Revenge of the Sith: Part III: To All Things, A Beginning, page 8


Part III – To All Things, A Beginning




Malachor V.

Kreia sensed him even before he made his way into her chambers. She could feel his despair, his anguish, and she sympathized with him. She had felt that, too – when he and Malak had gone to fight the Mandalorians; when Arren Kae had joined him, bringing along Yusanis with her; when she heard of the final battle above Malachor.

She could still remember the day she was called into the Council Chambers on Coruscant; many of the Jedi had left from Dantooine and they had transfered most of the padawans to the site of the Jedi Temple in order to assign them new masters.

She remembered the disapproving looks from most of the Council and she wasn’t surprised when they cast her from the Order. She had trained many that followed Revan and worse, they had discovered she was training Revan to be her apprentice.

She remembered the Falleen making a comment that only the Sith dealt in secret training and she couldn’t remember who, but someone had said Arren had been her student and she had violated the most sacred Jedi rule about love.

She was a master no more.

At least for the Jedi.

Feeling extremely guilty for her judgment, she sought to discover why Revan had turned. It was shortly after her exile the talented young master had returned as lord of the Sith and Kreia sought to understand why. So she came here, to the place where the final battle had happened.

But she wasn’t as strong as Revan and she quickly learned this was the site of his fall. She felt the dark side creep along her, but she did her best to hold it off. Until she found the Trayus Academy.

It was the shadow version of Dantooine and had the archives to show for it. Though it was mostly for training, Kreia found herself emmersed in the holocrons Revan had set there, telling her all about the True Sith of Korriban and how the dark side truly worked.

To her shame, she let these new teachings become her life, until she was consumed. But now was not the time to think of these things. At least for a nostalgic endeaver, she would help her former student find his way.

“You have returned.” she said, her eyes still closed as she felt him mirror her posture. “Have you discovered anything?”

“I have a link to my past.” he whispered. “But…I’m afraid there is more I must do.”

“Indeed?” she questioned, though it truly wasn’t one. “And what is it that troubles you, my student?”

“As my memories return,” he began. “So do the dark sided powers I acquired. So do the emotions I feel when I use them.”

“You are returning to your former self.”

“I wish I wasn’t.”

“You were a talented knight and master before you became a Sith Lord, do remember that.”

“I try.” he replied, softly. “But it’s hard to remember things that have been surpressed.”

“Bah!” she huffed. “The Jedi and their blasted ideals. They managed to put more people in peril with their act than they want to truly admit.”

“I agree.”

“Your mate, for example.”

“What about her?”

“Was she not a padawan when she captured you?” she asked, feeling his ire rise. “Does she not have the rare gift of Battle Mediatation, but yet they will not grant her the right to teach her own student? They certainly can’t count you, as you were already a Jedi Master. Speaking of which, did you even get your title back?”

“You are right on all counts, Master.” he sighed. “They used her and her gift to fight a Dark Lord and yet they continue to insult her by not granting her a padawan. And no, they did not grant me the title of Master. I was barely able to hang on to the title of Knight.”

“The Jedi are fools.”

“And the Sith are melomaniacs.” he retorted, causing her to cackle. He waited until she had quieted down before asking, “Why do you stay in this place? It is a dark planet, with all the trappings of the dark side.”

“Like you, I too have a destiny to fulfill.”

“You sound like Jolee.”

“Is that old hermit still alive?” She chuckled. “I’m surprised they let him back in the Order.”

“They let anyone in these days.”

“Oh I’m sure they do.” she replied. They sat in silence, each trying to center themselves and mediatate.

“I have seen a vision, my master.”

“As have I.” she whispered. “Out with it.”

“I have a vision of two children, a boy and a girl. My children.”

“With Bastila?”


“Interesting.” she said. “I did not think your talent would return, no thanks to the Jedi Council.”

“So, it is real then?” he asked. “This is a vision of my future?”

“Possible.” she replied. “The future is never set, Master Revan. I foresaw your fate, how Malak would fire upon you. At the time, I thought you were to be killed. By then, I had already chosen my destiny.”

“What is your destiny, Master?” he asked. “Is that the vision you mentioned earlier?”

“Just know that our destinies will tie in once more,” she said, cryptically. “As will yours and Arren’s.”

“Arren?” he asked, surprised. “But…”

“Just be aware you have yet to fulfill your destiny, apprentice.”

Revan nodded, still perplexed at her meaning. They went back to meditating, but Revan soon became restless. “You never could get through a simple meditative excerise.” she quipped.

“I’m troubled.”

“You have the smell of death about you.” she noted. “Is this why you bring up your powers?”

“Aren’t you concerned?”

“It depends on who you’ve killed.” she stated. “Were they innocents?”

“Yes and no.” he replied. “They were Sith.”

“Ah,” she said. “Then why are you so troubled?”

“They were people.”

“They were Sith.”

Revan sighed. He knew she was right, but… “There is change in the air, my apprentice.” Her statement interrupted his thought. “Can you not feel it? Something will happen soon.”

The young knight rubbed the back of his neck. Yes, he could feel it too. “I discovered where my destiny lies.” he started. “There is something out in the galaxy, Master, beyond the Outer Rim, perhaps even in the Unknown Regions itself. I feel it will reveal itself if I do not stop it.”

Kreia nodded. “I have felt a disturbance in the Force like no other.” she said. “Though I feel once you leave here, our destinies will part for many years until they converge once more.”

“A disturbance?” he asked. “I wonder if it’s related.”


“Master, I feel my journey will take longer than I anticipated.” he joked, but it came off as strangely serious.

“You must go and stop this threat, my pupil.” she responded. “For I feel there is…more pressing business to attend to while you’re gone. But…perhaps my vision is wrong and things will be fine.”

“There is no luck, Master…”

“Just the Force.” she finished. “For now, perhaps, but should you find yourself in need, apprentice, I would suggest having a…back up plan. You know how you can be when you jump feet first.”

He gave her a knowing smile. “Master, this is part of my journey I warned my friends about.” he said, his face a mask of hardened resolve. “I’ve already taken those steps towards the dark side again and I…I don’t want them to know or even see me like that. I can not let them find me, not until…not until something happens to me.”

“You must take the proper precautions.”

“I have.” he said. “I’ve made sure the nav-computer is locked, so no one can follow any trace to where I’ve been, especially not back to here. And I’ve…I’ve…taken steps to make sure my assassin droid doesn’t say anything to anyone.”

He pulled a bag from his robes and handed it to her. “I’ve made sure no one can access his memory core. Not now, not ever. He may still have bits and pieces, but only from my time as Jayden Korr. Anything after that is…well, in that bag.

“The T3-M4 has been wired as well. He won’t talk, but he knows what to do if something happens to me. I rigged his comm to receive me where ever I am and as long as he stays with the Ebon Hawk, he can come and save me if need be.”

Kreia looked at the bag in her hand, tossed it in the air and shot Force Lightening at it, charring the bag and its contents before it hit the ground. Revan didn’t bat an eye, but he did turn to his former master.

“I’m giving you the Ebon Hawk.” he said. “If I don’t return in at least…five standard years, I want you to find help for me. I need you to find Ellis Yoly. He’s the only person I can turn to for help in this, especially if I’ve fallen to the dark side again.”

“The exile?” she asked. At Revan’s look, she sighed. “Of course you don’t know. He was exiled when he returned to the Council. Rumor has it he’s left Republic space. No one has seen him since he left Dantooine.”

“You must try and find him.” Revan insisted. “With Malak gone…he’s the only one I know who will understand what I learned and what I will learn. I’m going to need his help.”

“Five standard years?” she asked. “I thought this was a mission, not a vacation.”

“I’m not even sure of that.” he sighed. “I just know if I can’t figure this out in the next year or if it takes longer, then I’ve probably gone to the dark side. Or worse.”

Kreia nodded, slowly. “I will do what you ask.” she said. “But you will need a ship, Revan, and one awaits for you on the far side of the Academy. It is the ship I used to reach this planet. Take it, so no one will know of your plans.”

The young knight stood, bowing to his former master. He began to head out, when he stopped and looked at her from over his shoulder. “I hope you will not stay on this path, Master.” he whispered. “I know the Jedi have wronged you, wronged so many of us, but please do not start a war you will not win. Do not let your vengence cloud your mind.”

She didn’t look up, but she did nod her head once. “I will…consider your words.” she whispered.

“Please do.”

As he left her, he was stopped by two figures wearing Dark Jedi robes, their hoods up and covering their faces. “Your master awaits you, young apprentices.” he said, as way of a greeting. He nodded to them both before walking between them and heading for the far side of the Academy.

The two apprentices walked towards their master, who had since stood from her sitting position. “You will not harm him if he should return.” she stated. “Revan is allowed access here at all times. Is that understood?”

The two hesitated before nodding. “Come. We have work to do. Though you are both skilled, it will take some time to properly train you. But when it is done, you shall be the fiercest of all the dark lords. Have you chosen your names yet?”

The figure on the right nodded, whispering “Sion.” in a deep, gravely voice. The figure next to him gurgled his response, but Kreia only nodded, seemingly understanding him.

“Sion and Nihilus.” she said, again nodding her approval. “Lords of pain and hunger.”

“And you, my master?” asked the figure, known as Sion.

“I am Darth Traya,” she responded. “Lady of Betrayal. Come. We have much to do.”