Revenge of the Sith: Part I: Aftermath, part 5


Part I – Aftermath



It was dark out. Dark and extremely quiet. On the planet below, nothing moved and nothing stirred, but there were bodies. A lot of them. The smell of death and decay was heavy in the air and clouds of fog hung over him. He was confused; he didn’t know where he was.

And he didn’t feel well. Every time he walked, something crunched under his boots and once, when he looked down, he could see he was walking on bones. Bones of the dead. It was stifling; it felt as though the planet wanted to smother him as he stood upon it. His head was pounding and he ended up crashing into a puddle on the ground. He lay for a second before realizing what the puddle was. Taking in the smell and the feel, he immediately jumped up.


He had fallen on blood and when he looked around, he could see a lake of it. A lake of blood and he had been swimming in it.

Force, where the hell was he? He felt, rather than heard, malicious laughter all around him. He saw storm beasts standing around, laughing at him. All of a sudden, the planet gave a vicious shake, causing the storm beasts to fall, but leaving him standing.

He felt panicked. Where was he? How did he get here? What happened to all these people? Looking around, he saw a variety of them. Republic soldiers and officers, Mandalorians, and Jedi…all dead. All…wait! Did he just see a movement? No…he couldn’t have…he shook his head.

He’d had this dream before. Many times in fact…but something was off, something was different. He walked closer to the dead, trying to keep the bile from rising up in his throat as he took in their appearances and their smell.

He stood in the middle of a semi circle of soldiers, warriors, and knights. It was here where he would get an understanding of the anxiety he was feeling. All these people, dead. How? The why was all too obvious, but he still didn’t know where he was, what this strange horrible planet was.

It was the Jedi that concerned him though. He couldn’t feel them through the Force.

As Jedi padawans learn, the Force is everywhere and in everything. When a Jedi dies, those in tune with the path of light can feel their death, more so if that person was a very important part of their life, i.e. like a master or a mentor.

But it was the sense that one had gone on to be with the Force, that was undeniable and what he felt shook his core being. These Jedi were nothing. He couldn’t feel any signs of life and that scared him. He wouldn’t have even known they were Jedi here if he hadn’t seen it for himself.

Hearing a noise caused him to jump, fearing for his life. He realized he didn’t have a weapon and frantically looked around for one. Hearing the noise again, he turned around, nearly causing him to lose his footing. He stared straight ahead at an old woman, dressed in Jedi robes and with her hood over her head.

“Do you jump in fear because of my appearance before you?” she asked. “Or is it the atmosphere of this planet that frightens you?”

A little of both actually.” He joked, backing away from the woman.

The old woman chuckled a bit. “You still make jokes to hide the fear that is clearly written on your face.” She said. “You were always the clown, Revan, even when inside you housed a man of a great destiny.”

I can only guess by the fact you know my name and just happen to be in my dreams that we know of each other.”

Does it surprise you to see another woman in your dreams?” she asked. “There was a time, long ago, where having less than three females run through your mind unsettled you.”

You know a lot about me for someone I don’t recall.” Revan replied, suspiciously.

Yes,” she hissed. “The council and their impromptu decision to ‘rehabilitate’ you and to erase your mind. I was not informed of the deed only after it had been done and by then, my own place in the Jedi Order was lost.”

Revan nodded, slowly. “I gathered that.” He said. “That you were a Jedi. But what you speak of…you know me?”

I know many things, Revan.” She replied, softly. “I have seen many things. You wonder what this place is and why I have come to you.”

The young knight nodded.

This is the cold, dissolute world of Malachor V.” she said. “It resides deep within the Outer Rim and some believe it to be another planet of the Mandalorians, but they are wrong. The Mandalorians feel this place is taboo; none of their warriors would ever step foot on its surface if it weren’t for battle.”

Malachor…this was where the last battle of the Mandalorian Wars.”

So the council did not strip as much from you as I had thought.”

Revan shook his head, angrily. “No,” he said. “I had heard about this place, but didn’t remember what it felt like to be here.” He hissed through his teeth at a surge of pain drifted through him. “Why does this place feel like it’s…it’s draining me?”

This is a planet of the dark side,” she replied. “Much like Korriban and Yavin 4, but this planet is much more sinister in its effect. How you became its slave, I do not know, but I am discovering much so far.”

Why are you here?”

I feel it is my place to show you how to return to the man you once were.” She said.

You mean Darth Revan.” He spat.

It matters not to me how you return,” she replied, off handedly. “Whether guided by the darkness that will forever be within or forced forward by the light you now walk, only that you indeed return to your former self.”

My former self was a Sith lord.” Revan said, barely controlling his anger. “He murdered people. He blew up planets. He destroyed the galaxy.”

There are far more evils in the universe than just you.” She retorted. “Surely you have felt it, sensed it. And even if you refuse to acknowledge it, you shall come across it sooner than you realize.”

Revan shook his head. What was this strange woman talking about? What had he sensed? “It won’t matter.” He said. “I’ll…”

What?” she asked. “Have your Jedi mate tell you the answer? No. Do you really think I’d allow her to be privy to what I shall discuss with you? This is for your ears and mind only, Revan, for only you can find the solution to the problem.”

You must have been a Jedi Master, right?” he joked. “Cause I don’t know anyone who gets off telling people things that barely make sense. Are you going to stop the riddle and come out and tell me what’s going on?”

If I told you everything, would that help your cause any?” she asked, rhetorically. “Would it restore your memories?” She was quiet for some time, just listening. “Bastila Shan is upon the waking state of awareness. I suggest you keep this to yourself. Perhaps I will return when you have gone over your clues and discoveries.”

Revan could feel the sun shining on him, the warmth pressing on his eyelids, as well as something pressing against his side. Opening his eyes, he heard a greeting from Bastila, who was already awake and watching him. He made a grimace, his head hurting and feeling fuzzy.

He was confused over this new and more informative nightmare. Who was the old woman who greeted him? What did she mean with all her words? Again, something poked at the back of his mind, but once more, he just couldn’t grasp what it was or what it had to do with anything. His frown must’ve still been on his face, when Bastila addressed him again.

Is something wrong?

I had a dream.

A vision?

I’m not sure. It was…different from the others. I…I can’t really explain it.

Are you all right?

Revan nodded. Looking up at her, he said, “Nothing a morning kiss couldn’t fix, I’m sure.”

The young woman laughed, indulging the knight in a quick kiss. “Jolee wants to know if you want to join us in some saber skills with Dustil.” She asked quickly.

Since that day within the training room, Revan had done his best to avoid both Bastila and Jolee during the day. It had only been a week, but the young knight knew the boy would never see him as anything other than a Sith lord and one he obviously thought had bombed his planet, killing his mother.

Even though Revan knew it was Malak who gave the order, he still felt responsible, especially when he had seen Carth only a few days afterward. Fearing the pilot would be angry, he’d been avoiding him too.

He sighed, shaking his head. “I think I need to talk to Carth first.” He said.

“You have been avoiding him.” Bastila supplied. “What will you do while I’m otherwise occupied?”

He blew out a breath, thinking back on his dream. “Do you think Jolee could help me with something?” he asked. “I think I’ll do an errand that needs to be done.”

Are you sure you are all right, my love?

I will be, I think.

Revan’s morning proved to only intensify his frustrations. He had asked – nearly pleading – with Jolee to allow him access into the Jedi Archives for ‘research’ as he deemed it. He wanted to know more about Malachor V, but most importantly, he wanted to know who that old woman was he had envisioned.

But as it seemed with his own records and history, the archives proved to be little help to him. He could find no name, not even a picture of the old woman. As he sat outside near the fountains, a prickle of information seemed to be hitting his brain, but he couldn’t seem to get to it.

Once again, the young knight was met with the fact that memories of times past were locked inside his head and again, every time he wanted them known, the doors and walls prevented him from seeing what they hid from him.

The woman did seem familiar to him, as did the strange world of Malachor. Of course he had been on Malachor, that was obvious, but what had happened there? What had he done there? And something that Canderous had said during there journey continued to bother him.

The former bounty hunter had told him of that final battle above the skies and on the surface of the forbidden world, as well as he other adventures as a Mandalorian. In doing so, Canderous of Ordo had said something that had not only intrigued Revan, but disturbed him as well. When asked why the warrior race had attacked the Republic, simply put, the Mandalorian had said, “The Sith told us of the opportunity and we took it.”

Had the Sith truly come to the Mandalorians to do their bidding? Revan found it strange that the wielders of the dark side would enlist the help of the warrior race, but it wasn’t totally unbelievable. Why, on Manaan, the Sith had been recruiting mercs, as well as stealing away people from the Republic.

But could the Sith have foreseen what that would do? Had they seen the turn of events in which he and Malak had fallen? Surely if the Jedi Masters could see future events through, couldn’t the Sith? He needed to know more and that frightened him. Hadn’t Master Zhar said that his learning had led him down the path to the dark side?

Had he been studying the Sith in his former life?

The problem was, he didn’t know. And whatever information the Masters had, they weren’t going to share it with him. He needed answers, but he knew deep inside he would never get them here at the Jedi Temple.

But where would he find the answers he sought? A plan began to form in his mind, a trip that would hopefully not take any longer than six months, possibly a year if his search went well.



Dustil Onasi felt unsettled. He was…uncomfortable was perhaps the word. He currently lay on his bed in the student quarters of the Jedi Temple. Certainly he couldn’t imagine being here when he was younger, he hadn’t even known he was Force Sensitive until he had been in the presence of the Sith. He would never forget that day, though it had been years since, on Telos when all hell had broken lose.

He had been gone an hour from his home when the first signs of danger began. Being allowed to go over a friend’s, fourteen year old Dustil Onasi had kissed his mother goodbye before heading out. They had been practicing on a swoop bike, he remembered that.

His friend Jonis wanted to enter a teen swoop race to impress a girl. They had been out in the backyard when they heard the first explosion, though it was in the distance. Jonis had a neighbor who worked with grenades and mines, so the two didn’t think anything of it.

Until the sounds became louder and much closer.

Everything seemed to be in a haze at that point. He could remember arguing that he needed to get to his mother, despite the fact that Sith soldiers and the like now stormed the planet. He didn’t care; he had to save her. He vaguely remembered cursing his father’s name as he ran past scared citizens and there was no Republic help in sight.

He was nearly a block from his house when he spotted him. His name was Colin Zanin and he was a friend of the family. He thought the guy was cool at first, but when he began hanging around the house more, especially when his father was away, he just…got a bad vibe from him.

But Dustil remembered him. He had called him over, telling him the forces were coming, but it would be some time. Then he said he had already found his mother and his had transportation off the planet, but the boy needed to follow him before things got worse. And they did get worse in a hurry.

He didn’t know at the time, but his father had come, had been at the house, had found mother lying on the sidewalk on the way to Jonis’ house. But unaware of these events, Dustil followed the man and was near the docking bay when he felt it.

He didn’t know what it was then, but he knew now. The strange pulling sensation at his heart, the way his body felt the briefest of pains – horrible, excruciating pain – the knowledge somewhere, somehow his mother was in serious trouble. He had meant to tell Colin when he stopped and looked at the man.

That’s when the bad vibe he had always had about him had hit the roof and something screamed at him to get away. He must’ve been too slow, too shocked to go because he found himself on a transport headed for Korriban.

In that capacity, he discovered he could wield the Force and what he felt that day was his mother dying from her wounds, dying in his father’s arms. What he felt from Colin was the dark energy he would later embrace. It was only by accident that he had discovered what happened to Selene, a girl he had been slowly falling in love with.

Helping in the interrogation room, he had stumbled on a file within the console that described what the Sith had done; how she was keeping the young man from potential and that her feelings were clouding her judgment. That’s when he learned the truth about her; that she was an agent for the Sith.

Her primary job was to find any Force sensitive children that the Sith had captured and brought aboard. He had noticed a lot of children from Telos, most he didn’t know. He had learned, years later of course, that Telos was a safe heaven for Jedi, especially those who had been exiled from the Order or who had left in order to marry and start families.

Selene was to find these children, to make nice with them so they would like her, trust her, and then follow her into the Sith Academy. And it had worked on him.

She had been born on Telos as well, though they personally had never met. She had been a friend to him through their long journey and soon he was telling her things he had kept inside himself. How his father was never home; cared more for his career as a Republic pilot than he did about his own family; how he could hear their arguments some nights, nights when he would have to leave the next day for some mission, some flight; how lonely they had been, how lonely she was sitting at home, waiting for his return.

He cursed the fact that as a little boy, all he wanted was to be like his dad, the great pilot, but as a teenager, he hated the man. Hated him for what he had done to them, for what he had done to her.

And Selene had seen to it that he would follow her into the Sith. What had the Republic done for him? Nothing! They had taken his father and for their lateness in coming to help, they had taken his mother as well. And his father? It didn’t matter, did it? He didn’t care, he never had, so what better slap in the face than to become everything his father hated. Besides, the great Revan had become Sith lord. What did that say about the almighty Jedi Order?

Dustil hoped that Selene wanted to tell him her part in all this. Several times in fact, when he noticed something was wrong, she said she’d tell him. But the timing was all wrong or people were there to hear. She was the first girl he had ever loved and though she had never told him as such, he knew she loved him too.

But like the Jedi, the Sith felt love was a weakness and that it would doom you to failing. After finding about her and what had happened, Dustil got the hell out, taking a few friends with him. By the time he left, the war was over and Revan, the prodigal knight, was once again savior of the galaxy and upon looking at the holo news, the young man saw his father standing right beside the former dark lord.

However angry he may have been, Dustil wanted to see him. He knew it might be pointless, but he had to try. And that also meant getting some kind of asylum from the Jedi. Master Yuthura Ban knew him, knew his face, and no one ever really escaped the Sith without any harm. Well, everyone except Revan perhaps.

That made Dustil annoyed and angry. How could the Jedi just let him back in? After everything he had done and they go ahead, let him back into the Order, and even give him back h is rank as Jedi Knight. And then to top it off, he had gotten the brunt of punishment for their fight the other week.

Master Bindo had not been happy at all for the padawan’s lapse of judgment and Dustil had spent that time cleaning nearly every room within the temple. And that Bastila Shan! He knew her all right. She was all the talk at the Academy when they had heard she would be helping them in defeating the Republic and the Jedi. And the Order had welcomed her back with open arms.

He was confused. For everything he had heard about the Jedi from the Sith, he had heard equally damaging things about the Order from his former occupation. They were weak and used the Force as only by means of reaching peace. They were cowards, as outlined by the Mandalorian War, and it was only when Revan and Malak assumed the thrones of dark lords did they act.

But the Jedi he had seen here were…he sighed. He couldn’t put into words how…odd it was to be here. His master was a former smuggler; his friends were a combination of former Sith, a Mandalorian who was a former bounty hunter, and his father.

Before he could continue his thoughts, he heard a knock on his door. Rising to answer, he was surprised to see Master Bindo on the other side. He bowed politely, moving to the side to allow his teacher entrance.

“How goes things, sonny?” the master asked, taking a quick look around the room. His quarters were small and truly reminded him of a cell, with its bare white walls and single bed.

“Things are…fine, Master.” The young man replied.

Jolee turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow. “Are you really going to stand there and lie to me?” he asked. “Or are you going to indulge this old man with a story?”

Dustil was taken aback, but realized his face probably gave it all away. His mother used to say he wore his heart on his sleeve, just like his father. “I am…conflicted, I guess.”

“Hmm,” he murmured. “I guess seeing a change in environment will do that to you. Different sights, different sounds. Overwhelming, I’m sure.”

“Master, I don’t understand why Revan is here.” He stated, right to the point. “Or Bastila Shan for that matter. They are Sith.”

“As are you.” Jolee countered, watching as the boy made a slight flinch at that fact. “You know the Jedi believe in redemption, which might explain why you’re here. We’ve all done things we regret and I will say this, at least the Jedi believe in second chances. I don’t agree with how they go about making those happen, but at least they let them happen.”

Dustil shook his head angrily. “He deserves to die.” He spat. “He destroyed my home, he killed my mother!”

The elder Jedi sighed. “I figured it was that.” He muttered. “Let me tell you some things you need to know. First off, Malak gave the order to bomb Telos and Saul Karath carried it out. What happened after that is anyone’s guess. I’d say ask Revan, but he knows less about his life than you do.” When the young student looked at him in confusion, Jolee continued. “You don’t know, do you?” he asked. “How Revan was returned to the light?”

“There’s some talk…”

“Bah! Rumors!”

“…that perhaps this is just a…ruse by Revan.” Dustil finished. “That he’s only pretending to be redeemed.”

“I think you’re a pretty smart boy.” Jolee said. “Hell, your dad raved about you when I told him you were to be my padawan. So I’ll assume that you know these things aren’t true.”

“You know what they say about assuming, Master.”

“Then I won’t assume too much.” He retorted. “And neither should you. Just because of Revan’s past, doesn’t make him an evil person. If the Jedi Council assumed you were evil because you were Sith, you wouldn’t be here now. I’m not going to judge you on what you had been, boy. I find that to be the worst of indignities and of the utmost ignorance. If I teach you anything, it’s going to be you judge people on their actions, not their past.

“Now, I’ll admit Revan can be a bit headstrong and stubborn, but that man has a good heart and I’ve seen him do good things for not only total strangers, but those he traveled with. You know he reunited Bastila and her mother, despite the fact Jedi should have no attachments?

“After getting me, we went straight to Tatooine to find her. Your dad said he gave a man 100 credits just to get out from under the Exchange boss on Taris. Also told him he ran into a pen full of people infected with the rakghoul disease into to give them to the serum to cure them.

“He was doing all this stuff without even knowing what he had been in his former life and he continued to help people, even when it conflicted with his sense of right and wrong.” Jolee stopped, thinking about his friend on Manaan; a killer gone free because of the bureaucracy of the planet.

Shaking his head, he said, “Revan didn’t know his was Revan until Malak told him and it devastated him. It’s not easy to go around the galaxy helping it knowing that it was you who wounded it in the first place. He has no recollection of the things he’s done, but he will always know what he had been because people like you and the high and mighty council will never let him forget it.”

Dustil was shocked, stunned…he had never known these things. He felt the way he did back on Telos when he met with his father and the elder Onasi had told him of his searches, of his hate for Saul, for Malak, for Revan…it had been information that contradicted everything he had known or heard or felt.

Things had been simple when he had thought what he did and then to be confronted with the reality…his father had told him how he felt when Adm. Karath had told him that his friend Jayden Korr was in fact the Dark Lord Revan. How it seemed the world had been turned upside down.

The young man bowed his head in shame. Even knowing these truths, he couldn’t help feel the way he did, long years of ideas and vengeance still persevered within him. “I am…sorry, Master.” He whispered. “I know my behavior has reflected poorly upon you. I have brought you a large amount of shame.”

Jolee walked over and patted the young man on the shoulder. “Don’t get so down on yourself.” He said. “Like I said, everyone makes mistakes and everyone has things they wished they hadn’t done. The thing about being the bigger man is to admit them and then move on. You can’t change the past, so you just have to accept it.”

Dustil nodded, his uncertainty lifting a little in his Master’s words. “I have a lot to make up for.” He replied. Jolee just laughed.

“We all do, son.” He said. “We all do. Now that this pity party is over, how about joining me in the cantina for a drink. That crazy Mandalorian put me up to a bet, says he could drink me under the table. Ha! He obviously doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Did I ever tell you about the time I got my hands on the best tasting whiskey this side of Republic space? No? Well…uh, you are old enough to partake in a little celebratory glass, right? No matter. We’ll sneak it to you. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. So, my partner and I…”



You come to speak to me?” she asked, raising her head slightly to view him.

I need to know about my past,” Revan replied. “But that knowledge is held from me, hidden. How do I go about finding it?”

Ah, your records have been sealed, have they?”

Removed.” He said. “Erased from existence it seems.”

Did you expect anything less?” she inquired. “The Jedi Council, as well as the whole Order, still view you as a threat and as such, have made sure you never discover the information pertaining to your former life.”

They never expected my memories would return.”

Nor did they foresee your bond or where your heart would lead you.” She concluded. “They are as blind as ever. Too content in their own ways to see anything outside of themselves.”

I agree.” Revan whispered. “Their blindness to things outside of the temple and academy has led them to complacency and cowardice.”

You are returning to your former self.” She replied, a small smile on her face.” Even the Jedi couldn’t keep your personality away, even after they altered your mind.” She felt his unease at what she had said. “Do not fear, my pupil,” she said. “In my meaning, I did not mean that you will return to your former life. In my vision, I see no return of Darth Revan.”

But you do see something.” He insisted. “Something is coming that I must stop.”

So you have sensed it.”

He shook his head. “I…am unsure.” He mumbled. ”I…get these…senses, a feeling…something my mind does, as though it’s trying to tell me something, but it’s being…blocked by the walls within it.”

Then you must look into this.” She stated. “You asked, earlier, where the information you seek would be housed. To that, I do not know, but I believe you have an idea, an inkling of what you must do.”

Revan nodded slowly. The idea had been slowly forming in his head, the thought of what he needed to do in order to find the answers he sought, the answers that were locked in his head.

Then go, my student.” She said. “What keeps you from going and searching?” Before he could respond, she already had the answer. “Ah.” She chuckled. “The woman. Does she so share your life as she shares your bed?”

She does.” Revan growled. “She is everything to me.”

Indeed.” She whispered. “But she will be a liability to you, as will the others you care for. You know they must not come if you should go on with your quest.”

Again, Revan nodded. He didn’t know where he would go exactly, but he knew he would have to go into a part of himself he didn’t want anyone to see, especially Bastila. “Times are still at an unease.” He said.

“If I go, perhaps they will find what needs to be done to keep the Republic stable enough to engage in another attack. If what you say is true, if…if what is hidden reveals something…unpleasant…the galaxy will need them.”

As it will need you, Revan.” She said. “But for now, you must first find your own peace before finding peace within the Republic and the galaxy. But know this…you mustn’t wait for too long. It’s imperative that you leave quickly and without any fuss.”



She had the most marvelous dream. Technically, she had shared the most marvelous dream, but it was wonderful all the same. She had been in a house, beautifully decorated, with a large window next to a wooden door. She didn’t have the time to look around, for she was met by a lovely sight.

In front of her was a couch and upon that couch was Revan, apparently telling a story to at least two other people. He was talking about the events on Manaan, of which she hadn’t heard, but from the laughter, she knew it must have been funny.

And then it donned on her who the listeners were. It was the laughter of children, two she could tell and, they must have been snuggled next to him in order for her not to see. Suddenly, a small head had popped up over the back of the couch.

It was a young boy with black hair and blue eyes like hers. He gave a call of “Mummy!” before climbing over the back of the chair. Another head popped up, this one a little girl with two brown ponytails hanging from her head.

“Junior!” she exclaimed. “You’re not supposed to climb on stuff!” Looking at her, the girl pleaded, “Mummy tell him he’s not supposed to climb.”

Bastila could only watch as the little boy launched himself at her, hugging her legs with ferocity. She couldn’t help but laugh at him, watching as the little girl also came over to hug. Kneeling down to their level, she replied, “Hello my darlings.”

“Daddy was telling us a story.” The girl said.


“But he left stuff out.” The girl continued. “And then, he said he rescued you. Remember? When you told us the story of…the city gang that had captured you and you said that you got away by yourself? Well, Daddy said you didn’t. But I said you did, cause that’s what you said.”

Revan had come over now, looking rather sheepish, more than anything a little embarrassed. “Well,” she began, looking at both children. “Daddy is right. He did save me. Just not at that moment.” She had looked up him with a smile, feeling his unease dissipate.

“See?” the little girl said, turning to look at the boy. “I told you.”

“Be nice.” Replied her father, causing the small boy to stick his tongue out at her. When the girl saw the action, the boy headed off down the hallway, the girl right behind him. Bastila had stood then, turning to watch the children run and play, their laughter carrying from their room.

“Ours?” she had asked, only wanting to confirm what she believed – and hoped – in her heart.


She turned to face him. He had looked at her strangely, a mix of emotions playing across his face and in his bond to her. She smiled softly, cupping his cheek in her hand. “This isn’t the first time you’ve had this dream, is it?” she asked, receiving the shake of his head to her question. “I wonder if this isn’t a vision of future events.”

“I wonder that as well.” He whispered. “But if it’s only a dream, I wish to make it a reality some day. If you would allow it.”

She hadn’t been able to answer him, as she was slowly waking from the dream. But she had smiled – was still smiling in fact – at the scene she had witnessed. She felt him stretch behind her before throwing his arm over her waist and pulling her closer to him. “You never answered him.” He whispered in her ear.

“I think you know my answer already.” She quipped. “But if you want me to stroke your ego, then the answer is yes.”

He chuckled, tickling her stomach quickly. “You can stroke my ego anytime you want.” he joked, laughing as she gave him a quick jab in his stomach with her elbow. She heard him sigh contentedly, but she could feel there was something wrong.

You’re troubled.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.


My life. My…past.

She turned in his arms to look at him. “What about your past?” she asked.

“Everything.” He sighed. “I feel…incomplete somehow, like something is missing, something I need to know.”

“What will you do?”

He shook his head. “I’m not sure yet.” Even as he said it, they both knew he was lying to her. She could sense it and could see it on his face, but she didn’t press him. He would tell her soon, at least she hoped. They had a lie in before Bastila left the warmth of him and their bed to get ready for the day.

She had told Juhani she would show her the meditation chamber of the Temple and perhaps spar with her a bit. But as she entered the fresher, her mind drifted back to Revan. He was hiding something from her and twice in the past few days, he had once again blocked her from his dreams. She thought perhaps she would ask Jolee what he thought was going on, but she knew she would only get the whole story from Revan.

The young knight took that day to prepare for his departure. He had gone over the Ebon Hawk along with T3, making sure the ship was in good enough shape for another tromp around the galaxy.

He had given HK specific instructions not to tell anyone what he was doing. He even borrowed a page from the masters by not telling either droid why they were suddenly working on the ship.

He also made several stops inside one of the many shops on Coruscant, paying a pretty hefty price to ensure the Ebon Hawk’s signature would be changed. He also made a message for Mission and Zaalbar on Kashyyyk, saying only he would be leaving and it would do no good to try and find him.

He gotten supplies and even participated in a few swoop races and duels to garner some extra credit money. He even helped Canderous with a few unsavory bounties, each bringing in almost 5,000 credits to each of them.

“I see you’re making a hefty amount of money, kid.” The former bounty hunter said, over a few drinks in the cantina.

“Well, you can never have too much, right?” Revan replied.

“Especially if you plan on skipping out of town.” That comment caused the young knight to choke on his drink, coughing and sputtering at their table. Canderous leaned over to him, patting him hard on the back.

“You must think I was born yesterday.” He whispered. “But I won’t squeal cause I know there must be a reason for you to be leaving and not telling any of us.”

Revan nodded to the man that he was okay before taking another swig of his ale. “I do have a reason and it’s simple.” He said. “I can’t take any of you with me. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed, but I can almost guarantee that some of the places I will go aren’t going to be friendly.”

The Mandalorian snorted. “Yeah and every place we’ve been has welcomed us with open arms.” He said. “What’s the real story here?”

The young knight sighed, telling Canderous everything. How he had been having visions of his former life and how when trying to recall certain places and events, his mind would run into a brick wall.

“I need to know what happened, Canderous,” he said. “I need to know what happened to me and in doing that, I think I’ll have to go to some pretty bad places and I…I could never forgive myself if something happened to any of you.”

“Fair enough.” The elder man replied, nodding.

“I do have to ask something of you though.” Canderous raised an eyebrow, nodding for the younger man to continue. “Are you happy?”

“On Coruscant?” he asked. “Hell no. While I like the old man, the Cathar, our Jedi princess, and you, there are too many Jedi for my taste.”

Revan shook his head. “Not here,” he said. “I mean life in general. You once spoke of how bounty hunting held nothing for you anymore and you served me because I had a cause, a worthy battle. I need you to serve me now, Canderous of Ordo.”

“It is an honor, you know that.”

“Then honor me again, my friend.” Revan began. “Bring honor and worth back to the Mandalorian clans. Gather them together.” When Canderous gave him a look, he clarified.

“I don’t know why, but I get the feeling things aren’t as peaceful as they seem right now and I can only gather from visions that may or may not be true that there’s…something waiting to strike. The Republic will need all the help it can get and if they won’t allow you to help, you come to me and we’ll stop this…whatever it may be.”

The Mandalorian turned bounty hunter regarded the man briefly before nodding. “If that’s your bidding, I’ll try.” He said. “But it’ll be hard. Most of my clan are mercenaries or bounty hunters and the rest just kill for the sport of it.”

“If anyone can find them, it’s you Canderous.” Revan said. “And I trust no one else to carry this out.”

“You plan on being gone for long?”

Revan shrugged. “I don’t know.” He said. “I hope only six months, a year at most. This shouldn’t be a long quest.”

Again, the Mandalorian nodded. “Then you’re going to need supplies.” He said, gruffly.

“I already have supplies.”

“Not my kind.”

After getting some rather choice weapons and armor from Canderous, Revan made his way to the Jedi Temple. He wanted to say goodbye to Juhani at least and the turn around and go, but he wasn’t so fortunate.

The first person he saw was Dustil, sitting out in the gardens, reading. If he hoped to move past the padawan, it didn’t work when Dustil looked up and saw him.

The two stared at each other for a bit, neither one making a move. Patience running out, the young padawan sighed. “Do you wish to speak with me, Knight Revan?” he asked.

Revan walked over, standing to the side of the young man. “I wanted to apologize for my behavior a few weeks ago.” He said.

The padawan shook his head. “The fault was mine.” He countered.

“Yes,” the young knight agreed. “But I egged you on and for that, I’m sorry. You…have a right to be angry with me, while I should’ve known better.”

“I know what happened.” He whispered. “With Telos.”

Revan nodded slowly. “I may not have given the order,” he replied. “But I am responsible all the same. I lead Malak down the path to the dark side and for that, this whole war is my fault.”

Dustil sighed. “Why are you here?”

“I was looking for Juhani, actually.” The knight began. “She too likes to be in the gardens around this time.”

“She and Knight Shan are meditating, I believe.” Dustil replied. “I passed them on the way out here. Was there a reason you wished to see her?”

“I was going to say goodbye, if you must know.”

“So the rumors are true,” the padawan said, standing and facing Revan. “You’ve been cast out.”

The knight laughed. “That’s going around?” he chuckled. “First of all, I haven’t been ‘cast out’. Yeah, I said I would leave the Order and I’m half inclined to do it, but…circumstances may change that, I don’t know.

“Second, you really shouldn’t be listening to rumors, especially around this mill. All the facts are way out of proportion and half the time, the rumors aren’t even juicy enough to warrant a rumor.”

“Then why…?”

“I am leaving.” He concluded. “But not for the reasons you think and no, I’m not going to say, so you can stop trying to use the Force to make me.” The look on the padawan’s face made Revan laugh again.

“Force persuasion takes practice, young padawan.” He said. “I suggest you only practice on those that hang out in the cantina. Get a free drink or at least try to. Convince the bartender you’re older than you look.”

“That’s what Master…” he began, but then closed his mouth.

Revan chuckled. “You got lucky.” He whispered. “I heard talk they were going to put you under Master Vrook instead.”

“I’d rather battle a crazed tarentek.”

“Who wouldn’t?” The two shared a laugh and Dustil found himself easily enjoying the knight’s presence.

“You never answered my question though.” He said. “Why are you leaving? You’re obviously not on a Jedi mission, so…”

“It’s personal, Dustil.” He said. “I wish…I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. There’s only…this…between us and you don’t trust me and I don’t know you well enough to trust you, despite who your father is. Just…it’s personal in nature and I’m the only one who’s going. No one’s coming with me.”

“Not even my father?”

Revan shook his head. “Even if I wanted him along, it wouldn’t be fair to you or him, would it?” he asked. “Just…if you never listen to anything I say, listen to me on this. Whatever Carth has done or what you believe him to have done, he loves you. He went to hell and back to try and find you.

“Don’t…don’t ignore that. Some of us don’t have the luxury of what you have. Some of us don’t even know if that even exists.” The young knight looked away, letting go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“I…shall think upon your words, Revan.” Dustil whispered. “And I hope your trip finds you well when you return. Or if I shall see you in the future.”

Revan nodded at him, watching as the student sat back down and picked up his reading material. It was hard finding Juhani, but when he did, he was grateful Bastila wasn’t around. Then of course he had to tell the Jedi knight he was leaving without telling her why he was leaving, but he tried making it seem as though he was tired of Coruscant – which he was – and that he just needed a vacation from it – which he did – he just failed to mention his plaguing nightmares and odd visions.

When that task was finished, he hoped to just walk away and head back to his hotel when he came upon Master Vandar. The diminutive master nodded to the young knight, who bowed before him.

“Revan,” the alien began. “It is good seeing you here. I had been afraid you would actually take to your threat of leaving the Jedi Order.”

“I’m still considering it, Master.” The young man replied.

Vandar sighed, obviously saddened by the admission. “I wish the Order could make up for our past mistakes.” He whispered. “It is one thing when the people of the Republic and the galaxy feel the Jedi have let them down, it’s quite another when members of the Order feel the same way.”

The alien looked up at the knight he had known since childhood. “I regret all that has transpired, Knight Revan.” He continued. “At the time, the council felt our decision was best.”

This time, it was Revan who sighed. “I understand the masters felt a disturbance, a horrible fate that would affect the galaxy,” he began. “But you only saw the big picture and for that, millions died and the Order was left with only a thousand of its vast majority. People give me credit for luring so many so fast, but it was the Order who drove them to me. I had nothing to do with it.”

The alien nodded. “Perhaps you are right.” He said. The two were quiet for a time and Revan thought their conversation over when Vandar once again looked up at him. “I have sensed your unease, young one. Is something wrong?”

Revan looked at the small master. If he trusted anyone other than Jolee, it would be him, but at that time and place, he just couldn’t put enough trust in the smaller Jedi. He shook his head. “Nothing, Master.” He lied. “I am fine, thank you.”

Vandar narrowed his eyes at the young man. “And your bond with Knight Shan, does that still persist?”

Again, Revan shook his head. “No, Master.” He said. “You and Master Vrook were right. The time apart seems to have diminished our connection. We don’t even see each other anymore. The council was once again correct. What we felt was a product of the bond we shared. That is no longer a problem now.”

The master looked at the knight, clearly not believing anything he was saying, but was at least kind enough not to call him on it. “I hate to seem rude, Master,” Revan continued. “But are we finished? I do have some other pressing business to attend to.”

“Of course, Knight Revan.” The alien replied, bowing to the man. “I did not mean to keep you.”

“S’all right, Master.” Revan bowed his respects to the smaller Jedi before continuing on his path to the hotel. Vandar watched the young man go, sadness once again filing him. He needed to talk to the council. Immediately.



It didn’t take long for Revan to arrive at the hotel he stayed. He had passed several Jedi who knew him and those that at least liked him somewhat gave half hearted waves or greetings; others simply ignored him or made whispered comments as he passed.

He couldn’t wait to leave this place, but that brought up the reason he would leave in the first place and the fact that none of his friends could go with him He remembered that day they first arrived on Coruscant and how he had asked his friends if they would join him once again should an adventure rise up.

And here he was leaving them, after he had panicked with the thought that he would never see them again. But this was the right thing to do, hard and devastating, but clearly the right thing. His memories were coming back with such a vengeance, but they were fragmented and none made sense.

He needed to know his story, his true story, then perhaps he could tackle whatever odd thing was going to happen soon. Besides, he’d be protecting them. Who knew what could happen if they were with him? Though he hadn’t seen much in the way of Coruscant, he knew when the galaxy heard Revan the former Sith lord now redeemed was alive and well and not dead as previously believed, he could be in some trouble.

Would people want revenge on him? It was certainly possible and not at all farfetched. And certainly, there were those who thought attacking a loved one of his would hurt him more then anything. That’s why he would leave. At least he could draw people away from those he cared about, allowing them to continue to fight if it was necessary.

Sighing, he took the turbo lift to the floor they were settled in and began to head for his room. Passing the door to Carth’s, he realized there were only two people he needed to say goodbye to now and it caused such a pain in his heart.

He had purposely left Carth and Bastila last, knowing it would be hard for him to leave if they had been the first to know. He now stood in front of the door to the pilot’s suite, trying to summon the courage to knock. When he did, he had hoped to the Force the seasoned soldier wasn’t there.

It didn’t work.

The door opened revealing Carth on the other side. “Hey.” he said, receiving a nod from Revan. The pilot moved to the side, allowing the young knight to enter before closing the door. “I heard about what happened between you and Dustil.” He said, not waiting to see why the knight had come.

Revan nodded. “I’m sorry.” He said. “It was my fault. I should’ve been the bigger Jedi, the knight who had been a master…but I let my frustration for things get the best of me and for that, I’m sorry.”

Carth chuckled. “No harm done.” He said, walking over to a mini bar and pouring two glasses of Tarisian ale. “Dustil told me a week after it happened and that he was the one who started it and should’ve known better. I just hope this is out of your systems.” The pilot walked over to the younger man, handing him a glass. He took a sip from his own drink before stating, “Something’s bothering you.”

Revan chuckled, nearly choking on his drink as he downed it in one gulp. “I’m starting to see where Dustil gets his Force abilities.” He joked. His smile gave way though as he stared into his empty glass.

He didn’t know any easy way to put this and Carth had always been upfront with him, so he just decided to say what he had to. “I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“First Bastila and now you,” the pilot spat. “They are desperate to keep you guys apart. So what’s the council got you doing?” Carth looked at his friend, noticing he didn’t exactly confirm his suspicion. “It’s not a council sanctioned mission, is it?”

Revan sighed, shaking his head. “And before you ask, you’re not coming with me.” He said, clearing hitting a nerve when he saw the look on the officer’s face. “I mean it, Carth. This is something only I can do.”

“So all that stuff you said when we first arrived was a lie?” Carth asked, angrily. “You never had any intention of taking us anywhere if you fell into trouble again.”

“That’s a lie and you know it!” Revan exclaimed, standing toe to toe with the man. Suddenly, he sighed, rubbing his hand over his head. “Don’t fight me on this, Carth, please.” He pleaded.

“I…I’ve made up my mind on this and trust me, it’s for the best. I…I…” he stuttered, trying to find the words to explain without causing the pilot to panic, but he knew the best way was honesty in the matter.

“I’m having visions, Carth.” He said, leaning against a nearby counter. “My memories are coming back and they are not pleasant by any means.”

Carth looked at the young man in shock. Then it all made sense. The way he looked when he, Jolee, and Bastila returned…the same way he looked the morning after the first vision of the Star Map on Dantooine.

He couldn’t image going through something like that and he could only guess at what it was doing to his young friend. Sighing, he walked over and placed a hand on the young knight’s shoulder.

“Have you told Bastila?”

Revan nodded. “She insisted.” He said, a small grin playing on his lips.

“And the masters?” Revan looked at him as though he was crazy. Carth shook his head. “Right,” he said. “Dumb question, but there’s Jolee. It can’t be bad if he’s a master.”

“And he’s helped me more than you could possibly know.” The young knight replied. “The Temple Archives hold nothing for me. They had everything erased after I left for the Mandalorian War and came back as a Sith Lord. The same is true for Malak. Bastila and Jolee managed to find small scraps, but not enough to tell a portion of it, more less the whole story. No, I have to find this out for myself and who knows where that could lead.”

“What if…what if you fall again?”

“Force, I hope that doesn’t happen.” Revan sighed. “I couldn’t bear having that affect Bastila again, especially in light of…” he trailed off, then instantly turned red when he saw Carth’s raised eyebrow. “Not like you didn’t see it coming.” He muttered.

“My congratulations.” The pilot smirked. His tone was sober in an instant though, asking, “When are you coming back?”

Revan shook his head. “I don’t know.” He whispered. Looking at his friend, his rescuer from the Endar Spire, the young knight was nearly overcome with emotions. “Listen, Carth…”

“Hey,” he pilot said, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “You’ll be fine.” He took a moment before saying, “You’re my best friend, Rev. You’ve helped me more than I could ever put into words. You’ve done so many good things for so many people. You’re not the same Revan anymore, I know that.

“And I know you won’t fall again, cause I have faith in you. I said you’d be faced with a tough decision and you’d have to make a choice. And you made the right choice and you’ll do it again. I know you will.”

The young knight couldn’t stop himself and he was hugging the pilot. Quickly of course and as manly as possible. He let go, clapping the man on the arm. “I need a favor of you, Commander Onasi.”


“There’s a reason you can’t come with me.” He began. “And it’s because you have to stay and keep the Republic afloat. I don’t what’s going to happen, but I believe there’s a much bigger threat that hasn’t revealed itself yet and if the Republic is going to survive, it’s going to need its most decorated officer to sustain it. I know you’re the one to do this, Carth. Only you.”

The pilot looked at the young man in confusion and some slight surprise. A bigger threat? “You know something, don’t you?” he asked. “That’s the other reason you’re leaving.”

“I told you I was having visions, Carth.” The young man said. “I’m also having…I don’t know…a feeling, I guess, but it’s a bad feeling. That’s why I have to find out about what happened to me and who I was. I think I know what this threat is, but I just can’t get to it. Whatever road blocks the council put in place are hard to shake down. But I’m also afraid of what I’ll find.”

The seasoned officer watched his friend, unsure of what was going on. But he knew one thing, if Revan thought there would be trouble, it would surely happen. “I’ll do what you want me to.” He whispered. “But you had better come back to help me, cause if you don’t, I’ll come after you. And I don’t think you want an angry Onasi or Shan on your heels.”

The young knight laughed, imaging that very scenario. Smiling, he said, “That’s another thing. I need you to take care of Bastila. She won’t like this when I tell her.”

“You haven’t told her yet?”

“I’m getting to it.” The young man defended. “And when I do, she won’t be happy. We’re…closer now, Carth. Our bond is much stronger than it had been and I’m afraid of what my actions may cause.”

“You know she’ll refuse any help.”

Revan nodded. “I know,” he said. “But I know the kind of pain she’ll be in when I leave. She’ll no doubt be feeling mine as well. Just…just look after her for me. You’re the only I trust to do that. I’m afraid out of the protection of the Jedi Temple, people will come after me or worse. After you or her. Just make sure she’s all right, no matter what.”

“You know I will.” Carth replied. “But you make me a promise. You take care of yourselve and come back as soon as possible so we can face what ever threat you foresee. I trust you to be careful, Jayden Korr.”

Revan nodded. The pilot patted him on the back, saying, “Have a drink with me…partner.”



The young knight finally made his way to his own room, after spending an hour talking with Carth. The two friends went over what to say when the younger man would encounter his lover later. Revan knew it would be hard to say goodbye and he wondered if he could really do it, knowing that he had to.

He wasn’t surprised to see her already seated on their bed, waiting for him. He could tell by her look, she already knew what he would tell her or she had a fairly good idea what he was going to say.

They stared at each other for a time before Bastila finally stood and he welcomed her in his arms. “Were you even going to tell me?” she asked, a few tears forming in her eyes.

“Of course I was.” He whispered. “Please don’t think I was going to…deceive you in any way. I would never do that to you.”

You’re going alone, aren’t you?

I have to, darling. I would die if anything happened to you through me.

But it might.

She pulled back to look at him. “Before, when I was gone,” she began. “It felt…strained between us. I felt it even when I was in the clutches of Malak. It feels…disorienting being away from you. I have no idea what will happen now.”

He stroked hr cheek, clearing away a stray tear from her face. “It’ll be all right.” He whispered. “I won’t be gone for a long period of time. But I need to do this, Bastila. I need this.”

She hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek as she pulled away. “You know I would never stop you from what you need to do.” She said. “I know the answers you need aren’t here on Coruscant. I just fear where the questions will lead you. I fear for your safety.”

“And I for yours.” He leaned in to capture her lips with his own. “Don’t you see, Bas? If I leave here, some people may come after me, but it doesn’t concern me as much as them coming after you. I love you so much, my darling. I would truly die if you ever met with harm.”

They held each other in an embrace, knowing this would be their last night together for some time. He kissed her neck, giving her a slight squeeze around her middle. “I will be safe, my love.” He whispered.

“I had a vision of our life together, of our children. It was much too real to just be a dream. And when I return, we will make the dream a reality. I promise you.”



It was extremely late when the Jedi High Council met inside the Temple on Coruscant. No one knew why they were called, only that Master Vandar had made the request. He’d even gone so far as to contact the members of the Dantooine council. So now, the ten member panel and the remaining four on Dantooine were assembled inside the circular room.

“This is highly unusual, Vandar.” Vrook replied. “I hope everything is all right for you to be calling the council at this time of night.”

“I believe we have a serious problem.” The diminutive master stated. “I met with Revan earlier today and I felt how troubled his emotions were.”

“Is the bond between him and Bastila Shan still active, Master Vandar?” asked the holo image of Master Atris of Dantooine. “Has the high council taken steps to correct the problem?”

“I caught Revan in not one, but several lies to me this afternoon.” Vandar replied. “He is planning on leaving. This much I know. And I know that the bond between him and Bastila has done the opposite of what we had hoped her mission away would accomplish. They have become…much closer upon her return.”

“I have sensed it, Master Vandar.” Replied Dario. “They have…in all likelihood, consummated their relationship.”

“This is outrageous, Vandar!” cried Veroba. “We should have exiled them as I and Vrook suggested. Nothing good will come from this union, I can guarantee it.”

“No Veroba,” Vandar said. “I’m afraid that nothing good will come from our silence. Twice now, Jolee Bindo has allowed those not appointed the rank of master into the Jedi Archives. And twice, the information pertaining to the lives of Revan and Malak have been accessed.”

“But why, Master Vandar?” asked the master known as Kavar. “And who accessed these files?”

“The first was Bastila Shan.” The small Jedi replied. “We have video of her and Master Bindo entering the archives. The second was Revan himself.”

“We should have let him die when we had the chance.” Atris spat.

“The Jedi do not believe in mindless revenge, Atris.” A dark skinned man replied, next to her. Master Zez – Kai Ell looked over at Vandar. “Was there a reason for Revan to do this?”

“I believe he searches for knowledge of his past.” He replied. “When he was a padawan, as well as a knight, Revan routinely sought knowledge of all things. Master Zhar had always said Revan’s knowledge was that of a historian and perhaps if not for the circumstances that have occurred, he would be.

“But that is neither here or there. What is important is that Revan has looked for information pertaining to his past within the archives, although I’m fairly certain he has not found anything of dire importance.

“Though today when I saw him, as I said, I sensed him to be troubled. More than that, I fear he may go looking for his past.”

“Are you concerned he may fall to the dark side once again, Vandar?” asked Dorril.

The small Jedi sighed, shaking his head. “I do not know.” He whispered. “I do however feel that our position and our actions during this most recent war with the Sith may have dire repercussions.”

“There are few who knew Revan quite well.” Kavar replied, looking thoughtful. He glanced at his fellow council members from Dantooine. “And I can tell you, I hardly doubt that one in particular can be found to give any real information.”

“You speak of the one who you exiled.” Titus said. “The one whom the Force no longer touched.”

Kavar nodded. “A former student of mine.” He said. “When we exiled him, he…” The master shook his head. “He and Revan were close, I remember that but…his whereabouts are still unknown and no one has seen or heard from him.”

Vandar nodded slowly. “Something is coming.” He whispered. “Something we as Jedi might not be able to handle.”

“You’ve had a vision?” asked Dorril.

The alien shook his head. “No, but surely you feel the disturbance.” He replied. “It grows, but yet we do not have a source. I…have a terrible feeling that the vision and the horror we saw has not yet come.”

The members were stunned. When they shared the vision of a war that would destroy the Republic and the galaxy, they had been sure in their stance to not engage the Mandalorians.

But now, the master who saw the majority of the image was saying they may have been wrong in their decision. How could they have been wrong? And if they were, did that mean the vision had not come to fruition?



When Bastila awoke the next morning, she was alone in bed. The bedroom was quiet, as was the suite itself. Had Revan left and not said goodbye? She searched for him with her mind, sighing in relief when he responded back, apparently in the cantina saying goodbye to some friends he had made. She smiled softly.

It seemed where ever he went, Revan was popular. And why not? His former self had been quite outgoing and friendly; that was how he was able to gather so many to join him against the Mandalorians. They were friends who wanted to help and felt the way he did. Naturally, it made sense that his personality still remained even when his memories did not.

She worried though. They had talked at length to what he planned, what he would take with him, who he would take. She hated to admit it, but she was glad that he would only be taking the droids with him. She would’ve been deeply hurt and angry if he would take any of their crewmates along, but leave her behind. But this would be final.

In everything they did the night before was a goodbye to each other. Even their love making had been intense – more so than usual – the thought they may not see each other again was evident in their movements. And then he had solidified his promise to her for a life together.

He had asked her to marry him.

Of course she said yes. She loved him, more than she could ever thought possible. When she had first realized that she was falling for him, she had been panicked, scared. She had been taught that they feelings she held for him lead to the dark side.

And now, the very thought that she would be without him tore her apart. She would miss him terribly, but she knew him. Revan tended to be rash sometimes, always jumping head first into a situation without first thinking of the consequences. She wanted to protect him when he wouldn’t be able to protect himself.

Stretching, she reached for a robe at the end of the bed. She headed for the fresher, an idea in her head. She picked up a modest breakfast from the kitchen and made her way out to the Ebon Hawk. She noticed HK already patrolling the loading ramp, knowing Revan had seen a possibility of a stowaway situation. Sighing, she walked up to the droid.

“Statement: Ah, the Jedi female. I heard my master put you through quite a night.”

Bastila rolled her eyes, trying to keep her temper in check. Ever since dispelling any notions of torture on her person by Revan, they had yet to explain what exactly happened between them. Leave it to T3, though he was only trying to help, to inform the assassin droid what Revan had told him.

“Yes, yes,” she said, waving him off. “I was wondering if I could go aboard for a moment.”

“Statement: I am sorry. The master has given me strict orders not to let anyone on board our ship. And he made special clauses for those meatbags such as yourself. Amusing sentiment: And there is nothing you can do to get past me.”

Bastila sighed again. She really didn’t want to retort to this…well, concerning HK, she did slightly, but yet she would still feel bad for it. Waving her hand, she used the Force to disable the droid, checking him to make sure no permanent damage had been done. She then headed up the loading ramp.

She looked around the area everyone had deemed ‘the garage.’ The work bench was well lit, as though someone had been working on something earlier. She continued her walk until she quite literally nearly tripped over T3 in the main hold as he quickly left from the engine room.

“T3!” she exclaimed, patting him on the head in way of an apology. “You’re just the little droid I need to see.” He gave a few beeps in question. “I need you to record something for me, okay?” she asked. “I’m afraid Revan really has bitten off more than he can chew this time and it worries me. Has he told you where you will be going?”

The droid gave another series of beeps. “Not even HK?” she questioned, again to be answered with his beeps.

Now she was worried. She could understand Revan not telling them where he was headed, but he hadn’t even told his droid traveling companions? Where exactly would his search be taking him?

Suddenly and without warning, Bastila felt cold fear. At first she thought she was feeling it from Revan, but when he asked through their link if she was all right, she knew it was her alone that felt it. Somehow, she just knew Revan was walking into something dangerous, more dangerous than he truly let on.

Kneeling down, she looked at the astromech droid. “T3,” she said. “I have a favor to ask of you…”



He knew she would try and sneak aboard. He knew that, hence why he made HK patrol the ship. He of course hadn’t foreseen her use of the Force to disable his droid…Revan couldn’t help but smile though.

She was resourceful, his Bastila, but surely she didn’t think he wouldn’t be able to find her on the ship. In fact, he was more surprised when appeared above him on the loading ramp.

He had come almost instantly when he felt her fear. Even when she said it was nothing, he didn’t want to chance it. He was leaving that morning and the thought of leaving her to the mercy of an angry public had him saying goodbye to one of his competitors from the dueling ring.

He quickly pinpointed her at the Hawk and was suddenly alarmed when he saw HK unresponsive. He had stretched with the Force to find any attackers and couldn’t. He then came to the realization that she had disabled the droid herself.

But now, as he looked up at her, the pain in his heart increased at having to leave her. “I’m sorry about disabling HK.” She said.

“You are not.” He smirked. “Maybe if it had been T3, yeah…”

He watched as she tried to give him a stern look, but it ended in a smile at the end. Standing from his place at HK’s side, he walked up the ramp, and embraced her tightly. “I’m going to miss you so much.” He said, his voice choked up. “I wish I didn’t have to leave you.”

“I know.” She said, holding back her own tears. “But you have to, I know you do.” She pulled back to look at him. “I love you. Even when I denied it, I was falling in love with you. You’re the most wonderful person in the galaxy…”

He shook his head, his face turning red. “No, you are.” She continued. “I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, but you are a magnificent man and I want to marry you and have your children and…”

He cut her off when he crushed her lips to his. He let all he felt, all he wanted to put into words but couldn’t into their bond. He held her close after their kiss ended and he could hear her quiet sobs.

“I will return to you, my darling.” He said, tears clouding his own eyes. “I promise. I promise, Bastila, I will come back.” He pulled back and rested his forehead against hers. He wiped her tears. She kissed his away.

“Go.” She whispered, hoarsely, kissing his cheek and hurrying away from him, lest he see her completely break down. Revan bowed his head, feeling his own tears begin to fall quicker than before.

Waving his hand, he raised HK to follow him aboard, never looking back as the ramp closed behind him. He set HK by the work bench before heading up to the cockpit.

He sat in the pilot’s chair, refusing to give in to the nostalgia of him, Bastila, and Carth and their times up here. He put in their destination, causing a small beep from T3, who had rolled up beside him.

“I know, T3.” He said. “We need to head there first above anything else. We may find some answers there.”

With their destination set, Revan began to work the controls, and the Ebon Hawk began its assent into the sky.