Revenge of the Sith: Part VI: The True Threat, page 3


Part VI – The True Threat




The Ebon Hawk managed to find a place so far out, no one could possibly find them. It was at Revan’s request, as he wanted everyone present to tell them things he had only told Carth and Bastila and things he had kept to himself.

He waited until Carth came out of hyperspace from Katarr and into a deadened part of the galaxy. Now, everyone stood in the main hold, waiting for whatever it was the former Jedi wanted to tell them.

He had been pacing while waiting for everyone to assemble and when they did, he still did two more paces before he turned and looked at the people that faced him.

“First, I want to say I’m sorry,” he began. “I know my behavior has been a bit…neurotic as of late and I’m sorry for that. I also want to apologize for bringing you all together like this for this…quest or whatever it is I have you on. If I had…hell, I did know and I still…” He looked up when he saw the confused looks on their faces. “I have a lot to tell you, so just bear with me.”

He started by giving them the history lesson, of how the true species of Sith had the galaxy in their hands at one point and how their squabbling had destroyed them from the inside. He told them about the fallen Jedi who discovered the planet of Korriban and how from that point on, various Jedi found themselves in the ranks of the Sith, him included.

He told them how following the years of destruction brought by Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma that the Mandalorians were again approached by the Sith — the true species that is — and that they were pushed into trying to take the Republic.

He went on, telling what happened when he and Malak had discovered the council would do nothing about the threat based on a vision that Master Vandar had. He told them all he could remember about those days, but it was supposition.

He thought he may have studied the True Sith; thought his studies led him to Malachor, an ancient Sith planet; thought he may have even been seen by them; but he wasn’t sure. Though most of his memories had returned, he still couldn’t get any access to what he may have seen about the true species, more less looked up.

He then went into who Ellis Yoly was — and why he was dangerous. He told them how Ellis was also a talented Jedi, having been knighted at seventeen — the youngest in the history of the Order — and how something had happened on Malachor all those years ago that…changed him. He told them how the young knight was exiled and had gone off to the Outer Rim.

He also told them of his former master Kreia, who in her own bitterness and hatred, had turned to the dark side and had trained Sion and Nihilus before they turned on her. He revealed that Kreia had then used the Hawk to rescue Ellis when he had been sought by Sion aboard the Republic’s Harbinger and that she had trained him, just as she had trained Sion and Nihilus.

As she had trained him.

Revan again apologized for his lackluster concern for Ellis; he knew before reaching Yavin, that the young man had changed and that he knew in his heart this would not be an easy fight.

“It was bad enough with just thinking of dealing with the Sith,” he muttered. “They were a powerful species, using magic for their every day practices; it only gets worse when you add aspects of the Force to it. And Ellis was powerful in his own right, even if he did lose the Force for a time. I know Kreia taught him techniques and the way he killed the last Jedi masters…” He shook his head.

“Five gets you ten he had Vaklu at his beck and call,” he continued. “Not to mention what’s left of the Exchange and the Sith troops. He has two apprentices, who I’m sure are just as deadly as he is. And if he’s dealing with the true species, he could even be possessed by one of them.” He could tell that bit of information shocked and surprised everyone.

“I’ve giving you an out.” He stated, suddenly. “There’s…there’s someone I want to confer with, but…”

“Who?” Bastila asked. “Who is it you need to see?”

The former knight looked at her, an eyebrow raised. “Jolee Bindo.” He said, calmly. “And I know you know where he is, Bas. But regardless of that,” he continued, turning to face everyone once more. “Whatever planet he’s on, anyone who wants out; anyone who wants off this joyride, you can get off. This is more than I bargained for, more than I expected would happen, but it’s not right for me to keep you to do this if you don’t want it.”

He could see Carth starting to protest, but he held up his hand to stop any argument. “Don’t tell me now,” he said. “Wait until we land, wait until we see Jolee before you tell me. I’ll let you think about it. I won’t hold anything against you if none of you want to come back. Believe me, if I could turn away, I would. But I can’t and I won’t.” He let the words hang in the air before turning to Bastila.

“Where is he?”

The young woman let out a sigh, before saying, “The last I heard, he was headed for Naboo. Said he had a friend there that needed help.”

Revan nodded, turning to Carth. “Fancy a flight to Naboo?”

“They do have really good cigars,” the pilot quipped.

“Right.” Revan chuckled. “The sooner we get there, the sooner…”

His sentence was cut off when the Hawk gave a sudden lurch. Revan and Carth stared at each in confusion, ignoring the “What the hell was that?” from Lynsel. As one, the two men quickly hurried down the corridor to the cockpit, the others following. Upon reaching the pilot’s chair, Carth began fiddling with the controls, finding nothing was responding.

“The controls are locked!” he exclaimed. “I think we’re got in a tractor beam.”

“Who the bloody hell has us in a tractor beam?!” Bastila cried.

“It looks like a Republic interdictor ship,” Carth replied. He hit the button for the ship’s communicator. “This is the Ebon Hawk requesting identity.”

“This is Commander Johnson of the Republic ship Sonar.” Came the answer.

“Damn it, PJ!” the pilot exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Sorry, Admiral,” the man called PJ responded.”Orders from the Senate. Someone in their offices wants a word with your crew. I had to make it look like it we ‘ambushed’ you.”

“Well, thanks for the warning.” Carth replied, sarcastically.

“Hey,” PJ said. “You know I’d rather be in a cantina right now celebrating my kid being born, but I got assigned to this. I’d like to think you’re happy about the peacefulness in which I ‘captured’ you.”

The admiral sighed, running a hand over his face.”Yeah, I am,” he said. “Just…don’t…scratch the paint, yeah?”

PJ chuckled on the other end. “First class all the way, sir.” He said, closing the connection.

Lynsel, like everyone else, was surprised that the Republic had come for them. She knew she hadn’t given a report in the last couple of days, but was that really cause to send half the Fleet after them? And how exactly did they know where they were? Didn’t the Ebon Hawk have its signature changed? In the midst of her thinking, she looked up to find Revan staring at her. He didn’t think…oh heavens, he did! Suddenly, she was shaking her head.

“I didn’t,” she whispered. “I swear I didn’t. I didn’t know about this. I didn’t, Revan. I swear.”

He regarded her for a bit, then nodded once. “I know.” He said. Turning to look at everyone else, he sighed, saying,”Let’s all get prettied up for our interrogation, shall we?” He then led all of them out, though Bastila gave her a questioning – if not a scathing – look as she followed.

“Please tell me you had nothing to do with this.”

His statement startled her; she had forgotten he was even in the same room. He was still fiddling with a few gears, his back to her. “I didn’t know about this, Carth,” she pleaded. “I really didn’t.”

“But you admit that you have been reporting about our activities to the Senate.” He turned to face her then, leaning against the center divider, arms crossed on his chest.

“I…” She couldn’t lie. She was making reports to her superiors; she couldn’t stop them from going to the Senate if they so choose. However, that would mean his statement was true, in a round about way. “I have been making reports to my superiors,” she sighed. “But I can’t stop them from telling the Senate!”

“So that’s why they’re pulling us in?” he asked. Why was he so calm? Shouldn’t he be angry or something? She couldn’t take his calm manner. “To brand Revan the new lord of the True Sith?”

“I haven’t told them about that.” She stated. “I really haven’t told them anything. You have to believe me, Carth.”

He gave a chuckle that was neither happy nor humorous; it was actually very bitter. “I have to believe you?” he asked, incredulous. “This whole time you’ve been telling your superior officers, the Senate, and who knows who else all our secrets and I have to believe that you had no idea that they’d be coming for us at some point?”

Again, he chuckled. “You really are a piece of work. It’s a shame you didn’t serve during both wars for long term, we really could’ve used a firaxa like you. Are you sure your husband left you for another woman? Or was it because you were leaking his secrets?”

That was low and uncalled for, that was for damn sure. “At least my husband stayed home,” she retorted. “I’m surprised you got a child out of your marriage, assuming Dustil is indeed yours.”

She knew as soon as the words left her mouth, they cut to his heart, and she didn’t need to see the briefest flicker of pain cross his face to tell her that. But what the hell did he know? And why the hell should she care? This was why she was happier not being involved and not looking for romance or love or any of those bantha droppings.

And why the hell was she thinking about relationships and Carth Onasi in the same breath?

The two continued their stand off, too stubborn and prideful to be the first to back down. It was until they had been docked within the Sonar and when Mission had informed them they were aboard did Carth storm away from her.



From the far reaches of space, the Necrosis made its way back to Korriban, as instructed. The ship had left the moon of Yavin a week or so before, heading off to the coordinates that their leader had given them.

When Ellis returned to the ship, he told his apprentices he had to schedule a meeting, one in which they weren’t privy to. He had then been closed up in his room for an hour. Brianna waited for him in her own quarters, just happy the psychotic look in his eyes was gone, showing her the dull green she yearned for at that moment.

They had made love twice and afterwards, Ellis had told her they were going on a mission, but after that, he wanted to marry her. He again confessed his worries to her, his fears for her, but he had presented her with an engagement ring, one he had bought for her. Of course she said yes.

The Necrosis made its way through the Expansion Region and only when they had nearly reached the border into the Unknown Regions is when they came upon a planet. It was rather non-descript, but to Brianna, was very heavy within the dark side.

She knew the others felt it was well. She was surprised when Ellis told her to stay and only took Atton with him. She felt a little put out by the request, but he smiled at her and winked, saying he would be only a minute. They returned after what felt like twenty minutes, but when they did return, they had with them a holocron of sorts.

He and Atton carried it to the scoundrel’s room, Ellis telling Brianna to wait a moment. Once again, she felt put out at the treatment and decided she would rather be in her room instead of outside his wondering what they were doing.

The former handmaiden didn’t know much about holocrons, but she did remember seeing Atris with tons of them, all within her chambers. She had gathered they were like libraries of information about the past, something that could be learned from.

And that thought made her even angrier. Ellis was willing to show the holocron to Atton, but not her? It was nearly an hour before she saw him enter her room, apparently ready to start their newfound nightly ritual.

“You’re angry.” He stated, taking in her stance and the frown on her face.

“Why have you shown Atton the holocron and not me?” she asked. “I thought I was much higher on your list of important people.”

“You are the most important person in my life,” he whispered, stepping to her. “That’s why I’m not going to show you that until I feel you’re ready for it.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, indignantly.

Taking her by the hand, he made her sit on the bed, while he sat next to her. “I know you have seen a Jedi holocron, correct?” he asked. She nodded. “I remember that Atris had you archiving them, but darling, have you seen a Sith holocron before?”

“I…I…I think so.” She stumbled. “I remember Atris had holocrons within her chambers, but they looked different. And I felt…strange whenever I saw them.”

“Bria,” he began, using his special name for her. “Sith holocrons emit such a strong presence of the dark side, it’s said that even Jedi could be driven mad by seeing one.” Brianna let out a gasp. “One has to be very strong in order to even open one, much less learn of its secrets. I’m not saying I don’t think you’re strong, my love,” he pulled her to him, tilting her chin so she could look at him.

“You’re the strongest person I know. However, both Atton and I have been in the Sith before and we know the effects of relics such as these. Even seeing it, Atton became queasy and even I had a dull headache from gazing at it.

“I love you so much, my darling,” he continued. “It wouldn’t do if I lose my fiancée before she became my wife, right?”

She chuckled before embracing him. “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

He held her tighter. “I just want you safe,” he sighed. “Even with my intentions. I don’t want any harm to come to you.”

“You’ll keep me safe.” She whispered. “As I will keep you safe.” And perhaps save you from yourself, she thought.

“I found a world we can be married on,” he said, kissing her temple. “It’s called Ord Radama. Heard of it?”

“Can’t say I have.”

“It’s one of those planets within the ordinance region posts,” he continued. “I’ve heard it’s been colonized and cities are growing. I think it’ll be easy to get lost there; to get married with no one knowing.”


“We’re heading to Korriban as we speak. I’m thinking we can stop there on the way; it’s fairly close. Then we sneak away and find a minister.” He pulled back, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “It’s not glamorous, I know,” he mumbled. “You deserve a big wedding.”

“But who would attend?” she asked, bitterly.”Revan made sure long ago that my parents wouldn’t be there and Atris forced my hand when she sent my sisters after me.” Her gaze softened as she said, “I know you would want this to be grand for me, but I’m happy with just the two of us before a minister. All I want is to share in everything with you; your name, your bed, your life. Nothing can be greater than that.”

Ellis bit his bottom lip to hopefully stop the surge of emotion he was feeling. She had been nothing but his joy since she had stormed aboard his ship and even now, she was declaring her love for him; that despite what he had planned, she would stand by him no matter what the consequences.

“I love you,” he choked, angry that a stray tear had managed to sneak away from his eye. He quickly ducked his head. “I don’t deserve you.”

She didn’t say a word, just leaned over to kiss his tear away before touching her lips to his. You’re a good man, Ellis. I only hope I can stop your own destruction.



It had been years since Revan had been on the planet of Coruscant. He was told he had been here as a child, learning about the Force and basic history before he was sent to Dantooine. The problem was he didn’t remember any of that. The only imagine of Coruscant he had was six years ago when the Jedi Council had him and the crew of the Ebon Hawk sequestered.

And now, he, Bastila, and Carth were being shown to the office of one Kodis Basil, a high-ranking senator by the way they were being treated. Lynsel had followed them, saying she was being called in to a meeting with her superiors. Revan couldn’t help but notice she and Carth didn’t say anything to each other, the admiral clearly making a point he didn’t want to speak with the young woman.

The trio couldn’t help but look around at their surroundings; none of them had ever been in the Senate building before, so they were curious as to its structure. They noticed there seem to be construction going on, no doubt from the backlash cause by Nihilus’ attack.

The trio waked down a lighted circular hallway, passing various offices, until they reached one that seemed at the very back. The intern that led them knocked on the door, nodding at them when they heard “Enter,” from inside the office. Opening the door, they entered the room to find the strangest looking creature standing before them.

It was an odd looking insectoid, with an elongated face, and it was leaning on a black, wooden walking stick. The creature was green in color, with some light yellow around his face. “Come in, come in,” he said, waving them in with his boney hand. “I take it even the great Revan has not seen one of my species before.” The insectoid laughed.

“I can’t say I have ever seen anything like you,” the former Jedi replied, a smile on his face.

The insectoid bowed. “I am Kodis Basil,” it said. “And I am a Geonosian.”

“From Geonosis?” Revan asked.

“Aye,” said Basil. “When we were approached to have a seat in the Senate, I was elected. I know many of my species do not like the language of humans, but I find it to be necessary in this day and age. But, we did not come to speak about my people.” Basil walked to his desk, indicating they stand before it.

“What exactly are we here to speak about?” Bastila asked.

“Very good question, my dear,” replied Basil. “Let us talk about the mission you are on, yes?”

“What makes you think we’re on a mission?” asked the knight.

“How else do you explain where you have been for the last five years?” asked the insectoid. “And what you’ve been doing since your return? You’ve had a lot of people worried about you, Revan. Your vanishing act did not go unnoticed by the Republic.”

“I’m sure it didn’t,” came the retort. “But I had a bit of personal business to attend to, though I didn’t know I’d be detained for five years.”

Basil chuckled. “Still spirited,” he said. “I have heard of you and your exploits. You were said to be one of the greatest Jedi in the history of the Order, coming in league with Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma.”

“I’m also said to be the greatest Sith Lord as well.” Revan quipped.

“And which did you enjoy?”

“Well, the Jedi give you three meals a day,” the knight joked. “But the Sith let you sleep in.”

The Senator laughed, hearty and with a bit of a cackle. “I knew I would like you,” he sputtered. “We Geonosians feel that violence is sometimes needed in order to prove your point.” He chuckled again, before coming back to his original questioning. “So your mission is personal?”


“And why could you not go alone as before?”

Revan shrugged. “I got lonely.”

Basil again chuckled. “And what about Lt. Lynsel Belyn?” he asked. “Is there a reason you need two Republic officers aiding you?”

“Lt. Belyn brought herself aboard,” Carth replied. “It’s not as though we invited her to tag along.”

“Is that so?” the insectoid asked. “And you – Admiral Onasi, was it? And why are you on this ‘mission’?”

Carth shrugged. “Cause Revan invited me.”

“Did you really bring us in here to ask about my personal vacation?” Revan asked, a bit huffy for Basil’s taste.

“I called you in here to know if you are in league with this new Sith Lord we’ve been hearing about.”

“Or is it that you think I’m this new Sith Lord?” came his retort.

“It has crossed the minds of many,” Basil stated, eyeing Bastila. “Especially when I see a former Sith apprentice by your side.” He noticed the look Revan gave him. “You must admit that there is some suspicion.”

“I admit nothing,” Revan quoted. “But I will assure you at least, that I am not a Sith Lord. I decided to take a vacation and invited some friends to join me. Lt. Belyn, obviously under the Senate influence, decided that she needed to follow me around to make sure that I’m not evil incarnate.”

Basil stood, walking around the desk to face the former knight. “You must understand, Revan,” he said. “As one warrior to another, I respect you in all aspects of your battles. But the Senate worries that perhaps you may be ushering in a new reign.”

Revan’s face remained neutral, even as his body cried out. Was it possible Basil knew more than he should? “The Senate should really be worried about other things than one’s traveling schedule.”

Basil gave a grin, though it looked more like a sneer than anything else. “You will find your lieutenant friend at the other end of the hall,” he said. “I believe she is in a meeting of sorts.”

Revan nodded, thanking him for his time. Once outside the door and headed for the main entrance, the former Jedi began to rant. “Something’s going on, I know it.”

“You know the Senate,” Carth replied. “They’re just as sneaky as the Jedi Order, more so I think. Politics is never straight forward nor is it usually truthful.”

“I just can’t believe they would pull us in just to know if we’ve joined the Sith,” Bastila muttered. “I don’t think they needed to ambush us and haul us in.”

“We’ll hopefully find out with Lynsel.”

“How will that help?” Carth asked, obviously still sore about his conversation with her.

“Well,” Revan replied.”We’ll know what she’s really up to, won’t we?”



Lynsel probably shouldn’t have been surprised to get the message on the Sonar that she was required to attend a meeting by her superiors nor was she surprised that some members of the Senate were seated in the room as well.

She was however surprised at the complete turn around they seemed to have and who those senators were. They had praised her for taking on this most difficult mission of spying on Revan, but she could tell they were slightly disappointed that she didn’t find anything incriminating about his travels – at least nothing that screamed ‘he’s going to try and take over the galaxy again!’ and the fact that some of those superiors could easily tell she hadn’t told them everything was very unnerving for her.

But she had to say she was definitely floored when they told her she was dismissed from this mission and that they were going to find another means of getting the information they wanted. One senator in particular had told her,

“You must understand, Lieutenant, we’re afraid Revan is using his Jedi powers on you. And despite your previous ‘training’ in such matters, I think it has been far too long since you’ve been able to resist these kinds of things.”

That was when she had given her salutes and left.

She just couldn’t believe it, though she was hard pressed to know what she hated most – the fact that she had been so calmly dismissed from the mission or the fact that he had present to watch it and to take part in it. All she knew was she needed to get out of there. She knew what was truly at stake and the Senate, like the Jedi, were just patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She began walking faster, curving around the hallway, when she heard her name being called. She finally came to a stop in front of the main entrance. “That’s better,” replied the voice, turning her around to face him. “For a minute, I truly thought you were just going to leave here without so much as a hello.”

“We have nothing to say to each other.” She spat.

“We have so much to discuss,” he said. “It’s been years since we’ve seen one another.”



The trio of Revan, Carth, and Bastila had only turned a corner before they stopped, taking in the scene before them. Lynsel stood, arms crossed, and an annoyed look on her face as she stood across from a man in his late thirties, early forties.

He was tall, about a head taller than Lynsel, with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing the normal dress of the senators, his clothing being a dark burgundy, but seemingly looking well on him. It seemed to the two were in a heated discussion, by the way Lynsel was frowning.

Carth wasn’t sure who the man was, but it was clear to him that he was bothering her. Their apparent differences aside, he was the first to move and march over to the duo, an amused Revan and Bastila trailing behind him. “There a problem here?” Carth asked the young woman, his eyes trained on the man that stood across from him.

“I don’t believe you were asked to join this conversation,” the man replied, coolly. He meant to say more, but when his eyes glanced over, a smile replaced the previous look on his face. “Well,” he said. “The prodigal knight does return. I’ve heard much about you, Lord Revan.”

“And I so little about you.”

The man chuckled. “Forgive me,” he replied, bowing slightly. “Robert Belyn, senator for the planet Talus.”

“Then you should be aware that I am no longer a Sith Lord,” Revan stated.

“It’s not common knowledge, unfortunately,” came the retort. “And who is this lovely flower?”

“Bastila Shan,” replied Revan, watching as the senator went to grab her hand. “My future wife.”

Belyn stopped, glancing over at Revan. “Then congratulations are in order.” He then turned to address Carth. “And this must be Adm. Onasi,” he said, looking the admiral up and down. “I have heard nothing but praise about you.”

“I’m sorry I can’t say the same about you,” he quipped. “Oh wait. I’m not sorry at all.”

Seeing the raised eyebrows on Bastila’s face and the way Revan glanced over at Lynsel made Belyn chuckle again. “I see Zella hasn’t even mentioned a word about me.”

“You’ve been mentioned.” Carth snarled.

Sparing a glance at Carth, Belyn continued with, “I’m the lucky man who the dear lieutenant claimed as her beloved husband.”

Ex – husband,” Lynsel growled. “You always forget the ‘ex’ that’s in front of that. Besides, I believe I hear an intern breathing heavy. Better find her before she finds herself under someone else.”

“Still miffed about that, are you?” he asked, conversationally. “I can see there’s no reasoning with you while in front of an audience. However, seeing as you’ll be here for a bit, I do hope to catch you alone some time.”

“Sure,” Lynsel replied. “When hell freezes.”

The man smirked, bowing again to Revan and Bastila, and sending a small sneer to Carth. “So,” Revan began. “How was your meeting?”

“Oh just peachy,” she said, sarcastically. “I’ve been kicked off. Apparently I’m way too susceptible to your Jedi charms.”

“Wait,” Carth asked. “So they’re…assigning someone new?”

“Basically.” She said. “And I’m here to tell you to stay put until they can assign you someone.”

Revan laughed.

“You’re joking.”

Lynsel smirked. “Let’s get out of here before someone sees me talking to you.”

She walked passed them and out the door, leaving them gaping at her. “Lyn, wait!” She stopped as Carth ran up to her. “Where you going?”

“We are on a mission, are we not?” she asked, looking at him incredulously. “I don’t like leaving things unfinished.”

“You’re coming with us?” Bastila asked, surprised.

“You realize that you’ll be labeled a ‘rogue’ officer,” Revan said, grinning slightly. “You know how my influence is.”

Lynsel huffed. “Right,” she said, once again heading for the Hawk. “If you three are quite finished, we do have things to do.”

Revan clapped Carth on the back. “Looks like our adventure is starting up again, eh Carthy?” he chuckled, slinging an arm around Bastila. The admiral watched the three head away and he couldn’t help the small smile come to his face as his eyes shifted to Lynsel. He had been right on the credits.

She was something else.



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