House Series

The House Series

The House Series in reference to a group of fics in which the TMNT and their friends are mostly in or around the lair. At first, this wasn’t exactly a series, per se, but with the start of the fic “House Rules”, the grouping seemed to make sense.

House Arrest

They were going to be grounded for a month. They were going to kill each other; well, that’s what April O’Neil though anyway. Just how the heck did they manage that?

Just the Facts

Inspired by “Bad Blood”, episode of The X-Files, Season 5

The sequel – or perhaps prequel – to the story “House Arrest”. A murder man, mysterious body disappearances, and zombies mark a night of mixed conclusions.

House Rules

Based on the “Splinter’s Rules for the Lair” by inuficcrzy, these are some explanations of how some of these ‘rules’ came about.