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Part VIII – Revenge of the Sith




Brianna hadn’t seen the Sith holocron since Atton and Ellis had brought it aboard. She knew Ellis was only looking out for her wellbeing, especially with her recent news to him, but she was feeling left out.

Oh, she knew it was silly to be feeling that way – she was a warrior after all – but it reminded her terribly of her time with her half-sisters on Telos, of Atris, and that only made her think of the horrible way they died; of the way Atris had forced her to kill her family. Or at least people she thought were her family.

She shook her head out of those thoughts. She had a new family now – Ellis – and that was truly all she needed. But she couldn’t help the curiosity that went through her when she thought about that holocron, especially when Atton seemed so attached to it.

Most times she would see him leave from the room, his eyes turned from a light brown to a sickly yellow, his skin more pale than usual. He had this look that nearly screamed for her to stay away from him, though he wasn’t a threat. But what was in that holocron that could make him look like that?

She had rose early that morning, leaving a still slumbering Ellis in their bed, and then padding out of the room and down the hall. The holocron was kept close by to their quarters, but far enough away in order not to cause any damage.

This was something Ellis had insisted on, as he knew more about artifacts of the dark side than any of them. She had just barely stepped through the door, when she felt the overwhelming power of the dark side.

While she had certainly used the dark side in battle, Atton had led their group through the temple of Freedon Nadd and he had been the one to stand over the heavy patch of power.

It was overpowering; she backed out of the room and out into the hallway, trying to catch her breath and calm herself.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The question startled her already shaken nerves to the point she actually gasped. “Atton!” she exclaimed, once she had caught her breath and seen who the person attached to the question was.

“Thought you’d take a peak at all the fun, huh?” he sneered. “Feeling left out, are we?”

Brianna’s look was of pure ice. “Perhaps you’re merely jealous of the fact that Ellis enjoys spending time with me.”

The former scoundrel chuckled. “You’re pretty funny, know that?” he asked.

“I do try,” she retorted. “But you must admit, that little box you have in there is quite interesting, with the way it seems to be joined at your hip.”

Atton walked over to her, leaning in closer than the young handmaiden ever wanted him to be. “Listen Princess,” he said, quietly. “Let’s not mince words here, huh? You don’t like me and I don’t like you, but we both like our teacher and friend, Mr. Yoly, so I’m going to give you some advice.

“You have no idea what’s about to happen and for that, I think you’re rather slow or lucky, however you look at it, but I can tell you this. The next few days are going to determine whether you can hang with the big boys or not.”

The young woman just quirked an eyebrow.

“Don’t think I don’t know about your wavering loyalty.”

That statement made her heart stop, but try as she might, Atton still saw the shock that ran across her face.

“If I can sense the good in you, then so can our masters. I may not like you, but Ellis likes you and he’s done more for me than anyone, so I’m kinda loyal.”

“You were never loyal to anyone but yourself,” the woman countered.

“After the wars,” he stated. “After Revan, after Malachor, after everything…but before…” he shook his head clear. That was the last thing he wanted to discuss, especially with her.

“The point being,” he continued. “Is that you need to decided what side you’re gonna play on. Things are going to happen, like I said, and I truly doubt these Sith will just let you go around helping people. My suggestion to you is to stay low until everything blows over or you get rid of those doubts you’re having.”

The scoundrel backed away from her, sending her one last look before he turned and started to walk away. “Atton,” the sound of her calling him stopped him for a moment. “What exactly is going to happen?”

“In short,” the apprentice replied. “There’s going to be another war and this time, there’s no way the Republic will win.”

With those words, Atton headed into the room Brianna had vacated, leaving the young woman standing against the wall, shocked. Why she was shocked, she didn’t know. Wasn’t this what they were striving for?

The end of the Jedi? Of the Republic? Brianna knew this was her calling now, but she also knew that it was wrong and anything else thrown at the Republic would surely be its downfall.

She couldn’t let that happen.

Checking to make sure she was alone, she hurried to the command center and hoped to get a secure line.



To say that the Senate was surprised that Revan, the prodigal knight, wanted an audience with them was an understatement. To say pandemonium reigned would be more appropriate. It of course was more than pleasing to Kodis Basil and Robert Belyn; they worried about their activities of late.

The senior Belyn was growing more and more suspicious of their sudden departures and of odd calls that came in to their offices. But it was necessary – the two were only looking out for the Republic and Master Trayun had assure them that the Republic would be rebuilt, once the old ideologies fell and new ones built up. That, and the fact that Lord Trayun hated Revan as much as Belyn did helped.

It was the early morning hours when consoles began beeping, calling an urgent meeting of the Senate. The Supreme Chancellor was already awake, being unable to sleep with the current problems over his head. People on Coruscant cried for justice, not caring who the new Sith Lord was, just that something be done about him.

The murders of four members of the Galactic Senate did not sit well with the rest of the Republic and they wanted justice for their murders. So when sometime in the night his console began beeping, the Chancellor almost took out his custom blaster he kept under his pillow and put out the blasted noise. Instead, he rose from bed and was intent on cursing at the person who dared wake him.

It was Revan and he was insistent that a gathering of the Senate happen later in the day. No other explanation than that, only to say, “There are many things that need to be discussed.”

And now, a little past the sunrise, the Chancellor, his senior aide, and Basil were meeting Revan and his crew as they entered the Senate building. “Revan,” the Chancellor greeted, shaking the former knight’s hand. “Was this truly necessary?”

“Yes sir.”

“And why, pray tell,” Basil began. “Did you wake us before the rising sun? Surely not for another casual chat.”

“No,” the knight replied. “I’m here to turn myself in.”



Senator Chandran Holis was a soft spoken human from the planet of Alderaan who had never been to a Senate meeting before. That was because his predecessor had been one of the unfortunate members killed by the Sith after the Senate party a few weeks ago.

In fact, this was his very first official meeting. He had been an aid to Jackson Polls when he had been nominated to take his place at this most urgent meeting. Now as he sat in the area designated for his planet, he had to admit he was awed.

There were so many people, species really, that littered the entire chambers and there was excited talk all around. Chandran had no idea why they had been called, but he could tell some were excited, others curious, others downright annoyed at being woken at the crack of dawn.

When the Supreme Chancellor came in, there was quiet as the meeting was called to order. There reigned silence as the Chancellor gave his apologizes for the early morning wake up, but something of importance had come to his attention and he would be turning over the floor to the person who held that information.

There were murmurs around before that person came forward. He was of average height, his build possibly muscular, but definitely fit. He had short black hair and a matching black goatee; the most surprising thing was he was dressed in the robes of a Jedi, blue ones to be exact, with black military pants that were hidden under the robe.

Chandran hadn’t seen too many Jedi around and from the looks of it, neither had the other senators. The young man looked around at his audience before clearing his throat.

“All of you wonder who I am; though you may not remember my face, you do know me. I was the pride of the Jedi; I led the Republic against the Mandalorians and triumphed; and then I led the Sith against you. Then I returned and defeated the Sith for you.” He paused, watching as many a face lit in recognition.

“Oh yes,”he sighed. “You know me very well.”

Chandran had to admit the silence that had been before this bombshell was lovely. Immediately after the last word, protests began; some praising him, some condemning him. Through it all, Chandran could only make out one word.


The same Revan who had been a master of the Jedi, who had single handedly stood up for the Republic when the Order wouldn’t and led half of them into battle with the Mandalorians. The same Revan who had returned as Dark Lord of the Sith and proceeded to try and conquer the galaxy.

The same Revan who seemingly returned to fight against the Sith and former apprentice, Darth Malak. Revan, in the flesh. Chandran was pretty awe-struck and he certainly counted his blessings that he was there that day, even when his appointment had come through a death.

The Chancellor called for order then, trying to quiet the outpour of voices. The prodigal knight again cleared his throat.

“I am here today because there is information that needs to be known by the Senate,” he began. “Information that I thought…I thought I could keep and try to combat myself, but I see now, that was a…happy delusion. I don’t know how much you know about the Mandalorian War or even my part in the Jedi Civil War; however, that is the reason why I am here, as well as to warn you.”

“How do we know you’re not just placating us?” shouted one senator.

“You’ve done it before!” cried another.

“Please!” The Chancellor again called for order, then nodded to the knight to continue.

“Many years ago, there was a species called the Sith,” he stated. “Who made their home on the planet Korriban. When the Jedi Order had their first rift, something known as the one hundred year war, the dark Jedi fled to that planet, eventually mating with the species there.

“It was the Sith that managed to get a hold on the galaxy, until infighting caused them to split and eventually they killed each other off. But…not all of the Sith were killed.

“When I went up against the Mandalorians, I learned all I could about them, about their habits, their species. Few people know that I trained to be the chronicler of the archives one day, so researching was nothing new to me. However, that research led me to a planet; a planet that the Mandalorians feared to tread and that was Malachor V.

“When I defeated them there, I was already on the dark side or at least, I was falling very fast. I went to the planet and discovered it was once a part of the Ancient Sith empire and there were still artifacts there, one being an Academy. It was here I learned of the Star Maps that would eventually bring about the Star Forge that I and later Malak would use to try and defeat the Republic.”

“What does all of this matter?” Belyn asked. “Your personal history has nothing to do with these proceedings. We – the Chancellor and myself – were under the impression that you were turning yourself in.”

“Let him speak,” proclaimed one voice. It must’ve been a new person, as the room began looking to see who had spoken.

“I am here because the Senate has repeatedly asked about my activities after our return from the Star Forge battle,” Revan supplied. “In short, I was hunting down these remnants of the True Sith. And I have found them.”

Again, the chambers were in an uproar over this. Most protested that the Sith had died out or had been killed by either their own followers or the Republic. And again, the Chancellor held for calm. “And just how do you know this, Revan?” he asked.

“Because I have seen them,” came the reply. “I have seen them and I know that they are planning on attacking the Republic. And that’s not all,” he continued, when that statement also caused a ruckus. “I know of this Lord Trayun and he will be the one who leads them to us.”

It seemed as though Chandran was getting his first taste of politics. Here was not only a former war hero, but a hero turned villain, who was apparently warning the Senate they would be attacked if action wasn’t taken.

This time, the noise was deafening, as people tried to talk over one another and even the Chancellor couldn’t bring to order. Only the command of a “Stop!” was enough to get the senate to settle down.

“He speaks the truth,” replied that same voice as before, this time a body became attached to it. It was a small bothan, also wearing the robes of a Jedi – these were brown and tan though – and he hovered slightly below Revan.

Apparently, Revan either didn’t know this being would speak up or he was surprised as the rest of them when he did, as his eyes were round and he stammered for a coherent thought.

“Master Revan speaks the truth,” he replied again. “The True Sith have once again arisen and they have gone to great lengths to ensure the Republic has been severely weakened.”

“Why should we help you?” Basil asked, smoothly. “When the Republic called for aid, the Jedi were quite happy to let us fend for ourselves. In fact, the Jedi only got involved when Revan, their prodigal knight, was the one causing havoc.”

“That’s right,” Belyn piped up. “And what did Revan say? The dark Jedi from their history mated with these Sith. Isn’t that always the way? The Sith are nothing but disgruntled Jedi and it’s always down to us, the Republic, to save ourselves with their own infighting!”

The Senate floor bursts into yays and nays on the matter. “The Republic is weakened because of them, because of him,” the senior aide continued, pointing a finger at Revan. “It may have been Malak who nearly destroyed us, but he was Revan’s apprentice! And he admitted it was him who found the information on the Star Maps…”

“And I’ve gone back and destroyed them!” Revan protested. “I’ve made sure no one will ever use them!”

“That’s what he says,” Basil commented.

“But do we know?” Belyn finished. “He told us that he was tracking errant Mandalorians, when he was really searching for those maps. The Jedi say he’s on a mission for them, but really he’s searching for these True Sith. How do we know he’s not Lord Trayun?”

Again, the floor went crazy and again, the Chancellor called for order. “You’ve brought up something that does not please us, Revan,” he sighed. “My son and Kodis are correct; you have lied to us in the past. How do we know you don’t lie now? We barely had enough men to cover the invasion on Telos a few years ago and now you tell us to prepare for war? With what resources, Revan?

“You yourself took nearly the entire fleet when you fled Malachor and those that were still here suffered a horrible toll when fighting against you during the Jedi Civil War. So no, Revan. The Senate, nor the Republic, will aid you in this fight. Not this time.”

Chandran watched as Revan nodded quickly, his eyes refusing to show the anger in them. “For the good of the galaxy, Revan,” the Chancellor continued, softly. “I do hope you win this battle as well.”

And that was it. The meeting was adjourned, the senators and their parties left their podiums; the Chancellor and his entourage left their podium, leaving the new senator from Alderaan watching as the bothan floated over to Revan, speaking softly, until they both left as well, leaving Chandran alone. He blew out a breath, before falling back in his chair. It had been eventful, to say the least.

Years from now, he would think back to this day as the start of a highly interesting career.


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