ReBoot Wars

ReBoot Wars

In a system, far, far away…

There were hijinks

This is the section of RB, aptly titled ‘Reboot Wars’ due to the nature of the titles of each story. The initial idea came from watching both the “Daemon Rising” and “My Two Bobs” fourth season movies (movies in Canada, episode arcs in the US). Because of the way the fourth season ended on such a climatic cliffhanger, this prompted Agent 66 to begin “Spritestalker” if only to resolve this ending.

However, it was the seemingly changed personalities of the characters within this season – namely Dot Matrix and every other character – that brough this idea to the mind of 66. Because the first story had such a positive response and readers wondering if there would be a continuation, 66 began “Revenge of the Sis”, finding the Star Wars theme to be humorous and continued with that idea.

Attack of the Clones

In the aftermath of Megabyte’s deception and defeat, young Enzo Matrix wonders what the system has come to. During a morning report, he soon finds the answer – clones. With the help of his older brother, the two Matrix boys are going to get to the bottom of this!

Revenge of the Sis

In this sequel to Attack of the Clones, Dot decides that two can play at this game and that her brothers have learned nothing of their ill attempt at stop an army of non exist clones. However, her plans don’t seem go her way when the Matrix boys truly think something’s up!

A New Hope

Two hours have gone by since the events of Revenge of the Sis; things are going well for the citizens of Mainframe. But in the hustle and bustle of the Super Computer, events are being carried out to ensure that the Daemon Crisis never comes to pass again.

The Virus Strikes BackNEW!

A rogue virus is wrecking havoc in several systems, while the revamped Guardian Council begins to crackdown on those they feel were responsible for not protecting the Net. They come for Bob, who they believe added to the problem by not following his Guardian protocols and deleting Mainframe’s viruses. Young Guardian cadet Enzo Matrix finds himself going head to head with the rogue virus in order to save his friends. Can Mainframe and her allies survive this latest crisis?

Return of the GuardianComing Soon!