Revenge of the Sith – Part XI – Coming Home, page 3


Part XI – Coming Home



The room was still dark, even after he had laid there for an hour. His eyes had already adjusted to the darkness around him and he was happiest this way. He had once known the light, when he was just a boy, but now – as a man – his life was surrounded by darkness. He lived these last years on the run from everyone, including himself and when he returned to Republic space, he tried to make up for his mistakes, for his incompetence at being a Jedi.

Ellis Yoly had never known despair as he knew it now. He couldn’t stop thinking about what the True Sith had told him – that he had never regained his ability to use the Force; or rather, that he may have never been able to use the Force at all. His whole life – a lie. He was no Jedi Knight and he was no Sith Lord, nor was he master to those that he had taught. He was a leech, a human leech.

And now, he had brought the woman he loved into all this and children too, if he trusted what Revan told him. He knew it would come to this, he had warned Brianna that he was leading her down a path she wasn’t accustomed to and he allowed himself to continue. If there was anything he felt connected to and enjoyed, it was his Brianna.

He hadn’t seen her for so long, hadn’t held her in ages, and now…she was the mother of his children. He hadn’t even been there for that. He was a horrible husband and an even worse father. He hadn’t even seen his children. Did they look like him or Brianna? He tried to make himself not care, but he couldn’t. Hie heart ached from turmoil.

What did he do now? What else was there for him?

Nothing. There was nothing for him now. He had already destroyed his life, the life of his crewmates, and that of his wife. He wasn’t going to ruin the life of his children. He just couldn’t.

Sitting up in bed was a bit of a hassle and when he swung his legs over the side, a wave of nausea and dizziness overcame him. He spent a few minutes stumbling around, looking for his clothes, and changing. His attire was ripped in some places and was mostly covered in dust, but he wasn’t going to be looking his best for where he planned to go. As he stood, Ellis tried to center himself, calling upon the Force to try and stabilize his body, but when he tried, it was as he feared.

He couldn’t feel anything.

So it was true. He had never been connected to the Force, just as the Sith had told him. Fine. It would make his decision worthwhile then. He just needed to make sure that he wasn’t being watched.

Opening his door, he peered around left and right, making sure no one saw him. He needed to find his way about this place. Leaving his room, he turned to his left and walked down the hall, eventually finding a map console. From where he stood, there were only a few exits that wouldn’t lead him past anyone in authority to alert his escape. As he looked closely, he realized he would need to make his way past the nursery to get to one of the exits. His first thought was to try one of the other exits, but he had an overwhelming urge to see his children, if just to see them fleetingly.

Against his better judgment, Ellis headed towards the nursery. His nerves seemed shaky as he made his way down the hall, wanting to do everything he could to avoid making noise and attracting any attention to himself. It didn’t take long to reach the area the facility called a nursery. It was a fairly large room, with a large window for parents and relatives to see their new additions. However, it seemed there weren’t very many births this time of year, possibly due to the destruction that he and the Sith managed to bring about to the planet.

Ellis stood in front of the window, looking at the babies that were inside. There only seemed to be about five slumbering babies in all, but he managed to locate two that were in the front right. He could barely make out the name tags – one was labeled “B. A. Yoly” and the other “G. A. Yoly” – making him wonder what Brianna had named them.

They, like the other three children, were sleeping soundly. Revan had said they had been in danger…how long had he and Brianna been here? He looked at his children again – they looked so small, so helpless. Would they know the peace he could never have? He knew Brianna would take care of them, just as she had taken care of him. He knew his wife’s heart and knew that their children would never suffer in the world, at least not because of him.

At least he hoped.

“They’re precious, aren’t they?”

The voice so startled the young man that he turned, arms up and ready for a fight. What he saw surprised him. Bastila Shan stood next to him, looking down at his children. He hadn’t even heard her approach, much less felt it. He was so weak without the Force. How did he manage this for ten years?

“I’m sorry,” she said, turning to look at him. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I was checking on Brianna. She’s down the hall.” She nodded her head past him, indicating the direction where his wife lay, but Ellis didn’t move, didn’t let down his guard.

“Are you here to take me back?” he asked.

“Take you back where, exactly?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him. “As I said, I was just in to see your wife. I check on her occasionally. I assumed you were here to see the children and to visit her.”

Ellis relaxed slightly. “Then she’s alright?” he questioned.

Bastila nodded. “She’s fine for now,” she said. “At the beginning, it was a bit difficult, with the way the Sith kept her, but she and the twins have managed to bounce back.”

“How long have we been here?”

“Nearly a month.”

A month? Where had the time gone? Had he been asleep all this time? He recalled what Bastila had said. ‘The way the Sith kept her’ – he had thought, hoped that the masters were keeping her safe, keeping their babies safe, but it had been a lie. His life was just one big lie.

“Are you alright?” Asked the young woman, concern etched on her face. “You look pale.”

“I’m fine,” he murmured, fighting another bout of dizziness. A lie…

“Perhaps you should return to your room…”

“I’m fine, I said,” he gritted. “It’ll pass.”

Bastila nodded slowly. Revan did say that Ellis had his mood swings. “Brianna’s been asking about you,” she said, turning back to look at the newborns. “She’s been worried.”

“She shouldn’t have been,” he stated. “I won’t be a burden to her or our children.”

“What exactly are you saying?”

“It’s no concern of yours!” he said harshly. He managed to keep his nausea at bay, but he wasn’t sure for how much longer and the hall was beginning to sway a bit. “I’m going back to my room now.”

“Do you need help?”


Ellis stumbled back down the hall to his room where he fell into his bed, breathing heavily. This was ridiculous! He needed to end this, immediately. Looking around, he managed to find an adrenaline stim that had been left near his bed and quickly injected it. He could feel some of his strength return to him, but he knew he would need more if he was to escape this place.

Once again he stood from bed and made his way out into the hall, this time going to his right. He was careful when he saw personal, ducking around corners to avoid detection. In one of the rooms he ducked in, he was fortunate to find more stimulants and even a stealth generator, which he knew to be his. This must’ve been the room where their stuff was kept, after they were brought here.

Using the generator, it was simple to make his way out of the medical facility. Out within the streets of Telos, or rather, within the enclosure of the Citadel Station – Ellis found himself confused and a bit lost. He was able to look out and see the space around the planet, wondering if it was possible to just walk off and fall into the stars.

He racked his brain, trying to remember the layout of the facility since he had last been here. Maybe he could take one of the shuttles to the other side of the planet, to the snow capped mountains…once that thought entered, he shook his head. He didn’t need anything to remind him of Brianna.

Ellis wandered around, trying to get his bearings and overcome his dizziness. He didn’t know where he was headed, but before long he found himself in the former office of the Bumani Exchange. He vaguely remembered being here, helping to take out Loppak Slusk and the rest of the Exchange. He and the others had destroyed this part of the crime syndicate before moving on to the thugs that occupied Nar Shaddaa. Stumbling through the room, he managed to get to the back office, where he collapsed against the nearby desk.

His head was pounding, his body ached, and he could see the most horrible things in his mind’s eye.

“You’re weak.”

“Shut up, Kreia,” he muttered. “You’re dead.”

The time had come, he knew. Wasn’t that the sign of a crazy man, when they began hearing voices? His head hurt, so badly, and the lights seemed so bright. Turning his head, he could see the night sky around the planet outside from the window. He had heard that a body was weightless in space; he never knew. Though at this point, he wondered. Wondered how it would be to just float outside – there would be no cares or worries.

“The body is just a vessel for your mind,” Kreia replied. “You truly don’t need it.”

Ellis nodded slowly. She was contempt, but she was correct. His mind was filled with images he didn’t want to relive and space was the way to get rid of them. Besides, after the destruction he had brought, it was better to leave things as they were. Revan had changed all he had done, the Republic’s savior had returned – Ellis wasn’t needed. They would be fine, everyone would be alright.

His mind set, Ellis began looking around for something to break the window.



Lynsel sat laughing around a dinner table, enjoying the company of friends and comrades. After watching her ex-husband be carted off to jail, she had quickly booked passage on a ship headed for Telos. For some reason, she felt herself get those anxious mynocks in her stomach; wether it was for seeing Carth or making sure he was alright, she wasn’t sure. She just wanted to see him.

Perhaps it was that she was now free to start her life again. With Robert in prison and Bob giving his full blessings, Lynsel felt she was actually able to go on with her life, start new things…see new people. Already she had let Carth Onasi into her heart and her bed, but even she knew there was a part of her that she still kept hidden, not knowing if this would last, especially not when they were about to enter into a war.

But they had survived and now she actually had someone to come back to and that’s where she was headed. She made her journey, hoping that Dustil had also made his way back to his home planet. She knew the young Jedi had encountered another image of his mother, thanks to those Sith dogs, but the young man was able to defeat her and help in defeating the Sith as a whole.

They had talked a bit as they headed back, Dustil giving his blessings for her. While it shouldn’t have meant so much, to Lynsel it meant that Dustil accepted her and accepted the fact that she may one day be his step-mother.

That thought caused a blush to form on her cheeks. Is that possibly where this could lead? The thought alone sent her heart racing. She remembered telling Carth she had no desire to walk down the aisle again, but that had before everything that had transpired between them. And that was when she was still connected to Robert. But now…the red head took a deep breath.

Now, she wanted to get to Telos.

That had been a month ago and things couldn’t have been better. Carth had met her within the dock module, arms open wide for her and a huge smile on his face. They had been truly inseperatable since then. She had practically moved in to his living quarters and while it had taken at least a week before she was comfortable seeing Dustil there, she was feeling more and more at home in the place.

Tonight, they were actually having a ‘double date’ if one could say that, with Revan and Bastila. It would’ve included Dustil, who had recently been reunited with Mission, but the two wanted to do something else, which Lynsel suspected would be right in front of their elders. Carth must’ve thought the same thing, for he gave his son a look, which Dustil blushed, muttering, “I’m not going to be charging up her ramp. At least not tonight.”

“I heard that.”

Now, the four sat within the cantina, having dinner, drinks, and an overall good time. Lynsel was surprised to see Bastila again, who seemed to be bursting. “You’d think I was having a whole planet, much less a baby,” she groused good naturedly, sending a look to her husband.

“Funny,” the prodigal responded. “I don’t remember hearing any complaints when I got you pregnant.”

“I’m sure you placed me under a spell,” she retorted.

“I am a charming fellow.”

“Yeah,” Carth joked. “I’m sure you can charm the teeth off a rancor.”

“I’ve done it once,” Revan protested. “On Taris, not that anyone believes me when I say that.”

The group laughed, enjoying the down time they were experiencing. Thanks to the Ithorians and Revan, the planet was beginning to change back into the glory it had once seen before the wars. The cantina was now a place where everyone could go, without the threat of the Exchange or the Sith hanging over them. Places were safer to walk now and the TSF was actually able to get their work done without interference.

Nothing could go wrong.

Which of course is when it did.

As the two couples sat and talked, Revan received an incoming transmission. He listened for a moment before the smile fell from his face. “Where is he?” he asked. A beat went by before he said, “I’m on the way.” The remaining trio looked at him, knowing that something wasn’t right.

“What was that about?” asked Lynsel.

“Ellis has escaped the hospital,” he replied. He held up his hand as the other three started to stand. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ve had someone watching and following him. He’s not far from here. I just need to stop him from doing something stupid, like throwing himself out a window.”

It didn’t take Revan long to make his way to the Bumani Exchange office or rather what used to be their offices. He was met with Rilen, a Mandalorian soldier. Canderous had asked him to contact Revan about keeping watch over the former Sith lord, Ellis Yoly.

Rilen had been injured against the Sith, but it hadn’t been serious. Never the less, he found himself amongst those taken to the Telos medical facility. He had contacted Mandalore, telling him of the casualties that he knew of and of the men that were alive and unharmed. It was then the leader had given him the task of talking to Revan.

Rilen, like all Mandalorians in Clan Ordo, viewed Revan as a great leader and had never seen him as an evil man, as the rest of the galaxy did. The young Mando found the task of helping the former Jedi master and knight a great honor and had quickly gone to meet with him on keeping the Jedi Exile safe from harm. Being that he had been released, it was easy for him to keep a close eye on the Exile. Using a stealth generator belt, he was able to observe the man and realized that he was quite disturbed.

Though young, Rilen knew about the Force and had been told that it could do unspeakable things to people. Those that wielded the dark portions of it – like the Sith – were soon driven mad with want of power and over usage. He had never seen someone over taken by the Force before, but he thought he was seeing it now, with this Ellis Yoly fellow.

He had been sitting outside the man’s door when he was alerted to him leaving. He had followed the man down the hall, observing his movements and knew he was a man about to die. Rilen had done his best to follow the former lord, going so much as putting a tracking device on him when he went back to his room. It was a good thing he did, as Yoly managed to find a stealth generator and disappeared from Rilen’s view.

By the time the man had come back into view, he was standing dangerously close to one of the windows inside the office they occupied. Yoly seemed to be having a fit, whether it be from the apparent voices he was hearing or because his health was declining, the younger man didn’t know, but it gave him the opportunity he had been looking for and he quickly connected Revan.

Rilen had watched the man from the outer door, watching as he stumbled around, looking for something. Finally, giving a cry of disgust, he used his powers, ripping the desk from the floor and throwing it out the window. The younger man was just about to call Revan again, telling him that time was of the essence, when the prodigal knight was there, standing before him and calling out the other man.

“Ellis!” he exclaimed. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Why do you constantly persist to ruin my life?” the man muttered. “I’m done with you, Revan.” He outstretched his hand and suddenly, Rilen was lifted from his feet and thrown back against the wall. When he landed, he shook the cobwebs from his mind and looked before him. Somehow, the door at which he stood was now closed and apparently sealed.

“Damn it,” he cursed. Lifting his communication mic, he spoke. “Master Revan, can you hear me? Come in.”

“Ellis,” Revan spoke, trying to reason with the Sith lord. “You’re not well. You and I both know this. Don’t do what you’re thinking of doing.”

“I am nothing,” Ellis whispered. “Nothing! I am no Jedi! Neither am I Sith. I don’t even possess the Force as I was led to believe. My whole life has been a lie. Lies and betrayal! That’s all I know. And I have made too many people suffer because of it. I refuse to let my children suffer.” He stood facing the window, knowing that one step would spell his doom.


“Leave me be, Revan!” he shouted, turning sharply. “You’ve killed me more times than you know. Leave me so that I may die in peace.”

“I won’t let you do this, Ellis,” Revan sighed. “I couldn’t forgive myself.”

“Don’t attempt to sway me with your pity,” the young man spat. “I do not want it nor do I care to have it. Leave me be.”

“So that’s it?” Revan asked. “You’d throw your life away and for what? Have you forgotten you have a woman who loves you? A woman who has just given birth to your children?”

“Leave me be!”

Ellis struck his former mentor with lightening from his hands, throwing Revan against a nearby wall. The former master hadn’t been prepared for the attack, nor for the fierceness that seemed to be behind it. The agony was great, greater than anything he had ever felt. When he was done, Ellis collapsed to the floor.

His breathing was labored and his body felt on fire. His head throbbed and his vision swarm before him. This was it. He was dying and he was suddenly afraid; afraid of what he would encounter when death took him. He would not be one with the Force, that was impossible for what he had done.

His thoughts turned to Brianna and their children. He didn’t even know their names. Now, he would never see them again. But this was what he wanted! His death would free his family from the darkness and they wouldn’t have to live with the shame he had brought them. It would be easy for Brianna to use the name of her mother, the way she had before they’d been married. It was better this way.


He could vaguely hear Revan beside him – why did he persist? – and he tried his best to shoo him away. He was dizzy and his head throbbed.

“Ellis,” Revan whispered. “I need to get you back to the medical facility. You’re very sick.”

“If you truly want to help,” Ellis slurred. “You’ll find a way to rid me of the Force, if I indeed have it. Or rid me of my life, as I have nothing to live for.”

“Listen to me,” the former Jedi hissed, shaking the younger man by his shoulders. “You have much to live for! The Sith deal with lies and that is what they have done. They lie, Ellis! Do not forget that I knew you! I knew you as a young knight, who was skilled within the Force. The accident at Malachor…the destruction at Malachor may have severed you from it, perhaps you severed yourself, I don’t know, but I do know that you have control over the Force and that of your life!”

The younger man didn’t respond and Revan was gripped by fear that perhaps this confused being had died in his arms. “Rid me…” came his whisper. “Of this thing, of these burdens…”

“If you wish to be completely without the Force,” Revan said. “I will find you the means to do it, but you must return with me to the hospital.”

Ellis gave a small nod, though his vision blurred. His mind was hazy, all he knew was that he wanted out, he wanted to sleep and to be left alone. He felt his body being lifted and then he was on his feet, but he couldn’t seem to walk, as though his legs were made of durasteel. There were voices but he didn’t know if they came from around him or from his own mind. He was able to keep his eyes open as they reached a doorway and then all was black.



The planet was as cold as he had heard. He had never been to this area of the galaxy before and in hindsight, his thoughts turned to his years on the council; there were many things they as the council had not done and it had taken years, but he finally came to the conclusion that perhaps there were things that they had not been prepared and had not handled well. It was a hard lesson to learn, one that had cost many lives. Master Dorril Sevadjian had come to understand the triumphs the Jedi Council had made throughout the centuries, he also understood the mistakes that caused so many of their number to either turn their backs on the Jedi and their teachings or to fall to the dark side.

He was ashamed to admit that their own Jedi Council had fallen – the younger masters: Pura, Ali, Pernin, and Dario all dying either hunted down by the Shadow Sith or killed by Darth Nilihus; Master Atris turning to the dark side, even bringing about the execution of the Jedi Masters on Katarr was deeply troubling, as was knowing that a former student turned exile turned Sith Lord had killed Masters Vrook, Kavar, and Zek-El.

To his knowledge, he was the only master that still lived and he had kept on his toes. He had encountered the devilish Shadow Sith only once and it was enough to keep him barely alive. Dorril had been able to escape his fate, but it meant that he could not be out and about. He, like the exile, had spent most of his time outside of the Core Worlds and only when he heard that Revan had returned to Republic space did he also return.

For now, he had continued his stay on Coruscant, until he had heard about some of the planets being taken by the Sith. While he knew that he alone could not help the planets, he did what he could. He had once again missed death from being on Genosis and he quickly fled back into hiding. He was lucky enough to know people who were still loyal to the Republic, still thought Revan could save them without turning back into a Sith Lord. It was these people that helped him lay low and send information as to how things progressed. Dorril already knew that he couldn’t show himself and that…gave him a deep sense of guilt, a cowardly feeling that he was once hiding, like they had during the Mandalorian War.

While he hid, he got in touch with those friends in high places. He was most successful in speaking with the Telosian government and was able to learn that Revan had been successful in defeating the Sith. It was interesting, listening to his friend tell him that their planet was once again a hub for military activity, as many of those who were injured were sent to the rebuilt medical facility.

Dorril also learned that the Sith Lord Trayun and his apprentice Lady Salus had been taken to the facility as well. While Dorril was not one for gossip, he could not help but be drawn in to the way his friend gave him details.

The friend, who was a member of the Telosian government seat, said that when the two Sith leaders had been brought in, Trayun seemed to be out of his mind, while Lady Salus had gone into labor. And to heighten this, both Revan and Bastila Shan had not only vouched for the two, but also made an effort to keep a watch on both. Dorril found it very intriguing, but if he remembered correctly, this exile turned Sith lord was a friend of Revan’s and he had never known Revan to not help those in need.

It was here, on the cold planet of Rhen Var, that Master Dorril Sevadjian had fled to. He had figured that no one would think to look for him here, on this desolate planet. However, he discovered it wasn’t as desolate as he thought. Upon circling the planet for somewhere to land, he noticed what seemed to be the markings of another ship having been there.

He noticed the fierce winds had died down, so he was able to follow the footsteps that seemed to be in the snow. Concerned that someone may be in danger, the small bothan Jedi quickly made his way through the snow, searching for any sign of a survivor.

His search lead him to an ice cave, though it seemed to be abandoned. “Hello?” he called, looking around.

“I seem to be gaining popularity recently.”

The bothan was met with a ghostly apparition that stood before him. “I do not come to harass you, spirit,” Dorril replied, his hand on the hilt of his lightsaber. “I followed footsteps to this cave. I’m searching for anyone who has been harmed.”

The apparition smiled. “You may be looking for a young woman named Brianna,” he replied. “She came to see me, or rather recruit I guess, back into the Sith.”

“Back into the Sith?” Dorril asked. “Who are you, spirit?”

“My name is Ulic Qel-Droma.”

“The former apprentice of Exar Kun!?” the bothan exclaimed. “I had heard you had come to this planet, but we were never sure if your spirit remained here.”


“I am Master Dorril Sevadjian, of the Jedi Council,” he replied, bowing before the ghost. “Or perhaps I should say I am a former master of the former Jedi Order.”

“Yes,” Ulic nodded. “I had heard that this Darth Trayun had effectively destroyed the remains of the Order.” At Dorril’s confused look, Ulic chuckled. “The young woman I spoke of is the wife to Trayun.”

“Lady Salus?” Dorril asked. “His apprentice was here to see you? Do the Sith know you’re here? Has she lead reinforcements here?”

Again, Ulic laughed. “I assure you, Master Dorril,” he said. “Young Brianna was not a true practitioner of the dark side. I believe she left my cave seeking to find help, help from someone called Revan.”

“Revan?!” Dorril shook his head. There were parts of this story he did not know and did not understand. “I think, Master Ulic,” he continued. “You will need to tell me everything.”



It was late, quite late when Ellis regained consciousness. He was surprised to find himself in his medical bed, surrounded by the same white walls he had become used to. He was confused – didn’t he escape from this place? Suddenly he remembered; remembered leaving and making his way to one of the offices and trying to throw himself out a window. Had Revan saved him? Why?

Ellis sat up, feeling a dull ache in his head. How long had been back? He continued sitting there, knowing that he hadn’t spoken to Brianna since they met on Ziost. And he still didn’t know the names of his children. He would need to tell her that he no longer possessed the Force and that he would be leaving her and the children. He didn’t want to disappoint her again, especially not now. 

She deserved better; their children deserved better.

Taking a deep breath, he eased himself out of bed and slowly stood. He was strangely calm, knowing what he needed to do this time. He couldn’t leave without telling Brianna that he loved her, had always loved her, and that he knew she would give their children the life they needed and wanted. He would be able to do what he needed if he just rid himself of his ties.

Standing, he made his way to Brianna’s room.

Unlike his first trip down this hall, he wasn’t accosted by anyone, and he did his best not to look within the large window to see his twins. There were only two rooms past the nursery, leading Ellis to wish he had taken Bastila’s advice and looked in on his wife before. He tried the first door only to find it locked.

Hoping that Brianna wasn’t so mad that she had locked him out, he went to the next door. Pressing the panel, the door opened easily, and Ellis slipped inside. The room was dark and he was barely able to make out a bed with a form in it. Taking his first tentative steps, he made his way over to the bed.

Looking down, he saw his beloved Brianna, sleeping peacefully. This was the first time he was actually able to look at her – she was as beautiful as ever, her time here had seemed to do her well as she didn’t seem to be as gaunt as before. Turning away, he sighed, trying to keep his emotions from getting the best of him.

It had been torturous not being near her, could he really live without her? He knew the answer to be no, of course, but what he needed to do would be beneficial to her. He had turned her away from the life she could’ve led if not for him. He could just imagine the disappointment her parents must feel; their little girl corrupted by him.

“So you’ve decided to grace me with your presence.”


The young woman sat up in bed, looking intensely at her husband. With a wave of her hand, Brianna illuminated the room in soft light, enough for the two to see each other, but alerting themselves to anyone outside the door. Ellis gulped upon seeing her eyes search him, turning from her in shame.

“Were you coming here to tell me goodbye, Ellis?” she asked.

When he looked at her questioningly, she sighed. “Do you think I can’t feel your emotions?” she asked. “I’ve been worried about you, Ellis. Revan told me that…that the dark side had made you mad and that you might never recover.”

“You’re right, of course,” he whispered. “I did come to say my goodbyes. I can’t…I can’t let you suffer any more for my mistakes. I’m just…I’m not sure how I should go about things.”

“At least be man enough to say goodbye to you children,” she scowled. “All these months, I told them who you were and that you couldn’t wait to meet them. At least say goodbye, so they may still believe the lies I told them.”

“Do you think this is easy for me?” he exclaimed. “How much more destruction can I bring about to the galaxy? To myself? To you!? I told you I would ruin you if you stayed with me; that I was leading you down a path that was not your calling. I can’t continue to do that and I will not ruin our children!” He took deep breaths, running his hand over his face.

“Frak Brianna, what do I do?” he asked, mournfully. “I can no longer feel the Force, I’m lost without it.”

“Let Revan help you,” she pleaded. His response was to scoff at her suggestion. “Through all of this, Ellis,” she continued. “I think he only wanted to help you. He still does. I believe he cares about you.”

“And you, Bria?” he whispered. “Could you care about me, love me, without the Force?”

“How could you ask me that?” she stressed. “I love Ellis Yoly, not the Force. The Force did not make you and I would love you always, even if you were a bantha farmer.”

“Not when I came home at night,” he joked, sending a small smile her way. Brianna couldn’t help but smile back. Holding out her hand, she waited until Ellis placed his hand within hers before pulling him towards her.

“Let Revan help you,” she said. “Let him help bring you the peace you long for. I will always support you, whether you’re light or dark or in between, I don’t care. I love you, Ellis. Nothing can ever stop that.” She watched as her husband actually blushed at her support, turning his head from her in embarrassment. “Have you seen them?” she whispered. “The twins?”

Ellis nodded. “Only for a moment,” he said. “I was…I wasn’t feeling well, but I saw them briefly. What…what did you name them? I saw the abbreviations, but I don’t know what they stand for.”

“I named our daughter Arren,” she said, smiling slightly. “After my mother and I named our son Arden.”

“After my father?” Ellis asked. Brianna nodded. “That’s a greater honor than I deserve. Our parents were great leaders and Jedi. You could’ve followed in your mother’s footsteps.”

“Didn’t I?” Brianna asked, stroking his bearded cheek. “I’ve turned my back on the Jedi code by following the man I love and have his children. You need to shave.”

“That I do,” he whispered. “And…I need to speak to Revan.”

The reunion between husband and wife was brief, as Brianna urged him to speak with Revan while his mind was still set. Promising he would return to her, Ellis once again made a journey down the hall, this time back to his own room. He summoned one of the hospital staff and asked to speak with Revan immediately.

He was a little uncomfortable at the way the intern shivered in his presence and jumped to make his demand a reality. It only took a few minutes for Revan to appear in his room, confusion and concern written on his face.

“Ellis?” he asked. “You wished to see me?”

“I…” the younger man began. “I need your help. You said you would help, completely rid of the Force. I need that to happen…in order to move forward. Can you help me?”

Revan opened his mouth to argue, but seeing the look on his former friend’s face – a look of despair and acceptance – he changed his tactic. Nodding he said, “One of the masters of the council still lives. I just got word from him actually, so he’s aware that you’re coming.”

“Where are we going?”

“Rhen Var,” he said. “I…he believes there is something there that may help you. If you wish it, we’ll leave immediately, once doctors say that you are physically and mentally fit for the trip.”

Expecting a fight, Revan was surprised when the younger man nodded his consent. “Will you let me know when we are to leave?” he asked.

“I’ll speak with your doctor.”

The two men – former friends, former comrades – were silent, each thinking their own thoughts. They had finally come to this, an odd closure of sorts, not yet finished but far from the journey that had brought them here.

Revan wasn’t sure what would happen on Rhen Var. Master Dorril hadn’t exactly told him anything, other then there was something on the planet that may help with the turmoil Ellis now faced. The only thing the former master and knight could do was wait to see what the final outcome would be.


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