Revenger of the Sis – Chapter 4

Revenge of the Sis

Chapter IV – The Preemptive Strike or How The Brothers Matrix Met Their Maker



When the morning meeting ended, Bob could see that the first phase of the plan had been executed. He too, like everyone else, had wondered what exactly Dot had received on her organizer.

He wondered, though he knew the contents of said email, but what exactly had AndrAIa sent to her. Whatever it was, it made Dot laugh and Bob always loved hearing her laugh.

But at least for their plan, it seemed to work. Matrix was completely suspicious about the whole ‘secret admirer’ thing. The renegade at glanced at the guardian, perhaps wanting to know if this was his doing, but all Bob did was shoot a look back and shrugged his shoulders, as though he didn’t know what was going on either.

So he wasn’t too surprised when Matrix pulled him aside and asked. “I’m as surprised as you are, Enzo,” he replied. “But I can tell you it wasn’t me who sent it.”

“Really?” the renegade asked. “You didn’t send that email or whatever that was?”

The guardian shook his head.

Matrix raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you a little concerned?”

The guardian shrugged. “Of course I’m concerned,” he said. “However, I’m not dating your sister, so I really can’t stop her from seeing who she wants. But I will tell you this,”

He leaned closer and tried doing his best ‘jealous lover’ voice. “I am going to find out.”

That seemed to satisfy the large sprite because he nodded and headed out the door, however he still had an odd look on his face.

A tap on his shoulder alerted him to AndrAIa, who he turned to with a smile on his face. “What did you write?” he asked.

The game sprite quirked an eyebrow at him. “One never reveals their secrets, Bob.” she admonished, happily. “It’s your turn later though.” She gave him a look before following her lover out as well.



As the seconds approached the cycle’s end, the fact that Dot Matrix was getting emails from an unknown sprite began to worry both of the sprite’s brothers. It was Matrix who had told their baby brother about the strange goings on with their sister – how she received an email every second and just that morning, she had gotten a bouquet of daisy wheels.

It must’ve been a surprise to Dot as well, for she blushed a deep red.

This was also the first time Bob had displayed some anger at the apparent interest from someone other than him. He had demanded Dot tell him who this person was, but all she could say was that she didn’t know, though she couldn’t stop blushing. Twice more, Matrix had asked if Bob was behind the gifts, to which the guardian had bristled had him

It was that very second and that very incident that caused Matrix to corner Enzo and tell him what new event had started.

“Tell me about it,” the small boy muttered. “Mike came in to the Diner last second and told him someone was romancing Dot and that Bob was last second’s shake!”

The large sprite shook his head. “I don’t get what’s going on with her,” he said. “And Bob’s all mad about it, too. It’s like Megabyte all over again!”

“You would think they would’ve learned their lesson!” the boy exclaimed.

“Something’s up.”

The two stood, both thinking of what was going on when Matrix snapped his fingers. “We’ll just get the two of them together.”


“That, little brother, leave to me.”



That cycle had been great for Dot. Her plan seemed to be working well, as both of her brothers looked at her in an odd way. The best part – though she would never tell anyone – was the emails and gifts Bob was sending her under the guise of a ‘secret admirer’.

She had sent her lovely emails about how wonderful she was and what he thought of her. She had been quite surprised by the depth of his words; she had really never seen Bob as a romantic, but he had certainly proved where his heart was.

And secretly between them, she and Bob had been spending a lot of time together. They held it under the guise of business and work, but that had easily been elevated to romantic dinners in his apartment, which lead to a few goodnight kisses.

The young leader had to admit the espionage of the whole thing was rather exciting. By day, she was being romanced by a perfect stranger, much to the chagrin of her brothers and her ex fiancée; but by night, she was being slowly romanced by that perfect stranger, who was in fact the disgruntled ex fiancée. She loved hanging out with Bob, knowing that no one would be hovering over them to be together, when they really were in some regards.

To his credit, Bob really was acting the part of a jealous ex; he even had Phong convinced of his performance. Dot had been surprised by the act, especially with the secret meetings they were having, but was none the less was very impressed.

She also noticed that Mike the TV was nice enough to tell everyone that she was dating a new sprite and it wasn’t ‘shiny Bob’ as he called the guardian’s previous web look.

Dot could easily see how wound up her brothers were getting and for her, it was quite frustrating. They were at it again, she could tell, by their conferencing and quiet whispering. They just weren’t getting the message.

She gave a small smirk. They would get it in due time.


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