YSU series

The Yuku Sue Unmei Series

Yuku Sue Unmei means “as the fates allow” in Japanese, with the direct meaning translated “as destiny allots”. This series is actually made up of two separate series.

The first begins with the title of this series, Yuku Sue Unmei, and its sequel. The second series begins with What Happens Off World. This second series is a indirect sequel to YSU, as characters from the previous story are mentioned within this one. Koimonogatari is the direct sequel to Yuku, while A Certain Romance is the direct sequel to WHOW.


Yuku Sue Unmei

A lone turtle travels through time and space to prevent the murder of his father. He is hunted by a relentless sorceress who’s determined to make him understand the truth. Their paths lead them to Manhattan and an encounter with the turtles, in which a past and future converge.


Title means love story

After the events of Yuku Sue Unmei, Donatello receives an unexpected, yet urgent call for help. Can he set aside his feelings and help one whom he once loved?

What Happens Off World…

Inspired by the movie,”The Hangover”

An upcoming wedding, an exciting bachelor celebration off planet, things should go according to plan, right? The turtle brothers are about to have the most memorable night they ever forgot.

A Certain Romance

After the events of WHOW, Leonardo is faced with a choice that he’s yet to face, an enemy that he’s never battled and come out the victor…will the leader of the Hamato Clan find the answers to the questions he seeks?