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Part V – Reunited




Lynsel had found her temporary quarters in the med bay satisfactory. For some lower cretin. But, she had been in worse places, most notably Ord Mantell. The Sojourn had lifted off from the moon shortly after she and Revan had come aboard.

They had then traveled the short distance to Anobis, the secondary home for the Zabrak race after the Mandalorian forces had destroyed Iridonia.

It was also the only planet that was rich enough in resources to not charge outrageous prices in fuel AND was still Republic friendly. This is where they had been docked since fairly early that morning.

For the relatively young Intel officer, the wait was rather boring and she couldn’t be bothered with just sitting. So she took a cruise of the ship, doing what an Intel officer within RSF did: she gathered as much information about her surroundings as she could.

She couldn’t help but overhear some of the other female officers chatting away about the people on the ship, most notably the apparent love triangle between the admiral and his two Jedi.

“I can’t believe he’s even on the ship!”

“But he’s changed, remember?” said one. “I heard a rumor the Jedi erased his entire mind, that’s why he’s so good now.”

“No!?” one woman exclaimed. “Would the Jedi do that? Can the Jedi do that?”

“You know the Force, BeBe. They say it can do anything. Completely destroy a person’s mind even.”

“I don’t care ’bout all that,” one of them sighed. “He’s dreamy.”

“Commander Shan’s a lucky girl, that’s for sure.”

“I thought she was…you know…seeing Adm. Onasi. You know, like on the side.”

“She’s still a lucky schutta to be getting it both from Revan and the admiral.”

“Rayna says she got a glimpse of him this morning in his night clothes.”

“No fragging way!”

“Oh shrag! I just spilled caffa on my uniform pants! I just washed these.”

“You’re SOL, Iaisa.”

“Shrag out of luck! Anyway, back to Carth…”

“Even his name is yummy!”

Lynsel rolled her eyes. She was hoping on some more background info and all she got was the estimated size of the admiral’s…dueling sword. Sometimes she wondered why she was the only woman within the upper ranks of Intel.

Look no more, Lyns, we have a winner. And quite a lot of them.

She figured she’d have to investigate on her own. It was no secret what happened to Telos and the admiral’s wife, but the reports stopped at his son, though there had been a brief story that he had run off to join the Sith after the Star Forge battle.

She also needed to find out about Revan and Bastila. Why exactly were they on a Republic vessel and one being commanded by a Republic senior officer? Was there something she hadn’t been told?

While her mission had been just finding Revan, she had taken the steps to make sure he wouldn’t get away. She had… ‘special training’ regarding Jedi and that should have saved her. So why had she been knocked out on that ship of theirs? And by who? Revan? Possible, but Onasi had said he had rescued her. Okay, so why?

The most curious thing was this meeting they were holding. She had tried to get a bug inside and was quickly disappointed when it not only didn’t work, but apparently, the room was censored.

She had nearly been caught by the guards had she not lied and said she had gotten lost. Either way, she guessed it didn’t matter. She was going to follow Revan and find out what he was up to.

One way or another.



Carth and Bastila had sat, in silence, as Revan told them everything. At least everything he knew. He told them how another Jedi exile, one Ellis Yoly, was now clamoring to be the next dark lord and that unlike previous lords, he may actually provide a challenge.

For Carth, he was just stunned. He knew there was something about the young man when he had seen him, but he never would’ve thought he’d turn into their enemy. But he…he guessed he knew. From the first reports of mayhem this exile seemed to leave in his wake, Carth knew deep down this was trouble.

And after Revan had told them everything, he and Bastila told him what he didn’t know. That his former master had sent her apprentices – Sion and Nihilus – out into the Republic.

Intel from the Republic confirmed it was the Ravager that had come to Coruscant and bombed the Jedi Temple and that it had also been present on Katarr, killing the last of the Jedi Order excluding present company.

Bastila had to tell him that Juhani, the Cathar that had looked up to him, that he led to be a Jedi – that he had saved all those years ago – was dead. She, like a number of Jedi, had gone to the enclave.

Revan added to it, that Ellis was responsible for the deaths of Masters Atris, Kavar, Zez Kai Ell, and Vrook. Not to mention that Ellis had also slain his own master, Kreia. He also had some powerful connections.

He had helped General Vaklu into power on Onderon, not to mention he now had ties to the Exchange, with his fuel deal involving Vogga the Hut. Carth added that now Czerka had completely taken over the Citadel Station.

“I don’t know what his deal is,” Revan said. “But he has a light saber with my name on it and I really think He’s aiming to kill me.”

“But why?” Bastila asked. “I remember hearing how the three of you were such good friends and how you three were inseparable on Dantooine.”

“Yeah, well, Malak was supposed to be my best friend and we all know how well that turned out,” Revan replied, sarcastically.

“We’ve really got our work cut out for us,” Carth quipped.

Revan looked at both of them, his jealousy forgotten for the moment. These were his best friends and…and if he had to die, he didn’t think he’d mind too much…he shook his head and grinned.

“I’m not gonna ask you to join me,” he said, holding his hand up to stall any protests. “I know you’re coming anyways, but let me just say I am under protest by these actions. I slightly demand you stop and desist with loving me and being loyal and stuff.”

“Are you quite finished?” Bastila asked, receiving a nod. “Now you listen here. It would take all the Sith in the galaxy to stop Carth and me from going with you this time. It nearly killed me, wondering where you were all these years, and I promised my mother that if I were to indeed see you again, I’d slap some sense into you – which I’m not going to do, so stop wincing.

“The point is, you obviously can’t do this alone; you’ve sat here and told us that yourself. Now quit being an overgrown, stubborn berk and accept the help of your friends who love you.”

The former knight looked between the two, nearly overcome with emotions from the devotion. He pushed aside thoughts of disloyalty and smiled back at Bastila.

“I guess I should stop being an overgrown, stubborn berk and get our ship all geared up, huh?” he asked, standing and taking his lover’s hand.

“Just so you know,” Carth replied, coming up behind him. “I agree with everything she said, especially the stubborn side of a bantha part.”

“She said nothing about…”

“I’m interpreting,” the admiral interrupted. “I agreed with everything. Except that love part. I find you annoying and obnoxious.” He gave the younger man a playful shove.

Revan gripped the admiral in a bear hug, causing Bastila to shake her head. She never understood men or boys for that matter, especially the ones she traveled with. While Carth and Revan were always playful, she could never understand how one got fun and camaraderie by punching each other silly.

“Revan, Carth,” she admonished.”We do have a ship to load and get ready.” Carth gave Revan one last punch in the arm.

“Let me go talk to the boys in the hanger,” he said, panting softly. “I bet I can get our stuff together and we can be out of here in a few hours.”

“Excellent,” Revan replied. “Make it so.”

Carth turned and left, leaving the two lovers alone once again.

“Quite proud of yourself, are you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Your little display,” she said. “You and Carth hardly ever get into…entanglements unless I’m around. And usually it’s for you to show off.”

He had the grace to blush and look away from her.

Revan… She used the Force to gather his feelings and when she had pushed aside the ones she could identify, she was again surprised, that yes indeed there was a feeling of jealousy.

“Of Carth?” she asked out loud.

“You know, we only have a few moments before Carth wants to see us…” Revan tried to walk away, but Bastila grabbed his arm and kept it. He hadn’t meant for her to feel what she did, but he couldn’t help it.

Don’t block me. Don’t push me away.

I’m not.

She turned him to face her.”You are,” she whispered. “You’re blocking your emotions from me.” she looked at him, nearly reading him like a book. “You’re jealous,” she said, with a slight smile. “Revan, you don’t seriously believe…”

The former knight sighed. “Carth’s a good looking guy,” he whispered.

“That’s true…”

“And I was gone for a very long time.”

“I still don’t see why…”

“You admit you think Carth’s attractive.” He looked at her, his voice trying to be angry and only succeeding at sounding unsure.

She smiled, caressing his cheek. “I prefer my men a bit more clean shaven.”

“You two seem to be closer than you had been.”

“That tends to happen when a friend goes off for five years.” she looked at him, seeing the way he tried to avoid her gaze and the way his emotions seemed to dampen. “Revan…”

“I’ve done some bad things,” he whispered.

“I know.” At his look of surprise, she asked, “Did you think distance would keep me from knowing you reached into that dark part of you?”

“I had hoped it would,” he sighed. “I never wanted you to feel it. Never wanted to put you in that position again.”

“So you automatically assumed I would turn to Carth for companionship?” she asked, incredulously. When he didn’t respond to her gibe, she gawked at him. “Revan!”

“You share his quarters,” came his sheepish reply.

“His quarters,” she stated. “Not his bed. That right I’ve reserved for you and you only, in case you missed the obvious signs last night and this morning.” Revan blushed. “Revan, I love you. I have never stopped loving you. And I swear to you, that nothing happened between Carth and myself. Nothing!”

He gathered her in his arms for a hug, one driven by his own shameful thoughts. “I don’t want to share you,” he murmured. “I haven’t seen you in so long and I just got you back and…I just can’t share you. Not even with Carth.”

“He’s going to get pretty lonely in the cockpit by himself,” she quipped.

“I’ll send T3 up there,” he replied. “He’s always good at telling jokes and stuff.” He pulled back to look at her. “I was being a bit silly, wasn’t I?”

“That you could think either Carth or I would hurt you like that?” she asked.”Yes. But I am quite flattered by it. Besides,” she said, slipping from his embrace and leading him out towards the hanger. “I think our friend the admiral has enough attention with the female officers on this ship.”

“Do tell…”



It took only an hour or so to have minor repairs done on the Ebon Hawk and for the ship to be refueled. Revan was quite happy to see T3 safe and sound as the little droid came to greet him in front of Carth’s quarters.

The trio of humans plus the droid made their way to the hanger, only stopping for Carth to switch command over to his second. They had reached the platform, walking towards the ramp when they spotted Lynsel, bag in hand, seemingly waiting for them at the bottom.

“We ready to go?” she asked, hoisting her bag higher.

The three looked at her in confusion. “We are ready to go, yes,” Revan replied, indicating himself and his companions. “I’m guessing you are ready to go as well, to a place that is not where we’re headed.”

“You’d guess wrong then,” she replied. “New orders dictate I follow you where ever you plan on going.” She turned to Carth, who had opened his mouth in protest, but quickly shut it when she stopped him.

“And don’t try to stop me. My superiors outrank you, Admiral, so I suggest you not go about contacting them. Unless you really have to. Now, I suggest we get started. I hope your little droid is ship worthy and can take care of repairs should we need them.”

T3 beeped indignantly at the accusation he couldn’t handle himself and proceeded to the Ebon Hawk, ignoring the woman. Lynsel looked at the droid, then shook her head. “Well, come on then,” she threw over her shoulder, as she too followed the droid, leaving the three speechless.

Revan turned to look at Carth in disbelief. “Can she do that?” he asked.

“I believe, love, she already did,” Bastila huffed.

“I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of an adventure,” the admiral muttered, heading for the Hawk, Bastila and Revan falling in step behind him.

Being on the Hawk sent waves of nostalgia to both Jedi and the Republic officer. It had been so long since they had seen it; they couldn’t help but remember fondly times of great fun and times of sorrow and hardship. The three seemed to stop at the main hold, looking around the room.

“It’s incredible, isn’t it?” Bastila whispered.

“It’s like nothing’s changed,” murmured Carth. He looked at the former Jedi master and asked, “Okay Rev, what’s the plan?”

Before Revan could start, Lynsel entered from the direction of the port dorms. “So I’ve put my stuff in the port side dormitories,” she said. “I suggest we have separate rooms for the males and the females. Also, we should probably have scheduled uses for the fresher, that way no one is in anyone’s space during an allotted time. I suggest we lay out a plan of action first, then execute it…” she stopped when she noticed the three were staring at her.

“Remind me whose ship this belongs to?” Bastila replied, coldly, causing Lynsel to wisely keep her mouth shut.

“You’re getting off to a bad start, Lieutenant,” Carth said. “We’re not the kind of crew who gets hung up on who’s in charge, but I can say right now that that person is not you.”

“You seriously want us to sleep in gender separate dorms?” Revan asked, incredulously.

“Actually, I think that was a good idea.”

Revan’s head turned so fast to Bastila, she could almost feel the pain from the pulled nerve he just sustained. “Woman, have you taken all leave of your senses?!” he exclaimed. He couldn’t believe the nerve of Belyn, but to think Bastila was actually up for this idea?

Calm down.

Don’t you want to stay with me?

You know I do. I never realized how empty my bed could be without you.

Then why is this a good idea?

“Because darling, you are a bit of a distraction,” she cooed, causing Carth to smirk. Lynsel looked between the two Jedi. They had been quiet and then all of a sudden Bastila’s comment. “Besides, it’s not as if it’ll stay that way.”

Carth chuckled.”We’ll probably end up playing musical bunks again.”

“What?” asked the lieutenant, who was completely confused at the discussion. As though realizing they weren’t by themselves, the three all muttered, “Nothing.” under their breaths.

Revan looked at the woman. “Separate bedding it is then,” he told her. “As for a plan of action, I agree.” Carth and Bastila looked at him in surprise. The young knight shrugged. “She’s gonna have to find out sometime,” he said. “Might as well hear it from the ship’s computer, yeah?”

He turned to look at the lieutenant. “First things first, however you may feel about me, I’m not the dark lord anymore, nor am I training a new legion of Sith.”

He sighed, leaning against the transmitter. “But there is a problem,” he said. “I think an ancient race of the Sith are lurking within the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions and I have this wild and crazy idea that we can stop them. Oh and that guy you tried to arrest with me? He’s trying to become the next Sith Lord, so we’ll have to stop him too. Especially before he kills me. ‘Cause I would not like that.”

Lynsel looked at the man, then to his pilot, and next to his lover, then back to him once more. “You’re not serious,” she said.

“Believe him, lieutenant,” Carth replied. “Revan doesn’t joke about stuff like this and you have to admit, things lately have…not been good.”

She was speechless. “Well,” Revan said, standing. “Let’s get our gear in our rooms. Carth, if you would be so kind as to start the plan and set off.”

“Sure,” the admiral replied, handing over his duffel. “But where’re we going?”

“First to Nar Shaddaa,” he stated. “I want to know more about this fuel situation with Vogga the Hut and…I think I may actually be able to get Telos some help without going through the Exchange and Czerka. After that…after that…we need to find Canderous.”

“Canderous?” Bastila asked.”What for?”

“I need to see if he did what I asked.”

Revan, what are you up to?

You’ll see, darling. Pick your bed and I’ll make sure our new special friend here gets duty with Carth. Can you see them together? I could.

He won’t like that.

He’ll thank me. You’ll see.

He gave her a wink and started off towards the starboard dorms. “That man…” the former Sentinel murmured, turning and walking to the cockpit. Lynsel stood, completely lost as to what had happened.

She had been thoroughly dressed down, even in the politest of ways and then this…this quest. There was an ancient race of the Sith? And a new Sith Lord? They had just battled three no less than a year ago and Malak before that and the combination of Revan and Malak before that!

For the second time on this assignment, Lynsel Belyn asked herself – what had she gotten into?



Within the Unknown Regions, a large interdictor ship hovered in space. It was only about ten miles from the planet of Malachor V, where it was instructed to meet a shuttle that would be coming from Republic Space.

The ship itself, christened the Necrosis, was another one of those Republic ships that had been used and the discarded after the war. It was the sister ship, if it could be known, to Darth Nihilus’ ship, the Ravager. However, this ship was not held together by the will of one man, but by another form entirely.

It was within this ship, in a small med bay, that Ellis Yoly, now known as Darth Trayun, was being healed by one of his apprentices. The wound he had gotten from Revan had begun to drain him and, if not for the medpacs and Brianna Kae, Ellis would’ve seen his rise to power certainly over.

While he felt the seedling of good still nestled within her, the Sith Lord was grateful for her company. She hadn’t left his side since they had fled from the Ebon Hawk and onto a shuttle that HK had secured for them.

Once on board, Ellis had slipped away to make arrangements for transportation back to Malachor V and had been quite surprised when the Necrosis had found them and told them to board. Though he had an idea who the ship was from, he said nothing to either Atton or Brianna, feeling it safer for them not to know at this time.

So for now he sat on a bed and let Brianna take care of him. Again, he was grateful for her learning of healing through the Force, something he had not taught her, but perhaps she thought to learn.

Wherever she learned the skill, it was a great help in their adventures, especially when he watched her, Atton, and HK stay on Dxun to fight the Sith within the tomb of Freedon Nadd.

For Brianna, this was the time she worried most. Ellis never told them what was discussed when he was on Dantooine and what became of Kreia, though they knew she was dead, but Atton had been so surprised to see their leader alive and when he told her of the connection between him and Kreia, she was once again confused.

If they shared a bond so great that even death could claim them both, how did he live when she died? And she still could not explain what drove her to mirror him, his actions within battle. She could feel the pull as she and Atton watched his fight with Revan; the call he seemed to give through the Force, telling them to follow suit.

So lost in her thought, she didn’t see Ellis look at her, gazing at her as she worked to heal him. Only when he sucked in a breath, did she face him. “Have I hurt you?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Have you given thought to your name?”

She looked away, trying to look busy in inspecting his wound. “I haven’t given much thought, truthfully,” she said. “I apologize, I should be thinking of that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he whispered, running his hand up her arm. He continued to stare at her until he finally said, “Salus.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Salus,” he repeated. “It means ‘heal’ or ‘salvation’. I think your name should be Salus because that’s what you are; how I see you.” He cupped her cheek in his hand. “My healer. My salvation.”

In that brief moment, Brianna again saw the man she first fell in love with. “I worry for you so,” she whispered, closing her eyes, and letting him caress her cheek, then her neck.

“I need you to be strong for me, Brianna,” he said. “This road shall be a long one, I know, and I feel I may falter from this path. You must have strength for me, for I don’t know what will happen if I lose you.”

Opening her eyes, she could see the small specks of green that were still left from his original eyes color. The dark side had changed his features, but they weren’t unattractive. He still retained his facial features, even with the lines and the paleness of his skin.

Sometimes she wonder how she could love a man like this and then she would remember him how he had been, before this, before Kreia, before the dark energy that swept him.

She leaned over and kissed him, sighing as he returned it with equal ardor. It took Atton three times to clear his throat before the two acknowledged his presence. Ellis kept his around the former handmaiden and turned to look at his second apprentice.

“I thought you’d like to know,” the scoundrel announced,”That our ‘friend’ is trying to get in touch with us. You can take it in your quarters, down the hall and to the right.”

“Thank you,” he said, releasing Brianna and standing. “I’ll talk to him, and when we find him, Atton, I want you to take two of our most skilled assassins and show him your…special interrogation methods.”

The Sith Lord didn’t miss the malicious gleam in his apprentice’s eyes, nor did he miss the slight frown Brianna wore. “I won’t be long,” he told them, though he was truly addressing the white haired woman. He nodded his goodbye, before walking out of the med bay and into the hallway.

The interior was as one would expect a ship of the dark side to be. The corridors, though lit, were dim against the dark and cold steel walls; the floor seemed to be a glossy silver and one could literally see themselves in it. Ellis followed Atton’s instructions, finding his quarters to be at the very end of the ship. It wasn’t large, but it held the distinction that he was lord and master on the ship.

There was a medium transmitter off to the side and a computer console at his entrance. He discovered his room was connected to two other rooms, those he assumed to be Atton and Brianna’s, but when he looked at the computer console, he also discovered that he was the sole administrator to how they would function.

He would be able to lock anyone out, but he could also allow himself access to the rooms of his apprentices. He smirked at the knowledge. He turned, facing the transmitter, when a holo figure appeared within. Ellis bowed before him, then looked at the commanding presence.” Revan still lives,” the figure stated.

Ellis nodded, keeping his head down. “He is stronger than I anticipated, my Lord.”

“Yes,” the figure hummed. “We have always known Revan was powerful and we have used that in the past. However, he is also much more vulnerable now.”

“There are his friends and…”


Ellis looked up before once again removing his gaze. “I believe there is a woman, my Lord,” he whispered. “A woman whom he left behind. A Jedi.”

“That is interesting.” The figure was quiet before asking, “How do you like your command ship, Lord Trayun?”

The former Jedi looked up in surprise. “It is magnificent,” he replied. “I was not aware it was for me solely.”

“That is because I have a mission for you.”


“You have performed admirably, Trayun,” the figure replied. “We when looked out from our place and saw how the Sith Lords crumbled before you, we knew you would be a formidable champion within the dark. However…I can sense your doubt, your fear…the kernel that the Jedi planted years ago still nestles within you.

“You have shown where your alliance takes you. Your former master taught you well, though she herself could not see what the future would truly hold. Your mission, Lord Trayun, is to take your apprentices back to Yavin 4 and secure a base for us. If you should encounter problems, we have…people…that can deal with those problems.”

“As you wish, my Lord,” Ellis replied, bowing once more before the transmission cut out.

The young lord stared at the place where his new master had been and swallowed deeply. He could sense the Jedi still trapped inside the new lord and Ellis knew that part of him would need to be completely eradicated before he could truly rule over the Sith.

He hit a few buttons on the console and another figure, this one a man in his late forties – perhaps early fifties – with a balding head and a goatee formed in two points on his chin.

“It’s not polite to keep me waiting, Exile,” the man said.

“I had some pressing business to attend to,” Ellis said, giving the elder man a slight grin. “And you’re right. It was rude of me to keep you waiting, because I certainly don’t want any ill will between us. Now, what can I do for you, Goto?”



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