Revenge of the Sith: Part V: Reunited, page 5


Part V – Reunited




“I can’t believe that happened.”

“You didn’t know.”

“Well, you could’ve told me that was his wife!”

The meeting with Vogga the Hutt did not go as well as Revan had hoped it would. First of all, the large alien was quite annoyed that the Jedi exile hadn’t exactly taken the Exchange boss Go-To off his hands like he had asked, and then because he was being leaned on by his boss, he decided it was only fair to lean on Telos and Czerka. The talks had not gone well in Bastila’s opinion. She was quite surprised Revan even wanted to go this route, but even more when he shrugged the whole thing off.

The thing that did surprise her, however, was the appearance of a second, smaller Hutt that sat or stood near Vogga. Bastila couldn’t shake the feeling the second Hutt was giving them the evil eye, though she never spoke.

It literally hit the fan when Carth had said something about the second Hutt being one of Vogga’s mindless bodyguards and how the little alien couldn’t do anything but spit at someone the wrong way. that’s when they discovered the second Hutt’s identity.

“I didn’t know it was!” Revan protested. He was still reeling from the shock of it, too. Well, somewhat. “Hell, I didn’t even know there were female Hutts. I was just as surprised as you were.”

“Yeah,” Carth muttered, sarcastically. “I could tell by your raucous laughter.”

Revan chuckled at that. He knew he shouldn’t have laughed, but the look on the Hutts’ faces was just too priceless. “It was amusing,” he replied. “I couldn’t not laugh. And you want to talk about raucous laughter,” he continued, pointing at their female companion, “You should’ve heard her.”

Bastila turned a slight pink, embarrassed at being pointed out by her lover and by the evil glare Carth sent her way. “You must admit, Carth,” she said, trying to salvage their trip. “It was amusing.” She then turned to Revan. “But at least I didn’t laugh out loud.”

Revan shook his head, coming to a stop only a few feet from Vogga’s hideout. There was a door that was currently being guarded by a mean looking Transdoshan and a Gamorrean. “Evening, fellas,” the knight said, giving the two a smile.

The Transdoshan nudged the large pig creature.” Look at the little human weaklings,” he joked, “What do you want, human?”

“Just a drink,” Revan said. “Oh and I’m wondering if your boss is around.”

The two aliens laughed at him, while Carth and Bastila exchanged a look. “What do you need our boss for?” the Gamorrean asked. “Our boss doesn’t need to see the likes of a dirty, weak human.”

“The Jekk’Jekk Tarr is a place for those that are worthy,” the Transdoshan continued. “And I don’t see anything here that’s worthy, except maybe your woman.” The aliens laughed.


Yes, darling?

What are you doing? And why are we here?

Just watch.

“I’m glad you boys have a sense of humor,” Revan chuckled. “‘Cause it’s going to be really funny when they find your bodies. If they find your bodies.” He watched as his words had the effect he wanted. “Now, what say you let me in and I tell your boss he has the best bouncers in the galaxy.”

The Gamorrean nudged his partner. “He’s as crazy as that exile that came by last year.”

“Oh, you met my friend, huh?”

You know the exile?” asked the Transdoshan.

“We go way back,” Revan replied.

“All right,” the alien muttered. He reached into a side pouch and pulled out two breath masks, while the larger bouncer handed one to Revan. “There was a time when no human dared to enter the Jekk’Jekk Tarr,” he grumbled. Looking at Revan, he said, “When they find your bodies, friend, we shall laugh at your worthlessness.”

“I’m touched,” Revan grunted, moving past the bouncers to enter the private — and strictly alien – cantina.

They had just entered when Carth pulled on his arm. “What the hell are we doing?” he asked, his voice muffled from the mask.

“Welcome to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr,” he said. “The only alien cantina in the galaxy. They import air from different alien home worlds to make it habitable. Hence the breath masks; it’s lethal to humans. And why we’re here, my love, is I told you I had a friend. This just happens to be where he’s hiding.”

The three followed their friend as he led them straight back to a private lounge. They watched as he approached the bartender and was pointed in the direction of a closed door. Revan nodded, then motioned for the two to follow him.

They did and were let into a moderately lit room. There were several Twi’lek girls, all scantily dressed, who quickly scampered towards Revan and Carth, asking for their drink orders. Revan removed his mask, a sign to his companions to do the same, and then waved off his fan club.

In front of them was a desk and behind that was a large chair that swiveled around once the occupant knew he was being disturbed. The occupant was a male Devaronian; a species rarely seen within Republic space.

He was tan in color, with the trademark horns atop his head. He was dressed casually and an earring swung from his right ear. He waited until the trio approached his desk, before he stood. “Well, I’ll be a son of a bantha,” he cursed, holding out his hand to Revan. “Revan, you space whelp! I never thought I’d see you again!”

“Hello again, Sunny,” the prodigal knight replied, shaking the alien’s hand and smiling.

“Sit down! Sit!” Sunny exclaimed, gesturing to one of the side booths. “You want anything? Food? Drink? Women?” He nudged Revan. “Not that you don’t already have a good looking dame right there.”

“Old time’s sake, Sunny,” Revan said, giving the alien a look.

“You got it!” Sunny waved one of the Twi’leks over and whispered something in her ear. She returned a few minutes later with a bottle and four glasses. Sunny poured, handing the glass to Revan, who took a small sip before closing his eyes.

“You still have a way with finding the best tasting wines, Sun,” the knight responded. “I didn’t even think you could find Bespin Port anymore.”

The Dev blew on his knuckles, then rubbed him on his shirt, a smug look on his face. “I still got it,” he smirked.


Bastila’s annoyed tone immediately caused the former Jedi master to cringe. “I’m being a nerf,” he said. “Sunny, these are my friends, Carth and Bastila. Guys, this is Sundjask Ishim, but most people call him Sunny. You’re looking at one of the best spice and rum smugglers the Exchange ever had on their payroll.”

The alien laughed, pouring himself and the others a drink. “You’re too kind, Rev,” he said. “You want to talk best of the best, you’re sitting next to him. Not only did this bantha dropping provide me himself as a valued customer, but he even saved my life.”

Sunny looked at Revan.

“When I heard what that space dog Malak did to you, I went to the head of the Exchange to have him taken care of,” he growled. “But by that time, we were nothing but a bunch of cowards. Shaking in the wake of your ‘friend’s’ treacheries. That’s when I got out. But I said if I ever found that no-good bastard, he’d be seeing the business end of my blaster.

“I told you he was bad news, didn’t I?” Sunny replied, smacking Revan on the arm. Turning to look at Carth and Bastila, he continued with, “I told him that Malak was shifty and to watch his back, but you know Revan. Loyal to a fault.” He once again turned back to the Jedi knight. “I hope you taught him a lesson.”

“He paid for his…transgressions,” was all Revan would say on the matter. “Anyway, Sunny, I have a favor to ask.”

“Name it!” he said. “Seeing you again makes up for all the recent shrag.”

“I know you’ve been around the sector once or twice, so you know what’s going on in the galaxy.” The alien nodded. “I need a better solution to this fuel deal.”

“You mean with Vogga?” Revan nodded. “He’s the man to talk to and I can see you just saw him. Not happy, I take it?” Sunny didn’t wait for the answer before continuing on. “Vogga’s in a bind, I’ll tell you that. It’s no big secret, but that other friend of yours screwed him royally with Go-To.”

Revan closed his eyes and sighed. “Ellis?”

“Yeah,” Sunny said. “I saw him passing by, you know. I’m small, but I’m not about to let the Exchange know I’m still around, you know? Anyway, every bounty hunter this side of the Rim was holed up here, just waiting for him. You’re lucky not many people know you’re back, Rev. The Exchange gave up that bounty recently; they think all the Jedi are dead and gone. So now It’s business as usual.”

Carth wisely kept his mouth shut, despite what he knew to be ‘business as usual’ with the Exchange.

“Sunny, the fuel?”

The Dev sighed and shook his head. “I’ll see what I can do.” He said. “It’ll be tough, though. If you’re asking what I think you are, I’ll have to maneuver around the Exchange and Czerka. Not an easily feat. And my best girl is off doing a job for me.” He snapped his fingers. “That’s who I’ll get on this. No one can sneak better than my best smuggler.”

“Oh?” Bastila asked. “And what, pray tell, are you smuggling?”

“For now,” Sunny replied, “The Refugees. Now that the war is thankfully over, I’ve been trying to get people back to their families and stuff. I got my best agent on it. You might see her, though. She may be coming back tonight. Little blue Twi’lek…”

Revan chuckled, though it was mingled with a groan. “Oh no,” he said.

“Of all the places she could be…” Carth said.

Revan slid from the booth, his companions following him. “Thanks for the drink, Sunny,” he said, slapping the alien on the shoulder. “Mind if we borrow your runner? This thing shouldn’t take too long.”

“Um…” Sunny began, watching as they began to head for the door. “Yeah, I guess, but hey! You don’t even know…”

“Trust us,” Carth said, putting on his breath mask. “If it’s who we think, we know her very well.”



The Inner Rim of the galaxy was made up of sparse planets that were expanded from the colonies that drew out from the Core and Deep Worlds. Very few of these worlds were even known to most space travelers, with the exception of the planet Onderon. Onderon in itself had a checkered past. Everything about the planet seemed to be involved in brutal bloodshed.

It was this planet that was brought into the Sith Empire by Freedon Nadd, a former Jedi who had been exiled for use of learning the dark side powers and striking down his Jedi master.

This seemed to be the beginning of the end, as Onderon was hit with war after war after war, the first being against the Beast Riders who were exiled by Freedon Nadd and his colonists; the second being when the Jedi came to stop the dark side flow that Nadd had brought with him.

It was the Mandalorian War, however, that shaped the viewpoints of the Onderon citizens.

After being attacked and seeing no help would come from the Republic itself, the planet withdrew from the Galactic Republic, only to cause a larger rift between the current queen, Talia, and her hapless, vengeful cousin General Vaklu.

It was this war between the Palace and the Troops that would bring more destruction than ever. It was this war, in a which an exiled Jedi Knight — now turned to faithful Sith Lord in training by his master — had sided with Valku’s troops, thus enabling them to get within the palace and kill the Queen and her Jedi advisor.

Few knew how these events would shape an already shaken planet and its peoples, but those who were close to the heart of it knew very well.

It was on the moon of Dxun that the Mandalorian Clan of Ordo kept its lair. It had taken years, but their leader was able to find a hearty group of warriors to bring honor back to the race of warriors. Deep within the jungle, this is where the first attack launched from during their war with the Republic and it seemed fitting that they once again call the jungle moon home.

And it was in this home – to be more precise, within the hut of the leader known as Mandalore — that a lone Mandalorian scout reported in from the docks of Nar Shaddaa. “How long ago did you see them?” questioned the gruff voice of Mandalore.

“A few minutes, Mandalore,” the scout replied. “I saw them leaving the Jekk’Jekk Tarr and then they headed off. I’m certain I can find them again, if you wish.”

“No need,” replied the leader, as he looked to his left. “I want you to head out to the landing pad. No doubt there’s a ship there by the name of the Ebon Hawk. I want to get a signature from them, so we can send them a little message. Oh and put a tracking device on there, as well. I don’t want those space dogs having all the fun.”

“Yes, Mandalore.” The scout nodded his understanding before the transmission ended.

“What do you think they’re doing on Nar Shaddaa?” asked a voice.

The man known as the current Mandalore turned in his chair to face the person who had asked. He wore his custom Mandalorian armor, the one he had spent time perfecting to make sure he’d never be caught off guard, with the helmet that he had polished and shined; the helmet of the last Mandalore, the one who had died in battle with the Jedi Revan.

“Knowing the three of them, probably something that spells trouble,” he laughed. “Don’t worry, Junior. Once they’re off that planet, I’ll send them a welcome invitation. Now, shouldn’t you be somewhere?”

The person he spoke to, a young man in his mid-twenties, also chuckled. He was leaning against the wall of the hut and had been since he had been called in only a few minutes before. He wore a long dark cloak, which he now lifted the hood over to cover his dark brown hair. He smirked at the leader of the Ordo Clan before standing and starting to walk out.

He had reached the door before he turned back around. “You will tell my dad I say hi, won’t you?” he asked, a bit of mirth in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Dustil,” Mandalore chuckled. “You’ll be able to see your old man. Now run off and see how that situation is with that idiot Vaklu. And pick up the best tasting liquor you can find while you’re at it. I have a feeling we’re going to be having a real celebration in a few days.”

Dustil Onasi again smirked from beneath his cloak before leaving the scene.



“Hey guys, listen!”

“Little girl cause us trouble…”

“We cause trouble for little girl.”

“Aw, come on. So I delivered the wrong thing. It’s not like you couldn’t use what I gave you. that’s a bit ungrateful, if you ask me.”

And that was the scene the trio stumbled upon as they left the Jekk’Jekk Tarr in search of Sunny’s special runner. The three already knew who they’d be dealing with; they just didn’t know where to find her.

So imagine their immense delight and amusement when they came across an alleyway with a bit of shouting coming from it. In the alley were three Rodians and four Transdoshans, all staring at one little blue Twi’lek that stood in front of the group, her back to the trio that had stopped.

“Well, gentlemen,” Bastila remarked, scanning the group, “Look what we have here.”

The announcement caused all to look at the newcomers.

Mission Vao — the blue Twi’lek who had found herself in this predicament — was surprised that anyone on Nar Shaddaa would actually stop and help, until her brain registered who the group behind her was.

It had been six years since she had seen these people: the petite brunette, the rugged Republic officer, and most importantly, the kind, smiling, and formerly bald Jedi that stood in the middle.

Knowing they were here…She turned back to the thugs that had cornered her shortly after she had arrived in Sunny’s ship, the Midnight Runner. She had been tasked to deliver some goods — while she delivered many a refugee back to their home worlds — to the planet of Genonosis. Some how, she had delivered the wrong thing, and now Suren’s guys were about to pummel her. But she had back up. She would be fine.

“Well, now you’re all in trouble,” she said, turning back to the group of bounty hunters. “See these guys behind me? Well, I don’t want to brag, but you’re looking at my assassination squad; best fighters in the galaxy.”

Those are the best in the galaxy?” laughed one Transdoshan.

“You’re lucky I’ve decided to give them the night off,” came the retort. “I’d let you guys join in,” she said over her shoulder. “But these chubba-faces are mine.”

Carth smirked, folding his arms across his chest. “Whatever you say, Boss.”

The group of thugs laughed, each getting a weapon ready for the kill. Mission, smirking, removed an Echani vibroblade — the same blade Revan had given her when they had seen Taris destroyed — and got into a fighting stance. “Last chance to beat it, bantha heads.”

“This’ll be interesting,” Carth murmured, watching the scene unfold.

The Transdoshans stood back as their Rodian comrades went straight for the blue Twi’lek with their vibroblades and swords. One of them came straight at her, swinging his blade.

If she hadn’t sidestepped, there would’ve been more of her to love. She countered that maneuver by bringing up her blade to block and then kicking the alien in the chest, sending him back against some garbage canisters.

The other two aliens, seeing their brother on the ground, came after Mission in a fury — so much, the young adult could barely hold her own. “Hey guys,” she called over her shoulder. “How about a hand?”

She shouldn’t have been surprised when she heard clapping from behind her, turning slightly to see the trio applauding and a comment of “nice form” from Revan. She rolled her eyes, managing to dispatch one Rodian, before she saw the Transdoshans readying their blasters.

“Yeah, real helpful,” she muttered, sarcastically. “No, really. Some help here?”

Shrugging at Bastila, Revan turned to the offenders and sent out a Force Wave to the Rodian still attacking Mission. Bastila managed to put four of the Transdoshans in Stasis, while Carth took an easy shot at the Rodian trying to get up from his canister bed.

That left only one Transdoshan, the one who had commented on the trio’s fighting ability. He took one look at Mission, then at her ‘assassins’ before he turned tail and ran off.

“Hope we passed the audition.”

Mission turned, making a beeline for the group with a large smile on her face. “Passed with flying colors,” she stated, as she gripped Bastila and then Carth in tight hugs. She gave a lasting one to Revan, before stepping back and hitting him.


“Where have you been?” she demanded, puncturing her question with another slap to his chest. “Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?”

“Why are you hitting me!?”

The girl — now grown woman — stared hard at the man she considered a brother. “You’re a real nerf, Revan,” she said. “A flimsy note and then no word for like six years and then you turn up in the last place I’d suspect. They had a price on your head…you’re lucky that bounty’s been called off.”

“You’re telling me,” Revan chuckled. “I think you’d have half a mind to turn me in.”

“Not funny, poodoo head,” she growled, hitting him for emphasis. “I was totally worried, especially after I heard what happened to Coruscant. I so thought you were dead.”

The former guardian stared at the girl he regarded as his little sister, remembering the teenaged girl they had met on Taris. Well, Mission Vao wasn’t a little girl anymore and Revan could see what his absence had done to her.

“I’m sorry, Mish,” he whispered. “I really am. There was…I had to do something and I couldn’t have you guys with me. Only…” he glanced at Bastila. “Only now I realized what a stubborn idiot I’ve been and the fact that I can’t do this alone.

“I need help, Mission,” he said. “I had no idea you were on this planet, but I’m glad we could run into you. Sunny said he wanted the best to help us and I agree you’re the best there is. You helped me before, Mission Vao. Will you help me again?”

The blue Twi’lek was tempted to turn him down, the hurt she had felt at his abandonment of her all those years ago coming to the forefront of her mind. But as she looked at this man — the prodigal knight of the Jedi — she was met with the same sense of determination and adventure she had when she had first run intto him and Carth in the Undercity.

“It’s lucky for you I want to spend some time with my favorite Republic officer,” she quipped, giving Carth a light slug on his arm. The admiral used that same arm to get the woman in a loose headlock, before guiding her towards the landing pad.

You’re doubtful.

Revan turned, giving his lover a grimace.

She’s angry and maybe rightly so.

Cupping his cheek in her hand, the former Sentinel replied, “I know you felt as though you were protecting us, my love, but surely you didn’t think that none of us would be hurt by your departure.”

Actually I did

It was blunt and he certainly hadn’t wanted her to hear or even know about it, but somewhere in his mind, he had hoped his leaving would…he didn’t know. Make things right for everyone. He had brought enough destruction to them and over the years, he had discovered his panic at having them all scattered would mean he would be alone.

And then he had wondered if that had been a thought from his Sith Lord days.

Bastila felt the shift of his emotions, but before she could say anything, they heard a shout from Carth. The two were far ahead, but had stopped when they realized not all of their party was with them.

Revan gave her a small smile before calling back that he and Bastila were coming. The young woman would have to wait to address this issue. She often wondered what things her love had seen while he’d been gone.

It seemed their fearless leader of years past had some how left, leaving them with an unsure stranger.



If Atton and Brianna thought heading back to Yavin 4 in the Necrosis was odd, neither voiced their opinion.

Shortly after Ellis had returned from his call, he had told them they were to head back to the moon to further investigate and hopefully secure a Sith base for themselves.

The two apprentices had looked at each other in surprised shock, but had none the less followed their leader’s instructions, having the small crew of Dark Jedi complete their tasks of bringing the ship around and heading to the fourth moon in Yavin.

And the dark trio now stood on the bridge of their ship, the apprentices looking at their master in confusion. “Tell me why we’re going back to Yavin?” asked Atton.

Ellis turned to him, smiling. “While our search for Revan’s stronghold provided us with little but the fact that he was there,” he began. “We didn’t exactly take a look around. Naga Sadow and Exar Kun both had great temples built for them and I think we can use one for a Republic base of operations.”

“A Republic base?” Brianna asked.

Ellis nodded. “Well,” he said. “As close as we can get to Republic space. We’ll need bases to monitor what the Republic is doing. Hence why I want to put in a call to Mandalore at some point. I want to place a base on Dxun and one on Onderon as well.”

“We’ll need to contact that idiot Vaklu.”

Again, the Sith Lord nodded. “I just want to see how well the planet is.” He turned to look at the former scoundrel. “Surely you didn’t think we would leave him in power, do you? I just want to make sure he hasn’t driven the planet into the ground.”

The flight to Yavin was quiet, contemplative in a way. The ship hovered overhead, allowing Ellis, Atton, and Brianna to take speeders to the moon’s surface, where they had used the ship’s scanners to get a rather detailed map.

They landed in the same place as they had before, when they had searched for Revan’s stronghold. The area was dubbed the Isle of Kun after the former dark lord whose desecrated temple lay ahead of them.

Ellis looked at their map, turning his speeder in the opposite direction and directing they head southeast, towards the temples of the Massassi.

The trio sped through the vast jungle. Their trek didn’t take along as they saw the first of three temples in the distance. A short time later, all three had stopped in front of a medium sized temple – the base was square and protruding out from the center were two abstract pillars; on both sides were three smaller pillars, equal to the two center pillars. Ellis nodded to Atton, saying, “You tackle this one while Brianna and I head off to the others.”

The Sith Lord in training nodded his agreement, watching as his comrades sped off, while he turned his speeder and went in search of the opening.

The trek to the second temple was like that of the first, where it seemed no time at all had passed before they reached it. This temple was much larger than the first and had a circle, yet pyramid structure to it.

There were two tiers to the building, though the bottom was much larger and stood higher than the second; on the sides were long ramps — one continuous from the ground to the top of the second tier, while there were two smaller ramps on either side of the long tier. These stopped at about the middle of the longer tier.

Sensing her unease at entering this massive building, Ellis laid a hand on the former handmaiden’s cheek, startling her slightly. He gave her a smile before heading off to his own checkpoint temple.

Ellis was awed at the temple when it came into view. Like the second one, this one also had a pyramid structure, however it was more true to the design. The temple seemed to have at least seven tiers, each getting smaller the further it ascended into the sky; there were stone steps, two on each side, and they went from the base to the top.

Even from where he sat on his speeder, Ellis could feel the darkness that crackled from inside. He felt weak for some reason; fear entered him and he had the sensation to run away, but he strengthened his resolve, got onto the grassy floor, and began to walk to the large doors.

The massive doors seemed to open for him and he found himself in a darkened area, with another large door ahead of him. Again pushing down his fear, he walked to the door, not surprised when it too opened for him.

Walking through, he was met with a large, circular chamber that had stone steps leading up to several pillars. Ellis entered, his curiosity getting the better of him as he surveyed his surroundings. So caught up in his exploration, he did not hear the heavy breathing until it was right upon him.

He ducked, narrowly missing a swipe that would’ve left his head severed from his body. Rolling on the floor, he jumped up, lightsaber in hand, and faced the beast. Ellis recoiled in horror at the…thing…that clamored towards him. He was at least six feet tall and his size was that of a rancor.

He was slouched, but it didn’t stop him from striking out at the Sith Lord. His features were horribly grotesque — his skin a pale pink and his eyes were yellow. It almost seemed as though at one time, this creature could’ve been a human, but Ellis shook himself from his overview of history when the monster came at him again.

The Sith Lord easily evaded the monster and then tried to calm the creature with his beast trick ability. Instead of calming it, the creature only became angrier. Trying to save himself, Ellis unleashed Force Storm and then quickly Death Field.

That seemed to stop the beast momentarily, but it was enough time for Ellis to crush his opposition, so to speak. When he had the beast at his mercy, he once again used Beast Trick, causing the monster to sway on its feet before falling over to the ground.

Ellis bent over, trying to recover his breath and calm his excitement. He had been unprepared, something that could not happen if he was to lead the Sith. He mentally berated himself, shaking his head in disappointment.

“Bravo,” said a voice.” You are quite strong in the Force, perhaps as strong as I once was.”

Ellis looked up to see a ghostly specter standing before him. He appeared to be slightly older than Ellis by about ten years or so, with what appeared to be black hair tied in a ponytail.

He was dressed in the clothes of a dark Jedi, with armor plates on his shoulders and chest. The specter walked around the fallen creature, then again looked at Ellis.

“Yes, bravo indeed,” he murmured.

“Who are you, specter?” Ellis asked, trying to keep the fear from his voice.

The spirit laughed, a low, deep laugh that sent chills into the young Sith Lord. “So angry are you inside,” it said. “You were once like me, I can tell. A Jedi, held back by coddling old fools; held back from your true potential.” The spirit looked at Ellis. “You…are different somehow. Like me, but…like Ulic too. Strange.”

“I asked you a question.”

The spirit again laughed. “Yes, I am rather rude,” it said. “I, young lord, am Exar Kun.”

As hard as he tried, Elli couldn’t stop his eyes from bulging in shock. “And you, young lord?” Kun asked. “What do they call you?”

“I am Darth Trayun,” he said. “The current dark lord of the Sith.”

Kun nodded his approval. “They have chosen well,” he whispered. He saw Ellis looking at him in confusion, his eyes darting to the creature on the floor. “You wonder how I came to be,” he said, receiving a nod.

“This…being…was my transport. I spared him so that my spirit would live after Ulic betrayed me and sent the Republic and the Jedi here. This was my eyes and ears in this place, while I waited for someone worthy to come to me.” He looked at Ellis. “There was one, a young master who had found my temple.”

“Revan,” Ellis spat, as his eyes narrowed.

“This…Revan…has destroyed my temple and his place of operations.”

Ellis nodded.

Kun stared hard at Ellis. “He has betrayed you,” he smirked, “As Ulic betrayed me, as he was betrayed by Aleema Keto.” He walked forward, until he and Ellis were eye to eye.

“You have much to do,” he said. “Much to learn, yet you do not have a teacher. Let me be your teacher, as I humble myself before your power, Lord Trayun. I have been taught by the best teacher, as he was taught before me. Let me show you the power you could truly possess.”

The former dark lord watched as the young man considered his offer.

“I still have my secrets, young lord,” he said, with a small smile. “I still have those loyal to me.” He turned to look at the creature on the ground and then turned back to Ellis. “Those who will serve you and serve you well,” he continued, “And who will put an end to this…Revan, that you hate so much.”

Ellis looked at the specter. This would be a tremendous offer and one that would be place him well ahead of those he currently served. But most importantly, it would allow him to hunt and kill Revan as he planned.

“Teach me,” he said. “Master.”



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