Attack of the Clones – Chapter 5

Attack of the Clones

Chapter 5 – Conclusion




The next second in Mainframe was just as bright and lovely as the second before.

In the Diner, a trio of sprites sat in their favorite booth. Bob and AndrAIa sat on one side, while Dot sat on her favorite side. She drank from a cup of Java and stared out the window. With the strangeness of yesterday, Dot had started to wonder if her brothers were handling the stress of the last few minutes properly.

Admittedly, she was to blame for most of it, but still…even she knew her brothers and knew they would probably need a good talking to by Phong.

Thinking about their far fetched notion caused the young leader to laugh slightly.

“What’s so funny?” AndrAIa asked.

“Just thinking about yesterday.” she said, earning evil glares from her two companions. “Not that it was completely funny!” Dot defended. “Just that…” she sighed and looked down into her Java mug.

“With everything of late…it was nice to see them getting along, working together. Ultimately, they were working against us, but I think we could some slight leniency.” She sighed again. “You know this is the first time we’ve been in here, all at once.”

The statement was clearly Dot thinking out loud, but it didn’t escape Bob, who glanced at her longingly. “I know.” he said. Dot looked up and met the guardian’s gaze.

Just when Dot was going to look away, embarrassed, and just when AndrAIa was about to excuse herself from the conversation, who should walk in but the sprites in question. They immediately saw Dot looking over Bob’s shoulder and headed for the trio seated.

“Hi guys,” said Matrix, a rare, but nervous smile on his face.

“Hey.” Enzo seconded.

None of the sprites seated answered them, just went back to doing what they had been.

“How do you like that new organizer, Sis?” Enzo asked.

“It’s great, Enzo,” she said, patting the pad that lay on the table. “Thank you.”

“I put on some new fins and fixed all those dents, babe,” Matrix said, addressing AndrAIa.

“And…we’re gonna buy you a new car, Bob.” Enzo said.

“Eventually anyways,” Matrix mumbled. There was again silence before Matrix said, “Look guys, we’re really sorry.”

“How in the Net did you guys come up with such a ridiculous idea…” AndrAIa started.

“It was his fault!” Matrix exclaimed, pointing at Enzo.

“What?” his brother cried.

“It is!” Matrix said. “You were the one who came up with the idea and made me listen to it.”

“You’re the bigger me!” Enzo proclaimed. “You should’ve been the adult! You how how I am and how you can’t listen to everything we say!”

“All right, that’s enough,” Dot said sternly, breaking up the argument. “Any way you look at it, you’re both responsible.”

“Well…” Enzo muttered. “If you guys weren’t acting so weird.” His comment received a smack on the arm from Matrix.

“Shut up.” the renegade hissed.

Dot sighed. “I’ll agree we haven’t been in the best of moods lately,” she said.”But that still doesn’t mean you go around jumping to conclusions!”

“AndrAIa started it.” Enzo said.

“What?” she exclaimed. “How?”

“Admit, Dre,” Matrix said, his anger rising. “You’ve been going to the P.O. for a straight cycle. We heard you guys talking, so don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Now, what’s wrong?”

AndrAIa sighed, somewhat happily. “There’s nothing wrong.”

“There’s gotta be something wrong,” Enzo insisted.

“We heard you and Phong say you were getting tested and prodded and poked.”

Matrix continued, his words starting to run together. “There has to
be something wrong!”

“Enzo…” she said, then smiled. “Big Enzo,” she corrected. “Nothing’s wrong.”

“Oh, so there’s a valid reason to seeing Phong every second this cycle?”


“Oh yeah?” Enzo asked.

“Like what?” they both asked.

“How about I’m pregnant?” she asked, smiling.

“That’s no excuse!” Matrix boomed. “Now, you had better…tell…” Some sort of reasoning hit Matrix like a ton of bricks.

“What?” he asked, unsure he heard the question from earlier.

“That’s why I’ve been in the Principal Office so Phong could confirm it.” she said. Looking up at the renegade, she said, “I’m pregnant, Enzo.”

Matrix’s mouth dropped. He dropped to one knee in order to look AndrAIa in the eye. “Are…are you…you…”

She took his face in her hands and whispered, “Congratulations, Daddy.”

Matrix was stunned. He was trying to say something, but no sound came from his mouth. “Surprised?” AndrAIa asked. Matrix just nodded. “Happy?” Matrix smiled slightly and nodded.

“Love so AndrAIa you I much.” he blurted, then shook his head when AndrAIa giggled.

“I love you, too.” she said, kissing his forehead. “And we can talk about baby names and stuff like. When I start talking to you again.”

AndrAIa pushed him away slightly, stood and started heading for the door, leaving a confused and shocked Matrix.

“What?” he asked.

“Goodbye Enzo.” she said, pushing open the door.

“AndrAIa!” He stood and watched her walk away. Turning to Enzo he said, “This is all your fault.”

“What?” the boy called after him. “Hey, you’re the adult, Big Me! You should’ve thought of that…hey! Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you! You come back here!”

Dot closed her eyes, hearing the vague sounds of the argument as the two tried to catch up with the departed game sprite. She opened her eyes and saw Bob looking at her.

The two seemed as though they wanted to say something, needed to say something to each other. The news of AndrAIa’s pregnancy stirred their own feelings about a family, one which they might have had if not for…

Dot cleared her throat and picked up the brand new organizer. Opening it, she began to pick a password…choosing to keep the one from the old one and began filling the things with the important files and documents that had been on the last one.

Vidwindows popped up around her, as usual. Bob sighed, knowing when he was being shut out…again.

Sighing, he decided to finish his Java.



The End

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