The Family Affair


The Family Affair


Setting: A dark, dank warehouse. Two men are waiting in the center of the building. One man is standing with his arms folded, while the other is pacing back and forth.

Man 1: [pacing] Where are they? Where can they be?

Man 2: They’ll be here. And with them, we’ll get those plans for the new Super Sonic Missile.

Man 1: I certainly hope so. KAOS has been wanting those plans from the very beginning. It could destroy the United States if those plans fall into our hands. [pause] Where are they?

Voice: Right here.

The two men turn and see another man and a woman walking towards them.

Man 1: What took you so long? We were getting worried.

Man 3: Sorry. We had a slight problem coming over.


Man 3: No. The car wouldn’t start. Damn foreign makes.

Man 1: Look, just give us the plans. I’ll feel safer.

Woman: That’s the problem. We don’t have them, as of yet.

Man 2: As of yet? What do you mean by that?

Woman: I’ll soon have the plans in my hand.

Man 1: How?

Woman: I’m engaged to the man that has them in his possession.




Setting: The office of Chief Maxwell Smart. Tracie Lewis, Agent 66 was talking to someone on the phone.

Tracie: Alright, Daddy. I’ll see you tonight. You have the directions I gave you, right? [pause] I can’t wait for you guys to meet him, Dad. [pause] Okay. I love you, Daddy. Bye. [hangs up]

Max: What time is your dad coming over, Trace?

Tracie: I told them 8 o’clock if that was okay. I know that’s when we’re having dinner, but not too worry. My Dad’s a time freak. Knowing him, he’ll be there a good hour before.

Max: Well, I’m certainly looking forward to it.

Tracie: Me too. I haven’t seen my Dad in a couple of years and I know how Mom’s death really hit him hard. This is good occasion to have him come visit.

Max: I agree. Tracie, I hate to switch subjects, but I was wondering if you had heard anything about these sonic missile plans.

Tracie: Actually sir, that’s why I came to talk to you. The CIA is in charge of this whole plan thing and I have a pretty good idea that my Dad might know something that we don’t.

Max: Well, I think when you get the chance, you should ask him. But right now, I’m more worried about what KAOS has in mind for those plans.

Tracie: Shouldn’t that be top priority, sir?

Max: Oh it is. I was just waiting for you to get here. Everyone’s waiting inside the boardroom.

The two leave the office and go into the inner lobby. Max turns to speak to the woman sitting at a desk to the left. She’s listening to a portable CD player and is unaware of anything else.

Max: Trudi…[pause] Trudi…TRUDI!

Trudi: {takes earphones off} You wanted to talk to me, Chief?

Max: [sarcastically] Yes. I was wondering, if it wasn’t too much trouble, if you could open the boardroom door for me.

Trudi looked at Max, then at the door, then back at Max.

Trudi: That’s gonna be hard to do.

Max: What?

Trudi: Open the door.

Max: Why?

Trudi: It’s an automatic door. It’ll be hard to open.

Max: [taking a deep breath] Why don’t you push that little white button on your desk to open the door.

Trudi: Really?

Max: Really.

Trudi pushes the button and the room door opens.

Trudi: Wow. You know Chief, you’re too much.

Max: In what way?

Trudi: Well, with everything you do in the world and for CONTROL, you still take time out to be an electronic genius.

Max looked at Trudi, then the camera, and then he walked into the meeting room, with Tracie right behind him.

Tracie: [kissing Zach] Hi. All set for tonight?

Zach: You bet. This is the final thing that’s gotta happen. Well, the wedding is the ABSOLUTE final thing, but this is the final thing before the final thing.

Max: Okay, gang. We’ve got a problem with KAOS and wouldn’t you like to know what it is.

99: What if we already know what it is?

Max: Then play along.

Parker: I would like to know what KAOS is up to, Chief.

Max: Good man! I will tell you what KAOS is up to.

Zach: Then tell us.

Max: I will. I’m sure everyone here has heard of the Super Sonic Missile. {Zach raises hand} Yes, Zachary.

Zach: I have not heard of the Super Sonic Missile.

Max: Has everyone, BUT Zach heard of the Super Sonic Missile? [everyone nods]

Zach: [hurt he’s the only one] Maybe I don’t in the same circles you guys do.

Max: Zachary, the Super Sonic Missile, or SSM, is a new weapon developed for the Air Force. If dropped, it can hit a target the size of Texas and California put together. You can see why that might be of importance to KAOS.

Zach: It doesn’t matter though. We really don’t need Texas and California. Look at the things that have come out of Texas and California.

Parker: Zach, we need Texas and California most importantly for the import of goods and fruits. [pause] What we DON’T need are North and South Dakota.

Max: Gentlemen, this is not an issue about what states the US needs or doesn’t need. [pause] And if you want to talk about states we don’t need…

99: Max, you’re getting off the subject.

Max: {looks at 99} {back to everyone else} The point is, that we can’t let KAOS get their hands on those plans.

Zach: So what are they? Blueprints?

Max: I don’t know.

Parker: A model of some sort?

Max: I don’t know.

Maxine: Is it in words, on paper?

Max: I don’t know.

Zach: [looking at Max] Dad, I think you can sense our frustration…

Max: Believe me, I wish I had more to go on, but I think tonight we might get something. [looks at Tracie]

Tracie: I can pull some strings, but don’t count on anything permanent.

Parker: How do we proceed?

Max: I got a couple of couriers on surveillance. I was hoping you’re not going to be busy tonight, Austin. I’m expecting you to pull double duty.

Maxine: What for?

99: Tracie’s Dad’s coming to dinner tonight. Seven o’clock, Maxine.

Parker: [to Maxine] We’ll have to postpone dinner tonight.

Maxine: {to Parker} Oh well. Call me if you get anything on these couriers. I’ll meet you in lab at…eleven?

Parker: Sounds fine.

Max: Make sure work is ALL the two of you do.

Maxine: [looks at Parker] [nervous laugh] Of course…Daddy. That’s all we ever do in the lab. [Parker laughs too] [calmly] Why? What have you heard?

Max: Just that the lab techs tend to goof off after hours. Why? What should I be hearing?

Both: [pause] Nothing.

Parker: That was it. That we goof off sometimes, but I assure you, Chief, this case is too big to be goofed on. So to speak.

Max: Fine. I’ll give you more instructions later in my office, Austin.

Parker: Right.

Max: Well, that’s it. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll see the rest of you tonight. Austin, my office.

The group leave the room and head off in separate directions, except for 99 and Austin, who follow Max into his office.

Parker: What do you want me to do, Chief?

Max: I need you to stake out this warehouse on Third and Clover. Those two couriers I mentioned have been in and out of there all day. Then I want you and Max to figure out what these plans could be. I’ll leave something for you in the lab.

Parker: Right. Oh, Chief, do you really think it’s a good idea for you to be meeting Tracie’s Dad tonight? I mean, with the plans and KAOS and everything.

99: We can’t change it. We’ve been planning this night since two months ago. And besides, Zach needs to meet Tracie’s Dad and so do we.

Parker: I know, but…

Max: Besides Austin, Todd Lewis may know something about these plans that we don’t. After all, he is an ex-CIA man and the CIA is in charge of these plans. He might be the ace in the hole we need to get KAOS away from this thing.

Parker: Well, I certainly can’t argue with you. I hope things go as planned.

Max: Why wouldn’t they?

Parker: Just being cautious, Chief. Have a good night. {leaves}

99: Max, do you think…?

Max: Nothing is going to happen tonight, 99. Trust me.

Meanwhile, at the same warehouse as earlier, we see two of the same men there, but this time, the warehouse is full of hustle and bustle.

Man 1: Is everything set up for tonight’s shipment?

Man 3: Oh, yes sir. When these boxes go through, all anyone will see are clothes and toys.

Man 1: Where will the plans be?

Man 3: The first parts of the plan will be written on paper and inside certain dolls. The second and third parts will be on tiny microfilm that is sewn into the lining of the clothing.

Man 1: That’s absolutely wonderful. When do you think we shall have the plans?

Man 3: I’m guessing later tonight. My…associate is attending a dinner tonight.






Setting: The home of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart. The gang was sitting in the living, waiting for the arrival of Todd Lewis. Tracie paced the floor.

Tracie: Where are they?

99: Tracie, calm down. I’m sure they’ll be here at any moment. {doorbell rings} See?

Zach: That’s uncanny.

Tracie jumped over the back of the couch and ran to the door.

Zach: It’s okay. Tracie’s got it.

Tracie: {opens door} Well, it’s about time you got here!

In walked a young man, wearing a sweater vest and jeans.

Tommy: Sorry. {putting Tracie in head lock} But my kid {Tracie: Ow!} has an ear infection {Tracie: Stop it!} and we drove him to his doctor’s office. {lets go} {gets hit on the shoulder by Tracie}

Tracie: Everyone sit down. It’s nobody. Just my bratty brother.

Maxine: I’ve got one of those. {evil look from Zach}

Tommy: Allow me to introduce myself. Thomas Lewis, Tiger Ann’s older brother.

Maxine: Tiger Ann?

Tracie: {annoyed} He wanted a brother.

Zach: Me too. {looks at Maxine} Pity how some things work out. {evil look from Maxine}

Tracie: Tommy, that’s Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart, Maxine Smart, and my favorite guy, Zachary Smart.

Tommy: {shaking hands} So you’re the guy who’s taking away my baby sister. Why didn’t you come along sooner?

Tracie: [sarcastically] Ha ha. You’re sooo not funny. Where’s Daddy?

Tommy: I don’t know. He called and said he had a surprise for us.

Max: All of us? {Tommy shrugs}

Tommy: You’re guess is as good as mine, Mr. Smart. But he did say there’d need to be an extra place for dinner.

Zach: So he’s bringing someone. {Tommy’s kinda speechless}

Tracie: {to Tommy} Who’s he bringing?

Tommy: Tracie, I don’t know. Whoever it is, I haven’t met her.

Tracie: Her?

Tommy: Assuming it’s a her. {doorbell rings} You might get your answer. {Tracie goes to door}

Tracie opens the door and immediately recognizes the man on the other side.

Tracie: Daddy! {hugs the man}

Todd: Hey! How’s my little girl?

Tracie: Fine, {bringing him into the house} now that my favorite Daddy is here. I want you to meet everybody. {to everyone} Everybody, this is my father, Todd Lewis. Daddy, this is Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart, Maxine Smart…and…Zachary Smart.

Todd: [shaking hands] So, you’re the young man who’s going to marry my daughter?

Zach: Yes, sir.

Todd: I don’t blame you. She is kinda cute. {looking at Tracie} Button nose, beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes…just like her mother. {pause} Actually, I’m glad you’re all here. I’m sure my son has told you I had a surprise for you all.

Tracie: Something about a girl, Daddy?

Todd: That’s true. I’ve been seeing someone for a couple of months now and…well, let’s just say my daughter isn’t the only one getting married. {Tracie screams} {confused} I can’t tell. Is she happy?

Maxine: I don’t know. I’ve never heard her scream like that before.

Zach: I have and believe me, she was happy. {smiling}

Tracie: Daddy, why didn’t you tell us this earlier?

Todd: I wanted this to be a surprise. She’s out in the car.

Tracie: Out in the car? Daddy, this isn’t a present like a puppy! This is your fiancée!

Just then, a beautiful young woman walks through the door. We see it’s the same woman from the warehouse. She’s very young, about Tracie’s age or maybe younger.

Woman: Excuse me? I was wondering…

Todd: Nikki!

Tracie: Well, you must be…my father’s fiancée’s daughter.

Nikki: No, actually, I’m your father’s fiancée. {everyone is surprised}

Tracie: {annoyed} Oh no. No, no, no. You must be confused.

Nikki: I think I would know if I was engaged or not.

Tracie: Yeah, but look at you! You’re like what? Twelve? Twelve and a half?

Todd: {not amused} Tracie…

Tracie: Yeah, but, Daddy…

Todd: Tracie, this is Nicolette. Nikki, this is my daughter, Tracie and my son Thomas. My daughter’s fiancée, Zachary and his family.

Nikki: How do you do?

Todd: Well, Mrs. Smart, I hear your cooking is the best in town.

99: {distracted} Huh? Oh yeah. Right. Dinner…is ready.

Everyone heads to the table for dinner, but it isn’t starting to be a good one. Everyone is curious about this older woman that Todd Lewis has brought to dinner and is planning on marrying.

99: So…Nikki…where exactly did you and Todd meet?

Tracie: [under her breath} Evidently at a playground.

Todd: Well, it just so happens I met her on a case I was working on.

Max: I thought you had retired.

Todd: Oh I did and I have. Just the CIA likes using me as a go between sometimes. Anyways, Nikki helped me on that case and we’ve been seeing each other ever since. {Tracie rolls her eyes}

Maxine: How sweet.

Tracie: {sarcastically} Hardly.

Todd: Nikki wanted to get married right away, but I told her. My little girl’s wedding comes first.

Tracie: Well, Daddy, I hope you don’t go overboard on the spending. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend your nest egg.

Todd: What’re you talking about?

Tracie: {to Nikki} My father’s built up a small wealth over the years. Wouldn’t want him to squander it, if you know what I mean.

Nikki: I think I know exactly what you mean. If you think that I’m somehow after your father’s money…

Tracie: No! No, of course not. That is the furthest thing from my mind. {under breath} Money-grubbing whore.

Todd: What was that?

Tracie: I asked if she wanted more. {points} Potatoes, that is. {to Nikki} They’re very good for your diet. Not that I’m saying you’re fat or anything. {sarcastically} You have a darling little figure.

Tommy: {breaking tension} So Tracie, how’s work?

Nikki: Oh. What do you do?

Tracie: {pause} I’m an accountant. I keep people out of debt. You’re not in debt, are you, Nikki? You know and you need one of those…marry-an-older-man-in-order-to-get-benefits- and-all-his-money kinda of deals.

Todd: {annoyed} Tracie!

Tracie: Yes, Daddy?

99: Why don’t we switch subjects? Tommy, did I hear correctly that you have a son?

Tommy: Yes, ma’am. John Todd, he’s about two years old. My wife and I drove him to his pediatrician because of an ear infection.

99: I hope he’ll be okay.

Tommy: Oh yeah. He gets them every now and then and we take him to see Dr. Stevens.

Zach: {to Todd} Have you two set a date yet? {looks from everyone} {a pinch on the thigh from Tracie}

Todd: Not yet. Like I said, my first priority to get you two kids hitched. I’ll worry about my wedding later.

Nikki: Wouldn’t it be neat if we had a double wedding?

Zach: Yeah! {pinch from Tracie} {in pain} No! I mean…you don’t to rush into anything.

Todd: Don’t worry, Zach. I’ve done this once before. Piece of cake.

Max: Todd, after dinner, can I speak to you for a moment?

Todd: Sure.

Tracie: Daddy, after that, could Tommy and I speak with you?

Todd: I don’t think I have anything to say, Tracie. If you need to tell me something, you tell me right now or else forget about it. Now, what was it you were going to say?

Tracie: Alright fine. Daddy, your……tie doesn’t match your shirt. {Todd looks at tie}

Todd: Yes it does!

Tracie: Yes, but you just don’t look in stripes. {everyone looks at her} That was it. That’s all I had to say.

After dinner, Max talked to Todd about the SSM.

Max: That’s why I was hoping you could shed some light on this whole thing.

Todd: Well, Max, I can tell you the plans aren’t plans. They are blueprints, but even I’m not sure what exactly. You know, last month I got this weird looking vile from the Pentagon. They said I was the best person to hold on to it.

Max: What is it?

Todd: You got me. It’s got liquid in it. I got it sitting in a drawer in my garage.

Max: You think that’s safe?

Todd: For all I know, it’s clear nail polish.

Max: Why don’t you stop by tonight and I’ll have the guys in the lab look at it?

Todd: Fine by me. Nikki and I have to scoot out early anyways. We’re taking in a movie. {winks}

Max: {laughs} Um…Todd, about Nikki…

Todd: Max…I know how Tracie feels about this thing. Nikki’s the first girl I’ve been serious about since her mother died. But Max, I’m a grown man. I think I’m old enough to decide who I want to date and marry.

Max: I understand that, but…

Todd: Max, I got one thing on my mind right now and that’s our kids getting married. Let me worry about my own wedding.

The two men leave the kitchen and Todd announces he and Nikki have to leave. Max shrugs his shoulders towards Tracie, signaling he just couldn’t talk her dad out of this wedding thing.

Todd: Well, folks, I’d love to stay, but Nikki and I have to go.

Tommy: Me too. I have to check on Johnny, make sure he’s okay.

Todd: {shaking Zach’s hand} It was nice meeting you, Zachary.

Zach: Likewise, sir.

Todd: I’ll see you later tonight, Maxwell. {Max nods} Tracie…

Tracie: {privately} Daddy, I don’t think this is a good idea for you…

Todd: As I told your future father in law, I’m a grown man who can make his own decisions. {kisses her on the cheek} Now, goodnight. I will talk to you tomorrow. [to everyone else] Night everybody. {leaves}

Nikki: Nice meeting you all. {leaves w/ Todd}

Tommy: Goodnight everybody.

Tracie: Tommy, talk to him.

Tommy: Okay. But I doubt it’s going to do any good. {leaves}

Tracie: {pause} That man is making the biggest mistake of his life.






Setting: The kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Smart. The Smarts were trying to calm Tracie down about the pending marriage of her father and the mysterious Nikki.

99: {putting dishes away} Tracie, older men just have a tendency to date younger women. It doesn’t mean the marriage doesn’t work and it certainly doesn’t mean they can’t be happy. In fact, I know a man who married a younger woman and they’ve never been happier. In fact, you should probably thank them.

Zach: What for?

99: [to Zach] Because if they hadn’t gotten married, she wouldn’t have a fiancée.

Tracie: You and the Chief?

99: Of course. Max is a good…

Max: Be careful how you add, 99.

99: …2 years older than I am.

Zach: I find that hard to believe.

Max: [to Zach] [annoyed] Believe it.

Tracie: Believe me, Mom, I know that. I mean, Zach is a year older than I am. But my father is thinking about marrying someone who is really way to young for him.

Max: Tracie, I admit, Nikki is a little younger. I mean, she’s young, gorgeous, terrific figure, long smooth legs, {99 stops to listen} full luscious lips, and beautiful brown eyes, but what kind of happiness can a man find with a woman like that? {seeing 99} {to 99} Not that I was noticing.

99: {sarcastically} Of course.

Max: The point, Tracie, is that your Dad might be going through a phase or something. I mean, the man’s just retired, his son has a wife and a child, and his only daughter is getting married next month. He might be going through stress. But we can talk about this later. I want to ask you about this vile your Dad got.

Tracie: What vile?

Max: Some vile the CIA gave him last month. I’m having him bring it over to the lab tonight. {phone rings} Zach, get that.

Zach: {on phone} Smart residence. {pause} Oh hi, Austin, what’s up? {pause} Oh yeah? Hold on. {to Max} Austin says he’s been sitting at that warehouse and those two couriers went in at about 7pm and haven’t come out yet. {back on phone} What else, Doc? {pause} Oh yeah? Hold on. {to Max} Austin thinks the warehouse is a KAOS front. They’re moving boxes and stuff and he’s seen at least one known KAOS criminal go in.

Max: Tell Austin to get 22 over there. I need him in the lab tonight.

Zach: {on phone} Dad says he wants you in the lab. Get 22 to take over. {pause} Oh yeah, it was fine. Tracie’s Dad is getting married. {pause} To some thirteen year old. {look from Tracie} I can’t talk about it now. {pause} What’s that? {pause} Nadia Richelieu has been there? {glances at Tracie} Austin, what’s she look like? {protests from Max and 99}

Yeah. 5’7, dark, long hair, brown eyes, luscious lips, terrific figure, long smooth legs….Austin! {pause} Yeah, I noticed. {look from Tracie} But not very well. {pause} Why do I ask? {looks at Tracie} No reason. Just wanted to know. I’ll talk to you later, Doc. Bye. [hangs up] [to Tracie] Nadia Richelieu.

Tracie: Of course! KAOS sends out Nadia Richelieu to seduce my Dad in order to get to us and…

Zach: Yeah!

Max & 99: No!

99: I think you guys are going a little overboard here. I mean, why would KAOS send Nadia Richelieu to seduce your father? {Tracie and Zach are speechless} Exactly. You guys are putting a poor young woman into the category of deadly KAOS killer.

Max: Now, forget about Nikki. I want the two of you to see Todd about that vile, Maxine, I want you to come with me to the lab.

The four set out for their separate destinations. Tracie and Zach got to Todd’s hotel room and found he and Nikki had just gotten back form the movies. After some persuading, Nikki left to her own room.

Todd: Tracie, if you came over here to insult Nikki like you did at dinner, I don’t want to hear it.

Zach: Actually, sir, we’re here about that vile you got.

Todd: Oh that. I actually brought it up with me. I was planning on figuring out what it was.

Meanwhile, in Nikki’s room:

Nikki: {on phone} He has the plans here. Should I take them now?

Man 1: [from warehouse] No. See where he goes first. Is anyone with him?

Nikki: Yes. His daughter and Zachary Smart.

Man 1: Zachary Smart? Of CONTROL?

Nikki: Of course! I should’ve recognized the name.

Man 1: We could kill a lot of birds with one stone, Nadia. A couple of my men noticed CONTROL agents staking out the warehouse. They might suspect.

Nikki: Then I shall handle Todd and his soon to be in laws.






Setting: CONTROL Labs. Todd, Tracie, and Zach met Max and Maxine at the lab, where Parker was already waiting.

Max: Parker, this is Todd Lewis, Tracie’s Dad.

Parker: [shaking hands] Nice to meet you, sir. [to Max] Chief, you wanted to see me?

Zach: [hands Parker vile] Analyze that.

Parker: [sarcastically] Thank you, Chief.

Zach: This is important, Austin. Tracie’s Dad’s wedding hangs in the balance.

Parker: Huh?

Max: Just analyze that vile. Max, go help him. {two leave} [to trio] I want to take a closer look at that warehouse. If what Austin said is true, KAOS might be shipping out something.

Zach: Or maybe they’re getting ready to ship out the plans for the sonic missile.

Max: Maybe. So you guys coming? {Zach and Tracie nod] [to Todd] Wanna tag along?

Todd: You bet. [quartet leave]

The four leave to go to the warehouse on Third and Clover. Two of the three men from earlier see them coming from Max’s car.

Man 2: [on phone] They’re here. Make them feel welcomed.

The quartet entered and looked around. The place looked empty, but was filled with boxes and containers.

Todd: [looking through a box] Looks like a clothes and toy warehouse.

Max: How many warehouses do you know that have clothes and toys?

Zach: None.

Tracie: Exactly. {looking around} Hey, guys, I have this weird feeling…

Zach: Are you okay? Are you sick?

Tracie: Not that kind of feeling. I mean a woman’s intuition. I just get this vibe that we’re not alone.

Max: Come on, Trace. Who else would be in this run downed warehouse?

Nikki: How about me, Mr. Smart?

Nikki emerged from the shadows, gun in hand.

Todd: Nikki…what’re you doing?

Tracie: Her name’s not Nikki, Daddy.

Todd: What’re you talking about?

Zach: Her real name’s Nadia Richeliu and she works for the international organization of evil, other wise known as KAOS.

Todd: [to Nikki] Is this true?

Tracie: Yes, Daddy, it’s true.

Todd: [annoyed] I’m not talking to you, Tracie! [to Nikki] Is it true?

Nikki: I’m afraid so, Todd.

Todd: I see. So this was a scheme to what? Get me, get my daughter, or get my daughter’s fiancée?

Nikki: Actually, it was to get the plans for the Super Sonic Missile.

Todd: But I don’t have the plans for the Supper Sonic Missile!

Max: Actually Todd, you did. That is before we took it down to the lab.

Todd: You mean that vile I’ve had since last month??

Zach: Of course. What better way of hiding those plans then to make them into something no one would suspect?

Tracie: Of course! Liquid plans! [Max’s phone rings]

Nikki: Your shoe is ringing, Mr. Smart.

Max: I’m sure that’s Austin. I’m sure he’s going to tell me the same thing.

Nikki: Where are those plans, Todd?

Todd: We just told you. At CONTROL labs, where we left it.

Nikki: I want those plans.

Todd: Well, you’re obviously not going to get them.

Max: Do you really think that we came all the way over here without some sort of back up? As we speak, this building is being swarmed by hundreds of CONTROL agents. Would you believe it? Hundreds of CONTROL agent.

Nikki: {raising gun} I find that very hard to believe, Mr. Smart.

Max: {smirking} You don’t believe me, huh?

Zach: {to Tracie} I’m losing confidence in him myself.

Max: All I have to do is say the word.

Nikki: {cocking hammer} You’re stalling, Smart!

Max: {over shoulder} Okay, boys! Come on in!

Parker: {on bullhorn} Okay Chief! {everyone’s surprised}

Zach: {to Max} Wow, Dad! You actually held up on your bluff!

Max: Well, of course Zachary.

Todd: {whispering to Max} You didn’t know they were here, did you?

Max: Not a clue.

Everyone is taken away and Tracie is finally able to talk to her father.

Tracie: I really am sorry, Daddy. This certainly wasn’t something I wanted to happen.

Todd: Yes, you did. Admit it. You never liked her.

Tracie: [pause] You’re right, but I certainly did wish this to happen.

Todd: I know, darlin’. It was nice though, whether she meant it or not.

Tracie: I know how much Mom’s death hurt you.

Todd: We both took it hard, but you got someone who wants to protect you and who loves you and his family. [smiles] I’m proud of you, princess. Don’t worry about me. I’ve been through tougher stuff. Right now, I want to see my daughter get married.

Tracie: I love you, Daddy. {hugs him}

Todd: Yeah, I know, I know. Listen sweetie, about this spy gig you got going, you sure you can handle this marriage thing and being a spy.

Tracie: Of course, Daddy. Mom handled you and you were a spy. Besides, Mom was just a housewife.

Todd: She was a housewife after you were born, yes, but don’t you know what she did before that?

Tracie: No, what was she?

Todd: She was a spy. {Tracie looks @ Todd in awe and then at the camera}






Setting: The office of Maxwell Smart. The gang was tying up lose ends and saying goodbye to Tommy and Todd.

Todd: So Nadia was the daughter of some other KAOS agent?

Max: Yes. 99 and I worked on that case. Her father used an ingenious technology to send plans through the clothing from his boutique. Nadia learned the technique and when she and the other agents got that warehouse, she had plans to use it in order to smuggle those plans back to KAOS.

Todd: It was a perfect plan, made better when she realized my daughter was engaged to your son. I can’t believe I fell for it too. Well, I guess a man will do anything for a pretty face.

Max: Not me. I’m a rock of Gibraltar.

99: Max…[to Todd] Hi, Todd. Leaving today?

Todd: Yep and I know how heartbroken you are.

99: [smiling] Extremely. [to Max] Max, I’m heading out. I won’t be home tonight, so do you think you could make something? Nothing fancy. I was thinking ravioli in a marinara sauce with breadsticks and maybe some red wine.

Max: {pause} Okay. {99 leaves} {look from Todd} That’s different. I’m married to that pretty face.

The two men go out in to the lobby, where they find Tommy and Tracie.

Todd: Okay, Tommy. Time to get going.

Tracie: Now, you guys will call me when you get home right?

Tommy: Yes, Tracie.

Tracie: And drive carefully.

Todd: We will, Tracie.

Tracie: And don’t forget to buckle up.

Both: {sarcastically} Yes dear.

Tracie: {sarcastically} Ha ha.

Tommy: {kissing her on cheek} We’ll be fine, kiddo. Don’t worry. {Trudi walks in}

Tracie: Oh Trudi, let me introduce you to my brother, Tommy.

Tommy: Hi. {Trudi nods}

Tracie: And this is my Dad, Todd Lewis.

There seems to be an instant attraction between Todd and Trudi.

Todd: {holding hand} Trudi, what a beautiful name.

Trudi: [blushing] Thank you. Are you in town long?

Tracie looks between her father and Trudi and is not liking what is taking place.

Todd: Unfortunately, I’m leaving today, but I’m sure I could…

Tracie: Oh no! {pushing Todd towards the elevator} Daddy…

Todd: What? Tracie, what are you…?

Tracie: We’re not starting this again!

Todd: What?