Revenge of the Sith: Part III: To All Things, A Beginning, page 4


Part III – To All Things, A Beginning



Malachor V.

Even the name seemed to ooze evil and Revan could most definitely feel it. The black planet nearly molded itself to the night sky, but even from a distance, he could see the crackling of the effects from the Mass Shadow Generator that he had the young Zabrak technician install.

As they landed, he saw flashes of bodies laying on the surface. Just like my vision, he thought, steeling himself for the horrible sight that would greet him. He instructed T3 to land somewhere far from any kind of destruction, but it seemed they barely were able to stay in one spot.

The planet, as Revan had thought, still suffered from the effects of what they had done years ago and it was a struggle to keep the Hawk from going down completely. It was a rough landing, but a landing nonetheless.

He and the droids stood looking out the window at the cracked and crumbling surface. T3 beeped his concern and Revan gave him a gentle pat on the head.

“Statement: Master, I think I remember this place. We were here with your meatbag apprentice. We had quite the time defeating the hordes of storm beasts that appeared. Ah, the memories.”

Revan rolled his eyes slightly, telling the two to stay put while he went out to search. HK protested, naturally, but Revan told him to stay. The young man then headed out the loading ramp and onto the planet. He wasn’t sure what he would expect, but the tremor of dark energy that flew through him was not what he thought it would be.

It was a tingle, nothing more than an uncomfortable feeling that came over him. From his memories, he remembered how easy it had been to let the feelings of anger flow over him in order to defeat the feral dark Jedi he had encountered.

While he had heard others had problems trying to center their thoughts here, he found it no trouble at all. He was able to focus on his objective and that seemed to be the training facility that rested within the depths of the planet.

Ah, I see you have come, my pupil


The old woman that had summoned him here rested within the walls of the Trayus Academy. But why was she here? Surely she didn’t make her way across the galaxy just to teach him something. In the end, his curiousity led him on the path towards the school he had built.

Along the way, he ran into large, ferocious creatures that he guessed were the storm beasts that patrolled the planet. They were tough to beat, but with some use of his Force powers, he was able to move past them into the lower level of Malachor.

And he could see it in the distance as soon as he hit a clearing.

It matched the planet, with its grey and black color scheme. Though he knew to have been there and he had built the building, Revan stood in awe of the place. The Force seemed to be guiding him down to the steps, which he found to be smooth and seemed to gleam within the dark blanket that surrounded it.

He listened for any sounds, but could hear none. Stretching out with the Force, he could feel the energies of students inside and that of his former master. His brow furrowed, as he once again wondered what had brought his master to such a place.

Then again, what had brought him here?

Licking his lips in a nervous gesture, he walked into the Trayus Academy. He was alert as he walked through that first hall and as though his legs knew where to go, he went through one door and then another until he found himself in a large cave-like chamber.

There were three walkways to the center, but only the way he had come seemed to have a definite archway of an out. Following the path with his eyes, he rested on the center platform.

And in the middle was her.

She was kneeling, meditating, as he could remember her doing all those years ago. She didn’t make any movement as to acknowledge his presence or that she was even surprised to see him in this place.

Revan made his way toward her, awed by the silence that greeted him once again. Only when he stood next to her, did she rise from her position.

“Does this place bring back memories to you?” she asked him, her face turned away and staring in front of her.

“Very little.” he said. “Though my body seems to know where to go and how to get there.”

“The Jedi Council has taken much from you.” she whispered. “From us both.”

“I want some of that back.”

“Your memories return to you, my pupil.”

“They haunt me.” he replied, solemnly. “They show a man; a monster.”

“Do you really believe that?” she asked, a bit surprised at his tone. “The council has done their job then of making you into their cherished puppet. The Revan I knew would not stand to have them dictate his life.”

“They don’t!” he protested. “My life is my own.”

“Is it?” she questioned, a sly smirk on her lips. “Then why are you here? Why have you disturbed me?”

“I haven’t disturbed you,” he replied. “It is you that has entered my dreams.”

“Dreams?” she cackled. “The Jedi have taken much more than I realized. Half of your talent lies within the realm of your mind that you can not touch.”

Revan bit back a retort, turning from her to stare ahead, as she continued to do. “Why have you summoned me here?”

“To help you, of course.” she said. “You were my pupil once and I loved you, as a master loves a student; as a mother loves a child; as one who loves a champion. I saw great things within you, Revan. That is why I took you as my student. And that is why I was exiled from the Order.”

“Some of your students joined me when I went to war.”

“They were not my students.” she spat. “Not as the Jedi hold them to be. But they were followers nonetheless. Followers to a better life that the Jedi could achieve if only their ridiculous pride could be set aside in order to further the galaxy. And you, Revan, were all that a master could be proud of.”

He felt her eyes on him and he turned to gaze at her. Her hood was up, but he could still see the eyes that had once held fire when speaking of a particularly interesting topic; the eyes that once held compassion in them; that held some trace of that compassion.

Casting his eyes downward, he whispered, “My mind troubles me.”

“The council sought to erase your very existence with their treachery.” she hissed. “But it did not succeed. And now, you search for the man you once were.”

“Will you help me, Master?”

“It doesn’t seem all that long ago when you were my charge.” she began, touching the back of his head in a warm gesture befitting a mother to her child. “You were young and brash, but there was a power about you.

“Zhar Lestin had said I would be a better master for the knowledge you sought. I was the chronicler at the time you were there and it was my job to know the history of the Jedi. And I taught you, my apprentice. I taught you the secrets that would one day have you succeed me.

“Your thirst for knowledge even overwhelmed me sometimes, but it was nice to have an eager student to teach. And when I thought I couldn’t teach you more, I sent you to Arren Kae, who was once my student as well. I had seen her rise to Jedi Knight, as I saw with you, just as I saw her rise to the rank of master. But I also foresaw her exile from the Order.”

Revan’s brow crinkled and he whispered, “She was pregnant.”

Kreia nodded. “She had met the Echani warrior Yusanis and they began a torrid affair.” she continued. “It was I she came to when she discovered she was with child. And though I chastised her for it – we were Jedi after all – I was…happy for her.

“I had gone through my life never knowing what it could feel like to feel the way she did, to be in love. You and she were the closest things I had to my children. But in the end, her pregnancy was discovered and she was exiled.

“I tried my best to discover how it became common knowledge, but even I could sense the strong Force aura that surrounded her and though Arren was strong in her own right, the power was not coming from her alone. As for you, my pupil, you were so strong within the Force and your thirst for knowledge always propelled you. But in the end, it would be your downfall.”

Revan nodded, absentmindedly. “Where am I from? Who were my parents?” he asked, softly.

“I suspect you know at least one of those answers.” she replied. “Your mate helped you, I’m sure. I do hope she is not traveling with you.”

“No.” he said. “No one is, only the droids. There’s…”

“Something troubling you.” She resumed her spot on the floor. “Go do what it is you are best at, my apprentice. I think some where along the way you will discover things for yourself. Return to me when you have sought all the answers.”

He was being dismissed, he knew, but he didn’t have to like it. He frowned at her, before turning and heading for the way he came.

Find your beginning, my apprentice, and I will tell you how your story will unfold.

Her thought stopped him for a moment, but he continued on his way. It was still quiet as he headed out of the Academy and down to the Ebon Hawk. He only ran into a few storm beasts on his way back and if he hadn’t been so distracted, may have had the upper hand on them, but more than once, only his healing powers were able to save him from certain death.

Back aboard, HK had asked if he had fun without him, causing the young knight to roll his eyes. He immediately took over the cockpit, putting in the course destination from the list that he made.

He had a lot of stops to make and probably not a whole lot of time to make them.