Revenge of the Sis – Chapter 5

Revenge of the Sis

Chapter V – The Counter Strike or How The Bros Matrix Found the Groove


It was a good plan, if he said so himself. Matrix was quite proud at the lengths he and Enzo had to go to get the Diner set up just the way they needed.

After two love drenched cycles of Dot fawning over some pansy boy sprite, the two brothers decided enough was enough. They had told Bob they were determined to get him back in Dot’s good graces and that’s what they would do.

So the two had gone to the Diner, cleared everyone out except the Mac server Cecil – who was threatened to behave or else – and they got to work. They placed candles around the unused booths and actually drew up curtains so noisy Mainframers couldn’t see what was going on inside.

They talked Mike into letting the Fab Primitives perform for the evening, allowing Mike’s musical guest to do the intro to his show. They placed daisy wheels on the center booth – Dot’s favorite place to sit – and cleaned the entire Diner.

Then Matrix sent out emails; one to Bob saying everything was ready and to be at the Diner at 1700; he then sent an email to AndrAIa, telling her to hack into his sister’s organizer so that she could send an email to Dot, pretending to be her secret admirer. He then instructed her to have Dot be at the Diner at 1700.

The large sprite grinned. This was too easy.



This was too easy.

That’s what Dot was thinking as carefully picked out her wardrobe for the evening. AndrAIa and Bob had informed her of what her brothers were up to and all she could do was shake her head and sigh.

User, those two were dense. Hadn’t she told them not to go off assuming things and what were they doing? Assuming that she had some secret lover and had cast Bob aside…again. Apparently she would have to haul out the big guns tonight.

She wanted to look good for Bob, but also knew that she had to make an impression on the boys as well. So, she took out something she had been saving for the blue guardian and for a night such as this.

She hoped that her brothers would leave them alone so she and Bob could really enjoy themselves, but she had a plan in case they didn’t.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled, pleased at the way the dress looked and how surprised her boys would be.



Everything was going according to plan.

At least as far as Enzo was concerned. He and Matrix had spent all second working on the Diner and getting it as great and romantic as possible. The boy had been surprised at the gusto in which his older brother seemed to take charge of the whole project. He’s thinking of AndrAIa, the boy thought, smiling in spite of himself. Matrix was like that – always held a surprise up his sleeve.

And now, as both parties entered the Diner, grinning stupidly at each other, Enzo had to admit his brother was a genius.

He and the renegade were perched inside the kitchen, watching the exchange as Bob drooled over his former fiancée. The brothers themselves had been surprised by her ensemble as well – a daringly short black dress that seemed to show more skin than the older brother thought his sister should be showing. It had an obvious effect on Bob, who seemed to be ogling the commander.

The two couldn’t hear the exchange, but by the way Bob was looking at her – “He could at least close his mouth.” – said he liked the dress – “Does he have to keep looking at her like that? It’s really weird.”

Once the two sat down for the dinner that Cecil had prepared, Matrix nudged his younger version and indicated they leave. “Why are we leaving?” the boy asked.

“Cause our work here is done, little brother,” replied the larger sprite. “Now that Dot remembers how great Bob is, she’ll dump whoever is wining and dining her.”

“Think so?”

“Trust me,” Matrix smirked. “I think I know a little something about love and romance. They’re sitting there, Bob is telling her how he can’t live without her and Dot’ll tell him that she doesn’t want that dipswitch she’s been emailing. It’ll work.”



“I didn’t think they’d leave.” Dot said, giggling as Bob slid next to her, placing his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close.

He delivered a kiss to her neck, causing another giggle from the green sprite. “This dress is scandalous,” he murmured in her ear.

“I wanted to wear something special for you,” she purred. “Like it?”

It was his turn to chuckle. “Without a doubt.” He said, kissing her shoulder. “Nice of your brothers to set us up.”

“They’re obviously not getting the point in all this.”

“But it’s not all bad.”

She smiled at him, placing her hand on his cheek. “Not bad at all.” She whispered, leaning in to kiss him tenderly.

A few kisses later, both of them pulled away and smiled at each other. “You’re thinking of something,” he said, raising an eyebrow at her.

“I’m thinking of putting this charade to an end,” she replied, thoughtfully. “However, it’s going to be in a way that will show those two the error of their ways. I mean, really. Do they think that after all we’ve been through, I’d leave you for someone else?”

Bob continued to raise his brow. She sighed, a small smile on her face.

“I made that mistake last time,” she whispered. “And look what it cost us. I played it safe and…and that was a mistake. Sometimes…sometimes you have to take risks and fly by the seat of your pants.” She gave him another smile.

He again chuckled, then leaned in close to her. “I think you’re spending too much time with me,” he whispered.

She chuckled herself, saying, “Get used to it, Guardian, cause I plan on spending a lot of my time with you.” before she closed the distance, touching her lips to his.


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