Revenge of the Sis – Chapter 6

Revenge of the Sis

Chapter VI – The Fallout or How the Matrixes Came to a Head



It was something out from a .mov, she knew it. It reminded her of the time she fought that Guardian and her friends while they searched for ports to the Net. It was a stand-off, that was for sure.

Bob stood on one side next to Dot, while the brothers Matrix faced them. There was anger in the air; tension for sure, though AndrAIa was sure Dot was trying hard not to smile.

The morning had started off on a weird vibe. Matrix had woken up earlier than usual and by the time she had gotten up, he and Enzo were waiting for her at their small dining table. The two of them had been smiling like Scuzzy had gotten hold of a delicious meal all morning.

And it held until Dot had received another mysterious email from her secret admirer.

AndrAIa had to send that email this morning, with the knowledge that one or both Matrix brothers were lurking around in her apartment. She sent an attachment, asking if Dot thought the boys had suffered enough, though it seemed this morning they truly hadn’t.

The game sprite didn’t really understand this little ‘war’ that had erupted with the siblings. She figured it must be a sibling thing in itself – she had enough experience dealing with Matrix and Enzo – but she usually thought that Dot was above that, being the oldest and all.

But this event was proving that Dot could be just as juvenile as her brothers.

When Dot had none so casually mentioned she had gotten “Such a romantic note from my secret admirer,” AndrAIa knew the commander was baiting her brothers.

Which of course worked, as Matrix asked her who the mystery man was, promoting Bob to proclaim that Dot was his and no other should have her – which earned equal looks of surprise and annoyance from both her and Dot.

So now, after Matrix had vehemently forbidden Dot from seeing any sprite other than Bob, to which Dot said she could see anyone she wanted…well, it just escalated into the scene that was before her now.

Welman had equally been surprised by the behavior of his children, something he put a stop to immediately.

“This will stop immediately,” he said. “With the exception of Enzo, you are both grown adults, yet you are acting that small children. Dot, Enzo – big Enzo that is – is just looking at for you; Enzo, Dot is a grown woman and can make her own choices; Robert, you and Dot are no longer together and you cannot stop her from carrying on with her life; Enzo – little Enzo – stop instigating problems for adults; AndrAIa -”

“I haven’t done anything!” cried the game sprite. She pointed at finger at Dot, saying, “It was her idea!”

“Traitor.” the commander muttered. Looking at Bob, she sighed, knowing the game was over. “We have a confession to make,” she began.

“I wanted to get the boys back for believing that ridiculous story about clones, so Bob, AndrAIa, and I made a plan to make them think I had a secret admirer, which they did!” she exclaimed when her father gave – or tried to – her a look. “They started it!”

“Wait, what?” Matrix asked.

“You mean you don’t have a secret admirer?” Enzo asked.

“Well,” replied the young commander. “I sort of do.” She gave a look to Bob, who smiled and took her hand. “Bob and I have…um…”

“Been sneaking around together?” Enzo asked, a smug smile on his face. “Then I guess our work is done.”

“What work?” Dot asked, hands on her hips. “Once again, Enzo, you and Matrix jumped to unnecessary conclusions!”

“You made us think you were seeing someone else!” Matrix exclaimed. “If that’s not underhanded…”

“Oh?” she retorted. “And kidnapping us was so professional? So very ethical.”

“We had to kidnap you!” Enzo cried. “You were clones!”

“We’re not clones!” Three sprites exclaimed.

“That’s enough!” cried one elderly sprite and one null-bot. “Children,” sighed the system administrator. “You are all acting like…well…children!”

“Don’t worry, Phong,” the null-bot replied. “I have a solution to this problem.”



It was a few cycles later that Bob sent a vid window to his girlfriend, who was currently in her office at the PO. Dot hadn’t been in the best of moods since her ‘confinement’ had been instated.

She could only be available at her office and for business at the Diner, though Bob made it a point to sneak in a few comments or an email or two. Even after the two cycles that had passed, Dot was still shaking her head.

“I can’t believe he grounded me,” she muttered.

“He grounded Matrix and Enzo, too,” he said.

“Well,” she huffed. “Enzo I can understand. But Matrix and I are adults! Why’d he have to ground us too? That’s not fair.”

Bob grinned. “Well,” he replied. “He is your dad and he did think the punishment fit the crime, however wrong it was!” He amended, seeing the look she was giving him.

“It means I can’t see you like I wanted.” She pouted.

User, she was cute.

“It’s not like I don’t see you every second.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he cooed. “When you’re out of solitary, I have something special planned for us.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, but smiled. “You’d better.” she said. “I have work to do, though most of it seems to be completed with my ‘solitary’ as you called it.”

“At least you’ll be free when I finally get to be graced by your presence.” he joked.

Dot giggled, before saying, “We really should invite the boys. I think they’re mad at me or at the very least, are very stubborn about being proved wrong.”

“Seems to be a family trait,” he mumbled.

“What’s that?”

“I said we’ll just have to wait…” he stumbled. “For them to calm down. And all.”

She sighed. “Yeah,” she whispered. “Guess we’ll have to see where it goes from here.”



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