Fatal Weekend – Chap. 3


Fatal Weekend

The Torture Chamber




He loved her.

99 couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. He loved her. He really did love her. And even though both were standing in a KAOS torture chamber, about to be tortured to the extreme, it didn’t phase her.

She was still thinking about that kiss and she was almost positive, no…she was SURE that Maxwell Smart loved her as much as she loved him. Now, if he could only tell her that he loved her.

Max had been thinking about the kiss, too. Even his flirting had gone up a notch or two since they had been led into the torture chamber. Even when the KAOS agents were giving him lashings across the back, he still managed to smile slyly at 99, who was chained to the wall on the other side. In fact, the whole torture routine was just a tad bit annoying to Max.

It kept him from doing what he now thought he should do and that was tell 99 he loved her.

It was a long time coming and now he was almost positive, no…he was SURE 99 loved him too. But then again, he and 99 had this “understanding” before and he thought she cared for him then. Just to run off with some gambler…and not just a gambler…a KAOS gambler!

The whole thought made Max furious. But it did light a fire under him. He realized then that he loved her and he wanted to be with her and that he’d better do something soon or the San Germaine incident…no, more like NIGHTMARE could happen again and this time, it could even stick!

The KAOS agents stopped the lashings on Max and told him to get up. “What’s a matter?” Max asked, annoyed that they had stopped. “Getting tired?”

“Shut up, Smart!” yelled one guard.

Max was pushed back over to where 99 was and chained back up. The KAOS guards then left, very confused. “I don’t understand it,” one said. “It just doesn’t make any sense.” Max and 99 were left to themselves.

“Oh Max,” 99 said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright, 99,” Max said, giving her his best smile. “No KAOS agent is a match for me.”

“So I’ve noticed.”

Max felt his cheeks get red at the compliment. For some reason, especially recently, any compliment 99 made in his direction made him blush. He truly hoped that she wasn’t just complimenting him for his sake, but was doing it cause she loved him and wanted to make him feel special. She certainly didn’t have a problem with making him feel special. And it was high time he showed her the same courtesy.

“99,” Max started, trying to shift in his chains so this wouldn’t seem awkward. “I’d been trying to tell you something earlier…”

“Yes, Max?” 99 responded, eagerly awaiting Max’s thought. Could he possibly be trying to tell her the words she longed to hear?

“You see, 99…when you… when you’re…you’re a really good friend, 99, and…”

“Go on, Max.”

“It was like I was trying say today…I would do anything for you. If you wanted me to rob a store, I’d do it. If you asked me to jump off a bridge, I’d do that, too. Though…I really hope you wouldn’t do that cause that would be very bad for me and…”

Just then, the KAOS agents returned. “Miss us?” one guard replied.

“No.” Max and 99 replied in unison, annoyed at the return of the guards, especially at a moment like this.

“Take Mr. Smart and place him on the stretcher.” Replied one guard to the other two. They unchained Max and led him over to a large table with buckles at both ends. At the very top was a rotating pulley.

“What in the world is the stretcher?” 99 asked, fearful for Max’s safety.

“This is either going to make Mr. Smart talk or he’ll certainly be taller than he is.” Joked one guard. “On the table, Smart.”

Max hopped up on the table and laid down. Two of the guards chained his wrists and ankles in the restraints. “Start cranking, boys.” Said the third guard. The two start cranking at the top of the machine. The ropes start moving, causing Max’s arms to stretch.

“Hey!” exclaimed Max, as he started feeling pressure and pain in his arms and back. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Hey…I think that popped my shoulder. Hey, thanks fellas!”

The guards could not understand this. Either Maxwell Smart and his female companion were impervious to pain or CONTROL was training their agents to be exceptional receptors of pain.

This was the third attempt to try and break Maxwell Smart and so far, nothing was working. The entire time, he’d been making eyes at the beautiful brunette they had captured him with.

“Enough of this!” yelled the main guard. “Release Smart!” The other guards released Max. Max got up and realized something.

“Hey, 99 look! I’m taller!” Max was indeed taller than his captives by five inches at least.

“You’re not taller, Smart.” Replied one guard, annoyed by this little man. “You’re standing on the top step.”

Max looked down and realized he was indeed standing on the top of about three steps. “Oh.” Max said, rather disappointed. Max stepped down and was taken back to his wall chains, sweet wall chains and chained back up.

“I like your height, Max.” 99 replied, as the guards once again went to confer.

Max smiled at the compliment. The guards again left to figure out what to do with these interesting captives. Max and 99 looked to make sure they were gone before trying to continue what they originally started.

“99, this thing is going to kill me if I don’t tell you this right now.” Max started.

“What is it, Max?”

“Now, 99, you know how close we are and what we mean to each other and…”

“Actually, Max…I have no idea what we mean to each other.” 99 answered, sincerely.

He knew she was talking about that San Germaine incident. Max and 99 had always had this “understanding” and it backfired on them. Max had always thought 99 knew how he felt, most of the time she did, but perhaps when it came to the declaration of love, she was in the same boat he was.

“You mean a great deal to me, 99.” Max built up the courage he’d be struggling with for so long. “In fact…I…I um…”

“Max, whatever it is you’re going to say, perhaps…it would help…if I said I felt the same way.” Her words rang like church bells in his head.

This means she loves you, too! His brain shouted. You should probably say something like…

“I love you, 99.” He said. And he did it. The words he had been wanting to say for years, the words he was sure she would reject, the words he’d denied to himself had finally come out.

“Oh Max!” 99 exclaimed. She couldn’t believe it. She had convinced herself this day would never come and it had. Although it was in a horrible torture chamber and the two would probably never live to make anything official, at least he had said what he had been feeling.

“I love you too.”

The words were like fireworks. They loved each other. And if they could escape, their future would be set and they would have a life together and…




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