Revenge of the Sith: Part X: Return of the Jedi, page 4


Part X – Return of the Jedi


Four hundred fifty ships of Republic and Onderonian forces all congregated around the lush planet of Serenno in order to count numbers. While four hundred and fifty ships was nothing to laugh at, it was still small in comparison to what the suspected amount of True Sith vessels, real or otherwise. On each of these ships were large combinations of Republic and Onderon soldiers, Mandalorians, Wookies, and a very small amount of Jedi.

On the Sojourn, the flagship of at least one hundred of these ships, it felt more like an Ebon Hawk reunion. Admiral Carth Onasi felt lucky to be working with his former crewmates, though he had hoped it wouldn’t be in the guise of taking out the Sith. Again.

He currently had over a thousand men and women onboard, most of those being his own crew from when he was given his own ship. These were the same people whom he fought to protect Telos with and whom he would now bring into battle once more. Along with his crew, he also had his former crewmates from the Hawk – Revan and Trayun would lead several fighters down to the planet of Ziost to lead the ground assault, along with Mandalorians, Wookies, and the other soldiers.

Meanwhile Bastila would take up her role as ‘tactical advisor’, using her Battle Meditation to back up the fight. Both Canderous and Zaalbar would lead their troops along with Revan, sticking to their words of loyalty that was given all those years ago.

Carth now stood on the bridge of the Sojourn, watching as the stars moved slowly through the sky. Revan had advised him to lead the troops slowly through the galaxy on their way to Ziost, as to watch for anything unusual. The former Jedi seemed to know exactly where the ship was headed, dispite the fact that their own nav computer didn’t seem to find anything. As they seemed to be approaching nothing but black, Carth felt the same tense anxiety he had when they went to the planet of Thule.

He would always remember that planet, the one where he had seen the image of Morgana after so many years; the planet where he had nearly lost his son; the planet that made him face his past and had granted him a future with Lynsel. As they continue to move, the feeling seemed to heighened his senses and he just wanted to fight this fight and be done with it.

He wasn’t startled when he felt the former Jedi enter from the bridge doors, Revan putting his hand on his shoulder. “We’re getting closer, aren’t we?” the admiral asked, his eyes scanning the horizon, but not seeing anything.

Revan nodded. He looked over to Bastila, raising an eyebrow at her. He could tell the proximity of these dark sided planets were taking their effect on her, on all of them, but she turned and smiled at him, always full of a strength she possessed, but never allowed to use. He looked passed her to Ellis, whom he had rathered to follow them both to the bridge. His worry only increased the closer they traveled through the galaxy to the former empire of the Sith. And now his worry seemed to heighten looking at the younger man, as his face seemed to be scrunched in a look of confusion.

For his part, Ellis seemed to be seeing things in an odd light. Every few seconds, his mind seemed to flash images of the war – the last time he had been on the bridge of a flagship with Revan was as they approached the planet of Malachor, right before all hell broke loose. But there were so many images that passed before his eyes, that he almost missed the most important one.

One of the first things Kreia taught him – or perhaps retaught and encouraged – was that of Precognition, the ability to see things before they happened. It was rare for an individual to be able to see into the future, but it was possible. Ellis was aware that both Kreia and Revan were able to see into future events and while his own sight was small in comparison, it did lend to his ability to stay alive.

It was at this moment that Ellis’ precognition kicked in, allowing him to see a small vision of what was to come – the bridge of a ship, with bodies on the ground, bodies everywhere on the ground; behind the bodies, stood a figure in black, red lightsaber ignited and seemingly waiting for someone; waiting for them.

“It’s a trap,” he muttered, causing those around him to stare in confusion. “We’re walking into a trap. This is a trap!”

“What do you mean?” Bastila asked, suspiciously.

“Are you deaf?” Ellis growled, turning to her. “What did I just say? This is a trap! They’re leading us into a trap. They’ve discovered what I’ve done and they’re leading us into a trap.”

“Ellis, calm down.”

“You calm down!” the young man exclaimed, igniting his lightsaber. “Who knows what’s happened because of your docile calmness?! You’ve wasted my time and have kept me from finding my wife and my friend. No more, Revan! This ends right now! This -”

His words trailed off, his eyes wide and his breathing labored and heavy. Upon swallowing, he could feel the heat of Revan’s own lightsaber as it hovered close to his Adam’s apple. His own double bladed lightsaber was clinched in his hand, in the process of rising for a blow.

“In the time it will take you to raise your weapon,” Revan said. “I would’ve already slit your throat. And by the time you fell, Carth would’ve put a hole in your head. You are a side quest and your death will leave no one crying over you.”

“I think perhaps we all need to calm down,” Bastila replied, looking between Ellis and Revan. She had never been in a situation like this – both Revan and Carth had their weapons trained closely on the Sith lord, while several of Carth’s officers had their weapons trained on the younger man as well, but at a distance.

She could feel Revan’s rage and frustration, though she could also detect both Carth’s and Ellis’ rise as well. The bridge was deathly quiet and it didn’t seem as though anything could break the standoff. That is until the ship’s pilot made an announcement.

“Admiral, we’ve spotted a ship in the distance.”

Again, silence reigned on the bridge, even as Ellis turned his head to see this new found vessel. Only when his face went white and he dropped his lightsaber to the floor did both Revan and Carth turn to look out the front window. The sense of urgency grew as Ellis identified the ship as it came into view.

“It’s the Necrosis.”



The planet of Telos had been a beautiful haven once. It was said to have been a refuge for Jedi students who either failed their training or were too old to be trained and they were sent to the agricultural fields of the planet. Sub-sequentially, many Force-sensitive children were found on or near the planet. Telos was also an important part of the Republic, housing several military bases that had soldiers fight in both the Exar Kun War and the Mandalorian War.

However, things would drastically change for the small planet. In the years since the Jedi Civil War, the facts of the bombing of Telos were clear. It had been thought that Revan had played a major part in the bombardment, when in actuality; the perpetrator was Malak, against his master’s orders, who in a test of loyalty for Admiral Saul Karath had the planet nearly bombed out of existence. Many people paid the price for this act of defiance – Morgana Onasi would lose her life, Dustil Onasi would be taken by the Sith, and Malak would lose his jaw to Revan’s outrage.

Things thought to be getting better when the Ithorians lead by Chodo Habat sought to put Telos back in shape, through a restoration of sorts. This was backed by the previous Supreme Chancellor who hoped to give more support to those Outer Rim worlds that had been devastated by both the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars. But again, it seemed that Telos would get another bad break. Due to Czerka’s influence and with help from Jedi exile, Ellis Yoly, the Ithorians were pushed off the project and off Telos.

But as in the past, Telos was a planet that thrived on survival. As Moza, aide to Habat had mentioned, Devaronian Sunny Ishim had contacted him through a mutual friend, someone who wanted the rightful people back in charge of the restoration project. These changes were what Chodo Habat hoped to talk to Revan about, happy enough to have emissaries to speak to until the resolution of the Sith problem.

And this was how Mission Vao found herself on the Ebon Hawk with Mical, on their way to Telos. And though she knew she should’ve been more adult-ish about the situation, she couldn’t help but pout. Why couldn’t they have left with the others? Telos was on the way, sort of. Why did she have to be the one to babysit this guy? How come everyone got to leave and fight the Sith? Why was she always left to watch everyone go?

Why couldn’t she tell Dustil how she felt?

The same thought kept running through her mind as she piloted the small freighter to the planet. His admission to her had left her stunned; she could honestly never recall anyone ever saying that to her and while she knew Zaalbar felt that way and probably so did Revan, it was really more of a brother-sister love, nothing like what Dustil had told her.

She was just so surprised and…and stunned that by the time her thoughts returned to her, she was in the pilot’s chair of the Hawk and they were coasting through hyperspace towards Telos. Mission knew she couldn’t be surprised that someone had taken an interest in her – or vice versa in that matter – but she still felt like the exuberant fourteen year old of years gone by, where the concept of love just cramped her style.

And now at the age of twenty, she had discovered that those feelings were good, definitely good! But they were also scary and unknown. What if this was just something that was a passing thing? After all, they spent nearly every waking moment together on a really tiny ship. What if he was expecting a lot more experience from her?

Dustil had already had a girlfriend and from what he told her, they were really…close. He was certainly the more experienced one and she was really, really…not. Dustil was the first guy she had ever even kissed! What if he didn’t return?

That seemed to give her pause. Oh frak, what if he didn’t come back? They had all thought Revan, Bastila, and Jolee were just going to explore that planet and then Jolee didn’t come back and could never come back. Mission remembered how scared she had been when Dustil had been brought aboard and how…beat up he looked.

She could remember how worried she had gotten when she hadn’t heard anything from Revan and then she had to go and leave Zaalbar on Kashyyyk. And in some part of her head, she remembered her brother Griff and how she would probably never see him again.

“Credit for your thoughts,” came a whisper, startling her out of her musings.

“Just…just nothing,” she murmured.

“Well,” Mical replied. “I thought I’d tell you that we will be near Telos soon, so you might want to take us out of hyperspace.”


Pulling the ship out of hyperspace put them right on the line towards Telos, with the planet is partial sight. “Though I know this wasn’t your choice,” Mical began. “I’d like to thank you for accompanying me on this assignment. I’ve never been known as someone who didn’t enjoy the occasion conversation.” Mission smirked. “So…” he mumbled. “If…if something is bothering you, I want you to know that I’ll try to be as helpful as I can. That is, if you’d like to discuss it.”

The Twi’lek wasn’t sure if she should even talk to this guy – like, who was he exactly? She knew that Carth knew him and that he was a Jedi or something, but she didn’t really know the guy. But…she was out of her league in this new situation and Revan always said you should take all the help you can get when you find yourselves in a troubling situation.

Mission took a deep breath and asked, “Have you ever been in love?”

Mical’s eyes widen slightly and one golden eyebrow raised itself.

“I mean,” she continued. “Being a Jedi and all, I know it’s kinda a dumb question, but I’m not really sure what I should be doing here and I’m kinda scared that I’m jumping into this and it’s just weird and…”

“Hold on,” the blond interrupted. “I’m not sure I understand where this is all coming from.”

The young woman abruptly turned to look at the cockpit window. “Nevermind,” she insisted. “It’s stupid anyways.”

“Mission,” Mical whispered. “I meant what I said. I do wish to help you if I can. I was…I apologize for my response. I just…I wasn’t expecting you to ask me that question.” He paused, before continuing. “Yes, I have been in love before. In fact, I was married once.”

The younger woman looked over at him in surprise, to which Mical just chuckled. “Don’t be so surprised,” he said. “While I do feel the Force and had at one point in my life, I wasn’t necessarily always a Jedi and I certainly didn’t live as one for many years.”

“Well…what happened?” Mission asked. “I mean, like…how did you meet her?”

Mical sighed, sitting back in the co-pilot’s chair. “After my master left the Order for the Mandalorian War,” he began. “I decided that I didn’t think I could be a Jedi myself; that is, I saw things differently after that. I left Dantooine and went to Coruscant, in order to join the Republic Fleet.”

Here, he chuckled.

“I had absolutely no talents what so ever, really,” he continued. “However, I was interested in history and I was a good scout. I was able to scout out new locations for bases for the Republic and…that’s how I met my wife.

“I was back on Dantooine for a time and she was one of the farmers that tended the land for the Order.” His voice trailed off, remembering a love from a long time ago. “I may have been your age and certainly, I knew nothing of how to court a girl or anything of that nature,” he whispered. “But being with her, seeing her…I knew what I wanted and that was her.”

“What…what happened?” she asked, quietly. “To your wife, I mean.”

“Malak bombed the planet.”

Mission nodded, sympathetically. “I know how that goes,” she whispered.

“She was in the academy at the time,” he continued. “And I lost her.”

“But you don’t hate the Jedi, right?” she asked. “I mean, you know who was responsible.”

“Of course,” he said. “I’ve always had the distinction between Jedi and Sith. I never once blamed the Jedi for what happened. That’s why I went back, to help in preserving the artifacts that were left.” Mical lowered his head and made small chuckle. “My life as a former Jedi, Republic officer, and historian were not what you asked me.”

“Well,” she stated. “It kinda was.”

“You asked if I had ever been in love,” he said. “Which I did answer. However, might I inquire as to why you want to know?”

Mission tried to concentrate on entering the Telosian atmosphere, hoping it would distract from the obvious blush on her face. “I was…curious, is all,” she said.

Mical nodded, his attention also on their descent into the landing bay within the Citadel station. “You are still young, Mission,” he said. “And a lot of things are relatively new to you. If…I may provide counsel?”

He saw the small nod she gave.

“There is a difference between what many would call a crush and what could be or lead to a potential long lasting relationship. A crush, in so many words, is an infatuation. Something that…when you’re away from that person for an extended period time, you forget about them. You…see other men, have other interests.”

“How…how will I know the difference?”

“When we land on Telos,” he answered. “If your thoughts stray to how he is, what he’s doing, about wanting to see him again…and possibly exploring how far your relationship will take you, then you definitely do not have a crush.”

The Ebon Hawk reached the landing dock upon the Citadel Station of Telos. There was no fanfare as the two left the ship and headed out the exit towards the entertainment module. Working their way around, the two managed to find the area that housed the Telos Security Force and that of Lt. Dol Gren, who greeted the former Republic officer cordially.

“I take it Carth sent you down,” he said, shaking Mical’s hand and nodding to Mission.

“Actually,” the Twi’lek laughed. “Revan sent us.”

Gren just raised an eyebrow before looking at Mical for confirmation, to which the blond nodded. “We’re here to see Chodo Habat,” he stated.

Gren nodded. “You’ll find him in Residential 082, west side,” he replied. “I’m glad he’s back, to be honest. It’s not easy trying to skirt Czerka by trying to do your job. I think he has some good ideas about turning this place to where it was.”

“I agree,” Mical said. “That’s why we’re here, actually. Revan wanted us to come and meet him, ask if there’s anything we can do.”

“Keep Czerka out,” Gren joked. “Things were going fine until they started in.”

“Don’t worry, sir,” Mission stated. “We’ve had our share of getting rid of Czerka in the past. We’ve already kicked them off two planets. Third times the charm you know.”

Both men chuckled at the heart the young woman showed, as well as the conviction that Czerka would be removed from another planet. “Well,” Gren replied. “I wish you luck. When you see Onasi again, tell him I’ll save his housing if he wants it. I’ve had my eye on it for about a good year.”

It took another few minutes for Mission and Mical to find their way to the area known as Residential West, but when they did, they easily found the offices of the Ithorians. A greeter droid met them at the front desk.

“Good day,” he replied, happily. “Welcome to the Ithorian Compound. How may I help you?”

“We’re here to see Chodo Habat,” Mical began. “I believe he is expecting us. We’re friends of Revan.”

“Oh yes,” the greeter responded. “I am showing that he is indeed supposed to meet with you. You will find him in the room to the right. He and his aide are waiting for you.”

Mical nodded his thanks to the droid, before he and Mission found their way to where the greeter told them Moza and Chodo were waiting for them. “Hey Mick,” Mission whispered. “How do we know these guys are on the level? What if this is a trap?”

Mical looked at her for a moment. “We have nothing to fear from these creatures, Mission,” he replied. “The Ithorians are known for their help with other war torn worlds. It is, if I may say, their main purpose in the galaxy.”

“But why?”


“Why do they go around helping these worlds?” she asked.

“As I said, it’s in their nature,” Mical replied. “They are well-known environmentalists. They believe that the galaxy could be a great wonder, especially with the right influence on a planet’s surface. There are many beautiful planets in the galaxy, Mission, some that have the most gorgeous and exotic wildlife and flora known to man. But as you know, with the galaxy at war, these planets are either razed to the ground or ultimately destroyed. The Ithorians seem to be the only ones that truly want to help the galaxy with no amount of monetary gain. It’s refreshing, actually.”

Upon entering the room, the two visitors were met by Moza, the aide that had spoken to the Supreme Chancellor.

“You are here,” he said, nodding his long neck and head. “I am pleased that Revan kept his word about sending someone. I am Moza, aide to our high priest, Chodo Habat.”

“You honor us by letting us meet with you,” Mical replied, nodding his head in greeting. “I am Mical and this is Mission Vao. We hope that Revan will meet up with us here once…well, once this nightmare is over.”

“Yes,” Moza said, turning towards their intended target. “Chodo has seen this coming conflict.”

“Seen it?” Mission asked. “How?”

“Chodo is gifted with what you call the Force,” Moza answered. “This is why our people have elected him as our high priest. His connection enables him to see the world in another light that we may not.”

The group approached the Ithorian high priest, as Moza concluded his speech. “Chodo,” Moza spoke. “These are the people that Revan has sent.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Chodo,” Mical replied. “What you and your people are doing for the planet is most remarkable. I’m glad to be a part of this.”

“It is the pleasure of my people to receive such help as that of Revan,” Chodo said. “I have been watching of his tasks on the holo news.”

“We’re on the news?” asked Mission.

“Oh yes,” Moza supplied. “The word is out that the Republic mobilizes for an upcoming war and that it was Revan who first gave the signal of one.”

“There are still those of course who think Revan is once more a dark lord of the Sith,” Chodo said, a rather sad expression on his face. “We have dealt with an evil force before, a few years ago. We had come to the Jedi exile in hopes he would help expose the corruption and treachery that was Czerka. Unfortunately, we did not realize that he would help Czerka in getting rid of us.”

Mical let out deep sigh. “I hadn’t realized just how long this had been going on,” he whispered.

“You know of the exile?”

“I do,” the blond nodded. “Or rather, I thought I did.”

“Moza told me that he saw the exile in your midst,” Chodo responded. “Is he to help in this conflict?”

“Revan says the Sith have his wife and child,” Mission piped up. “Which…doesn’t make sense if he’s supposed to be the dark lord.”

“The Sith have no distinction, Mission,” Mical replied. “While it’s true that he may be the dark lord, it’s clear at this point that his masters no longer wish to use him as their vessel. Why else would they take his wife? I believe they want to intimidate him, perhaps they aren’t convinced of his true loyalties.”

“And do you believe this?” Chodo asked. “We were quite surprised when he returned to help in the efforts of the second battle here. And we learned that he was instrumental in repelling the mercenary attack on Dantooine. Such contradictions…I did see the exile to be conflicted.”

The Ithorian shook his head sadly. “Such conflict in one so young. I sensed the Force in him, as I do in you, but it seemed…faint. I had hoped to help him, if he had only helped us in our efforts.”

“Frag him,” Mission spat. “He’s the reason we’re in this war in the first place. You don’t need him. You have Revan and us. And I’ll tell you that we won’t turn on you like that exile!” She stood proud of her exclamation, until she realized that the exile had been a friend to her companion. “No offense, Mical,” she added, hastily.

“None taken.”

Chodo and Moza both nodded towards the young woman. “You are quite right, young lady,” Chodo replied. “We Ithorians never look a gift as a terrible thing. We welcome any help that you and your companion can provide for us.”

“I know there can only be a small amount of work that the two of us are able to provide,” Mical said. “However, I think it would be important to know how we may help.”

“My people have slowly been able to reemerge into our previous tasks,” Chodo began. “But we of course are not without hindrance. Due to the exile’s efforts, as well as this recent conflict, we are currently at a stand still. The conflict that was caused on Onderon and Dxun put our efforts in peril. Moza told me that Queen Talia is alive and well and I hope that we are able to ask for her assistance in this matter. The Iridonian Bao-Dur was also a great help to us, as he will be a great help to you as well.”

“And he has been,” Mical said. “Do not worry, Chodo. When this is over, hopefully in our favor, I know those that we call friends will be more than willing to help you.”

The Ithorian nodded. “I know that you will,” he stated. “If what you say is true, perhaps hope is not lost on the Jedi exile. I still sensed good in him and though his main outlook was that of destruction, he has helped in several places, such as the fuel between Nar Shaddaa and the saving of Dantooine. I do not believe this one is completely lost to your dark side.”

“I think Revan believes this as well,” Mical whispered. “I’d like to believe him, but…”

Chodo patted the man on his shoulder. “As one who also wields the Force,” he said. “You must also believe in its power. It directs us for a reason and I do not count things such as this as merely coincidence. The Force has lead us all to this point for a purpose, though we are not privy to the purpose until the end of this conflict. Only then can we know our fates.”

Mical smiled at the alien. “Spoken like a true Jedi master,” he joked. “I look forward to speaking with you more, if I may.”

Chodo chuckled, though it sounded more like a low rumble. “Revan said you were someone with an interest in knowledge.”

“In all things, I’m afraid,” Mical laughed.

“Are you guys gonna go all geek on me?” Mission asked, the very thought of sitting in a room with just these two discussing all facets of life was not how she wanted to spend her stay here on Telos.

“Geek?” Moza asked, apparently not understanding the euphemism.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to find some excitement here,” Mical told his young companion. “It might help in what we discussed earlier.” The Twi’lek nodded, slowly.

“We can arrange rooms for your stay,” Moza said. “You have traveled a long way and you can rest. We can discuss things much later, if you wish.”

“We must be vigilant that this coming conflict will remove itself,” Chodo spoke. “For I feel that if it does not, Telos will not be the only planet that will suffer in this aftermath.”



Dustil had never been on a capital ship before. When he was a child, he had always asked his father if he could go with him on his next trip. He had wanted to be a pilot at one point, but as he got older and his father was home less and less, his pride in his father and in the fleet rapidly deteriorated in to bitterness and resentment.

It was ironic then that now, as a young man, he was stationed on a Republic capitol ship, the Mercer, which was commanded by Adm. Forn Dodonna. He had wondered why Revan had assigned him to the Mercer and not the Sojourn, his father’s ship. Did he still think they had problems between them? Perhaps he was giving Dustil the authority to be on his own, to prove himself as the Jedi he strived to be.

No one knew him on this ship, apart from Adm. Dodonna, which meant no one knew of his past failures. They were aware of course that he was the son of Carth Onasi, but that was as far as it went. When he had come aboard and was introduced to some of the crew, he could see some were surprised that he was a Jedi, possibly in light of the fact of what the Jedi had done in the past, especially to his family in particular.

For now, Dustil sat in his own quarters, which seemed to be on par with the senior staff. He wasn’t expecting such treatment, but he wasn’t going to do anything that would warrant the removal of this room. While Dustil had only been a Jedi for a short time, even he was aware that in light of everything that had lead up to this point, the Jedi’s image was one that hang in the balance and how they would rise above everything would be determined at this battle.

The beeping of his console notified him that he had a visitor outside his door. Wondering who it could be, he voiced for them to enter, surprised that the visitor was none other than Adm. Dodonna.

“Hello Dustil,” she greeted, giving a nod in his direction. “Enjoying your quarters?”

“Yes,” he replied, offering her a seat on the small couch. “Very much. I’m surprised to get such treatment. I…hope this isn’t because of who my father is.”

The admiral chuckled. “I admit,” she stated. “When the crew heard what your last name was, they were certainly surprised at the fact you were a Jedi. It’s rare for soldiers to have a Jedi in the family, especially when they themselves aren’t Force-sensitive.”

Dustil also chuckled. “I don’t know,” he said. “You should hear Revan and Bastila talk; they think one or both of my parents are Force-sensitive.”

“I wanted to let you know that the Sojourn has spotted a ship in the distance,” she began. “According to your father, Trayun has identified it as his flagship. He and Revan plan to board.”

“It’s just sitting out in space?” the young Jedi asked, his hand immediately hovering over his lightsaber.

The action did not go unnoticed by the admiral, who just nodded in confirmation.

“Hence why they plan on boarding it,” she said. “It’s conceivable that they knew Trayun would be with us, but they wouldn’t know which ship.” She looked at him, as a thoughtful look came about his features. “You think it’s a trap.”

“Don’t you?” he asked. “A ship doesn’t just float out in the galaxy for kicks. Something more is going on.”

Again, Dodonna nodded. “Your father thinks so too,” she smirked. “Said even Trayun was ranting and raving about it.”

“I don’t trust that guy,” Dustil muttered, shaking his head.

“No one does,” she agreed. “Not even Revan and from what I heard in the past, they were the best of friends, along with Malak.”

“And see what he did.”

“Indeed.” The two were silent, each thinking of another conversation starter when Dodonna asked, “What will you do? When this is over? Assuming of course we win.”

“We’ll win,” Dustil nodded. “I don’t think Revan knows how to fail at anything. At least not on purpose. As for me…well…I’m not sure. In an ordinary circumstance, I guess I’d go back to the Order and continue being trained, but with things the way they are…I don’t know.”

The young man thought again on where his life would take him after this, if they did succeed. And most of his thoughts seemed to center around a little blue Twi’lek he had grown quite fond of.

“I never thought I would live to see the destruction and abandonment of the Jedi Order,” the admiral whispered. “I thought nothing could be as bad as facing Revan or even Malak. Times are…times are strange indeed, Dustil. No wonder your father retired. Maybe I should think about that myself.”

The young man was about to respond when a summons came over his intercom. Glancing at the admiral, he answered, “Yes?”

“Sorry to disturb you, Master Jedi,” a voice replied. “But we need you on the bridge. There’s a message coming in from Adm. Onasi.”

Dustil again glanced behind to look at the current admiral of the ship. “Okay,” he said, hesitantly. “I’m…I’m on the way. Um…did you want me to rely that to Adm. Dodonna as well? She’s here with me.”

“Oh if you wouldn’t mind, sir,” the woman said. “Adm. Onasi has requested her as well. I think we’re about to go into action.”

The young Jedi sucked in a quick breath. This was way too quick. “Are you alright?”

He turned, facing the admiral as she stood and headed towards the door. She must’ve heard his intake, for she looked at him in concern. “I just…” he stuttered.

“Didn’t think it would happen this quickly?” she finished for him, to which he nodded. “It may be an update on things, you never know. Come on. Let’s go see what your father has to say.”

The ship was probably one of the very last Interdictor ships from the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars. Being the first ship that Forn Dodonna had ever captained, it made sense for her to choose it again when she became admiral at the end of her service during the Mandalorian War. It was getting on in years, that was for sure, especially with the beating it had taken years earlier during the siege on the Star Forge, but Forn was sentimental and she wanted the ship that had her through two previous skirmishes.

Upon entering the bridge, they could already see the holo image projection of Carth from the bridge of the Sojourn. “Forn, Dustil,” he greeted. “Glad you could get here so fast.”

“What’s happening, Carth?” Dodonna asked, fully embracing her commanding status.

“As you know,” he began. “We spotted the flagship of Darth Trayun about an hour or so ago. Both Revan and Trayun took a shuttle to see why it was just sitting there, especially after we hailed it with no response.”

“Did they find anything?” Dustil asked.

“Yeah,” Carth sighed. “Bodies. A lot of them. Appears the entire crew were viciously murdered, including one of Trayun’s apprentices. Revan wants the ground crew with him on the ship.”

“An ambush?” asked Dodonna. “Will that work?”

“I don’t know,” Carth stated. “But Rev’s got something up his sleeve.” Looking at his only son, he said, “That means you, Dustil. Revan wants you and the others to meet him down there.”

“I’ll personally see the shuttle off, Carth,” Dodonna said.

The two men looked at each other, years of love and hate between them, and in that moment, it could be the last they ever saw of the other. They weren’t going to get overly mushy – that wasn’t really their style – but they could tell they knew what this could mean.

“Good luck, Dustil,” Carth replied. “I expect to see you when this is all over.” And there it was; no goodbye, but rather a parental summons that his son return to him.

The young man nodded, smiling as he responded, “You too, Dad. You owe me a drink.”

Carth laughed, a good release from the worry that filled him. Giving one last smile to his son, he signed off.

Dustil took a deep breath, turning to Adm. Dodonna. He nodded that he was ready, receiving confirmation as well to his request. He looked at the crew that he had really only met or seen and he gave them a friendly wave. A few even wished him luck, as he followed the admiral off the bridge and towards the shuttle bay.



No one was exactly excited or even comfortable at letting Revan and Trayun go down to what seemed to be the unresponsive Necrosis. Despite several calls to aid the ever still ship, no response came back indicating the need for help or even a sign that they were just laying in wait for the small fleet, which only prompted Ellis to become even more belligerent and upset. From his ranting, it seem that only two people should be flying that ship and those were his apprentices and neither had been heard from in months.

The only thing that seemed to calm the younger man down was the assurance that he and Revan were going down to that ship and find out what was going on. It was a bad idea, at least from the concern that both Carth and Bastila had for their friend. It seemed extremely clear to them that this dark lord was quickly losing all traces of his sanity and allowing him to leave the Sojourn, even with Revan, seemed in bad taste. And who knew what he would do once he got the former Sith alone.

Unfortunately, Revan disregarded the advice of his friend and wife – stating that they would need to know the state of the ship in front of them.

“Trust me,” he told them privately. “I don’t trust Ellis as far as I can throw him. However, this may lead us to the True Sith and even entail us with some inside facts that we don’t know. In the end, I agree with Ellis; something is not right. It’s clear they are out here for a reason, but if it was to attack, where are the rest of the ships?”

“You said they could use magic,” Carth stated. “How do we know that they’re just laying in wait for us? This could be a red herring!”

“I agree, Revan,” Bastila replied. “From all purposes, this Trayun is clearly becoming unhinged. Who knows what will push this man over the edge!?”

“I completely agree with you,” he said, startling both. “But as I said, this could be the in we’re looking for. I don’t exactly want to go down to the planet of Ziost with nothing to stop the True Sith. Because that’s exactly what we have – nothing.” Revan sighed.

Carth and Bastila, while having their own doubts, weren’t expecting their leader to admit the uphill battle that they were now going to be facing.

“My memories are returning to me,” he whispered. “Slowly, agonizing, but they are there. And from what I remember, even the strongest Jedi that accompanied me to Malachor found it hard to be on the planet. How do you think our current Jedi are going to feel?”

The two looked at him, Carth feeling some slight anger at his close friend. His son and girlfriend would be on that planet and what it sounded like to him was that they were walking into a den of trouble.

“So despite of all that…” Bastila whispered.

“I’m going to go down there.” Revan stated.

“And what happens if he kills you?” asked Carth.

Revan looked at the two that stood before him – a man he called brother and the woman he loved more than life itself. He hadn’t told them his deeper thoughts on this matter; that he thought he himself wouldn’t come back, though he did hope he would. If there had ever been a time in his life where he thought he would die, it was now and he discovered he was quite scared of the prospect of dying. And even worse was the possibility that he would never see his child.

While he had seen his vision of a life with Bastila, with their son and their daughter, he had known about the Force and had wielded the Force for many years and in all that time, he knew that the future was never set and it was always changing. Wasn’t that his argument against the vision that Vandar had?

Revan’s silence was unnerving and when he did speak, it didn’t ease the unrest that his companions felt.

“If he kills me,” he whispered. “You have the permission to make sure his suffers as much as I have.”

He gave Carth a pat on the arm, before dropping a kiss on Bastila’s forehead.

“I’ll send a call when we discover what’s happened,” he continued. “If you don’t hear anything from me in an hour, you’re to blow that ship out of orbit. Do you understand me?”


“No buts, Carth,” he commanded. “What you say may be true and this is a very thought out trap to get rid of me. However, it can not mean that you don’t overcome and defeat the Sith. We may lose many people this day, but we can not allow the Sith to reach any further into the galaxy than where they are now. That…that is what is most important. You both know that. Promise me you’ll do what I ask.”

Though both were reluctant to even agree to something like this, but the conviction in the man’s voice had them nodding slowly, though they weren’t happy to do so.

That had been several minutes ago and now both Revan and Ellis found themselves in a small ship heading toward the unresponsive Necrosis. Neither one of them talked during the entire trip, each thinking on what could have happened within the ship. As they approached, they were surprised that the outer hatch was opened, causing the two to look at each other. Revan piloted the small ship into the ship bay, setting it down next to another ship, a similar Republic fighter that shouldn’t have been on a Sith Interdictor.

“Does that seem strange to you?” Revan asked, looking at his co-pilot.

Ellis didn’t answer, just nodded his agreement. There were so many thoughts in his mind. He knew a Republic fighter ship and along with Revan, seeing one on his ship was extremely disturbing. Was this some game by Revan and his Republic friends? Why would Atton invite a Republic ship aboard? “Why would there be a Republic fighter on your ship?” Revan asked.

The dark lord turned slowly to look at his former friend. “I was thinking that myself,” he stated, staring hard at the former Sith lord.

“Perhaps we should get out and find an explanation.”

“Good idea.”

The two exited the ship, fully on alert, not only in case there was an internal enemy still within the flagship, but in case the other occupant were to attack as well. Both were wary about their surroundings; there was no sound it seemed anywhere. “Where are the workers?” Ellis asked, looking around. “There’s a full crew on this ship and for no one to be here is…”

“Disturbing?” Revan finished. “I agree. There’s usually someone in the bay in case…” he stopped his sentence as he came around one of the containers.

What he found there what not what he wanted to find. A body, or what had once been a body, lay in a very large puddle of blood. But it wasn’t just this one body, there were at least two others here, their bodies seemingly torn apart by the hail of blaster shots.


The young lord walked over to where Revan stood, his eyes blazing as he saw what remained of his crew. Anger and vengeance rolled off the young man, burning inside him. His head turned towards the door that would lead up into the rest of lower portion of the ship and he didn’t wait for Revan to follow him. Once they stepped outside the door, the horrors only grew.

Littered throughout the hallway were the bodies of Ellis’ troops. Like the three bodies in the hanger, these were also multilated – several body parts littered the area and the blood seemed to flow like the ocean on Manaan. Both were shocked at what they saw, despite their combined experience during the Mandalorian War.

“What kind of person would do this?” Revan whispered.

“Whoever it is had better hope they aren’t still on this ship,” Ellis said through clinched teeth. “Come on, the bridge is this way.”

Again, as the two made their way to the bridge, there were bodies upon bodies and it looked as though there was just a massacre and Revan almost feared what they would find when they reached the bridge. In every room, every nook, there was a body or there were pools of blood.

Revan could feel his stomach roll at the sights they continued to see and he was surprised and even concerned when Ellis didn’t seem to feel as quesy as he did. In fact, it seemed as the younger man was completely consumed with rage. He didn’t stop to look at what had become of his troops, just continued on the way to the bridge.

It was only when they reached the outer door did Ellis stop in his tracks.

There, at the entrance to the bridge lay another body, this one dressed in similar robes to Ellis. In fact, the young lord recognized the robes as ones he had given to one of his apprentices. The body lay on its stomach, in a pool of blood that seemed to go from the door to where the body left. To Revan’s eyes, it looked at though this man tried to escape his final fate.

Ellis stumbled towards the body, falling on his knees next to his friend, turning him over slowly. The action caused Ellis to take in a breath, seeing the wound that nearly cut his friend in half. Even Revan was surprised at the viciousness and the battered body of the man he vaguely remembered as being one of his followers. But he could clearly see that this man had been a friend to Ellis, by the way the younger man tried his best to keep his apprentice’s innards within his stomach.

“Heal him.”


“Heal him!” he exclaimed, pulling the man closer. “He’ll die if you don’t.”

“He’s dead already.”

A sputtered cough notified the two that the injured dark Jedi still lived, if just barely. His eyes were foggy and he could barely make out Ellis, but seeing the red hair, he gave a small chuckle that just brought up more blood. “You’re… alive,” he mumbled. “Didn’t think…see…you again. Did… I… save you yet?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” Ellis chuckled. “I’m alive, thanks to you.”

Atton was tired and could barely see, but he thought he saw the way Ellis looked rather terrified. “That bad, eh?” he tried joking, only wincing in pain. Frak, he hurt. “Was waiting for this, but…S’ not fair… let you down…”

“Hang on, okay?” Ellis pleaded. “I’ll get you some help and you’ll be alright, okay?”

The apprentice winced from the pain he was feeling. He felt so…odd…tired, so tired. And a little cold. Why was he cold? “Was s’posed to save you,” he coughed. “Told Bri…your…girl. S’ tired…tired of living anyway…seen too many things…too many deaths…”

He was rambling now, he could tell, but he didn’t know why. Maybe he was nervous. He thought he was going to die and from what he could make out from Ellis, his friend though he would too.

“We saved each other,” Ellis murmured, trying to keep his emotions to himself. This was too close, too much like Malachor. And those were painful remainders he didn’t want. They made him weak and what kind of Sith Lord would he be. “Me, Brianna…and you, Atton. We saved each other.”

“Don’t…don’t want you to see me like this,” he whispered. “Don’t want to die in front of you.”

“Stop saying that,” Ellis replied. “You’re not gonna die.”

The coughs were more persistent now, but for some reason it was funny. Why it was funny, Atton didn’t know, but when he laughed, it hurt. “Hurts when I laugh,” he giggled. “Hurts. Sorry…s’posed to save you…you…saved me…hurts…”

“Atton, just stay still, okay?” This time, there was no response from the older man. “Atton?” Again, there was no answer and the body was limp as Ellis laid him back down on the floor.

“I’m sorry, Ellis.”

The young lord said nothing as he removed his robe and covered the body of his apprentice. His mind was whirling, as was his breathing, and the beating of his heart. Was this how Revan felt, when he killed Malak, his friend? It had been him they had followed and him that lead them to the teachings of the Sith. Just as he, Ellis, had lead his friend and his wife to the Sith. Try as he might, Ellis couldn’t stop envisioning a scene like this, except it was Brianna’s body he held and watched die.

Shaking his head, Lord Trayun cleared his head and his heart, then hardened it. His green eyes, quickly tainted with the feelings of hate and anger, rose to settle on the outer door to the bridge.

“Stifle your hate, Lord Trayun,” Revan advised. “We need to be on guard as we enter into the bridge. If the killer is still onboard, then you shall have him and you can take your revenge.”

“And you’d allow me that?” the lord questioned. “Why?”

“Because you and I both know that your True Masters are responsible for this,” he stated. “They are only the puppet masters…”

“Which means there are still puppets,” Ellis seethed, his eyes still glued to the door. “And find the puppets…”

“You find the puppet master,” Revan concluded. “While we are well aware where they are stationed, we don’t know what they have up their sleeves. However…” – he looked at the covered body of Atton Rand – “We can see that no one is spared their wrath. Keep that in mind as we travel, Ellis.”

The young man nodded sharply, his eyes still trained on that of the bridge outer door. Standing, he made his way to the door, allowing it to open before him, then entering the bridge itself. Just as he had forseen, there before them lay the bodies of the bridge crew, scattered about in pools of blood and matter.

As the two men walked the path that lead directly to the consoles, the tension in the air, the unease and anxiety seemed to grow and hang around them like a mist. Something was going to happen and it would happen soon.

Again the images that Ellis had seen through the Force were shown before them, in the form of a dark figure at the end of the walkway near the consoles, shrouded in the black garb of a dark Jedi and lightsaber hanging idly in their hand.

“The infamous Lord Trayun,” the figure spoke, the voice obviously that of a woman. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Then you have been waiting for your death,” gritted the dark lord, lightsaber ignited and waiting for a fight.

The dark figure chuckled, lifting her head and thowing back the hood that covered her face. The movement was what she hoped – Revan identified her immediately and that was who Veroba Dee waited for.

“Do I surprise you, Revan?” she asked. “Are you shocked to see that I am one of the Sith that you have ruthlessly hunted?”

“Actually, this seems to suit you,” Revan smirked. His surprise at seeing the Falleen again was short lived, as he guessed her evil intentions. “I had you pegged as a venemous, manipulative schutta, so of course you’d be with the Sith. You recruited the best of the best, Ellis.”

“This wench is not part of my crew,” Ellis growled.

“Certainly not,” the Falleen huffed. “In fact, it was I who was charged to make sure your crew suffered to the fullest. However, I’m here to make sure this traitorous brat is dealt with. You can thank your former crewmate for the brutality of which you see.”

A roar from their left signaled the appearance of a second individual, this one armed with a long sword and a bow caster. “Hanharr,” Ellis breathed, his blood boiling at seeing the creature who had killed his friend and his crew.

“I’m here for your life, Ellis Yoly!” the Wookie roared. “I’ve been on your chain long enough. Your human master wouldn’t release me from her debt and it traveled down to you. I was granted the task of fulfilling my debt with your death.”

“You take the beast,” Revan whispered, removing his lightsabers, eyes trained solely on the former Jedi master. “Master Dee and I have some unfinished business to discuss.”

“Yes Revan,” the alien woman sneered. “Let’s finish this once and for all.”

Revan used the Force to propel him from his place to land directly in front of Dee, his right lightsaber going in for a downward strike. Dee of course was prepared and matched his attacks with blocks and attacks of her own.

“Insufferable brat,” she taunted. “You just couldn’t learn your place, could you?”

“If you mean bowing to the whims and misdirections of the council,” he smirked. “Then I guess I wasn’t trained to be an obedient kath hound.”

“You should’ve died as I instructed!”

Revan backed away, readying his stance. “What’re you talking about?” he demanded.

“When Bastila Shan brought your body before us,” she smiled. “I told Vandar and Vrook to dispose of you. They of course had compassion and thought there had to be a way to save you. That was apparently Shan’s view as well, but I quickly had her banished from intervening. Then I told them of a way to wipe your mind, so you wouldn’t return to your dark sided path. I had hoped to have your mind fully erased.”

Revan looked at the woman in shock. The questions he had over the lost of his memories, which he had attributed to the attack on Malak and partially on the Jedi Council now seemed to have a sinister background.

“You were with the Sith then?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “But I hated you. You thought you were so strong, so mighty, so smart…smarter than your teachers and masters. I hadn’t been on the council when your former master, Arren Kae, was exiled for her pregnancy, but I supported it. It’s students like you that ruined the Jedi Order. By the time you had left, I loathed you. Even as a boy, you were arrogant and thought the galaxy should bow to you and your beliefs. It was a simple matter of disposing of you when Shan returned with your battered body, but those compassionate fools on the council wanted to try and return you to your former self.

“I had stumbled upon a few Sith artifacts as I looked for clues regarding you and Malak,” she continued. “It was in one of the holocrons I found that told me how the True Sith could wipe the minds of anyone they wanted. It was this information that I brought to Vander and Vrook. For all their vaulted peace and calm, you’d be surprised at how fast both Vrook and Baster jumped at the chance to make sure you’d never regain your former life.”

“I must’ve ruined everything then,” he sneered. “Discovering that when Bastila saved me, she created a Force bond between us.”

Veroba smiled at her opponent. “Who’s idea do you think it was to use that bond to find a way to destroy you?” she asked. “I had hoped you would meet your end once Malak found you.”

“It was you,” he whispered. “You told Malak who I was. That’s why he pursued us, because he knew who I was before I did. That’s why the Leviathon captured us.”

“I admit you are smart, Revan,” she chuckled. “But you just couldn’t die, could you? Even after we sent Bastila away, even she dared to defy us in returning and cavorting with you.”

“Maybe you need a good cavort,” Revan teased. “Perhaps you’d be a little more pleasant.”

“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance,” she growled. “I shall not make that mistake again.”

The two met in battle again, this time Revan held nothing back. The revelation that Veroba had been behind his mind wipe, as well as tipping off Malak to know where he was – this was deeper than he could’ve imagined and it seemed to come back to him, always. He had to admit that she was a well trained duelist, but he was a master.

As she parried, he struck, slicing a chunk from her robes. He was toying with her, she knew and she did not like to be toyed with. She had wanted to give in to her dark sided powers, but held back with the beast and let him destroy the crew as he did. She did enjoy killing that apprentice though…

This time, Veroba struck and struck hard, unleasing lightening from her hands. But she was ill prepared as Revan just absorbed it with his lightsaber, a deadly grin on his face. With so much as a wave of his hand, Veroba was flung back into the hull wall behind her with a vicious wave. She managed to shake the cobwebs from her head, only to be assaulted with a strike of lightening.

“You’re a Jedi!” she huffed.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Master,” he grinned, walking towards her. “There are no more Jedi.”

On the other side of the room, Ellis made his way slowly to the hulking figure of Hanharr. “I’m going to enjoy ripping you apart,” he whispered.

The Wookie laughed in his own way. “I have seen you do many things, Ellis Yoly,” he said, his sword ready for the fight. “But I have never seen you defeat me. Your spirits have given me the power to kill you and rid myself of this life debt.”

“You are a fool, Hanharr,” Ellis began, taking a swipe at the creature’s mid section. “Blindly going where your rage takes you. In every case, you’ve been a puppet for a various lot of puppet masters and it has now lead you to your death at my hands.”

“You will need to fight me,” he growled. “Before you can kill me.”

“My pleasure.”

Hanharr unleashed the building rage he had buried for years, coming at Ellis with his blade. The current dark lord lazily blocked against the onslaught, merely toying with the beast as he used the creature’s rage to propel his attacks, making him incredibly sloppy. Ellis found it nearly too easy to evade the attacks, almost to the point where it wasted his time.

Pushing out his hand, he sent the Wookie into the wall behind them, nearly causing an indentation within the ship. That only seemed to enrage the beast more, for he picked himself up and charged once more. Ellis was ready for him though, unleashing a strong barage of lightening from his hands, once again pushing Hanharr back and singeing his fur.

The beast roared in a mix of pain and anger and again, launched a flurry of attacks aimed at his human opponent. Ellis found himself on the defensive and was surprised he had to struggle to keep the beast back, but it was no matter. His own rage fueled his attacks and he managed to beat back the Wookie before he again struck him with lightening, pushing more and more force into each shock.

But this wasn’t enough, not for Ellis.

Seeing his prey finally down, he took his lightsaber and began to dismember the bounty hunter, first by slicing his hands at the wrist, then his arms at the elbows and continuing until he was nothing but a head on a fury body.

“I have tolerated you for the last time, Hanharr,” Ellis grinned. “Of all my companions, you were the one I could’ve done without.”

“You stand there and taunt me,” the Wookie gritted. “Yet you slice me into pieces. You have no honor, Ellis Yoly.”

The dark lord chuckled. “You dare speak of honor,” he said. “After you massacred your entire village; kill innocents with no thought…”

“And you should speak,” Hanharr growled. “We have much in common, Ellis Yoly. You seek to destroy the very thing that made you. Your end shall be painful indeed and I hope you suffer as much as your victims.”

Ellis didn’t wait for the beast to continue his thoughts, instead he ended his assault as his blade sliced into the neck of the beast, popping off his head and causing a virtual geyser of blood to flow from the wound. He didn’t want to look at the beast any longer, so he turned to see the ensuing fight that seemed to encompass both Revan and Veroba.

Ellis was aware of course that Revan was an incredible duelist, seeing him in action as well as dueling with the former master himself, but the fight that he saw before him seemed different to his eyes. It came in handy being involved with an Echani, as the expression he could see from the fight that took place in front of him. He didn’t remember the Falleen from his time in the Order, but it was clear that she and Revan had some sort of history between them.

Their fight clearly spelled some sort of animosity and it seemed to spill from both opponents. Had his fights with Revan been as telling? He had been surprised at their last fight, right before he had been captured. Revan had seemed darker than he would have thought for one who had been so vested within the light. What had he said?

Oh yes, “I just want you to die.”

Ellis didn’t think he had ever heard so much venom in Revan’s voice before and it was all directed at him. From what he could see now, that same venom seemed to still be within his former friend. And it seemed as though Revan’s anger would lead to his victory.

Veroba didn’t think her luck could continue. She had known Revan had been a good duelist, but the level in which she faced far surpassed that of her own skills. Even with the use of her dark sided powers, they were just met with resistance on the part of Revan, who dished out his own dark sided powers against her.

She had thought the man’s reemergence into the light would’ve made him weak; instead it seemed to make him stronger than ever. She hadn’t been able to fully be trained within the art of alchemy from her masters and she realized that perhaps this would actually hurt her.

Another swipe at her mid-section nearly ripped her in half if she hadn’t moved out of the way. Again she parried, narrowly missing Revan’s right lightsaber that was aimed at separating her head from her shoulders. He was putting her on the defensive and she was running out of options on how to defend herself.

She had made out the sounds of the beast Hanharr meeting a perfectly horrific death and that meant that Trayun was now free to go after her as well. Taking her one last chance, she sent a wave of the Force that she hoped wouldput distance between her and Revan.

Again, her thoughts escaped her when she saw her action had no effect.

“No!” she screamed. “This is impossible! How can you…?” Her voice stopped cold as her vocal chords tightened and her airways closed. Her eyes grew wide as she felt the crushing effect of pressure on her neck.

“You call me arrogant,” Revan grunted. “And yet you thought you could beat me, beat everything I’ve achieved since leaving your uninspired Order. And then you proceed to turn on me, on those who have given you the powers you possess. Nothing stops me from killing you.”


Though Revan didn’t loosen his grip, his head turned towards the voice that appeared at his side. “You’ll need her,” Ellis continued. “They’ll suspect me if I return, but her…”

Veroba tried to shake her head, knowing what ideas were going through their heads.

Ellis grinned. “Oh, you will help,” he said. “You will allow us entrance into the base that is on Ziost.” Again, Veroba tried to refrain, tried to say that she would not do this, but her defiance was met with horrible images of her life before being struck hard with an intense lightening strike. Her eyes rolled back before her body slumped and revan dropped her to the floor.

The two stood over her unconscious body. “There are Force inhibitors in the med bay,” Ellis replied.

“Bring one,” Revan answered. “I’ll contact the Sojourn.”

“And tell them what?”

Revan turned to the younger man. “I have a plan.”


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