Welcome to Homeworld


The originating planet of the gem species and Earth’s Crystal Gems. This area focuses on the War of the Worlds serial created by Agent 66 during the Steven’s Dream story arc mid-way through season 4 of the show.

Starting in episode 10, Steven begins to see a distant location and object that he has never seen before. This leads him to discover more about Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and the war that managed to nearly destroy two planets and split the gem empire in two.

War of the Worlds, like many of the episodes in Steven Universe, starts out as a light hearted story, focusing on the growing romantic relationship between Steven and his best friend, Connie Maheshwaran, the celebration of Connie’s 13th birthday, and her official entry into being a Crystal Gem. The first five ‘storysodes’ take place after the Steven’s Dream arc, fitting in as side stories during the latter half of season before examining the aftermath of Steven’s decision in the season 4 finale of “I Am My Mom”.

Starting with story 6 – Gone, Steven, Gone – the series diverts from the official season 5 with Steven, and Steven alone, being taken to Homeworld to answer for the crimes of his mother, Rose Quartz. From there, the Crystal Gems travel to try to get him back, setting themselves up for a final showdown with the Diamonds.

War of the Worlds is an AU story of Steven Universe season 5 and beyond. It looks at what the potential consequences and actions of Homeworld and the Diamonds discovering that the rebel faction known as the Crystal Gems are alive and well on the planet Earth and that Steven is the relative of the traitor Rose Quartz. This series sets up an end game confrontation between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds for the former gem colony of Earth.

As such, the events of season 5 will only be touched on or completely ignored in favor of following the current series. This means that while the idea of Space Pirate Lars and the Off-Colors is definitely on the table, the major reveal that happened during that season is NOT a part of this series. There will still be a Pink Diamond Murder Mystery, but it will not end in the reveal that was featured.

Because of this, the Diamonds and any upcoming appearance by other gems will also NOT be redeemed nor will there be any story in which any of them join the Crystal Gems or Universe family.