Double Trouble – Epilogue




SETTING: CONTROL headquarters, in the vacant office of the Commander. The Smarts and Agent 66 are talking about the new future of the organization.

99: Well, this KAOS plot has been stopped and Junior and his cronies are safely behind bars.

Zach: Not only that, Mom, but we all got a personal thank you from the President. I mean, that’s a pretty high honor.

Max: Yes it is. I guess KAOS will have to find other mean of trying to take over the world.

Maxine: Like what, Daddy?

Max: Oh, well, I guess they’ll go back to bank robbery, murder, and hostile takeovers.

Zach: I like when everything has a happy ending.

66: That may be great, but we’re still without a boss. [leans on back of chair]

Zach: Oh yeah. I forgot about that. With the Commander a double agent and in prison, we don’t have a
head of the organization.

Maxine: Well, I’d nominate myself, but you know the rules for hiring a new Chief. You have to have years of experience.

Zach: yes. [walking around office] We need a chief with experience, expert knowledge, and with this recent caper….loyalty. They have to know their way around the workings of CONTROL and know the inner workings of KAOS. For my money, I wouldn’t mind having a former agent as head. Trustworthy, dependable, a man about the world. [pauses] But who do we know like that?

Maxine: [thinking, knowing what Zach is getting at] Uh, Zach. Daddy’s a former CONTROL agent.

66: [catching the idea] And he has a lot of experience.

Zach: [acting surprise] Dad? I never would have thought about Dad. He is a man of the world.

Max: [laughs] Well, not to brag…

Zach: [to Max] [laughing] Oh brag a little.

66: Zachary’s right, Mr. Smart. You’d be perfect for this job.

Zach: Pop, you’ve ALWAYS been to assume the position of power. This is perfect. And just to put Mom at
ease, you’ll be watching us everyday while we’re at work.

Max: Well, it would be great, wouldn’t it?

Zach: You know….Chief Maxwell Smart has a great ring to it.

99: As much as the twins and 66 are buttering you up, Max, be sure you can handle it.

Zach: Of course he can handle it! He’s Dad! Former Agent 86! You know….no one has that number. They retired it. It’s still yours…Chief.

Max: I can handle this, 99. Besides, I’ve always like the sound of… Chief Smart

Zach: Ladies and gentlemen…We’ve got the best CONTROL ever had in this room….I think KAOS is going to be in a lot of trouble.

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