility the rest of the credits needed for her treatment.”

Revan kept his head down, trying to hide the blush that came to his face. He hadn’t told Bastila he was the one who put up the credits to help her mother. And he wasn’t sure if he ever would. Looking up, he saw the Twi’leks looking at him, small smiles on their faces; while the Falleen looked at him in contempt.

They left, Star Map in hand, and returned to the Ebon Hawk, where they discovered a stowaway. After Revan figured out the girl’s language, he realized this was the girl a Twi’lek on Dantooine had been looking for.

“Ah,” Vandar said, nodding. “The young girl Sasha. Her parents came to thank us for sending you to their aid, young Revan.” The knight nodded, politely and continued his story with the ship heading for the Sith planet of Korriban.

“And how was it on Korriban?” Pernin asked, clearly interested. “It is said you and Malak went there while you were in the Sith.”

“Did you feel the dark take hold of you once again, Revan?” Vrook asked.

Both Revan and Bastila were at a loss for words. Their trip to Korriban had been the catalyst for their feelings. “May…may I have a word with Bastila?” he asked. Dorril nodded and watched as the two went to a corner to discuss something.

Titus tapped the bothan, giving him a look. Dorril nodded, sighing. Of course he felt their emotions spike when speaking of the Sith world, but it wasn’t the kind of reaction he – they – had wanted to see. The two returned, their emotions still high, and though they had reached a decision, it was clear Revan was not happy about it.

“We…we have something to tell you.” Bastila stated, a strong resolve trying to override the fear she had.

“You wish to tell us about these…feelings you have for one another.” Vrook said.

“You know already.”

“You know as well as we, Revan,” Titus replied. “Many things can be felt through the Force. And it seems that the topic of Korriban arises some…intense feelings from both of you.”

The two Jedi were silent before Revan spoke up. “I’m in love with Bastila.” He said. “And she’s in love with me.”

“Is this true, Bastila?” asked Pura.

The young woman was hesitant about answering, her emotions battling against the logic she knew they wanted to hear. She knew her hesitancy was…upsetting to Revan, but she couldn’t help it. She was still unsure of where this could be headed, but yet she couldn’t deny that she did indeed love him. “It’s true.” She whispered.

“You are both just confused.” Veroba stated. “You are aware, of course, that Jedi are forbidden to love, for it leads to the dark side. These feelings are obviously easily attributed to the bond you both share.”

“And how do you know that?” Revan asked. “You don’t know anything about me or Bastila! Is it so hard to believe from atop your precious temple that two people could fall in love with each other? Or is it that you find it hard to believe that a former dark lord could feel anything other than hate?”

“Please Revan,” Vandar pleaded. “Do not look at the situation like that. While we think that you are capable of these feelings, they are forbidden for us.”

“How exactly did this happen?” asked Vrook.

Bastila admitted that she too thought the bond was to blame for their feelings, but soon she couldn’t deny that there was indeed something there between them. “His love saved me.” She added. “When…when I fell. And I don’t think anything short of that really could’ve helped me.”

“Is it not possible that this…love…you share also led to your falling to the dark side?” Veroba snarled.

Titus stopped any protests or further arguments. “I believe we are getting ahead of ourselves.” He said. “While this information is important, we must allow them to continue.”

Bastila sighed, starting the story again, this time talking about how she had commended Revan on his path of light and that she was happy to have him around. That of course lead to a discussion on how he felt about her.

She said Revan had professed his love to her and while she did not deny that she too felt those stirrings, she didn’t exactly confirm them either. She also didn’t mention the kiss they had shared within the hull of the port dormitory, something Revan had picked up on, but seemed to also be evident to Veroba and Vrook.

Because they were on a Sith world, it was suggested that Bastila stay within the Ebon Hawk, least any members of the Sith recognize her. Revan took over from there, saying how he, Juhani, and Carth had been given sponsorship to become Sith from Yuthura Ban, the apprentice to the master of the school.

When the Falleen smirked at the irony of it, Revan quickly pointed out that was the only way to enter the tombs, which both he and Bastila had seen in their vision of the Star Map. After performing various tasks that Uthar had sent them on, Revan was finally able to earn enough prestige to do the final task: entering the tomb of Naga Sadow.

“Naga Sadow was one of the most lethal Sith lords.” Vandar said. “In fact, it is believed that you and Malak were the ones to discover his tomb and that of the other lords as well.”

Revan nodded. “That’s what Yuthura told me as well.”

“You have no knowledge of this, young knight?” asked Dorril.

Revan shook his head. “I have no knowledge of anything really, before I was assigned to the Endar Spire.” he whispered, feeling Bastila send her support to him. He continued saying that for his test, he needed to find the Star Map that was at the back of the tomb, along with a lightsaber that was hidden there. He then came back to meet with Uthar and Yuthura.

He told them how earlier Yuthura had approached him with a means to kill Uthar, which he of course took if it meant he could gain the prestige quicker. Of course, when he finally met the two and Uthar had fallen in battle, Yuthura turned on him. He spared her though, allowing her to leave the tomb and head back to the Sith Academy.

“You spared her, but did not turn her to the light?” asked Veroba.

“Would you I rather had killed her instead?” he spat. “If we ever met again, I’ll take it upon myself to discuss it with her. At the time though, I really wanted off that planet.”

“Then you could feel the pull it had on you?” Dario asked.

“I could.” He whispered. “I didn’t know why at the time, but being there made me…uneasy. I just figured it was because I was in a place of the dark side, no more or less.”

“And then some time after this, you were taken by Malak’s flagship?” asked Dorril.

Revan nodded, saying they been ambushed coming out of hyperspace. The ship was being headed by Adm. Saul Karath, a former Republic officer who had joined with Malak and Revan. He was, at one point, Carth’s commanding officer and the man responsible for the bombing of Telos. In that attack, Carth had lost both his wife and son.

“Is a Dustil Onasi related to your friend?” asked Ali.

Revan nodded. “That’s his son.”

“A few days ago, we received a strange message from a Republic officer.” Dario began. “He said that he had been contacted by a Dustil Onasi, who was currently in hiding with some of his friends. Apparently, the news of your great deeds extended to him and he saw fit to come from hiding. Tell me, does Commander Onasi know his son was a member of the Sith?”

“What?” the two Jedi exclaimed.

“Young Dustil wanted to be put in touch with the Temple,” Titus continued. “He said he had discovered something recently that made him question his alliance. He then took it upon himself to tell those he knew would follow him to leave the Sith and seek help elsewhere. Soon afterwards, he saw the holo news with you and the crew of the Ebon Hawk. His father was the pilot, yes?”

Revan nodded, somewhat stunned. Did Carth know this? “He didn’t know.” He said. “About Dustil. He’s been searching for him for years.”

“We have been…discussing what to do with these youngsters.” Vandar replied. “They are trained in the Force, but in the Sith way.”

“Is he here?” Revan asked. “Dustil, I mean.”

“No.” Vrook said. “He is still in hiding, we presume. We await word from him even now.”

“You must not tell Commander Onasi about his son.” Villard replied.

“I can’t do that.” Revan stated.

“You must.” Pura said.

“I won’t.” Revan persisted. “This is his son. He hasn’t seen him in four years. Hell, he thinks he’s dead!”

“Then he must continue to think that.” Veroba replied, hauntingly. “We do not condone attachments.”

“Well, that’s tough, cause I’m going to tell him.”

“Do you have a personal enjoyment of disregarding everything we say!” The Falleen exclaimed.

“I’m doing pretty good so far.” The young knight smirked. “Two for two, third times the charm.”

“Insolence!” Vrook cried. “Is this what we allow in the Order now? Even a memory wipe can not take the rudeness and impertinence from this one.”

“Peace.” Dorril held his hand up again. “We have our reasons for the rules we have, Revan. Commander Onasi may be your friend, but if his son wishes to undertake in our knowledge of being a Jedi, he must let go.”

“That’s assuming Dustil wants that,” Revan stated. “And whether Carth will even allow it.”

The bothan sighed, knowing that the younger Jedi’s mind was made up and it took a lot to make the man change his mind on anything. He motioned for the two padawans to continue their story.

Realizing that he, Bastila, and Carth would be the ones Malak would be interested in, Revan told the council how he had nominated Juhani to try and find a way past the guards in order to rescue them. He told of how Adm. Karath deemed himself their torturer and for every false statement Revan told, Bastila was tormented with the electrical shocks from their force cages.

Bastila took up the story, saying somehow Karath – and Malak for that matter – found out who Revan was, culminating in the admiral telling Carth on the bridge as he lay dying. “I…I didn’t think we would run into Malak.” Bastila whispered. “I had hoped to explain everything to everyone once we were back aboard, but the dark lord stopped us.”

Sighing, she turned to Revan. His eyes were closed and she could feel his anger, his betrayal at learning of his true self. Facing the council, she told them how Malak had revealed everything to Revan and how the former dark lord had turned on her for her deception.

She went on, saying Malak had put both her and Carth in stasis and had apparently gone on to fight Revan. She said that when she was able to break free, she found Revan and Malak ahead of her; Malak about to deliver a fatal blow to a paralyzed Revan. Throwing out her lightsaber, she told the two men to flee, while she held off Malak.

“And then you were captured by the dark lord?” asked Vandar.

“Yes sir.”

“We would like to hear about your time in his presence, Bastila.” Vrook replied.

“I will answer any questions I can,” Bastila said. “But I’d like to say this without Revan in the room.”

The young knight looked at her in shock. “What?”

“I can’t do this with you here,” she whispered. “It would be too hard.”

“But Bas…”

She laid a hand on his cheek, momentarily not caring that they were before the council. “Please Revan.” She begged. “I don’t want you to hear this.”

He worked his mouth, trying to bring up some sort of rebuttal, but in the end, he couldn’t ignore the look of desperation in her eyes. She didn’t want to relive what happened any more than he wanted her to.

But she had the strength to do it in front of the council; something she didn’t have for him. She was afraid; for his reaction, for the reaction of the council, for herself in having to go through it again. She just couldn’t bear for him to see that.

With a sigh, he nodded. “I’ll wait outside until you’re finished.” He gave her other hand a squeeze, before walking to the chamber door, giving her a look before finally leaving.



Carth couldn’t remember the last time he had been so happy.

No, that wasn’t true. He could remember how he felt when they had finished their mission, knowing that the Sith was at least put down for some time. Before that, he could remember how happy he had been on Telos, when his wife and son were still alive.

For such a relatively upbeat guy, things always seemed to come down on Carth Onasi. After Telos had been bombed and he had lost his wife, he had spent the next two years not only looking for his son, but looking for Saul as well.

It didn’t take him long to realize that it was Saul who had done the deed and for that, Carth would kill the man. He had visions of how he would find Saul; everything from charging the admiral head on in his own vessel to slicing the man up with a vibrosword had haunted his every waking moments and dreams.

So when the moment came when he could finally have his revenge, the bastard had told him the most horrible thing possible. He was going to follow both Jayden and Bastila’s words, that killing Saul would make him no better than the admiral himself. He figured he would be content on watching the man die, when he was summoned by the dying man.

You didn’t know, did you?”

Remember my words when you upon those you call your friends.”

He could still hear those words, those devastating words. Just when he thought things were looking up for him, the seasoned pilot was once again assaulted with the terrible truth that he had been lied to. Looking at Bastila, he could tell by her face that she had some idea what Saul had said; she had known what the admiral had known.

It wasn’t until Jayden asked what they were talking about, Carth realized he had no idea. The man who had been a hero in the previous war, who had turned from them, leading an entire Sith battalion behind him, who had single handedly ruined his life…had no idea what kind of monster he was.

And then Carth got even angrier.

He and Jay had become friends during their adventure, probably the closest friend Carth had known since his early days in the fleet. So the pilot wasn’t stupid; he knew how Jay felt about Bastila and he suspected the young woman felt the same way. And now to learn she had been toying with his emotions, just to get whatever secrets he held inside a mind that had been wiped clean by the Jedi Council…

But today…today seemed to change everything. Only a few hours ago, he had gotten the shock of his life. A Republic soldier, someone who he had been friends with, called him to say he had gotten word that his son Dustil was alive and had already contacted someone else within the fleet, apparently looking for Carth.

The pilot, obviously curious as to where his son was and had been, waited patiently while his friend tried to look for the officer who had taken the transmission. As he waited, he got another shock. An operator told him he was receiving a call from Telos.


The young man who transmitted had the features of his father, but his eyes, his hair…all reminders of the woman who was his mother. “Hello Father.” He replied, nodding his head at the elder Onasi.


“How eloquent.” Dustil quipped. “I…uh…saw the news holos and…well, I thought I would…”

“Dustil,” Carth stuttered. “You…you have no idea…how long I’ve looked for you…”

“Before or after your holiday with a Sith lord?”

“Don’t be like that, son.” He shook his head. “There…there was a reason and…other…things, but I did look for you, Dusty, I truly did. I…I didn’t know what happened to you. I searched Telos up and down and I couldn’t find any trace of you. Where have you been?”

The young man opened his mouth to say something, but then stopped. He sighed, settling on, “We have a lot to talk about. Can you…can you come to Telos?”

“I’ll leave today if you want.”

“I know there’s a shuttle leaving Coruscant that has a layover in Telos.” The boy whispered.

“I’m there, Dustil.” Carth said. “Let me get a ticket or my own ship and I’m there. I’ll be there tonight if you want me to.”

The young man bowed his head, a sign of embarrassment in the Onasi lineage. “I…I know it’s short notice…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Carth replied. “If you want me there, I’m there.”

Dustil looked at his father for a moment before saying, “I…I would like to see you, Father, if that’s…if that’s okay.”

That was all the pilot needed to hear before he began to pack. He was in that midst of packing when the knock came at his door. Calling to the visitor to let himself in, he was happy to see Revan was the caller. “Packing?” the young man asked, causing his friend to look at him.

“On top of things, as always.” He smirked.

“Can’t help it if I’m good at stating the very obvious.” Revan chuckled. “Where ya going?”

Carth couldn’t help but grin widely. “Telos.” He said, nearly bursting at the seams. “The most amazing thing happened, Rev.”

“You found your son.” He stated, going over to a nearby chair. “In fact, he contacted you and wants to meet you on Telos.”

“That’s a pretty good trick.” Carth replied, his eyebrow raised. “I didn’t even feel it.”

“That’s cause I didn’t do anything.”

“You’re a really good guesser.”

“Let’s say a little birdie told me.” The knight replied, leaning back in the chair. “Or should I say ten little birdies who sit on top a large spiral tower.”

“The council?” Now, Carth was really confused. “How would they know that Dustil had contacted me? And further more, how long have they known?”

“They’ve known since we’ve been here.” Revan replied. “As to how, apparently Dustil contacted the council himself.”


Revan looked at the man, his sunny disposition suddenly come crashing down with the knight’s arrival. “I think you’ll have to ask Dustil about that.” He said. “I just came by to tell you that Dustil was alive and, as far as I know, well. And I wanted to tell you that…that he was looking for you and that the council knows.”

“Well,” Carth started, rubbing the back of his neck. “I guess if Dustil has all the answers, then I need to speak to him, but that doesn’t explain everything else.”

Revan nodded. “I understand.” He sighed. “All you have to do is ask him. So…leaving today?”

“Yeah.” He regarded his friend, knowing that everyone leaving was bound to have an effect. “Hey, I’m not going to be gone for long.”

“You need this.” He whispered. “I won’t stop you from going. What kind of friend would I be if I did that?”

“Something’s bothering you though.” He said. “Did something happen? With council?”

Revan smirked at him. “Again,” he chuckled. “I really think you have the Force about you.” The young man turned his gaze, his mood suddenly somber. He was quiet for a time, his attention centered on a spot on the floor. “Bastila’s leaving.” He whispered.

“Leaving?” asked the seasoned soldier. “What for? Where’s she going?”

Revan shrugged. “I don’t know.” He said. “Jolee’s going with her, but even she doesn’t know where they’re going.”

Carth was about to ask whether Jolee knew of their apparent destination when something donned on him. “They’re separating you.” He stated, realization hitting him full force. “They won’t tell her where she’s going because they think you’ll find out through that link of yours.” He spat a silent curse. “So you told them then? How you feel about each other?”

“All we did was confirm it.” Revan said. “They already knew or at least had an idea that we were much closer than we should be. They’re convinced it’s a side effect from our bond and our travel together. She told them, about what Malak did to her and how she fell.”

“I bet it was hard to get through.”

“I’d imagine so.” He said. Looking up, he saw the look Carth gave him. Shaking his head, he answered the unspoken question. “She asked me to leave before she said anything. But when I came back, I knew something was…off.” He gave a bitter laugh. “This is our ‘punishment’ so to speak. She leaves, I stay here.”

“How do you put up with this?” Carth asked, clearly agitated at this turn of events.

Revan chuckled, bitterly. “I don’t.” he said. “Bastila does, but I don’t. I pitched such a fit the last few days that would make Canderous proud!”

“And that’s saying something.”

“Indeed.” He agreed. After a bit, he sighed heavily. “What if they keep us apart indefinitely?” he asked in a whisper. “I need her, Carth, probably now more than ever.”

“Maybe…maybe I should put this off…”

“No Carth,” he insisted. “You’ve waited too long for this and I, for one, certainly do not want to keep you from that. I’m just…being melancholy. Anyway, you can at least see her to her shuttle. I do know she and Jolee leave tomorrow at some time.”

“If you’re sure.” Carth said, receiving a nod. Patting the young man on the shoulder, he turned back to packing, thinking that would be all fine with his young friend. Hearing his shuffling around in the chair, he turned back to him. “You okay?”

The young knight looked at the soldier, someone he called his friend, perhaps his best friend. “If something happened to me,” he began. “You’d…you’d make sure Bastila was okay, right?”

Again Carth raised one of his eyebrows. “Is something going to happen?” he asked.

“No!” Revan exclaimed. “I mean, not that I know of, but I certainly haven’t…I’m…I’m just wondering about stuff, that’s all. The council has given me a lot to think about.”

“Forget all that stuff.” The pilot said. “The council can be wrong and they’re wrong if they think keeping you and Bastila apart is going to some how make your feelings go away. That’s…that’s ridiculous!

“Feelings don’t just disappear, as much as that precious council of yours want them to. I’ve seen the two of you together and I know that you two have helped each other more than the Jedi Council probably ever have. Maybe you both need to show them that.”

Revan sighed again. “I tried, Carth, I really did.” He said. “But…it’s hard when Bastila’s unsure about us as well.”

“Well, you gotta admit,” Carth replied. “This is pretty new to her. Being told love and the dark side go hand in hand and then she falls in love and falls to the dark side…I imagine she’s kinda confused and all and then to have the council continue to hit that point home…” He looked at Revan.

“You really should talk to her. The first few months of our marriage, whenever my wife got mad at me, I’d leave her alone. I mean, that’s what I would want. Be left alone for a while. But, and a man always learns this much later than we should, a woman does not act the same way that a man does. Women like to talk out their problems, so…”

“Talk to Bastila.” Revan said, rolling his eyes. “I got it, I got it.” He gave the pilot one last look. “Did anyone ever tell you you’re such a dad?” He barely missed a slug to his shoulder. “Hey, is that drink still on? You know, before you leave?”

The pilot smiled, patting the younger man on the back and pushing him out the door. “If we start now, I can sober up before my shuttle.” He chuckled.



Bastila sat in a meditative position, but she wasn’t really meditating. She kept going over the council’s decision and perhaps, how her own story had helped in that. When she had asked Revan to leave, it had been the hardest thing she had done – aside from telling what happened after he and Carth had fled – but she knew it would be hard enough getting started with the council in the room. She didn’t want to see his face or feel the anger she knew was still there. Besides, she hadn’t dealt with the anger she still felt.

So, she told them how Malak had tortured her and how she had resisted his taunts, which only accomplished in making him madder and led to an increase in the pain she had felt. Just when she thought she could possibly rise above the whole thing, Malak played his trump card.

Apparently, some of those guards that had been in with Saul Karath during her first torture session, hadn’t been completely decimated by them and they told Malak how close Revan had come to breaking.

It only seemed the reverse would be true as well.

And it was.

When Malak discovered this gem, he went in for the kill, telling her Revan wasn’t going to save her, despite the fact that it was his dark taint she had tasted. She was resilient at ignoring him, at least for that first day, but everyday he would say the same and everyday she realized that they weren’t coming, that he wasn’t coming.

From there, Bastila hit resentment. After everything she had done for him, everything that she was supposed to mean to him, and where was he? Why wasn’t he storming in like he usually did to stand up for her, to save her? Then she wished she had never met him, had wished she was back on Dantooine, but that only made her think of the council that had sent her through this.

Force, how she hated them.

Why couldn’t they see Revan was a danger? Why couldn’t they send someone else on this mission?

The next time Malak returned, she was still resistant, but less so than usual. The dark lord went on to ask why she clung to the Jedi and the Republic when all they did was use her. “If they are truly the saviors of the galaxy,” he had said. “Then why have they not come to save you? I’ll tell you why, dear Bastila. You are just a tool for the Jedi. Do you really think, if not for your Battle Meditation, that you would be someone so special, so revered?”

Here he laughed.

“By the Force, they really have you quite trained, don’t they? You truly believe what they tell you, that you are the most talented Jedi they have ever seen. If that is true, then why haven’t they given you a padawan to train? And by no means does my old master count. He was training me while you were still an apprentice and he’s not that much older than you.

“No, Bastila. You are not the golden Jedi as they would like you to believe. You are just a puppet, a superb puppet with a rare gift. Tell me, Bastila, when you escaped my attack and crashed on Taris, where were your Jedi handlers? They certainly weren’t searching for you.”

Though she tried to resist, after that little speech, Bastila began thinking about it. She was incredibly gifted, she had a rare talent…a rare gift which the Jedi were exploiting. Where were they when she hit Taris? If Carth and Revan hadn’t survived, would she have been sold into slavery?

Malak was right.

The Jedi didn’t come to her rescue and it looked as though Revan wasn’t coming either. She cried that night, really the first time she had since being captured. Her emotions were through the roof, she was sure, but at the time, she didn’t care. Things began to take shape, began to make sense, and soon a plan had started forming in her mind.

She knew Malak wanted her to be his apprentice. Certainly with her on board, the Jedi and the Republic had no chance; but she was thinking differently. It would probably take too long, but she knew then and there, she would kill Malak for what he had done.

That she was certain of. But she also knew he had plans for Revan as well and it would make sense if in order to prove herself, she’d be sent after him. Did Malak know she wouldn’t be able to? She had tried to imagine a battle between them, but she could never see if she finished him or not. The thought of killing Revan did bother her considerably, but that soon turned into another plan.

She loved him, though she hadn’t told him, she did indeed love him. Their bond brought up feelings in her, feelings she had only felt from her father while he was still alive, but these were deeper feelings. And she knew he had felt the same way.

She could remember his face when he had seen her before leaving the ship for Korriban and how…hurt he felt. But she had to end it! While she enjoyed their kiss – quite a bit – she couldn’t let it continue or go any further. They were Jedi and Jedi were forbidden to love. But if she became the apprentice…or even the dark lord…

She and Revan could have the galaxy at their feet. The Sith also didn’t think love was a safe game, but they could change that, couldn’t they? If they were the leaders of the Sith, they could rule as partners, as…lovers…the idea gave her goose bumps. She could see the image clearly: she and Revan standing before their troops, hand in hand, ruling as lord and lady of the Sith…but would he go for it?

She had smirked. The man had been so full of passion, of hate when he had learned the truth and he didn’t disguise his feelings of betrayal. If he truly loved her, perhaps he could see the Jedi had made her do this, had played both of them for fools.

He had no love for the Jedi, certainly not after this, and he did spend a lot of time with Jolee and Carth. A true Jedi would never spend time with people who were constantly saying how ignorant the Jedi were or how screwed their beliefs were.

But she certainly didn’t tell the council that. In the end, she said it was her plan to use the bond they shared, their love for one another, in order to draw Revan back to the dark side. She said she knew their relationship or any feelings they had would be discouraged and that’s what had lead to her decision.

Only Revan didn’t go for it and she ended up fleeing the Rakatan temple in the ship Malak had provided. She also didn’t mention how she had been near tears where she had turned from him and she had cried before leaving the ship for the Star Forge.

Through her admission, she knew the council would think she and Revan fed off each other, making them a potential danger and threat. She of course tried to make the masters understand that it was his love that had saved her from the dark side, but she could tell by the scowls on Master Vrook and Master Veroba’s faces that their love had lead to the dark side in the first place, just as they had preached for centuries. They had been silent until Master Dorril had asked her to leave. She had nodded, a sense of unease rising within her, as she headed for the small lobby outside.

She had been surprised to see that Jolee and Juhani had joined Revan there, each saying that the council had said they had come up with a decision for the two. They had stood there for at least thirty minutes to an hour before Master Titus had come out and ushered them inside. The four had stood before the ten, awaiting their decision.

“We would like to hear how the rest of your journey was, Revan.” Dorril asked.

Revan looked at each of the master’s in turn, seeing a difference in them. Sighing, he continued his story, saying how he, Jolee, and Canderous had landed on Manaan in order to find the last Star Map.

Jolee had given him a look, knowing the young man was leaving out the fact of how the revelation on the Leviathan had utterly devastated him and how he had been a zombie the rest of the trip. The young knight told of how they had run into an friend of Jolee’s, who was being charged with the murder of a Sith woman. Revan told how he had become the arbitor for the man.

The elder Jedi listened as the young man also skipped over the fact that Sunry was guilty of the crime, but knowing that telling the Selkath judges this would endanger the pact between them and the Republic, Revan had brought up doubts about whether Sunry had done this or if the Sith had planted evidence in order to bring about this very idea. This only managed to frustrate the young man further and it seemed their movements on the water planet were rushed and hurried.

Revan concluded that he had used the Republic submersible to go to the underwater mining facility, where he discovered the Selkath scientists had been affected by the giant firaxan shark, who was apparently agitated due to the machinery placed there. Destroying it allowed Revan to reach the Star Map.

They were then able to follow the map to the Unknown World, where he had been approached by the Rakatan known as the One, the leader of a rogue group of the alien species. In his past life, he and Malak had probably discovered the world when they had received all the Star Maps. They promised these rogues they would kill the other group, known as the Elders.

Revan and Malak, of course, formed an alliance with the Elders in order to enter their temple. From the temple, they had obvious gotten to learn the secret that unleashed the Star Forge.

“And then?” asked Titus.

Jolee, bless his soul, took over from there, saying he and Juhani had a shared vision of the danger that lurked inside the temple and insisted the two of them accompany the young knight.

When asked what this vision was, all Jolee said was that he had seen Revan’s destiny and that the young man would be faced with a choice that could decide not only his fate but the fate of the galaxy as well. After battling the various dark Jedi that loitered there, the trio reached the temple’s roof, where they met a turned Bastila.

Juhani continued the tale, seeing as Revan and Bastila seemed reluctant to go over that particular detail. The Cathar told how Bastila tried to lure Revan back to the dark side, but Revan managed to resist. After the confrontation, the Ebon Hawk lifted in the air and headed to the Star Forge. “And did you meet again in battle, Revan?” Vrook asked.

Revan tightened his jaw. “We did.”

“And?” asked Veroba.

“And?” he repeated. “And what? Obviously, we fought, I turned Bastila back to the light. I fought my way through an endless supply of droids, before meeting Malak in battle. He taunted, I parried, he complained, I struck him down. The Republic wins, we all live. The End.”

The council could tell the man was clearly tense, so they only shared looks between them, their decision already made before the four had even walked in.

“We thank you for your patience in this matter,” Vandar replied. “We know we have kept you and your crew for quite some time.”

“We have decided to tell you our decisions with all of you present.” Dorril said.

“It’s easier this way.” Dario quipped, before clearing his throat when he received a look from Master Vrook.

“First, we would like to commend you on your actions during this mission.” Vandar stated. “You have all stayed on the path of light and have shown the galaxy what true Jedi are capable of. For that, we grant the title of knight to Juhani.”

The Cathar was completely astounded, having no idea that the masters had considered her for that honor. “You have been through a very harsh lesson, Juhani,” Vandar continued. “One that pushed you to the dark side, but we believe that you have come through that with the serenity and outlook that we Jedi strive to maintain. We shall have a ceremony some time in the next coming weeks or so. Does this decision please you?”

“I…I am completely…I do not know what to say.” She whispered.

“Say you accept.” Revan nudged her, giving her a small smile.

“I…accept.” She stuttered. “I thank you, Master Vandar, for this great honor.”

“As for you, Jolee,” Titus began. “We are most interested in your return. Though you left with barely the rank of padawan, we feel that your experience could help those younger students. Therefore, we grant you the title of Jedi Master.”

Jolee was more flabbergasted than Juhani. “A…a what?”

“Congratulations, Master Bindo.” Pura replied, smiling at the elder man. “In fact, the council has a…padawan already for you, if that is what you want.”

“He wants it.” The other three said, causing the elder Jedi to look at them.

“Well, I guess I’ve been outvoted.” He grumbled. “Yeah, I’ll do the Master thing. Who’s this kid I’m training?”

“We…would like to discuss this with you at a later date.” Vrook responded. “Now, as for the two of you…” Both Revan and Bastila gulped. “The council has decided, against some disagreement, to reinstate your title of knight, Revan. We also feel the need to reinstate Bastila’s rank as knight as well. As for the bond you share with Bastila, the council has decided it would be in the best interest to separate you both for a time.”

Bastila could remember the feelings she felt and those of Revan. Anger, disappointment, and sadness all went from one to the other. The council asked Juhani and Revan to leave, as they had something to discuss with Jolee and herself. And to be honest, the council hadn’t really told her anything.

They just said they wanted her and Jolee for a specific mission, but they wouldn’t tell her what it was. They had asked her to leave as well, but she had stayed until Jolee left the chambers. But the recluse turned Jedi Master couldn’t tell her anything either, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was under orders not to. He only said they would be leaving tomorrow morning.

He gave her a pat on the back, saying “It’s a shame they haven’t learned anything from this mission. Still stuck on the ‘love leads to the dark side’ nonsense. Don’t be too down, my dear. Remember that we leave tomorrow morning and it’s still early in the day.”

Then he continued down the corridor to the elevator, leaving her…drained. She had returned to her room and had been there for at least two hours.

The sudden knock on the door drew her from her semi-meditative state. She was really in no mood to see anyone and was determined to tell who ever was on the other side exactly that. Only the person on the other side was someone who interested her and whom she needed to talk to.

“Hey.” Revan replied, giving her a small smile.

“Hi.” She whispered, her mood slightly rising. They stood staring at each other before Bastila asked, “Do you want to…come in?”

She moved, allowing him to enter, letting the door close behind her. Turning, she found him looking at her. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing.” he stumbled. “I just…” he sighed, shaking his head. “I’m an idiot. No, scratch that. I’m a mean idiot. A mean, inconsiderate, pushy…”

Revan wasn’t sure what had happened. One minute he was outlining why he was such an ass to her and the next, she was kissing him. Not that he was opposed to her kissing him, not at all. It was just unexpected, but that didn’t stop him from leaning in to the kiss. Afterwards, she hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“It’s okay.”

“No,” he said, pulling back to look at her. “It’s not. I’ve…taken a lot of things out on you and I shouldn’t have. And for that, I’m sorry, darling.”

“You’ve been troubled lately.” She stated, cupping his cheek with her hand. “And it’s not just about the council, is it?” When he didn’t answer, she continued. “I know you’ve been blocking me at night.”

“I don’t want you to see all the lewd thoughts I have about you.” He joked.

She moved closer to him. “Hasn’t stopped you before.” She retorted. She instantly blushed. “It’s not like I mind all that much.”

He gave a deep chuckle. “You’re playing with fire.” He whispered in her ear, smiling as he felt her shiver. He kissed her cheek. “I wish you weren’t leaving.” He murmured.

“So do I.” she sighed. “I don’t even know what mission I’m supposed to be going on. Jolee can’t tell me until we’ve left Coruscant.”

“You know why.”

She sighed again. “The masters think I’d tell you if I knew.” She said. “Which could happen, due to our bond.”

“They’re separating us, Bas.” He replied. “They want to pull us apart, keep us away from each other.”

“I don’t think that’s going to work.” She said, nuzzling his neck. “I love you.”

He gave her midsection a small squeeze. “I love you, too.” He whispered. “You know I do.” They stood together for a time, each thinking about the council’s decisions. “Hey, you hungry?”

“A little.”

“How bout I go get us something?” he asked, kissing her forehead. “Then I can tuck you in. You look tired.”

“Not tired.” She said. “Just…”

“Overwhelmed?” he finished. “It’s been a long day and looks like you’re about to go on another adventure.”

“Without you.”

Revan shrugged. “You’ll miss me.” He said. “I know you will cause…”

“How could I not?” she giggled. She stepped from his embrace. “Go get dinner, but don’t take too long, all right?”

“Yes your majesty.” He joked, skipping away from her slap that was aimed at his arm. He instead kissed her quickly before going out through the door. It didn’t take him long to return, a to go box from the cantina – the nicer one anyway – and to set up dinner for them. They spent the time talking, getting to know each other more than in their previous conversations. And true to form, he stayed to tuck her in.

“You don’t have to do this, you know.” She said, snuggling down under the covers.

“I said I would and therefore…” he gave her a smile as he tucked the sheets in around her. “Besides, I want to show you that, even though hopping in there with you is sounding like a good idea, I have restraint. I can walk away right now, if need be.”

“But you won’t.” she said, propping her head in her hand. “And really, how could you not? I am rather charming.” Revan laughed, sinking to his knees by the side of the bed.

“You’re wonderful.” He said. “You’re probably the most wonderful, amazing woman I know. And that’s something.”

“Because you know so many.” She replied, slyly. They gaze at one another for a time, Revan placing his head on the side of the bed. Bastila ran her hand over the smooth skin of his head, stopping to rub the back of his neck. “I don’t know if I can leave tomorrow.” She whispered.

“You have to.” He sighed. “I don’t want you to, but the council will be mad if you don’t and I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me. I know how much being in the Order is to you.”

“It’s not more important than you.” She insisted. “You mustn’t think that.”

“I don’t.” he replied, lifting his head to look at her. “I gotta let you figure things out for yourself. I…I came on strong, I know it and I’m sorry. This is…a completely new thing for you and I may have pushed you.”

“You aren’t…having second thoughts, are you?”

“About us?” he asked. Kissing her lips, he whispered, “I’ll never have second thoughts about that.”

“You must think me silly.” She replied, shaking her head. “For always seeming to question your word, disagreeing with what you say to me. It must get down right unbearable sometimes.”

Revan shrugged. “Not any different from the usual times you question my word and disagree with me.” He joked, chuckling when she rolled her eyes.

“How I put up with you is anyone’s guess.”

The knight leaned in, rubbing his nose against hers. “You like me.” He whispered, kissing her lightly.

“More than that.”

He rubbed her shoulder before standing up. “I should let you go to sleep.” He said. “You have to get up early tomorrow and it’s pretty late as it is.”

“You don’t have to go, Revan.” She whispered. “You could…theoretically stay here.”

“We could get in trouble.” He whispered, unzipping his uniform jacket. “The council would be kinda mad.”

She gave him a shrug with one of her shoulders. “We’re doing pretty good so far.” She smirked, quoting his earlier jest at the masters. “Two for two, third time’s the charm.”

Kicking off his shoes, he jumped over her and onto the other side of the bed, causing the young woman to laugh and giggle. Lying beside her, he propped himself with his arm and grinned at her. “You’re unlike any man I have ever known.” She laughed.

“And I’m odd.” He added, causing another laugh.

“Yes,” she agreed. “And odd, very odd. But it’s appealing.” She brought his head closer so she could kiss him, their bodies coming together naturally. It wasn’t until Revan pulled away breathlessly that Bastila realized how ‘close’ they had gotten.

“I…uh…” Revan chuckled, trying to catch his breath. “Think…”

“We…should get some sleep.” She finished, blushing deeply.

Revan pulled her close, kissing her forehead. “You’re adorable, you know that?”

“I’m glad my embarrassment amuses you.” She quipped.

“As a matter of fact, it does.” He laughed. “But I like getting you all embarrassed and flustered, cause you’re very endearing when you’re embarrassed. Don’t get me wrong. I love when you’re all ready for battle and you get this look of determination on your face that’s…that’s downright scary, if you’re the enemy. But…I like when you get so…annoyed with me. Or better…”

“Better?” she asked, cuddling next to him.

“I love when you laugh, Bastila.” He whispered. “And I certainly like making you laugh. What I’m saying is…I think you’re beautiful, in any and every face you make at me or someone else, you’re an incredibly attractive woman and…at least for me, I’m glad I get to be the guy you spend your time. I can’t think of being with anyone other than you.”

When he didn’t get an answer, he looked down, finding Bastila fast asleep, nestled in his arms. He couldn’t stop the smile that landed on his face. She had her hair down, out of those pigtails she normally wore. In honesty, he loved the way her hair hung about her shoulders and noticed it was much wavier than the braids would suggest.

And it was soft, even now as he toyed with a few strands. The first time she had worn the down hair had been on their first date. She had been absolutely breathtaking that night, hell every night they had dined together.

Looking down at her, Revan couldn’t help but remember the few nightmares he’d been having and shielding her from. He knew he would need to speak to someone, but for the time, it wasn’t anything immediate.

Besides, they had been going on non stop for nearly a year looking for the Star Maps. What if some of what he saw and learned was just coming to him now? He figured that could be the cause of his recent dreams, so he decided not to worry about it. For now, he was content at watching the woman he loved.

Dropping one last kiss to her forehead, he sighed, hoping their close proximity would help him dream of her and nothing else.



The morning that his friends and Bastila left was the hardest day Revan thought he had ever had. Mission and Big Z had left last week and while he was saddened at their departure, he understood why they had to go. And besides, he still had the other crew around.

But now, with Carth leaving for Telos and Jolee and Bastila leaving for parts unknown, that only left Juhani and Canderous with him and he knew that the council probably had Juhani working on something on some other planet and he could feel that the Mandalorian wanted something to do while on the Jedi planet.

The morning had went well, he thought. He had awoken and noticed Bastila not beside him, but he heard the fresher going on the background. He lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. He knew this was the day, but it was hard to acknowledge that she would be leaving for an indefinite amount of time and certainly, the council wouldn’t tell him when they would return.

He let his feelings float through the link, instantly feeling her own emotions go to him. She was as unhappy as he, but she sent along her love as well, putting a smile on his face.

“I’m glad you’re awake and in a good mood.” She joked, standing over him. Her hair was in a towel, but she was already dressed, her Jedi robes nicely pressed and to perfection.

He opened his eyes and smiled up at her. “Good morning, gorgeous.” He cooed. “I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not, but if I am, I’m not about to wake up any time soon.”

“And how many times have you used that line, I wonder.” She retorted, going over to her bag.

Sitting up, he yawned and looked at her. “You know,” he said, giving her a winning smile. “I could get very used to this. I think I’ll enjoy waking up in your bed.”

“You say that as though this will be a permanent thing.”

“You must admit,” he replied. “You enjoyed it, just a little. And admit it! You slept much better with me than alone, huh?”

“I admit nothing.” She said, giving him an amused look. She went about continuing to pack, all the while under the loving, watchful gaze of Revan, who couldn’t stop the silly grin on his face. “Revan, aren’t you going to get up?”

“Hmm?” he sighed. “Oh. Yeah, I guess I should pop in the fresher.”

He hopped out of bed, coming around to kiss her quickly, well that was the plan. Instead, she surprised him by kissing him deeper and then going about her business afterwards. “You’re getting to be quite the little tease, darling.” He quipped, giving her bottom a small pat, and heading off to the fresher.

He felt relaxed under the stream of water and it did take away some of the hurt he felt at not knowing where she was going. When he was clean and dressed, he had walked out into the small living room to find breakfast waiting for him. Their talk was of anything but the fact that she would leaving in a few hours, but when it came for her to depart from the hotel, he gathered his resolve, and nodded.

He carried her bag with one hand, the other holding one of hers, and they left her room. They were surprised to see Carth leaving at the same time, the pilot saying he wanted to see Bastila and Jolee off and switched his shuttle to the morning. With the pilot along, the trio headed down to the docking bay.

Masters Vandar and Vrook, along with Jolee, were already waiting for them in front of a ship and a Republic shuttle. Upon seeing the glare Vrook gave him with their approach, Revan immediately let go of Bastila’s hand, only to throw his arm protectively over her shoulders. “It is good you are on time.” Vandar nodded.

“I see you take your leave, Commander Onasi.” Vrook replied.

The seasoned pilot gave a knowing smile. “I got a call back home.” He said.

“Master Bindo will tell you the itinerary once you are aboard, young Bastila.” Vandar said, giving a nod to Jolee, which just rolled his eyes at the title.

“Only then will you know the nature of your mission.” Vrook piped up, giving a look to Revan. “And only when you are far enough away from Coruscant will you be told as such.”

Bastila nodded, pushing away Revan’s anger. She watched as the young man shook Jolee’s hand, something passing between them that she didn’t hear but knew to be some sort of promise that the elder master would watch out for her. Then Carth shook his hand, saying how he’d missed some of his story telling, but retracted the statement when Jolee went about starting one.

Turning to her, Carth was the first one to shake her hand, before pulling her into a hug. “Don’t let what the masters say get you down,” he whispered. “Or stop you from listening to your heart.” He pulled back, then turned to Revan, hugging him as well, but with a much manlier and shorter time duration than hers. The seasoned pilot nodded to the three Jedi he regarded as friends before heading up the ramp into the shuttle.

She sighed, watching as the shuttle went about its final checkings before departure. She took a deep breath and turned to face Revan. He was already gazing at her, his saddeness coming in waves. “Well,” he sighed. “This is it.”

She could only nod.

“Be safe, of course and…try not to let Jolee bore you to death with all his stories and such.” The Jedi huffed in the background. She gave him a quick smile before turning back to the young knight. Bastila knew she may get in trouble, but she didn’t care.

He was standing in front of her, so hurt and heartbroken and she was on the verge of tears herself. So she flung her arms around his neck, not caring one bit if Vrook or Vandar saw them.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” she sobbed, quietly.

He soothed her with his emotions, kissing her tears as they fell. “Don’t ever forget that I love you with all the fiber in my being.” he whispered. “You mean everything to me.”

“I’ll come back to you.” she said, kissing his lips. “I promise.” Pushing him away slightly, she tried to regain her composure. Back straight and chin up, she walked passed Jolee to the loading ramp of their ship, the elder master winking at the young man before joining his companion.

The shuttle carrying Carth Onasi started up, lifting into the sky and made its way into space, heading for other planets, but most importantly that of Telos. The ship that held Bastila Shan and Jolee Bindo also rose in the sky, their destination only known to the Jedi council and the newly appointed master that steered the ship. Soon, they too were nothing but a light in the sky.

Letting go of a heavy sigh, Revan turned to walk away, hoping the two masters would leave him be for the moment. He wasn’t so lucky. He hadn’t gotten more than a few inches from where he last stood, when he heard Vandar call to him.

The young knight didn’t acknowledge the alien, but he did stop and waited for the two to join him. “You must understand, young knight,” the small master replied. “It was for the best. You and Bastila both know this could not continue, that it was forbidden.”

“In time, the bond will wear its course and will no longer bind you two together.” Vrook was saying. “Perhaps you may even thank us for this measure.”

Revan nodded his head slowly, keeping down the intense amount of hate he felt. Though he was enraged, his words were calm, almost deadly to that of the two masters he addressed. “There’s seems to be a lot of that lately,” he said.

“The gratitude that the galaxy must have for the almighty Jedi and their ever righgeous and wise council. The same Jedi council who sat back and revelled in the sounds of dying pleas and screams during the Mandalorian War; the same council who brought in a badly wounded Sith Lord and completely erased any memories he held, all except the most important ones involving the Star Maps and Forge; the same council who sent a talented and gifted woman, a padawan, to lead an assault team on said Sith Lord, but yet never giving her her own student to train; and then used her to gather information from him while being linked, Force bonded, to him.” He then turned to face the two masters, both who looked taken aback by his words.

“The same council who has just let the only person who could keep me under control, lest I do something drastic, on some potentially dangerous mission that she has no idea she’s on.” Here, Revan smirked. “Then yes, Master Vrook, I do need to thank you, in case I hadn’t before. You’ve made my life worth living. I have no past and I have no future, all thanks to you.”

“Please Revan,” Vandar sputtered. “Do not say such things. Of course you have a future. And as for your past…” the diminuative alien looked up to Vrook. “I’m afraid there is nothing we can do.”


“The entire academy is destroyed, Revan.” Vrook replied. “And along with it are any records that may have contained your past life.”

“We…may have acted callously,” Vandar pleaded. “But we did not know what would happen if you should discover who you truly were or what you had been. I admit, sadly, that some of your past records had been…destroyed.”

“I see.” Revan turned back and began once again, walking to his hotel.

“Do you mean to tell us you still feel the pull of the dark side, Revan?” asked Vrook.

The young man stopped, but did not turn. “I follow the path of the light.” he said, over his shoulder. “And will continue to do so until Bastila returns. After that, I will no longer be privy to a group of aging, manipulative, cowering liars. When Bastila returns, I will no longer be a part of the Jedi Order.” With that, he continued on his way, never stopping when the two masters called for him.